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College Football Musings from the Train: Week 11

tcu cheerleaders

10) Oklahoma survives

Jeeeminy …

Holding a solid 23-7 lead at halftime, Oklahoma damn near pissed away a shot at the College Football Playoff, narrowly escaping TCU at home 30-29. It is at this point when I generally rattle off Google searched statistics. But does it matter how many yards Baker Mayfield passed/rushed for or how many scores Perine racked up? Or that this win is tempered because TCU didn’t have its two best players in the lineup?


All you really need to know is that Mayfield didn’t play in the second half due to a headache. Not that Mayfield was especially sharp in the first half, but he did throw for 127 yards and two scores. And ran for another 42. He also captained an offense that rushed for over 330 yards, led by Samaje Perine’s 188.

The defense was pretty good the first three-quarters, but when you are battling three and outs like the Sooners did in the fourth quarter, you are bound to give up some plays. And they did, allowing TCU to score 16 unanswered points in the final stanza and giving life to a quarterback position that was pathetic one week earlier against Kansas

But who gives a damn. Because the Sooners won and are still in the national title hunt. That being said…

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Joe Exotic is running for President…


As the nightmarish possibility of a Fourth Reich under the rule of Donald Trump becomes less and less a joke, many American voters are looking for someone to step up and take charge, stand tall against the mainstream, and make America a great place again… for caged tigers.

Yes, in what could be the greatest thing of all time, Oklahoma’s favorite musician, model and animal rights violator Joe Exotic, a.k.a. The Tiger King, has a 1pm press conference scheduled today in Ohio to announce his candidacy for President of the United States.

Here’s his press release:

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Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone. Welcome to another edition of Monday Morning Tweets, where I pick out a bunch of tweets, and then basically make the jokes all about me. Here we are on the Monday before Thanksgiving. I hope your place of employment has given you the Friday after Thanksgiving off. If not, just know that I personally despise them for you. It’s not that I want you to be able to go Black Friday shopping (in fact, that will always be National No Buy Day in my heart), but I would like for you to sit around, digest everything you ate the day before, and then, you know, eat all the leftover pie in one sitting. Sometimes, it’s binge eating that I’m truly thankful for.

Anyway, as always, I’ve gathered all the tweets from the week before and collected them in one place for your enjoyment. Check them out after the jump!

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Hot Girl Friday: Kayle Marshall

Let’s be honest, the Oklahoma City Thunder is very not fun to watch right now. Our best player is injured, our college-to-the-pros coach looks like he still belongs in college, and some creature named Kyle Singler actually gets valuable playing time. The team looks about as cohesive and put together as an old piece of IKEA furniture.

That being said, it is still fun to watch the Thunder Girls, because, uhm, they’re very good dancers. My favorite one is Thunder Girl Kayle. An Ogle Mole recently suggested her for a Hot Girl Friday. That Mole has very good Hot Girl Friday taste.

00008kaylemarshall 00007kaylemarshall 00017kaylemarshall

Wow. As OK GO would say, she has a body like battle-axe. Impressive.

If Kayle looks familiar, it’s because you either go to Thunder games or read this website. I guess Kayle was the model for a recent ad campaign by The Franchise. She thought the ads were very catchy:

Wow. Kayle has been to The Lost Ogle! I’m already blushing. Now we just need to get her to follow us on Twitter. She should, because she (and a few of her friends) is our our Hot Girl Friday. Check out more pics after the jump:

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Amazing Comic Con, Nathaniel Rateliff & Pancakes and Booze

I have to admit that sometimes I’m not sure what subject to tackle in the introduction section of this post. Patrick usually covers all the local, juicy stuff throughout the week. Gravy Train nails college football. Marissa says something really smart. Louis Fowler is sent do something that no one else wants to do, like jury duty or watching the Oklahoma City Blue.

But what I do know is what you want to do this weekend. The lineup includes a hell of a lot of people who are dressing oddly though it is not Halloween, a group of guys who look like Mumford & Sons yet do not sound like Mumford & Sons, and a potent mixture of art, breakfast and alcohol.

Believe me, as I look through my FNITBT crystal ball, I see that due to the lines on your palm that you will attend one or all of the following events, so get reading.

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