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You’re not the only one who never eats at Church’s Chicken…


I guess some churches do have to pay taxes.

Yesterday, 15 Church’s Chicken franchises across Oklahoma were shut down by the Oklahoma Tax Commission for a failure to pay taxes. I guess that means the company’s controversial strategy of opening one store per customer didn’t really pay off.

From a Brianna “No Code” Bailey article via

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KFOR did a story on the Boar Buster


I have a list of animals I would like to own as pets but probably never will. Sure, I have a great dog who is sleeping right next to me as I type this, but wouldn’t it be super cool if I had a pet that was a little out of the ordinary? And no, I don’t want a little monkey. Those seem like they would be the worst pets of all. Now, pig, however, that sounds fantastic. Right now the biggest barrier to that dream is that I eat a lot of bacon, and well, I’d feel guilty consuming that in front of a real pig.

Anyway, I bring this all up because apparently not everyone thinks pigs are super cute and cuddly creatures that want to be your friends. I guess not everyone has seen Babe. Like this farmer down in Holdenville who thinks pigs are terrorist. According to

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More earthquake lawsuits are coming…

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.26.35 PM

I never know what photos to use when writing about Oklahoma earthquakes, so I thought it would be fun to go with a pic of Miss Oklahoma in a swimsuit. I guess we’ll make it our new earthquake photo theme. Although I don’t think she has anything to do with the earthquakes, I would much rather look at her than a crack in some bricks or an oil company executive giving a corporation commissioner a handjob.

Anyway, The Sierra Club and something called “Public Justice” notified a few powerful Oklahoma energy companies yesterday of their plans to file a lawsuit over the man-made earthquake epidemic hitting our state.

Via The Oklahoman’s PR department:

Two environmental groups have warned Oklahoma oil and gas companies of their intent to file a federal lawsuit over the links between wastewater disposal wells and the state’s sharp rise in earthquake activity.

Washington-based Public Justice and the Oklahoma Sierra Club said they plan to bring a lawsuit under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, a 1976 law which allows citizen lawsuits over hazardous waste. They want the companies to reduce the volumes of wastewater injected into disposal wells. They also want to establish an “independent forecasting body” that will investigate, analyze and predict the cumulative effect of injecting production wastewater.

The groups sent certified letters last week detailing their intent to SandRidge Energy Inc., Devon Energy Corp., Chesapeake Energy Corp. and New Dominion LLC.

“I am angry and offended that the oil and gas industry has been so slow to protect Oklahoma and its citizens in the face of this earthquake crisis,” Barbara Vanhanken, chairwoman of the Oklahoma chapter of the Sierra Club, said in a statement released Monday. “Stopping this ever-strengthening earthquake crisis is critical to the health and well-being of all Oklahomans. To ignore the human cost being paid for the earthquake problems tied to oil and gas operations in Oklahoma is cold-blooded and heartless. It reinforces the concept that profits matter more than people.”

Cold blooded and heartless? Reinforces the concept that profits matter more than people? As Chesapeake CEO Doug Lawler would probably ask from his veranda that overlooks Oak Tree, “What’s wrong with that? That’s how energy companies have operated for 100 years. I drink your milkshake!”

The Oklahoman contacted all the companies above for comment and none of them replied. I really don’t blame them. If I was a greedy oil baron, I wouldn’t comment either. Instead, I’d stay quiet for a few weeks to let the news pass. Then I’d covertly work with The Oklahoman and Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office on a campaign that will try to label and demonize the groups behind the suit as greedy, liberal, big government hacks that will stop at nothing to protect and promote their own self interests over that of people. Basically, I’d try to get everyone to think that these environmental groups operate like oil companies.

Actually, the energy industry is already taking this approach. Check out this quote about the lawsuit they gave to The Oklahoman:

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Angry Bob Stoops statue terrorizes OU campus…

bob stoops statue

It looks like offensive linemen are not the only statues moving slowly around the OU campus.

Yesterday afternoon, a giant bronze Bob Stoops statue was spotted rolling the streets of Norman. It was apparently taunting and terrorizing students, alumni, and the local gentry, reminding them all of the Stoops OU glory years of the 2000s – a time when OU produced NFL players, dominated the Big 12 conference, and even left a couple of National Championships on the field. You know, that time when Bob Stoops actually deserved a statue.

Ouch, that was kind mean. In all honesty, Stoops is still one hell of a head coach. OU really is lucky to have him. As Gary Gibbs, Howard Schnellenberger and John Blake remind us, it could be a lot worse. The problem is that Stoops has just reach a Lloyd Carr / Post-1999 Steve Spurrier level of complacency. Instead of staying up late scouting sleeper recruits, he’s going to bed at early to catch a rise and shine tee time. That being said, Stoops’ teams still win 10-games a year. If his fire is ever re-lit, he has better chance than anyone at getting the program back up to a national championship caliber level.

Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, that sad statue that reminds everyone of the OU glory days.


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Mary Fallin likes deadly ice cream…

And we wonder why our state has an obesity problem.

Yesterday, Mary Fallin shared the following pic on Twitter. Apparently, she’s a big fan of Blue Bell Ice Cream, which is kind of like admitting that you eat blowfish, undercooked chicken, Little Caesar’s pizza or any other food that can kill you.

Can that photo be anymore staged? I like how they included a bunch of red folders to give the impression that Mary is actually working.

Anyway, that’s great. Our governor is “very excited” that an ice cream company that literally poisoned and killed people is back in your grocer’s freezer. Hopefully Ford never brings back the Pinto or Mary will offer them state tax credits to build the car here.

Also, isn’t this a slap in the face to Braum’s? They’re an Oklahoma company and their ice cream hasn’t killed anyone… yet. In fact, that should probably be their new slogan. When Braum’s fires up some new commercials in 25 years they should look into adopting it.