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This photo belongs with Darth Tulsan in the Tulsa Mug Shot Hall of Fame…

Maybe it’s due to the 100 megapixel camera, the unusual angle, or the way people gaze off into the distance like they’re watching someone back into their car, but Tulsa County always seems to produce some great mug shots. Recently we met this doll:

And who could forget Darth Tulsan:

Well, meet the newest Tulsa mug shot star:

Some doc in Tahlequah wil give you a free pizza if you get a vasectomy…

Even though the new TV package has kind of ruined it, there’s almost nothing better than the first day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. I’d rank it just behind Christmas, the first OU football home game and Gary England Day as one of my favorite times of the year.

In fact, back when I had a ‘real’ job, my friends and I would always take off from work and go to a sports bar. My favorite place was the Varsity (RIP) on 63rd. We’d arrive at 10:00am, camp at out in the TV pit area, and immediately get lost in a 12 hour binge of beer, bar food and basketball. One of my last memories from the place was Eric Maynor hitting a game winner against Duke (above) and some girl, I think my wife, picking me up and driving me home. The following day, a Friday, a friend drove me back to the Varsity to pick up my car. We decided to go in for “one” beer. Before I knew it, some girl, I think my wife, was once again picking me up and taking me home. Not to sound like Uncle Rico or anything, but those were the days. Not the wife part, but the beer and the Varsity. That place was awesome.

Anyway, I apologize for the stroll down drunken memory lane. The reason I bring that up is some urologist from Tahlequah is offering a special March Madness promotion. He’s giving away a free pizza, bottle of soda, and bag of frozen peas if you get a vasectomy in March.

Here’s a pic of the newspaper ad. It was sent to me by a Mole via Facebook:

Someone left a backpack at the Sam Noble Museum

Norman is a city full of people carrying things. Students and professors have books and papers and laptops to schlep. Pedestrians and bike riders alike need an efficient way to convey personal effects about town. Thus, the prevalence of backpacks and messenger bags and large totes. I, myself, own no less than 4 Timbuk2 bags. Some ladies go for Coach. But to me, it’s all about that ballistic nylon.

And as I remember, before I stopped watching midway through season two, a plot point in the relationship between Sayid and that snotty blond girl on Lost, was a backpack left unattended in an airport. Such was the case at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History on Tuesday. Though, this happening was infinitely less dramatic than Lost, and didn’t string anyone along for years.

According to KFOR.com:

Gypsies are invading Nichols Hills…

friday gypsy

Over the past week, both the OKC Friday and News 9 ran stories warning Nichols Hills residents that sneaky, slimy Gypsies may be targeting their super wealthy hamlet. Yes, “Gypsies.” Not regular crooks, thieves or con-artists. Gypsies.

Since we rarely, if ever, get to quote something from the OKC Friday, here’s their story:

Strange crimes at the Edmond Target


Edmond is a great place to raise a kid, or so my parents thought. It’s a fairly quiet sort of place, where if your car gets broken into, at least you know that it was probably a bored teenager and not a crack addict. That’s sort of comforting when you realize your window has been busted out and your iPod is missing. Overall though, the city is just sort of boring. And don’t hate up on me, Edmondites. I lived there for about 21 years. I know everything there is to do there. At least in other areas of the metro, you can go to a restaurant that isn’t Chili’s. And nothing against the Wolf Trap because I’ve had more than my fair share of Coors Light pitchers there, but when the best bar in the city is the Wolf Trap, you’ve got problems.

But it seems that maybe Edmond isn’t as boring as it once was. The city is growing, as anyone can tell by the ridiculous traffic that leisurely putters around the Bryant Square area. And as the city grows, that means that the variety of people in the city diversifies. Sure, it’s still pretty white except for my family. But there are some interesting sorts of characters who have taken up residence there.

According to KFOR.com: