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Oklahomans prefer smoke-free bars


I know smoking can cause cancer. I know that it can cause heart disease. I know that in the US, smoking rates dipped really low last year because growing malignant tumors in your lungs and constantly having bad breath aren’t appealing. And then, add in the cost of those combustible sticks of cancer, and well, it’s easy to see why it’s so universally reviled.

But that doesn’t make smoking any less cool. Watch a movie filmed in black and white. Do you see all those badasses smoking? Hot. Seriously. Google “James Dean smoking.” You’ll be glad you did. Though, I suppose you can just Google “James Dean” and you’ll still come up with some hot pictures.

Anyway, I bring this all up because there’s a group that is currently lobbying for more smoke-free bars in the metro. According to

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We’re finally getting fracking at Lake Hefner!!!


Pop the champagne, toot the horn and get ready to light the water from your faucet on fire! We’re finally going to get some good old American fracking at Lake Hefner.


The Oklahoma City utilities department plans a public meeting Thursday on a proposal by Pedestal Oil Co. Inc. to drill for oil and natural gas near Lake Hefner.

The meeting will be 6 p.m. at the Will Rogers Conservatory, 3600 NW 36.

The proposed drilling site is northwest of NW 68 and Portland Avenue, about 600 feet west of Stars and Stripes Park. It is outside the park’s boundaries.

Pedestal first proposed to drill in 2011, but several groups organized in opposition to the plan.

The Oklahoma City water utilities trust asked the company to find a site that met both state regulations and the trust’s more stringent guidelines for drilling operations.

The draft proposal, which is still being negotiated between city attorneys and the company, would pay the city trust a royalty rate of 21 percent. The proceeds would go toward recreational improvements at Hefner, Draper and Overholser lakes. The three-year lease includes the option of drilling up to five additional wells after the first well.

See everyone, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. The city attorneys and oil companies are working together, and if there’s one thing we’ve been reminded about over the past few weeks, it’s that government attorneys are not in any way coerced or swayed by the energy industry. They have the public’s best interests in mind.

Plus, with all the money we’ll earn from drilling by Lake Hefner, we’ll be able to make recreational improvements to Lake Hefner and other metro lakes. That’s awesome! Who doesn’t want to walk their dog or ride a bike or fly model airplanes or take a gay cruise at a lake that has a fracking well? Let’s just hope all the new playgrounds and toys are earthquake-proof!

Unfortunately, liberal tree hugging activists led by councilman Ed Shadid think that harvesting natural resources with a toxic blend of chemicals right next to a lake that provides a big chunk of our city’s water supply is a bad idea.

Here’s more from

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Even The Tulsa World is digging up dirt on Scott Pruitt…

pruitt alito

The Oklahoman editorial writers may want to start brainstorming for another defense of Scott Pruitt.

Earlier today, the Tulsa World took a deeper look into the New York Times expose about Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, and in particular, how he raised nearly $300,000 in campaign funds this year despite not having an opponent in the 2014 election. The paper also examined the more than cozy relationship Pruitt has with Devon Energy and their chairman Larry Nichols.

Via The World:

Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s re-election campaign has raised more than $300,000 — and spent almost $160,000 — since he learned in mid-April that he would not have an opponent this election cycle.

Oklahoma Ethics Commission records show Pruitt not only continued to receive campaign contributions but actively raised funds through the Nov. 4 general election, even though he had no opponent and cannot seek re-election in 2018.

While it is not unusual for term-limited officials with no opponents to continue fundraising, the extent of Pruitt’s activity is. By comparison, state Treasurer Ken Miller, who was also re-elected without opposition and is term-limited in 2018, has raised less than $2,000 since the filing period for this year’s elections ended on April 11.

Pruitt did not respond to questions about his campaign’s activities.

Want to know the difference between bad journalism and good journalism? Just look at the two different ways our state’s largest newspapers responded to the New York Times report. The Oklahoman (a.k.a. “The state’s most trusted news”) immediately put Pruitt’s dick in their mouth and tried to brush off the Times expose as an example of biased, hypocritical Yankee journalism. The Tulsa World, on the other hand, followed the eye-opening news of a secret alliance between our state’s attorney general and for-profit energy companies with an even deeper look into Scott Pruitt’s fundraising activities. It’s like one is a biased rag bravely serving and defending the money rich establishment and the other is a legitimate newspaper trying to inform its readers with news and information. Can you guess which is which?

Here are some details of the other players involved and how they directly benefit from the trickle-down effect of Pruitt’s fundraising:

In the most recent Ethics Commission reports, which include expenditures through Oct. 20 and contributions up to the general election, Pruitt’s campaign lists payments of more than $86,000 to six campaign consultants. Among them are former Secretary of State and Senate President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee and a former member of the George W. Bush administration whose other clients include an organization headed by Pruitt, and who has received nearly $90,000 from Pruitt’s campaign fund during the current campaign cycle.

The biggest recipients in the past six months, however, have been Tamara Cornell, a Tulsa campaign consultant, and Vox Strategies, a company associated with Pruitt campaign manager Jordan Spencer. Cornell has received $36,588.54 in fees and expenses since April 11, Vox $31,105.89.

Jordan Spencer? Could you find a better white Republican schleprock name than that? For giggles, I checked to see if Jordan Spencer was on Facebook just so I could if his name matched up to what I think a Jordan Spencer would look like. It was a perfect match:

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The Hefner goats now have a donkey to play with…

We like to occasionally give Steve Lackmeyer a hard time on this site for his obsession with ugly old buildings, and sometimes enjoy ribbing Nolan Clay for his creepy fascination with strip clubs, so I guess it’s only fair that we call out the Oklahoman’s William Crum for his bizarre love affair with goats.

Okay, that sounded weird. It’s not that type of love affair. This isn’t a short story about the Mathis Brothers petting zoo or anything. William is actually just the leading authority of the Oklahoma City goats (that would have been a great name for the Blue or Dodgers) that are keeping the grass down at Lake Hefner.

Thanks to Crum’s dedication to this topic, we now know the goats have a friend. It’s a yet to be named orphaned donkey.


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107.7 The Franchise has removed its Lump…


Farewell, Nichols Gallardia… and fart jokes.

On Friday morning, 107.7 the Franchise fired longtime Oklahoma City morning radio personality Dave “Lump” Hernandez. The move comes only a few weeks after the fledgling sports talk channel parted ways with Tony Casillas, and a month or two before they probably get rid of the other 1/3 of their morning show, John Rohde.

Here’s a tweet Lump sent out about the news:

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