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Mary Fallin has released the secret emails. Check them out for yourself.

This is kind of cool.

Despite a recent judicial ruling in her favor, and just days before she had to produce a “deliberative process” log of all “privileged” records, Governor Mary Fallin released all emails and documents related to our open records request and lawsuit.

They emailed the records, along with the following letter, to our ACLU legal team.

Here’s the letter (PDF):

letter screenshot

mary fallin letter 2


In all honesty, I haven’t had time to review the records or gather my thoughts on all this. This has the feeling of a victory – Hell, we did get the records released – but the manner in which they were released, the timing of it, and the steps we had to take to get them, shows the fight for open records fairness in this state is far from over, and somewhat defeats the purpose of the open records act.

Basically, the release of the emails doesn’t mean our lawsuit or fight is over, but it does mean we accomplished one of our original goals: to get those damn records released.

We’ll have more what all this means, etc., but in the meantime, here are all those secret emails, documents, cc:’s and attachments that Mary’s been hiding for the past year or so.

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Some family accidentally bought a rattlesnake at Wal-Mart…

snake walmart oklahoma

As if you need another reason not to shop at Walmart.

In what is obviously a sign that either the apocalypse is upon us – or that Samuel Jackson is really desperate for some work – a Bristow family discovered a damn rattlesnake hiding a case of cheap bottled water that they recently purchased from a Tulsa-area Walmart.

Via KOKI Fox 23 from Tulsa:

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TLO Trivia Night Recap: Double League Points

I recently stumbled across this clip of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force gang playing bar trivia on YouTube. In case you don’t do drugs, Aqua Teen is one of the best cartoons of all time.

I should probably clarify something. Please don’t form an opinion of the show based on that one clip! Trust me, ATHF is not that bad. I think the Love Mummy or Willie Nelson spider episode may be my favorites. Watch them. Also, if we don’t get “Wayne the Brain” or “The One Eyed Wonder Weasels and Their Two Balls” as team names this week, I’m going to be incredibly disappointed.

Regarding this week’s trivia, we only have two weeks left of qualifying for our $1,000 League of Champions Playoff. To help teams make one last push, we are offering double league points (a.k.a Suttons) at all TLO Trivia Night venues. This is a pretty big deal, because the top 8 teams will get an automatic birth to the $1,000 League of Champions Title Match. The teams placed 9th – 20th will have to compete the week of the August 25th to earn an entry.

Before we get to those standings, here are five totally relevant trivia questions.

1. What popular 1986 NES sports game was named after a foul?

2. Double Fantasy was the final studio album by what musician?

3. Within 25… How many calories are in a one serving size of Double Stuffed Oreos?

4. Which Nobel Prize winner published the autobiography Double Helix in 1966?

5. Multiple Choice: According to a random internet site, which of the following celebs does not wear a DD cup size?  Scarlett Johansson   Kim Kardashian   Katy Perry   Jessica Simpson

Answers and standings after the jump.

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Oklahoma “Back To School” Shopping List…

School is starting up all across Oklahoma. That means kids are making new friends, parents have more free time, and teachers are forced to get off their lazy asses and get back to work.

To get in the “Back to School” spirit, I have compiled a list of school supplies every Oklahoma student needs to have a great year at school and hopefully learn to read beyond a third grade level.

screen shot 2014-06-10 at 7.30.47 am

1. Bulletproof Tornado Blankets

People are being shot by tornadoes at an alarming rate. These fantastic “blankets” will keep your kids safe from being shot by a tornado.



2. Pants

As the teacher above seemed to prove, it is very important to wear pants to school.


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Reed Timmer is dating a Fox News Weather Babe…

reed timmer Maria Molina

It looks like Reed Timmer can finally delete his Tinder profile.

Thanks to the New York Post’s infamous Page 6, we’ve learned that Reed Timmer is dating Fox and Friends weather babe Maria Molina. Yes, Reed Timmer is dating a woman famous enough to be on Page 6. Roll your eyes like a Dominator just passed you in traffic.

Via The New York Post6:

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