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Breaking News: Two girls kissed on the Love’s Kiss Cam

The Oklahoma City Thunder gave Kobe Bryant one hell of a parting gift…

Last night, while Russ and KD’s crew were blowing out the hapless Lakers on the second-to-last stop on Kobe’s farewell tour, the Oklahoma City Thunder cut to the tried and true Love’s Kiss Cam to pump a little light-hearted life in the crowd.

At first, it was your standard arena kiss cam. The Thunder put boring couple after boring couple on the jumbotron to kiss in front of the home crowd. Then, right as the cam was winding down, amazing happened:

loves kiss cam

Yep, it’s official. We had our first documented hot lesbian kiss on the Love’s Kiss Cam during last night’s Thunder game. I guess you can say it was the perfect end to what’s been an otherwise frustrating regular season.

The kiss only lasted for a few seconds. Right after they locked lips, the Thunder frantically cut away to the most surprised couple in the building:

loves kiss cam 3

That’s hysterical. Out of all the fans in the arena, they pick the one guy who’s never seen two girls kiss before. The ticket stub in the pocket is the dead giveaway. You have to feel sorry for him. Most of us get to experience that moment in the privacy of our home.

Here’s the full video. Check it out:

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Kevin Smith met an old married couple from Oklahoma at the airport…

kevin smith oklahoma couple

I’m not sure why, but I’m not a big fan of Kevin Smith movies. Trust me, I’ve tried to like them and want to like them, but I just don’t get his films. Outside of a few memorable moments  – the roof hockey scene in Clerks, the three-nippled psychic from Mall Rats, Salma Hayek stripping in Dogma – they’re all, as a whole, kind of boring.

I’m sharing these sure to be hated and vilified thoughts on Kevin Smith because he ran into Marty and Patti Hansen while dining at a Pappasito’s at the DFW airport. At first he thought they were the typical old boring white married couple, but after they recognized him and bought his meal, they totally changed his mind. Kevin then wrote a very inspirational / sappy Facebook post about the experience. In just 24 hours, it’s received over 215,000 Likes and 12,000 shares.

Check it out:

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Weirdo anti-circumcision protesters were hanging out near Penn Square Mall

video vigilante

I guess there’s now a protest for everything.

Over the weekend, while you were out hopefully enjoying the outdoors by getting drunk on a patio, Blood Stained Men, an anti-circumcision group, dressed up like recently castrated Clockwork Orange characters and protested across the street from Penn Square Mall. According to the group’s website, they believe “that every child, regardless of their gender or parents’ beliefs, has the right to their intact genitals, as they’re born.”

I was alerted to the protest by one of Oklahoma City’s top purveyors of intact genitals, the Video Vigilante:

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Prank Caller convinces Shawnee Burger King employees to break store windows…

burger king oklahoma

One of the worst parts about any job is answering the phone, especially when you work at a restaurant. For most people these days, it’s really awkward to have a conversation over the telephone with a stranger. And half of the time, it’s someone wanting to complain. For a Burger King employee, when the phone rings there, it’s probably somebody bitching about their dried-out hockey puck of a hamburger having mayonnaise on it, or being shorted a chicken fry.

So it must have been a exciting when somebody rang up a Burger King in Shawnee claiming to be be from the fire department. From KFOR:

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Hot Girl Friday: Carrie Underwood

When I launched this obscure local social blog back in 2007, one of my big sources of inspiration at the time were those insanely sarcastic, snarky and irreverent celebrity gossip blogs like The Superficial, With Leather, What Would Tyler Durden Do, etc. Considering how nice, courteous and kind I am today, that may come as a surprise.

Out of all those sites, about the only one a still read on a regular basis is “I Don’t Like You In That Way.” It’s still occasionally funny and does a pretty good job keeping me informed with latest news on celebrities and hot chicks. Earlier this week, they shared this Instagram pic of Carrie Underwood:

That’s pretty cool. When it comes to hot girls from Oklahoma, I always forget about Carrie Underwood. That’s probably because she’s boring, fled the state and shows about as much skin as a Nazarene, so it’s good to see her embracing her abs and swimwear.

Anyway, I scoured the web for other hot pics of Carrie. Check them out after the jump. She’s our Hot Girl Friday:

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