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MMTs: Jenni Carlson’s least favorite thing is…

Well, it certainly was a weekend, wasn’t it? I spent it drinking Miller High Life at Sequoyah State Park with some ladies I’ve known since before puberty. We were drunk by 11 AM and listening to the explicit mixes of rap songs while families tried to have cookouts about 20 yards away. Sorry, families. I guess this massive hangover is my punishment for ruining your little weekend trip.

While I’m busy sobering up by drinking all the coffee in my office’s break room and laying my head on the cold desk, you can read these tweets. And if there’s a local account that we should be following–famous/infamous or not–hit us up at @TLOMMT and let us know!

Check out this week’s tweets after the jump!

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Ogle Madness VII: Sweet 16 Recap

This past week, we ran through the Field of 32 and Sweet 16 in Ogle Madness VII. Here are a few notes:

• About 80% of the participants in our Ogle Madness VII Bracket Challenge still have a chance to win a dinner for eight to LOCAL in Norman. Yes, that’s probably due to 70% of our Bracket Challenge participants selecting Emily Sutton or Kevin Durant to win this thing.

• This is the first time in Ogle Madness history that all Number 1-seeds are still alive in the Elite 8.

• The Elite 8 will be posted on Monday and Tuesday. The Final 4 will be held Wednesday and Thursday. The Ogle Madness VII Championship Game will be held on Monday, April 7th.

Here’s your recap for the Sweet 16:

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Retro Video Games, Wide Open Streets and a Crawfish Boil


I’m often asked how much I am compensated for my talents. I’m not going to state the dollar amount because I don’t want emails from “old friends” who want join my entourage.

I charge top dollar, and if there are dollars higher than “top,” I bill at that price. With writing this good I don’t charge by the word, but by the letter. Watch this: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. I just paid off my house. Italics go for double.

Ok, not true. Actually I beg Patrick for the work. I owe him because I once busted his above ground pool when I bet him I could cannonball from a nearby tree without hitting bottom. I missed pool and landed on the edge sending water all over the backyard like a busted dam. So embarrassing. I walk with a gangsta lean to this day.

The moral of the story is keep me from your pool. Here’s stuff to do!

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Uh oh, fake names appeared on a pro-Common Core petition. I wonder where they came from.

hot teacher1

Thanks to the amazing reporting skills of News 9, the Common Core controversy is in the news again. This time around, it has to do with signatures collected for an online (keyword: online) petition drive in support of the educational standards.

Via News 9:

More controversy for Common Core. Common Core is a set of rigorous educational standards the Oklahoma legislature adopted in 2010 and is now considering repealing.

Now, some names on a petition, from a group hoping to keep Common Core, were faked. The group, Stand for Children Oklahoma, presented a petition to legislators in early March with 7,000 signatures, but many people whose names are on the list said they didn’t sign it.

Whoa! Really?!? You’re telling me some of the names collected in an online petition may be fake? Get out! Before you know it, they’re going to tell us that Biggus Diccus from Rome isn’t a real person.

Cue the angry anti-Common Core parent whose name just happened to be on the petition:

Sherri Crawford is one of those. She’s adamantly against Common Core.

“My second grader comes home frustrated with math, because they want him to do five different methods and he gets it one way.”

So, imagine her surprise when her name showed up on a petition supporting it.

When asked if she signed it, she responded, “No, absolutely not.”

Sherri found out her name was on the petition after a group of moms, who oppose common core, got a hold of it and started checking the names. They said they found not only several obviously fake names, like Barrack Obama, but more than a thousand they have personally verified didn’t sign it.

“Several of the people I have talked to personally have said I have never seen that email, nor am I on that e-mail list, I have no idea how they got my name,” said Kelli Dodd.

Yeah, I wonder how “they” got your name. Here are three likely scenarios:

Scenario A: Stand for Children Oklahoma added the names of 1,000 “adamant” Common Core opponents to the petition, because, uhm, they lack intelligence. Seriously, if they’re going to add fake names, why would they chose people who lobby against common core. Also, why would they only add 1,000 more signatures. Like that really matters. Go big to go home.

Scenario B: Opponents of Common Core went online and sabotaged the online petition knowing they could dupe Channel 9 into producing a ridiculous story about it, thus giving their cause more publicity and attention. That kind of makes sense, huh? Seeing how passionate and somewhat nutty the opponents of Common Core seem to be, I wouldn’t put that past them.

Scenario C: It’s was placed on the petition by the rising and falling water levels at Lake Arcadia. This is the one I’m leaning towards. Of course, that’s only because one of big Common Core opponents in the state is Angela Little. She just happens to be one of the girls pictured in the infamous Amy McRee photo that was taken at Lake Arcadia. Coincidence? I think not?

Here she is:

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Ogle Madness VII: Sweet Sixteen, West Region

The Sweet 16 concludes today with match-ups from the Extremely Attractive Women Region.

Here’s are the match-ups:

(1) Joleen Cheney vs. (4) Non-Chunky Thunder Girls
(2) Kristen Chenoweth vs. (6) Real Miss Oklahoma

When you vote, make sure to think about baseball.

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