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Here’s audio of Aaron Tuttle screaming and yelling at Channel 5 coworkers…

AT cycle

Well, I guess we know why Aaron Tuttle no longer works for Channel 5.

Over the weekend, I received an anonymous email from an Ogle Mole containing alleged audio of diabolical Facebook weatherman Aaron Tuttle going hail storm-ballistic on a coworker from way back when he was the morning meteorologist for KOCO Channel 5.

According to the Mole, the audio was inadvertently recorded by an Oklahoma City morning radio crew in the mid-2000s as Tuttle waited on the line to give the day’s weather forecast. Unaware he was being recorded, you can hear Tuttle (or at least the world’s greatest AT impersonator) scream, yell and toss profane language at KOCO coworkers about the direction of a news segment. The audio clip, which lasts about 30 seconds, concludes with Tuttle complaining about a coworker’s chaps.

Seriously, I’m not making this shit up. Check it out:

Some writer for Popular Mechanics tried to flatter Emily Sutton

emily sutton popular mechanics

It’s sad what some pathetic men will do to get a girl’s attention.

In a feeble attempt to woo Weather Princess Emily Sutton, some schmucky writer named Alexander George tried to portray her as a badass storm chaser for a Q&A in this month’s issue of Popular Mechanics:

What ‘Twister’ Didn’t Tell You About Storm Chasers.”

Based in Oklahoma, KFOR’s Emily Sutton is part of a special league of storm chasers. It’s a region that sees frequent and intense tornadoes. She was on the ground for the infamous and lethal May 2013 tornado outside of Moore, Oklahoma. She grew up seeing thunderstorms, but, she says, seeing Twister at a tender age solidified her affection for this profession.

Emily Sutton is part of a “special league of storm chasers?” Haha, yeah right. I hate to break this to Alexander, but Emily is as well-known for storm chasing as Chelino’s is for their hamburgers. Her two most memorable storm chasing moments involved nearly dying in a storm and orgasmically yelling out Mike Morgan’s name. Hell, I don’t even think she knows how to operate a Gentner.

You could tell the guy was in love with Emily and trying to schmooze and flatter her from the very first question. Emily wasn’t having any of it. She toyed with reporter and even lied to him…

We need to hire this weatherman from Lawton…

austin bowling

The guy pictured above is Austin Bowling. He’s a weatherman for KSWO in Lawton. He also owns one of those mini-helicopters you pull with a string.

We know all this thanks to this blooper caught by a Mole from the Lawton area. You need to watch it.

Suction Spots, Floods and Tigernados: Recapping Yesterday’s Severe Weather Coverage


What a night…

As I mentioned on Twitter, I’ve been a hardcore severe weather porn addict for over 20 years. I’ve never seen a weather event quite like yesterday. It wasn’t the most destructive storm we’ve ever had, but it sure was the weirdest.

But I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. We all should have known something was up when this image hit Twitter yesterday morning:

plaaastic oklahoma city

Yep, it’s official. There’s something really evil and scary taking place on the Dark Side of the Severe Weather Force. Since the May 20th, 2013 tornado, Mike Morgan instructed people to head south, Lord England retired, and Aaron Tuttle googled the term “copyright attorney who practices copyright law.” Now all of sudden we have this Dark Weather Priestess of Shadows appearing out of nowhere and flipping off Weather Predictor 5. That had to hurt Damon Lane’s feelings. $100 says she’s the same person responsible for David Payne’s Shadow Weather Dong.

Then again, I’m probably overreacting. The Weather Priestess isn’t even a meteorologist (of course, neither is Mike Morgan). Her name is actually “Plaaastic.” She’s a blogger, dancer, and Instagram star with a huge following. Apparently, she was visiting Channel 5 on some sort of “foreign exchange tour.” She’s not an evil demi-god sent to destroy us all.

Actually, I think it would be really cool for a channel or two to hire an evil weather girl. Plaaastic would be a good fit at KFOR Channel 4. She’d be the perfect rain cloud to Emily Sutton’s sunshine. Mike Morgan will probably name her chief storm chaser and put her on a speedy motorcycle named Bob Moore Crotch Rocket 4! We’d all watch. Admit it, the dark side is kind of fun.

Anyway, a lot happened after Plaaastic creeped on the scene. At first, May 6th, 2015, seemed like your typical May severe weather day in Oklahoma. Storms fired up near Chickasha and slowly moved their way east/northeast up I-44 into the Moore / Norman area. When the tornado went through Norman, the whole storm stalled and small tornadoes either popped up out of nowhere, or reformed in the exact spots they were an hour earlier. This caused Mike Morgan to drop fancy new tornado words like “Multi-Vortex Suction Spots” and “Sink Drain Effect.”

The random twisters that popped from the sky were scary. One formed in the middle of the storm near Will Rogers World Airport. The tornado slowly skipped and danced east through south Oklahoma City and into Valley Brook, where it got a quick lap dance before turning south to grab some drugs at a motel on I-35 and SE 44th. Stormchasers called it The Methnado.

While this was going on, the southern half of the Oklahoma City metro was literally caught in a torrential downpour. It was so insane the Hobby Lobby family got out their huge boat and started loading animals on it just to be safe. Highway medians looked like the Lazy River at White Water. Streets flooded, idiots drove into them, and news cameras were on hand to film it.

The flooding led Oklahoma City to declare the first ever Emergency Flood Disaster in the city’s history. Apparently that’s a big deal. It caused Damon Lane to jizz in his pants on live TV. He was so excited you would have thought he had just given birth to a tornado. His excitement even carried over to Twitter:

His loyal co-workers decided to play along:

For the next 30 minutes or so, flash flooding and tornado damage dominated the news. And then our worst fear came true… The Tigernado.

Hail, Rainbows and Weather Dongs: Breaking down yesterday’s severe weather coverage

I guess you can say yesterday’s weather forecast lived up to its billing…

After a few days of hype, the 2015 Severe Weather season rolled into Oklahoma yesterday evening, packing with it a powerful punch of strong winds, large hail, and tornadoes. Here’s a pic of a Tulsa-area twister that took one life near Sand Springs.

In the metro, Moore was the target of Mother Nature’s fury… again. Following a similar path to the deadly May 20th tornadoes, they caused damage, a few serious injuries and made us all ask “Why is Moore always in the path of these damn storms?!”

That’s actually a legit question. It’s one I first asked when a 2003 Moore tornado missed my house by only about six blocks. What the hell is going on there? Is there some sort of atmospheric condition above Pickle’s that spawns tornadoes? Are the weather gods also annoyed by Toby Keith’s music? Can some meteorologist who doesn’t dabble as a spray tanned bodybuilder answer these questions in the comments?

With all that, we also marked the beginning the 2015 Severe Weather Coverage Season. We previewed it yesterday. Some of our questions were answered (it appears Mike has officially retired the bedazzled tie), while others are still mysteries (what is Channel 9 going to do with the new girl).

Overall, the coverage didn’t disappoint. After knocking off some winter weather rust, the local severe weather teams were in mid-spring form. Chief Meteorologists were declaring their own tornado warnings, storm chasers were inventing new words to describe tornados, and social media bandits clogged your timelines with boring pic of hail after boring pic of hail. It was a spring treat.

Like every Oklahoman, I flipped through the channels and scrolled through social media looking for the best radar updates, live shots and RTs. Since this is what my obviously sad, depressing life has come to, I thought I would give some off-the-cuff, highly unscientific grades:

KWTV News 9: C

You could tell David Payne was a bit slow with his clicker. He was visibly irritated by the positioning of some of his stormchasers and he lacked chemistry with whoever controlled his radar. And when the tornado was about to touch down in Moore, he seemed more concerned with high winds near the Fairgrounds. He was also victimized by a couple of amazing weather dongs: