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The Oklahoma Energy Industry to rescue!


Over the weekend, The Oklahoman ran a heartwarming story about newly elected Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Todd Hiett.

Last year, the career politician loaned his campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars to win a hard-fought Republican primary, and was having some difficulty paying himself back. Fortunately, the Oklahoma Energy Industry came to the rescue and saved the day.


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Monday Morning Tweets

We’ve officially entered that time of year where I can’t breathe because I’m allergic to everything. So, if you see me passed out on the sidewalk or in the middle of a grocery store, just know it’s the Benadryl and that I’m not drunk. Not that I care what you think. I’m just not into getting arrested.

Anyway, as always, I have all the best tweets from the week before and I’ve stuffed them into one awesome post. I bet you’ll never guess where they are. Oh. you did. Yeah. After the m

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Hot Girl Friday: Abigail Ogle

In case you missed it in the MMTs, Abigail Ogle’s boyfriend went to Jared. Yes, by the power of Greyskull, our viking warrioress is engaged. The world may never be the same.

Heh, if you think the media goes overboard when a news anchor has a baby, just wait until Abby’s wedding date draws near. I bet Channel 5 launches a weekly 24/7-style reality show called “Abby in Love” to capture all the drama leading up to the big day, and then airs the ceremony live on TV during this fall’s sweeps. Trust me, it’s going to happen. And I can’t wait to see how News 9 responds.

I’m still trying to figure out the scoop on the fiance dude. I believe his name is Sven, and he’s a lower lord from the House Hringariki. I think this explains the white belt. It’s how they do things. Nordic culture is much different than our own.

Here are a few details I was unable to uncover the couple.

• They apparently met while raiding the riverlands near Tahlequah.

• They enjoy travel, long walks on the beach and eating turkey legs.

• Sven was one of Abigail’s first fake Twitter followers.

• His dowrie will include possession and lordship of the Ogle Family home, Flekkefjord, which is located on the southern shores of Lake Hiwassee.

• He will have to take on the last name Ogle, but only after he kills a boar with a knife and / or bear claw.

Anyway, we’d like to congratulate Abby and Sven on their engagement. We, along with Facebook trolls and the stars of Blackish, have been a little tough on Abby at times, but she’s actually a really nice woman and we wish her the best of luck in her quest for global domination.

We scoured through a couple thousand of the pics she’s posted of herself on social media and posted a few of them after the jump. She’s our Hot Girl Friday.

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Clark Matthews: Who the Thunder shoulda woulda coulda hired instead of Billy Donovan

billy donovan clark matthews

Editor’s Note: 

This Billy Donovan news is such a big deal that it woke up Clark Matthews!

Last night, TLO co-founder, Eddie Sutton autograph tramp stamp tattoo wearer and overall basketball junkie Clark Matthews folded up the old checkers board and filed this post about Billy Donovan joining the Oklahoma City Thunder. Specifically, he looks at who the Thunder shoulda coulda woulda hired as a head coach instead.

After several days of being on the verge, the Thunder sealed the deal with new head coach Billy Donovan. As every article about the hire will say, Donovan–a disciple of Louisville’s Rick Pitino–coached at the University of Florida for 19 seasons, winning two national championships among the four Final Four appearances. Nice, right?

He also lead the team to a sub-.500 record that disqualified them from the post season during the Gators’ most recent season. So, in the “what have you done lately?” metric, Donovan is even less impressive than the departed Scott Brooks in that his failure to make the playoffs was despite a winning record, much tougher competition (he coached in the NBA), and a plethora of injuries that left him making line ups out of bailing wire and Lance Thomas.

As Thunder GM Sam Presti has maintained throughout the process, though, nothing that happened in the past year matters. If so, Coach Brooks would get another season puzzling out end of game playcalling like Patrick figuring out his drink order at a restaurant without a bar. Brooks likely did his best work as a head coach since his Coach of the Year campaign right before getting the axe. It’s just business. His contract had left him as a lame duck manager going into what could be the most important season in franchise history, and without that status, there was evidence he had lost leverage with his players.

Rather than commit to the tenured Brooks, Presti chose to go in a different direction and zeroed in on Donovan. Even throwing out Florida’s struggles in the most recent season, the choice can be controversial. Brooks’ replacement has to make an impact in year one and that means getting the team’s core to buy in to his system (even Phil Jackson would have trouble convincing Russ to be anything slightly different than Russ), keep the stars happy in the run up to their impending free agency, and return to the success that was taken for granted 12 months ago. Any failure in any of those goals could spell a complete overhaul of the team and years of re-building while praying for another elite talent like Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook to be available to OKC in the draft.

Success with those high stakes will be lead by a rookie coach with no professional coaching experience. Not. Optimal. Donovan has spent the past twenty years dealing with college kids who made roughly zero percent of the salary of him. Getting the players to follow his instructions will come with increased difficulty when he cannot threaten to pull their scholarship, and the player has infinitely more NBA exposure.

This is not to say Donovan will not meet the challenge. I believe (hope? pray?) he will be the coach this team needs. His record with the Gators proves he knows how to win, and those national championships were earned using the collegiate level superstar talent. He even convince Joakim Noah (now of the Bulls), Al Horford (Hawks), and Corey Brewer (somewhere in the NBA) to delay their million dollar paydays to make that second title run…and that was a tough sell considering how garbage the draft class was. This tells me he can build strong relationships with players and manage egos.

That said, it’s worth looking at the road not taken. Who could the Thunder have hired instead?

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Watch out for angry tigers and nipple biting zebras…

zebra tiger

On second thought, maybe those elephants shouldn’t come to Oklahoma…

It’s been one Hell of a week for animals in our state. First, we had those cheap ass, nimble goats trying to make their own personal Pike Pass Lane on a Turner Turnpike overpass. Then we had this gem about a zebra biting off a man’s nipple in Muskogee. Surprisingly enough, that man was not Joe Exotic.

Via Tulsa’s Fox 23:

The city of Muskogee is making a woman get rid of her pet zebra because it bit off a piece of a man’s nipple.

The victim is doing well. He told FOX23 he’s still a little sore.

FOX23 learned the owner still has the zebra. He’s locked in the stables because of the incident. The owner has had him for 10 years.

Animal control officers say it wasn’t a call they were expecting.

“I was traumatized,” said Leonard Overcash, the victim.

Overcash was working in a yard and went to the back to help his coworker with the weeds. He said the zebra, which was in the field on the other side of the fence, attacked him.

“He was just staring, you know just looking, and he just put his head over the fence and bit me,” said Overcash.

He said it bit off a piece of his right nipple. He had to get seven stitches.

The owner has had the zebra since it was a baby. FOX23 asked people in the neighborhood if they’ve ever had issues with it, and they all say no. The zebra’s been good.

I did some checking, and this was in fact a real zebra. It wasn’t a fake one like you would see in Eastbound and Down.

Also, shouldn’t we be getting more material like this from Muskogee? The town seems like it should sending out a solid story like this at least once every other week, but it’s been relatively quiet since that naked dude was caught freezing to death in a guitar case. Get your act together, Muskogee.

In any normal week, a rabid nipple-biting donkey would be the story of the week, but it was quickly overshadowed by a tiger escaping its exhibit at the Oklahoma City Zoo and getting caught in netting while trying to eat a leopard.

Via News

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