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David Stanley was fined $20,000 for “Advertising Violations” in July…

stanley one

David Stanley still leads the way… in shady advertising practices!

As you probably know, we called out the David Stanley auto group last week for the gimmicky $88 “slasher sale” they recently ran at the Norman Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership. The sale was heavily promoted and somewhat misrepresented by the dealership and its employees all over Facebook.

david stanley fb post

Once again, the $88 deal wasn’t all that simple. There were so many strings attached that it needed its own ball of yarn. You first had to enter a free raffle to win a chance to a buy a car for $88… then you had to play musical chairs while MC White Trash beatboxed to get extra raffle tickets… and then you had to be present to win. If you cleared all those hoops and your name was drawn, you could buy a clunker for $88 which the dealership would pressure you to trade in towards a new vehicle.

In our report, we also conveniently reminded everyone that David Stanley was fined $350,000 by the motor vehicle commission in March of 2014 for “advertising violations.” According to sources, the six-figure penalty was due to a “long, ongoing problem” the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission had with David Stanley’s advertising practices. The commission had repeatedly hit the dealer with small fines over the years, but apparently the effectiveness of the ads (and the profits from them) far outweighed the penalties. The commission hoped that the record fine, along with a threat to suspend the dealer’s new auto license, would end the dealership’s shady practices.

Well, that didn’t work. Thanks to a tip via the Ogle Mole Network, we have learned that David Stanley was fined $20,000 a few weeks ago for 20 advertising violations at its Midwest City and Norman Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealerships.

Here are more details via News 9:

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OKC’s 5 Best Taco Trucks on S.W. 29th…

TLO Taco

We can sit here and argue all day about what makes a good taco. We all have our preferences and our tastes and whatnot, but, for me, the best tacos—and, let’s be honest, Mexican food in general—comes from the taco trucks and taquerias dotted along S.W. 29, from about S. May to S. Shields, in the historically Hispanic area of Oklahoma City, right across the river.

These Southside taquerias on wheels ain’t no Friday night lark. Forget the H&8ths and Bleu Gartens and wherever else you have get dressed up in nice clothes and then use an app and hire an Uber and post a pic of on Instagram while listening to Broncho in the background. These S.W. 29 taco trucks are the real deal.

Before food-trucks were endowed the respect they are now, these Southside entrepreneurs were the tireless heroes, striving for the American dream on a daily basis, all the while being insulted with epithets like “roach-coach” and having the validity of their cleanliness questioned. But, as la raza is apt to do, they brushed it off, persevered and proudly served their communities, providing a daily service of serving low-cost, authentic, home-made South of the Border flavor to the working man, providing heartier (and yes, healthier) options than a McDonald’s could ever offer.

Here’s a list of five of what I currently consider to be the best taco trucks on S.W. 29, providing high-quality, exceptionally flavorful Mexican food at an amazingly great value, open from dawn ‘til dusk, morning, noon, and especially night.

TLO Taco 1

Taqueria Mr. Dolar (Located at S.W. 29th/S. Shields)

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10 things to do in Norman before the students come back

Here we are at the end of the summer. Sure, there’s more than a month left in the season, but for people who live and die by the school schedule, summer is pretty much dead. As someone who lives in Norman, I’m more than keenly aware of the impending school year, because I know how soon my town will be overrun by twenty-somethings.

Because of this, I’ve made a list of 10 things to do in Norman before the students come back. Normanites beware! Greek students return August 10. Dorm move in is August 17 and 18. You have a very small window to complete this list!

campus corner

1. Have a Campus Corner pub crawl.

I don’t enjoy Campus Corner nightlife during the school year because it makes me feel old. But during the summer? It’s great. There’s no wait, no drunk kids who can’t hold their liquor, and no big crowds. That’s why you should totally have a Campus Corner pub crawl before the students get back. I recommend the margarita hat trick, where you have a margarita at Pepe Delgado’s, Fuzzy’s, and Chimy’s. Remember to bring Tums though. Unlike those students, you’re old and you can’t handle all that sour mix without some reinforcements.

Lindsey Ave. Norman ok

2. Drive on Lindsey.

I don’t normally recommend this, especially since Lindsey is a chore even during the summer. (Please don’t get me started on all the construction either.) But now is your last chance to drive on it without losing your mind. Once the semester starts, it’s going to be bumper-to-bumper nonsense until Christmas.

Greek House

3. Eat at Greek House.

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Jenni Carlson pens touching farewell to person who protected her job over the years…

carlson sherman

Earlier today, we told you that Anthony Slater was fleeing the confines of The Oklahoman to wash KD’s car in Oakland.

He’s not the only employee in The Oklahoman’s sports department to abandon ship. A month or two ago, OU beat writer Jason Kersey left the paper to cover Arkansas and the SEC. Not too long after that, sports editor Mike Sherman moved to the Tampa Bay Times to terrorize Floridians.

Sherman’s departure has left the paper’s featured sports columnist, Jenni Carlson, feeling a little down and blue. It’s understandable. Outside of having your mom hand feed you a chicken leg in front of the football team, there’s nothing worse than losing a boss who quit caring years ago and lets you get away with so-so work.

Let the one-sentence paragraphs flow:

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Thunder Beat Writer Ditches The Oklahoman To Cover Golden State Warriors

anthony slater

We’ve lost another Oklahoma transplant to the Golden State.

Anthony Slater, the Thunder beat writer for The Oklahoman, revealed yesterday that he’s also an opportunistic turncoat traitor and will be moving to the bay area to cover the Golden State Warriors:


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