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This new Sweet Brown “Cold Poppin” music video is, well, something…

If I had to rank my 10 Favorite Funny Movie Scenes of All Time, this classic clip from Old School would make the list. It’s the one where “Frank the Tank” inadvertently shoots himself in the neck with a tranquilizer gun:

Why am I posting a clip from Old School in an article about Sweet Brown’s new music video?

It’s easy. Since the people who made the music video were obviously on horse tranquilizers, it makes a perfect segue and tribute. Check out Sweet Brown’s new, probably-soon-to-be-a-hit music video “Cold Poppin:”

State Rep. Dennis Johnson used the phrase “Jew Me Down” while debating a bill… (video)


Yesterday, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 550 by a vote of 69 – 23. The bill overturns a dated 1941 law that prevents retailers from selling merchandise for less than 6-percent above cost. Basically, what the bill does is legalize those crazy “Black Friday” sales in Oklahoma. That’s pretty good news if you like to wait in line at Wal-Mart to buy cheap Dynex TVs.

Before the bill passed, it was debated on the house floor by state lawmakers. One who spoke in favor of the legislation was House Co-Majority Leader Dennis Johnson (R-Duncan). He owns a small business and had some insightful thoughts on the issue. The most interesting was how he deals with those pesky customers who try to “Jew him down on a price.”

Here’s a clip:

APB: Who’s the guy with the Fruit Loopmobile?

When I was kid, I loved going grocery shopping with my grandma because she would always let me pick out a couple of boxes of cereal to take back to her place. And she’d let me get the good kind, too. It wasn’t like going grocery shopping with mom where I’d have to choose between bagged “Honey O’s” or shredded wheat.

If I had to rank my five favorite cereals as a kid, it would go something like this:

5. Corn Pops: Corn is good. Sugar is good. Corn and sugar combined is really good.

4. Cookie Crisp: I haven’t had this cereal in years. I remember it having an odd, dehydrated, Chips-Ahoy! flavor to it. I think that’s a good thing.

3. Fruity Pebbles: A few years ago, I went on a retro cereal kick and bought some Fruity Pebbles. It was terrible. It was sweeter than Sweet Brown drinking a cold pop. But it was pretty amazing when I was a kid. The best part was drinking the milk. It was like liquid sugar.

2. Frosted Flakes: I think Frosted Flakes was the only name-brand cereal my mom would let my brother and I get. Because of that, I’m pretty sure I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes as an afternoon snack everyday from 1987 – 1992. And yes, I’m not sure why I was never diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. I should probably donate my body to science.

1. Captain Crunch Berries: The roof of my mouth is still scarred from all the Captain Crunch I consumed as a child. It’s like having hot pizza mouth, only worse, because you can’t cure it with a cold beer.

Anyway, the reason I’m sharing my favorite cereals with you is because some Mole sent me a pic of this car. They found it on Channel 5 reporter Mark Seiden’s Instagram page:

Some man failed miserably at robbing an Oklahoma City Taco Bell…

One thing people say about Oklahomans is that we are among the nicest people in the world. It doesn’t matter if you need someone to give you directions or simply pay for your meal as you rob a Taco Bell, an Oklahoman will always help!

From KFOR.com:

Oklahoma Joe’s Bar-B-Cue doesn’t like evil atheist kids who want to learn about science…

I guess it’s time to write about another fiasco at an Oklahoma barbecue restaurant. Don’t worry. This time around it doesn’t have anything to do with the Video Vigilante and some guy named Scott Adams.

Last night, I was alerted to an odd situation developing in Broken Arrow. Apparently, a group called Camp Quest was having a fundraiser at a restaurant called Oklahoma Joe’s Bar-B-Cue. No, not that Oklahoma Joe’s. This is apparently a real Oklahoma Joe’s. It’s real as in it’s actually located in Oklahoma. More on that later.

The fundraiser was one of those things where a non-profit or charity gets a bunch of people to come to the restaurant, and in turn, the business donates 10% of proceeds to the good cause. Here’s the flyer:

camp quest oklahoma joes flyert

Basically, it’s a fundraiser for a summer camp for children of atheists, naturalists and humanists, and since the kids don’t spend time singing Kumbaya or whatever it is they do at church camp, they learn about science instead. At least I think that’s what it is. I really hope it’s not a cult or something. That would be awkward.

The concept of teaching children about the natural world didn’t sit too well with Oklahoma Joe’s owner Joe Davidson. Shortly after the fundraiser started, he announced that Oklahoma Joe’s would not be donating any proceeds to the charity.

Here’s a sign he put on his front door: