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Oklahoma’s scariest white rapper has released another music video…

Back in March, we told you about the greatest white rapper in the world with an Oklahoma face tattoo. His name is Zero. The reason we wrote about Zero was to reinforce negative stereotypes of southeast Oklahoma City and show you his awesome music video called OK City. In case your therapist helped you block it from your memory, here it is:

Since we published Zero’s music video on this site, it jumped from a few hundred to over 20,000 views. Inspired by the Ogle bump, Zero recently sent us a link to his newest video. It’s called Grindin’. Check it out:

Some guy got drunk and finally tried to steal the Barons’ zamboni…


The guy pictured above is Spencer Holt. Recently, he had the balls to do something that we’ve all fantasized about at least once or twice in our life. He attempted to steal the Oklahoma City Barons Zamboni machine.

From KOKH Channel 25:

12 amusing and funny pics from OKC’s Westboro Baptist Church counter-protests…

The lone bright spot in the Thunder’s terrible loss to the Houston Rockets was the Westboro Baptist Church protesting in downtown Oklahoma City.

Wait a second. Did I just call a Westboro protest a “bright spot?” Yes, I did.

Normally, I hate giving those crazy attention whores any attention or publicity, but this time I’m breaking that rule. Last night, people from all over OKC crashed Westboro’s party with their own counter-protest. They brought funny signs, dressed in Daisy Dukes, and even sent over a few glitter farts. The whole counter-protest was funny and amusing, and for the time being, has helped distract me from the Thunder’s piss poor performance against the guys from Houston. That’s why I’m calling it a “bright spot.”

Anyway, we spent some time searching Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the web to find some of counter-protest pics. Here are some good ones we found:

Sammy the Squirrel started a grass fire in Edmond….

squirrel firefighter

When I first bought my house, there was a retired man living behind me that would shoot squirrels with a BB gun. He was relentless. He’s shoot at them as they played in the trees, climbed power lines, and crossed the fencing between our backyards. If you didn’t know better, you would have thought a squirrel killed his family and he was the ex-cop looking for revenge, which by the way, would make an excellent show on FX.

His obsession with dead furry creatures created some drama with me and other neighbors. For one, every time he’d hit a squirrel the thing would live just long enough to make it to my yard and die. Know what’s not fun? Having your dog bring a dead squirrel carcass into the house. Two, the guy had terrible aim. He hit two windows in my backyard and damaged my siding. He also broke out a window in the house next door to me. Instead of doing what I did and asking the guy to pay for the damages (which he did), the lady who owned the house called the cops on him. I’m not sure if it was related, but the old man moved out about a year later.

Anyway, I guess there was a reason for my ex-neighbor’s madness. Despite being cute and indecisive about crossing roads, squirrels are pests. They can damage your home, property and even start dangerous grass fires.

From the Channel 5 website:

Some pretty girl from Tulsa tried to stab another girl in the face with a shoe…

meagan lindsay

The hot and angry girl pictured above is Meagan Lindsay. On Sunday, she stabbed another girl outside Cain’s Ballroom…with her shoe.


A high-heeled shoe was the apparent weapon of choice for a Jenks woman accused of aggravated assault against another woman Sunday evening.

Tulsa Police arrested Meagan Lindsay and booked her on an aggravated assault complaint late Sunday at Cain’s Ballroom. Police were called to the popular music venue for a report of a stabbing, according to an arrest report.

Officers described in their report that a bouncer told them that Lindsay walked up to the other woman and used “a high heeled shoe to stab her in the right side of the victim’s face.”

At the scene, officers spoke to the victim who stated that she was in a fight with Lindsay’s cousin inside Cain’s and tried to leave. When she went outside, Lindsay walked up to her and used her heel to stab her.

When the officers on scene spoke to Lindsay, she told them that it was in self-defense and that someone warned her that the victim was coming up behind her to attack her, according to the police report.

Lindsay was booked on $1,000 bond for the aggravated assaulted complaint. She is due in court next week.

You know, it never really occurred to me that a shoe could double as a dangerous weapon. Maybe that explains why high maintenance women have been hoarding them for the past 200 years. They’re probably planning some global rebellion to take over the world or something. Wouldn’t that be awful? Glee would be the only thing on television and Carrie Bradshaw would be president. Thank God some guy invented dark chocolate to keep them all regulated and under control.

Anyway, the guys at Bar Stool Sports seem to think Carrie’s pic is the hottest mug shot of all time. That inspired me to searched the Internet for other pics of Meagan just to see how hot she really is. Oddly enough, she didn’t have a Facebook or old MySpace page, but I did find this strange bikini pic from the 2009 Urban Tulsa Weekly swimsuit issue: