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Tulsa Tuesday – Where Will You Wimgo? Crack Den?

The Wimgo Project is a campaign of painful, brightly lit background, minimalist videos that explain why people love Oklahoma.

After 100 years, “Oklahoma is OK,” hasn’t caught on.

It is hard to explain why you love your state when the tag line inspires, “We’re just ok.”

The videos feature captivating topics, such as: “How I Learned Tulsa Streets,” “Where I Like to Eat,” and “Why I Love Prison Rodeos.” Topics that make Oklahoma seem, well, ok.

If they want to show the true Oklahoma, the videos should focus on Oklahomans that make the state exciting. Randy Terrill, Mathis Brothers or any random meth head, for example.

Here’s how I imagine the spontaneity would play out:

Cardboard Jim likes the ladies…


This past Saturday, Tony, Clark Matthews and I went to the Norman Music Festival. Not only did we get to go as official members of the media (which prompted George Lang to ask us “Why are you all here?”), but we also got to bring along our friend Cardboard Jim. Later this week, we will document his wimgoy Norman Music Festival experience in our second edition of the Travels of Cardboard Jim.

Other than a train roaring by every few minutes, the Norman Music Festival was pretty damn fun and pretty damn cool. We would like to give a big thanks to the organizers for letting people from the new viral, untraditional media cover this event. “Thank Yous” also go out to:

“¢ The nice security guard who let us sneak two cases of Miller Lite into the festival.

“¢ The WIMGO gals above for giving Jim a FREE t-shirt. Jim asked them WTF is Wimgo, but they couldn’t answer.

“¢ Ibuprofen and Gatorade

WTF happened to WTF is WIMGO Week…


If you’re a regular at The Lost Ogle, you may remember the brilliant idea we had called
WTF is Wimgo Week.” It was supposed to be an entire week’s worth of posts devoted to OPBUBCO’s “hip” and “cool” website for Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, we failed to realize that besides being amazing and strikingly attractive, we are also tremendously lazy, so the whole “lets spend an entire week making fun of Wimgo” thing never really happened.

Anyway, from time to time, I imagine we’ll still probably poke fun at the website that for some reason hosts a video of a bewildered Berry Tramel rambling on about Oklahoma City’s traffic. Seriously, if you didn’t know Berry Tramel was a sports columnist, you would probably think he was just some homeless panhandler complaining about the lack of revenue he earns at the 1-44 & Penn exit ramp. It’s like the only thing missing from the video is Berry whistling into an empty bottle of Colt 45 an occasionally holding up a crudely written sign that reads “Anything Helps. God bless.” That, and Jenni Carlson. Wait…nevermind.

WTF Is Wimgo: The Blog

If you live in the metro, you’ve probably heard of OPUBCO’s newest project, Wimgo. Maybe you’ve received an e-mail about them or you’ve seen one of their advertisements somewhere. There’s only one question. Just what the hell is Wimgo? As a public service, this week The Lost Ogle is digging around Wimgo’s site to try and answer that question.

Today, Wimgo’s Blog.

The Wimgo blog is apparently written by someone named Elizabeth. She likes a lot of things but doesn’t like mayonnaise and cranky people. We’re not sure if she has other responsibilities at OPUBCO, but if not, this is a job for which we would like to apply. Currently the Wimgo blog has a grand total of 15 posts over the course of three months, and nine of those are dedicated to explaining how to use Wimgo’s search engine, which is apparently so complicated it takes nine freaking blog entries to explain it.

Of particular interest to us was Wimgo’s blogroll. Check it out:

It’s a veritable Who’s Who of notable Oklahoma City bloggers. Notice anyone missing, though? Hmmm. Our feelings are hurt, particularly after all the free publicity we’ve given OPUBCO over the past ten months.

Conclusion: The Wimgo blog does not help us answer the question WTF is Wimgo?

For Sale: Dave Morris Replica Underwear…only $13.99.


Actually, we are not sure if Dave Morris wears these new Wimgo boxers, but it wouldn’t surprise us. It also wouldn’t surprise us if Dave wears this stylish Wimgo trucker hat to the VIP section at Cafe Nova, or if his smoking hot girlfriend wears this Wimgo pink shirt to bed each night. It would surprise us if Dave ever wore one of these.

Anyway, this little tidbit is part of something that we are going to call WTF is Wimgo Week, which will be a crash-course examination of the new OPUBCO website that some are already declaring the new “Facebook” for Oklahoma City. Or as Rikki from OPUBCO told us in the following email correspondence:

The Lost Ogle: Can you explain to us what this website (wimgo) is supposed to be or do? All we can seem to find are videos of Berry Tramel talking about how he likes Oklahoma City’s lack of traffic.

Rikki from OPUBCO: Thank you for your email. Wimgo is what’s going on and where to go in Oklahoma. From museums to theatres, fundraisers to festivals, concerts to karaoke and sporting events to craft shows, we’re your source for things to do. When you need to find a business, an event, or anything Oklahoma – wimgo is the tool that gets it done. The advantage of wimgo is the extensive network of local organizations that make sure the content is accurate and comprehensive!

When you brought up the site, did you not see the spolight event block, “One click event” or anything else besides the video of Berry Tramel? If you didn’t could you please send us a screen shot of what you saw so that we might fix the problem?

Hmmn. Seems a little lofty. We kind of think that Wimgo is just another attempt (see: Look at OKC) by the Oklahoman to look cool, and that the real purpose of the site is to milk advertisers for every penny (which is kind of proven after watching this little video). But then again, we also believe the state capitol should be moved to Beaver and that Seiling should be home to an important national monument, so try to take it all with a grain of salt…