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This country music video by “shady” ex-OU football player TJ Hamilton is funny and awful…

tj hamilton shirtless

That inexplicably shirtless gentleman above is TJ Hamilton, a former OU football walk-on and current country music singer. The reason he looks so forlorn is probably that he’s facing lawsuits from three different people claiming he ripped them off to the tune of nearly a million bucks.

Here’s Tulsa’s News on 6:

A former OU football player is accused of scamming people out of nearly a million dollars.
He’s facing three lawsuits that claim he lied to investors about athletic apparel, then blew the money on his music career and lavish lifestyle.

Two Tulsa lawsuits and a third in Oklahoma City say TJ Hamilton used his football status to dupe people into investing in a bogus invention.

According to the lawsuits, Hamilton had an idea for nutritional products and innovative sports apparel, like antibacterial chin straps.

Hamilton was on the OU roster at the same time as star players Sam Bradford and Ryan Broyles. The lawsuits say Hamilton sold his ideas, by claiming he had the endorsement of his big-name teammates.

Once he had $840,000 from investors, the lawsuits say Hamilton and his parents spent the money on lavish trips to Las Vegas, airline tickets, hotels, clothing, meals, shoes and electronics.

Anti-bacterial chinstraps? Can’t believe that one didn’t pay off immediately.

The great thing about this story is not that TJ is a former OU football player who never sniffed the field. That’s just a sub-plot. What makes this story really awesome is that he’s also an aspiring country music star. We found this amazing video for the track “I Hate That Song” on YouTube. Everything about it screams artistic masterpiece void of any clichés.

This guy broke into a house and stole a pizza…

montego logan

Have you ever driven through a nice neighborhood like Heritage Hills or Gallardia and dreamed about what it would be like to live in one of the fancy homes? If so, you’re kind of weird. Also, you have a lot in common with Montego Logan (pictured above). The only difference is that he’s a burglar who unsuccessfully attempted to turn that dream into a reality.

From KFOR:

A bizarre home break-in lands one man behind bars. Police arrested the suspect Tuesday afternoon in northeast Oklahoma City.

The suspect allegedly committed the crime along with his two young daughters and made no attempt to escape when confronted by the homeowner. In fact, the 35-year-old suspect made himself right at home during the crime, putting a pizza in the oven and sliding into some slippers.

He had to put the frozen pizza in the oven. What an asshole! Nothing is wrong with opening someone’s fridge and grabbing a soda or string cheese without asking, but baking a frozen pizza takes things a little too far… especially if it’s a DiGiorno. Those things are expensive.

The story gets better:

About the Peeping Tom that was caught hiding in a septic tank near Tulsa…

Kenneth Webster Enlow

Watch out lady who hid a gun in her vagina. Move over mom who attempted to sell her kids on Facebook. It looks like we have a new frontrunner for Oklahoma criminal mastermind of the year. His name is Kenneth Webster Enlow (pictured above). In case you somehow missed it, this real life Mr. Hanky was caught hiding in a septic tank in an attempt to peep on women as they used the bathroom.

Here’s what I have to say about that:

From the “they are treating this story way too seriously” Tulsa World:

A Tulsa man who was arrested on allegations that he watched a woman and her 7-year-old daughter from underneath a White Water Park toilet near the Keystone Dam could face felony charges.

Kenneth Webster Enlow, 52, was arrested about 5 p.m. Sunday after being found covered in human waste inside the holding tank beneath a permanent outhouse at the park, which is west of Sand Springs.

The woman told sheriff’s deputies that she looked into the toilet and “saw the water move,” according to Enlow’s arrest report. “As she looked closer, she noticed that there was a man looking up at her,” the report states.

Enlow then sat in the tank for 15 minutes before police arrived, according to the report…

Enlow told deputies that he had been struck in the head with a tire iron by his girlfriend, who then drove him to the Keystone Dam and dumped him in the toilet, according to the arrest report.

In his arrest report, the woman who found him told deputies that Enlow did not begin to cry for help until after law enforcement officers arrived. Enlow stated that he had not asked for help earlier because he had been unconscious, the report says.

Keystone Fire Department firefighters got him out of the holding tank and cleaned him with a fire hose, the report says. He was then taken to the Oklahoma State University Medical Center in Tulsa to be examined.

So he blamed his tire iron wielding girlfriend? That’s a weak excuse. He should have just been honest and told the cops the truth. You know, that he was shit-faced!

Okay, that was terrible. There are about 5,000 different bad jokes and puns out there and I went with one of the worst. At least I’m not the only person to do it. Since this story broke, it’s gone viral in the news and on social media. Seriously, check Facebook right now. I guarantee you that one of your friends from high school has posted this story on their wall, and that someone has already left the comment “What a shithead.” For what it’s worth, five people probably liked that comment.

Instead of tossing out more bad jokes, puns and references to Shawshank Redemption or Trainspotting, I thought I’d focus on some random things you need to know about the case.

Here we go:

1. If you do anything today, watch the following video from KJRH. They interview the mom who saw that face of sadness looking up at her through the toilet. 

Hooray! Oklahoma City has the world’s best drinking water…


I guess if you have dry mouth or eat a lot of salt, Oklahoma City is a good place to live.

According to the American Water Works Association, we are home to the country’s best-tasting tap water. It was described by judges as being “Plush, refined and impeccably structured; offering bold aromas of fluoride, metal and chromium with a hint of pear.”

Via WaterOnline.com:

Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust’s tap water was recently crowned “Best of the Best” after beating out the competition at the 2013 American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE) in Denver, CO. This is the ninth year AWWA has held the national competition.

Jeanne Bailey, Chair of AWWA’s Public Affairs Council, kicked off the final round of five tap waters to be tasted by recognizing the 23 section winners of water-tasting competitions that had taken place across North America. Then it was down to business as the judging panel began rating the finalists on their flavor characteristics.

Judges included Dr. Pinar Omur-Ozbek of Colorado State University and developer of the first international odor standard to be adopted and used for Flavor Profile Analysis of drinking water; Dr. Susan Mirlohi, a recent graduate of Virginia Tech and expert in water quality and treatment who has conducted research characterizing metallic off-flavors in drinking water; Ari Copeland, operational specialist for Black & Veatch; Kimberly Lord Stewart, director of content for Modern Healthcare Professional and contributing food editor for Denver Life magazine and CBS Denver; and Cathy Proctor, reporter for the Denver Business Journal.

I bet Russell Westbrook now feels a little silly for having his house stocked with all that Ozarka water.

Even though I view the taste of drinking water much like I do college football officiating or traffic – you only notice it when it’s bad or live in Norman – I guess this is cool news. Just check out the other cities we beat in the finals:

Another Giraffe died at the Tulsa Zoo….

Guys, I’m heartbroken. Samburu the giraffe from the Tulsa Zoo has passed away. He is survived by his cousin Geoffrey, who has been nosily shilling for Toys’R’Us for what seems like forever.

Sam, who was one of the top volleyball players for the zoo’s intramural squad, lived a distinguished giraffe life. He spent his days eating leaves, nibbling leaves and occasionally drinking water. He’s also not the first giraffe to die while doing those things at the Tulsa Zoo.

From News9.com: