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The “Real Housewives of OKC” lady brought Danny Glover to OKC for a fundraiser…

danny glover annette colbert latham

This past weekend, Hollywood actor and registered weirdo Danny Glover visited Oklahoma City to promote a strange movie, tour local tornado damage and headline a fundraiser for tornado relief.

Because the story involved two things the local media craves – a name celebrity and disaster photo ops – they went out of their way to cover and promote Glover’s visit. Here’s a small sampling of all the local TV news coverage:

KFOR Channel 4 (NBC):

Hollywood celebrity visits tornado victims in Steelman Estates

Most of us probably know him from his starring roles in the Lethal Weapon movies.

But the 67-year-old actor with the trademark raspy voice is also widely known for his humanitarian efforts.

Sunday, Danny Glover, brought those efforts here to Oklahoma.

“I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to come out here and visit with those people most affected,” Glover said, while visiting families at Steelman Estates in Shawnee.

Glover was in town for a black tie reception and fundraiser at Gaillardia Country Club, with proceeds benefiting California Celebrities Oklahoma Disaster Relief Fund.

KWTV Channel 9 (CBS):

Actor Danny Glover Visits Tornado Victims In Oklahoma

A Hollywood star is in Oklahoma this weekend visiting with tornado victims.

Danny Glover, the star of the Lethal Weapon Movies, along with other films toured the damage in Bethel Acres.

Glover is in town for a fundraiser Sunday night, where part of the proceeds will go toward the “California Celebrities Oklahoma Disaster Relief Fund.” He tells News 9 he had a duty to be here.

KOKH Fox 25 (Fox):

Hollywood Actor Danny Glover Tours Tornado Damage in Oklahoma

Noted Hollywood actor and producer, Danny Glover makes a stop in Oklahoma to tour tornado damaged areas and help with tornado relief efforts.

“This is the first time that I’ve come to Oklahoma, and I’m here in service,” said Glover…

Glover also toured damage in Moore before making an appearance at Gaillardia Country Club in Oklahoma City for a tornado relief fundraiser.

“The State’s Most Trusted News” also got in on the action. They plagiarized text from the Channel 9 website while hat-tipping the story on the KOKH website:

The Oklahoman / NewsOK.com

A Hollywood star was in Oklahoma this weekend visiting with tornado victims.

Danny Glover, the star of the Lethal Weapon Movies, along with other films toured the damage in Bethel Acres.

Glover is in town for a fundraiser Sunday night, where part of the proceeds will go toward the “California Celebrities Oklahoma Disaster Relief Fund.”

First of all, thanks to Mr. Glover for taking the time to tour and visit the affected areas. It’s a nice gesture and we really do appreciate it.

That being said, what’s up with the “California Celebrities Disaster Relief Fund?” That’s a strange name. Usually when celebrities are involved with a fundraiser for a recent disaster, they donate the proceeds to an existing charity like the Red Cross, United Way or their own non-profit foundation. And if they do for some reason create a fund, they certainly don’t name it the “California Celebrities Disaster Relief Fund?” They’d name it “Project Hope” or “We Care” or something like that. “California Celebrities Disaster Relief Fund”sounds so suspicious that you’d think a Nigerian prince or Annette Colbert-Latham – the mastermind behind the “Real Housewives of Oklahoma City” – came up with it.

Oh wait. Annette Colbert-Latham did apparently come up with it. In fact, Danny Glover’s entire visit was planned and orchestrated by her. Here’s the invite she posted on her Facebook page. Prepare to be shocked:

The curious case of the yellow swimming pool…

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 2.39.08 AM

Look at the pool. Look how it shines for you and everything you do.

And it’s all yellow!

Yeah, I just went there. It’s one of those days.

Some practical joker with either a really large bladder or easy access to lots of harmful chemicals played a prank on a Ponca City family and turned their pool water yellow. It may seem kind of funny, but it’s not a laughing matter. Unless, of course, you fly over it in a plane. Then it would be hysterical.

Here’s the story via KFOR:

Some lady from Enid tried to exorcise demons from a dog…

Karla Bullock oklahoma

July has been a bad month for animals in Oklahoma.

We’ve had a Korn fan beat and kill his dog in public, some asshole drown a couple of ducks in muriatic acid, and who knows what did or did not happen to that lady’s poor cat. We also had a woman in Enid (pictured above) try to exorcise demons from a dog.

From the Enid News and Eagle:

A lady spent over 7 hours in the Edmond Old Navy

old navy robber

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you can never underestimate the power of a good long con. Sure, there is something to say about instant gratification and immediate results. But we all know that persistence pays off. Like the one time I hid in a closet for 3 hours until a former roommate went to her room and I jumped out at her. Sure, it was a cheap scare. But it took time and effort to set that up, and it was all worth it in the end when she wet her pants.

Well, it appears that Old Navy shoppers also know the payoffs of a long con. From News9.com:

EDMOND, Oklahoma –

Edmond Police are looking for a suspected shoplifter who police say spent more than seven hours in an Old Navy store last Monday.

Police say the woman, who was wearing jeans and a white top and carrying a large red bag, entered the store at 2:36 p.m.

Officers say the woman hid from employees when the Old Navy closed at 9 p.m. that night.

Surveillance photos show the suspected shoplifter walked out of the store just after 9:45 p.m., about 20 minutes after the last Old Navy employee left.

When she left, police say she tripped the burglar alarm.

“This is exactly why you have surveillance,” said Edmond Police Spokesperson Jenny Monroe. “We get a pretty good look at her as she’s walking out.”

Police are asking anyone who recognizes the woman to call Edmond Police. They want to talk to her.

An OKC woman may have had sex with a cat


Rumors are awful most of the time. Except for the rumors about how cool I am and how much game I have. Those are totally cool. But not the rumors that two blonde girls from middle school started about me. Do you hear me, Sequoyah Middle School football players circa 1998? I did not do lesbian porn, regardless of what Kasey and Carissa said.

Now, in middle school, I didn’t do anything about the rumors. It was easier to lay low. But not everyone can do that. Some people get mad and have a confrontation. And that’s what happened when a metro woman found out her neighbor spread a rumor that she had sex with her cat. From NewsOK.com: