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Lost Ogle Q&A: Governor Mary Fallin

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Earlier today, we published a Lost Ogle Q&A with Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Dorman.

Because we’re fair and balanced, we also sent the same 15 questions to Governor Fallin. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I emailed her campaign asking about the Q&A. She did take part in one in 2010, but that was four years ago. It was before she was a heavily favored, but unpopular incumbent trying to sputter her way to reelection.

It was also before…

A) We filed a lawsuit against her. And in the process, forced her to release all public records regarding Obamacare, including the embarrassing ones.

B) The rise of Hipster Boo Boo. Our first post about the Governor’s daughter was published in 2011 after we discovered her first engagement website. Since then, we’ve kind of made it a habit to lampoon her ridiculous eccentric attention-craving daughter, who, by the way, has conveniently fallen off the map during the campaign season.

C) Inauguration Speech Plagiarism104-degree Hot Tub. Bowl Game Travel. Twitter Hacks. Open Toed Shoes. The Playboy Mansion Grotto. Yeah, I guess you can say we’ve had fun at Mary’s expense since she became Governor back in 2010. But… it was never planned or intentional. We didn’t seek out or pursue these stories. They all came to us via the Ogle Mole Network. It’s a powerful thing.

Based upon all that stuff, I really didn’t expect Governor Fallin to participate in the Q&A, but after touching base with, and sending the questions, to her Communications Czar Alex Weintz, I got the following response:

alex weintz email

Eureka! Mary Fallin agreed to the Q&A! I know we give her a hard time, but that’s actually a cool thing to do. Kudos to her for taking the high road, and realizing that TLO reaches a large audience of voting Oklahomans who would like a little levity and humor the day before election day.

Check it out…


Q: It’s been over one year since Lord Gary England retired as The Severe Weather Savior of Oklahoma. Who do you now watch during storm season?

A: I loved Gary England, but I now get my weather reports from Mike Morgan. He, like all of our television meteorologists, never hypes things up and does his best to keep Oklahomans safe. The calm, cool, collected demeanor he displays during a severe weather outbreak is very soothing.

Q: When driving to the Oklahoma panhandle, do you chuckle whenever you pass through the towns Beaver, Hooker or Slapout?

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Lost Ogle Q&A: Joe Dorman

Tomorrow, Oklahoma voters will go to the polls to choose their next governor. In one corner, you have the struggling incumbent Mary Fallin, a conservative, polarizing, “family values” Republican who once got engaged in the Playboy Mansion grotto (pronounced “grot-oh”). In the other corner, you have rural Oklahoma good ole’ boy Joe Dorman, a conservative Democrat who would probably like to meet his future wife in the Playboy Mansion grotto.

Last Monday, I sent each candidate a list of 15 identical questions to get their thoughts on important topics like weathermen, Wayne Coyne and the towns of Hooker, Beaver and Slapout. It’s very similar to what we did with Councilman Shadid and Mayor Cornett earlier in the year, and the Q&As we had with the other Oklahoma Gubernatorial candidates in 2010.

First up, we have Joe Dorman’s responses.

I met Joe five years ago at the 2009 Norman Music Festival. He was walking the streets searching for babes while wearing a Parrothead t-shirt, and I was walking the streets searching for babes while holding a giant cardboard cutout of Jim Traber. For some reason, I don’t think either one of us were too successful in our searches.

Since then, Joe and I have gradually become “Frienquaintances.” It’s not like we’re BFF’s or anything, but we run in the same social circles, know a lot of the same people and go to the same bars. Heck, I even think Joe tried to date two or three of my ex-Ogle groupies. I don’t blame him. I have great taste.

In 2012, Joe hit me up to have The Lost Ogle sponsor his “Unspeaker’s Ball,” a charity fundraiser organized as a response to T.W. Shannon’s big Speaker’s Ball. Even though Joe lied and did not introduce me to Rush Springs Watermelon Princess Joleen Chaney like he promised, the event was fun and raised a lot of money.

If you would have told me at the Norman Music Festival, Unspeaker’s Ball or table at the Cock O’ The Walk that Joe Dorman would some day be a serious candidate for governor, I would have laughed and said “Yeah right, and Kansas State, Baylor and TCU will be the class of the Big 12 in football.” Seriously, Joe Dorman having a hail mary’s chance of unseating Mary Fallin really is that surreal. And you know what, I hope he does it because he’ll be a much better governor.

Anyway, here’s our Lost Ogle Q&A with the Oklahoma Democratic nominee for Governor, Mr. Joe Dorman. We’ll have Mary’s up later today…


Q: It’s been over one year since Lord Gary England retired as The Severe Weather Savior of Oklahoma. Who do you now watch during storm season?

A: It is just too soon to move on to someone else. I flip channels to see who is the most entertaining.


Q: When driving to the Oklahoma panhandle, do you chuckle whenever you pass through the towns Beaver, Hooker or Slapout?

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College Football Musings from the Train: Week 10


10) Oklahoma Rolls ISU

Oklahoma did what they were supposed to do Saturday morning and hammered Iowa state 59-14. After several weeks of lackluster offense and inconsistent defense, and some patented mind-blowing miscues and turnovers, Oklahoma put it to the Cyclones to the tune of 41 first downs and 751 total yards, 510 of which came on the ground. It started early – with seven minutes left in the SECOND quarter, OU had 391 total yards and 20 first downs. The Sooners gashed ISU all day, using multiple formations and runners to move up and down the field at will. The Sooners put the game away before the fourth quarter, allowing the backups to gain some time and proving that at this point, Cody Thomas is a single threat quarterback, with the said threat not being the forward pass.

Outside of two bad interceptions that took points off the board, Knight had a great day. He threw for 230 yards and three scores. He ran for another 146, a statistic that ends all that “where in the hell is the dual threat quarterback we were promised” talk and begins all the”where in the hell has been all season?” discussion. Knight just looks better, more confident than he did earlier this month. The passes look better. The timing of his throws has improved. Yes, he still throws the occasional bad interception, but ISU Trevor Knight was the Trevor Knight we expected after the Sugar Bowl. And he did this without Sterling Shepherd. Durron Neal had a nice game. Michiah Quick caught eight balls (should have been at least 10). Blake Bell caught two touchdown passes.

And how about the defense…

OU held ISU to 334 total yards, less than 100 on the ground, and 23 minutes of possession. That’s not bad, especially when you consider what ISU did the week before against Texas. I have complained long and loud about how it seems Mike Stoops has allowed offenses to dictate his defense, rather than asserting his defense on an offense. That changed on Saturday. Oklahoma blitzed and harassed Sam Richardson all day, forcing rushed passes and completely stuffing the run. Though Jordan Evans still struggles at times tacking guys in space, he did a great job of getting to the ball carrier and slowing him down for the masses. It took a drive of gimmick plays and the “daily double move to burn Zach Sanchez” for ISU to get on the scoreboard.

Now … revenge and redemption.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Baylor

9) Baylor and the Remainders

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Monday Morning Tweets: Halloween Costume Edition

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Just kidding. I just remember people used to sign yearbooks with that phrase, and I was looking for something to say that wasn’t “happy Monday.” If you’re like me, Monday is never happy because you dread going to bed because it means you have to wake up for work. It’s a pretty unhappy sort of thing.

But now that I’ve depressed you all with my personal life, I think it’s time for me to make you smile with some tweets. Last week we had some pretty impressive Halloween costumes. We also had some pretty crappy Halloween costumes. And if you’re like me, you wore your regular clothes and told all your coworkers who asked what you were supposed to be that you were “COMPLETELY DISENCHANTED.” Sorry. I made it dark again, didn’t I?

Anyway, as always, this week’s tweets are after the jump!

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Hot Girl Friday: Olivia Munn


With today being Halloween and everything, I originally thought it would be fun to play a little prank and make Janet Barresi our “Hot Girl Friday.” Don’t worry, I was going to have fun with it and Photoshop her head on other people’s bodies, but then I figured…

A) I don’t want to alienate and lose all of our readers, and

B) Why do that when Olivia Munn is from Oklahoma?

Seriously, is there a better person to feature on a Halloween version of this series? She’s hot, she’s famous, she’s from Oklahoma, and she first achieved fame and notoriety by dressing up in sexy costumes at nerd conventions. Need proof? Check out these hot pics of Olivia Munn in costumes. She’s our Hot Girl Friday…

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