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5 Metro Places to Get a Damn Good Snow-Cone


There are few things more refreshing to snack on under the blistering Oklahoma sun than a good snow-cone. Forget Icees, ice cream cones and even a boring glass of ice water—while trodding this sunbaked Hellscape, you just can’t beat sucking down artificially-flavored shaved-ice through a straw, be it sitting in the car, stuck in afternoon traffic, or just walking down the street, trying to get some outdoor time with a couple of dogs in tow. A fresh ‘n fruity snow-cone makes it all good in the hood.

But I’ll be damned if I know where to find them. Back in the day, there used to be trucks that would zig-zag through neighborhoods offering shaved ice—with only a handful of flavors—for 75 cents or a dollar if you wanted a gumball at the bottom. Where have those trucks gone? Where is the neighborhood snow-cone man? Hell, I’m lucky if I even come across the ice cream man once a year, driving those scary “Summer Song” vans.

Short of buying a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, the best ways these days it seems to procure the frosty nosh is catch those cozy little snow-cone shacks located in random creepy parking lots. Just to save us all time and energy, I’ve compiled a list of five diverse local places to imbibe on the icy treats, places that I’ve enjoyed over these sultry past couple of months.



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Even Berry Tramel thinks Kevin Durant is a douchebag…


On the same day that Kevin Durant decided to come out of the closet and show the world what a massive tool he is, Berry Tramel responded with a preachy column that lectured fans on how they were supposed to behave. The general thesis was that it’s okay for OKC Thunder fans to be sad and disappointed about the loss of their sports hero turned traitor, but only if they followed the Thunder Ministry of Propaganda handbook and kept things boring and classy.

Here’s a snippet:

Stay classy, OKC, in wake of Durant leaving…

So now that Kevin Durant ruined not only Oklahoma’s Fourth of July but many a winter’s night with his decision to become a Golden State Warrior, don’t forget to stay classy, OKC.

Don’t forget that the eight-year run with Durant was more than most NBA cities get. Don’t forget all the thrills and chills Durant provided. Don’t forget that Durant did more for us than we ever did for him, and we did a lot for him.

Now is not the time for anger. Not sure there’s ever a time for anger concerning Durant, unless Draymond Green again goes into his below-the-belt act and receives a high-five from his newest teammate. Then you have unbridled permission to boo No. 35. Class only goes so far…

Durant is driving down LeBron Boulevard, going to Golden State, where an NBA title seems even more assured than the Heatles in Miami. Could Durant stay on that road and return to his original franchise? You never know.

Lots of melancholy to work through. Lots of figuring how to win with one superstar instead of two. Lots of remembering the good times and staying classy through massive disappointment.

Well, perhaps it’s time that Berry Tramel follow some of his own advice. In what clearly proves he’s taken the Durant departure tougher than anyone, Boomer appeared on The Sports Animal to beat a dead horse and discuss what has quickly become the most tired sports topic in Oklahoma history.

Check it out:

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Another Oklahoma County Sheriff is in trouble…

Joe Russell love county

The guy pictured above who looks like he spent too much time in the Marietta broken cookie factory over the years is soon to be former Love County Sheriff Joe Russell. Back in 2015, he announced he would not run for reelection so he could “relax and play dominos,” presumably with his live-in son Willie who was apparently operating a law enforcement-protected meth den in the family home.

Via a Nolan Clay article on

A longtime sheriff accused of allowing drug use at his own home for years was arrested Tuesday and is facing possible removal from office.

Love County Sheriff Joe Russell is accused of maintaining a house where drugs are kept and of harboring a fugitive. He was released on his own recognizance after his arrest.

“Thank you. I ain’t got nothing to say,” he told a reporter when contacted by phone Tuesday evening.

Russell, 62, has been under investigation by both the FBI and the state’s multicounty grand jury. His address is listed as in Leon. His son, Willie Russell, 38, has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of methamphetamine distribution and is awaiting sentencing.

The sheriff has not been charged yet. The state grand jury, however, is requesting his immediate suspension and removal from office based on the same accusations.

Wow. That’s shocking. As you know, Oklahoma’s 77 county sheriffs are some of the most upstanding members of our community. I can’t believe one would use his power and authority to engage in illegal activities! Outside of the times they rape women in jail, offer promotions and jobs in exchange for sex, let their fishing buddies play deputy and shoot a man in the back, or abuse civil forfeiture laws, they can always be trusted to do what’s fair and what’s right for the people they serve.

As I mentioned, Sheriff Russell was allegedly letting his son Willie use the family home as a meth den. He also arrested his son’s girlfriend after she dumped him:

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Breaking News! KFOR Channel 4 kind of caught on fire!

kfor fire

Early this morning while you were either delivering newspapers or sleeping, a small fire broke out at the KFOR studios on N. Britton Rd. There were no survivors.

Kidding! Kidding! What an awful thing to say. Everyone is safe and has cool story to share with friends over happy hour.

According to, things got weird at about 3:40am when power flashes occurred in the building. Generally that means someone is running the washing machine and air conditioner at the same time, but the flashes were quickly followed by billowing smoke, fire alarms and the piercing, window shattering screams of Lacey Lett. Everyone in the building, including Gaylon Culver, was quickly evacuated.

Within minutes, first responders arrived on the scene. Under the very watchful eye of Emily Sutton, fireman took off their shirts, performed sets of burpees and push ups, and then “secured” the building all while Bob Moore Chopper Four flew overhead dropping sand and water on the Doppler Radar.

Here are some more details via KFOR:

It was a hectic morning at KFOR after a fire forced everyone to evacuate the building.

Around 3:40 a.m., KFOR staff noticed power flashes throughout the building.

When the fire alarms went off, staff quickly called 911 and evacuated.

One overnight producer, Brooke Marton, noticed the smoke was coming from a central hub for the broadcast equipment.

Fire crews arrived within minutes and were able to secure the building.

Once the smoke cleared, KFOR crews were allowed back inside.

That’s a relief. Fortunately, firemen were able to extinguish the blaze before it reached the secret casks of wildfire that Linda Cavanaugh buried underneath the news studio. I guess she’s preparing for the day some young TV news starlet comes aboard and tries to usurp her. I hope I’m not at work when that happens.

According to this tweet from Ashley Kringen, the blaze was apparently started when a Social Media Bandit got into the UPS system and chewed up some wires:

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Man breaks into metro home and watches another dude sleep…


One of the most terrifying things in the world to me is home invasion. To have the one place you think of as safe violated by an intruder can rattle your whole foundation. This is especially scary in Oklahoma, where you expect the burglars to be meth-addicted lunatics that are looking to strip all the copper wiring from your house so they can scrap it and buy Sudafed.

It’s somehow creepier to imagine a person breaking into your house and not stealing anything. What would be the point? The thrill of getting away with something illegal? Rifling through someone else’s underwear drawer or baseball card collection? Watching cable TV?

Apparently, this guy just gets his jollies by watching other people sleep. From KFOR:

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