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Friday Night in the Big Town: Old Crow Medicine Show, Hoof’n It and Susan from Seinfeld

It’s fair time and here at TLO it is a very important week and a half. I mentioned before that this site runs on Emily Sutton and state fair pictures, so this is an equivalent to sweeps or Black Friday.

Though I have lived in Oklahoma for 12 years, I’ve never been to the state fair. Actually, I’ve only visited one fair since I was 14, and that was Toad Suck Daze in Conway, AR. Yes, it is named Toad Suck Daze. Here’s proof.

The name supposedly refers to steamboat crews stopping in the area and hitting the tavern hard. Locals were to of said “they suck on a bottle till they swell up like toads.” I’m not buying it. Why? It’s Arkansas.

Ask yourself, what state would I most likely find someone who sucks toads? Your answer was “Arkansas, maybe West Virginia.” I figure the current story is a cover-up to save face. It might be in the same realm as the rumor about Catherine the Great’s death. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then Google away.

Also, my one trip to Toad Suck Daze included an Eddie Money concert. Can’t beat that. Wait, yes you can.

Maybe I’ll get out there this year, though I do have a policy about fair rides that can be built in less than 10 minutes and whose main component is rust. That is “don’t ride it.”

Oh well, this is your Friday Night in the Big Town.

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8 Oklahomans who need Dr. Phil Therapy…

drphil news 9

One native Oklahoman who doesn’t get a lot of credit for being an Oklahoman is Dr. Phil. He was born in Vinita, moved around as a child, and even played football at Tulsa. But for some reason, possibly because he’s annoying as hell, the Sooner state has never really accepted him.

That is until now.

This past week, News 9 went crazy with stories about Dr. Phil’s Oklahoma roots. They creeped on the house he lived in as a kid, talked to his childhood friend from the Village, chronicled his sad and forgettable football playing days at the university of Tulsa, and even brought him in for a therapy sessions with Robin Marsh. About the only thing they didn’t do was profile his obnoxiously large swimming pool. Maybe that will be next week.

News 9 is doing all this because they’re the new home of his talk show. To the delight of Debbies, Lindas, and Kathys everywhere, his show will air each afternoon at 3:00 pm. Instead of waiting for her to call you, I’d suggest you give your grandmother a call and tell her about this. She’s probably very confused and scared right now.

Although I don’t blame News 9 for hyping the show moving to their network, I do question their choice in stories. Who cares where he lived in the Village? What they should have done is have Dr. Phil give televised therapy sessions to some notable Oklahomans like…

wayne coyne tattoo

coyne wife 3

1. Wayne Coyne, Michelle Martin-Coyne, Katy Weaver and Miley Cyrus

Okay, technically Miley Cyrus isn’t an Oklahoman, but since she’s from Arkansas or whatever, it probably means we’re related in some fashion.

This would be a fun session to watch. As we know, Wayne went through a mid-life crisis and left Michelle for Katy Weaver, and then he and Katy started a threesome with Miley Cyrus. Wayne could use a stern wake up call from Dr. Phil, while Michelle could be coached towards accepting the fact that her once common law husband is a totally different person.

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Josh Brecheen has released a “FUNNY” campaign video

josh brecheen crop

It’s been awhile since we’ve written about Oklahoma State Senator Josh Brecheen (pictured above). Fortunately, his campaign released a video back in August to let us know the Durant lawmaker and leader of the Derplahoman caucus is alive and well.

Here’s a description of the video via YouTube:

Please WATCH and share this FUNNY video of Josh, family, and friends announcing the kickoff event…

This fun, upbeat, outdoor event will be open to the public and will have free sub sandwiches, ice tea, BIG bounce houses for the kids, music and more, and will be attended by friends, family, district supporters, Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman, State Auditor Gary Jones, Labor Commissioner Mark Costello, members of the Oklahoma legislature…and hopefully you if you can make it!

So, it’s a FUNNY video? That’s cool. I wonder if he shares with us his 19th century thoughts on evolution, or reminds us of how hard he fought to protect the rights of puppy mill owners? All of those things are hysterical in their own sad and depressing way.

Let’s check out the FUNNY video:

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Garth Brooks is clumsy…

garth brooks world tour

In case you didn’t know, Oklahoma’s favorite country music son (and biggest Eskimo Joe’s fan) Garth Brooks is making a comeback. It’s all part of his plan to earn a bunch of money to give and then take back from hospitals.

Yes, it’s been a busy few weeks for Garth Brooks. Last Thursday, he unveiled a digital music service called GhostTunes that “allows artists to sell music any way they want to.” I’m sure that will work out great. I think its name was inspired by the number of people they expect to actually use it.

The following day, Garth kicked off a three city world tour with his wife Trisha Yearwood in Chicago. The other two cities? Atlanta and Jacksonville. What an intense “world” tour, huh? He’s a regular old Carmen San Diego. If only he could have squeezed in a stop in Charlotte or Birmingham.

During his first Chicago concert, Brooks tripped and fell on his face while trying to jump around the stage like Shannon Miller. Here’s the clip via TMZ:

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Ardmore woman who accused Jerry Jones of sexual assault is a former escort…

If you follow the sports blog circuit, you’re probably aware of the sad, gross and extremely hysterical photos that recently surfaced online of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones having a little too much fun with some strippers.

In case you live in Robber’s Cave, here they are:

jerry jones pic1

jerry jones pic 2

That sound you just heard was Al Eschbach calling Barry Switzer to ask for Jerry Jones’ phone number. Actually, I’m joking. I’m sure Al already has Jerry’s phone number. Seeeeeeeeee ya!

The person who apparently took those photos is 27-year-old former stripper Jana Weckerly from Ardmore. Yesterday, she filed a civil lawsuit against Jones claiming he sexually assaulted her during the romp. She is seeking $1-million in damages.

Via USA Today:

A 27-year-old woman from Ardmore, Okla, has accused Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of sexual assault and is seeking more than $1 million in damages in a lawsuit that an attorney for Jones has decried as an extortion plot.

Jana Weckerly, a former stripper, said Jones assaulted her in May or June 2009 and conspired with the Cowboys to cover up the alleged incident, according to the lawsuit filed late Monday night in Dallas County, Texas.

The woman alleges that Jones and the Cowboys also threatened her to keep her from reporting the incident to police, the suit says. She left Texas as a result and is living at an undisclosed location because she fears for her life based on threats made by Jones and the Cowboys, said her attorney, Thomas D. Bowers III.

“Nobody’s perfect but she’s consistent and she’s credible, and I believe her,” Bowers said.

But an attorney for Jones called the suit a “shakedown.”

“These allegations are completely false,” attorney Levi McCathern said in a statement. “The legal complaint is unsupported by facts or evidence of any kind. This is nothing more than an attempt to embarrass and extort Jerry Jones. This is a shakedown by a lawyer who is a solo practitioner just trying to make a name for himself. The alleged incidents would have been more than five years old.

Of course, this story has made national news. However, one thing USA Today, CNN and just about every other national website is not picking up or mentioning is that there’s a really good chance that Weckerly was an escort / call girl when the romp took place

In a post from August, Deadspin noted the email address Weckerly used for Pinterest matched up with a review found for an escort named Jenna Jayde that was posted on an escort review site. When asked about that, Weckerly’s attorney Thomas Bowers denied the accusations. Via another DeadSpin article:

There is also the question of whether Weckerly is an escort. An email address from her defunct Pinterest page also appears on an escort review website under the profile of a woman going by the name Jenna Jayde. Bowers assured me that Weckerly is not and never has been an escort.

Because Weckerly has an Oklahoma connection (and I had nothing better to do), I decided to put on my Internet sleuthing hat to see if I could find anything else about the lady and her background. After scrolling through escort reviews, Backpage ads, wayback machines and even MySpace pages, I think it’s safe to assume that Weckerly’s attorney is not telling the whole truth.

The first thing I did was check out the escort review site mentioned in the Deadspin article. Here’s the review from 2010.

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