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The Oklahoman also removed some lighthearted death penalty clickbait…

oklahoman dark tower

Award-winning sports columnist Berry Tramel isn’t the only Oklahoman writer who’s had deal with “link” problems. In fact, “The State’s Most Trusted News” has a solid history of quickly removing or retracting content that was once published.

If you remember correctly, the paper retracted a front page piece in 2013 after they outed some county officials for taking advantage of very legal, yet somewhat unethical, real estate tax loopholes. Apparently, the article upset the local political power structure, which is a no-no for the paper that loves nothing more than to cater to it.

Then on December 12th, 2014, Jenni Carlson penned a typical Jenni Carlson column about the domestic violence charges filed against Oklahoma State’s Tyreke Hill. I’m not sure how or why we forgot to mention this when it happened, but the paper removed the column and then replaced it later in the day with something totally different. Here are the screenshots of the column as it was originally published (1 & 2). Old Tony said it’s one of the worst things he’s ever read. Here’s a link to the updated piece. They’re totally different, but on a positive note, at least finally removed something written by Jenni Carlson.

I bring up all these past examples because The Oklahoman pulled another article from its website over this past weekend. This time, the victim of “link problems” was a light-hearted, casual and so very clickable slideshow that took a look at the “interesting” last meals convicted murderers in Oklahoma scarfed down before being executed by a state government.

Here’s a screenshot of the write up:

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Some people don’t like it when you make fun of Edmond…


I’ve been writing for The Lost Ogle for almost 5 years now. In my first post I suggested that you, the reader, ply John Mayer with liquor and invite B.J. Wexler out on a date. You would think that this would’ve set the tone for my tenure as a TLO contributor sufficiently. Well, it would appear it has not.

So, I’m taking a moment to address the criticism and comments we received from my post “9 reasons I hold a grudge against Edmond.” Maybe some people really took offense to the word “grudge.” In which case, I really meant a grudge like that Japanese horror movie in that I’m just a dead, cursed ghost doomed to wander Edmond forever. Nothing to see here.

Keep in mind that my post listed the reasons that *I* will always hold a grudge against Edmond and that the post is completely based upon my own experiences, experiences that, based on the comments, coincide with the experiences of A LOT of other people who grew up in Edmond. Oh, and I’m pretty much Patrick’s favorite contributor, so I can do whatever the Hell I want.

To those who suggest I grow up, stop whining, or get a life: no.

To those who suggest that making fun of Edmond is somehow low-hanging fruit: so is the rest of the metro area. There are only so many stripper jokes to be made about Valley Brook. There are only so many hipster jokes to make about the Plaza District. There are only so many aging hippies on recumbent bikes jokes to be made about Norman. There are only so many cage fighters running Pit Bull puppy mill jokes to be made about the Mid-Del area. Admittedly, there are a lot of jokes to be made about Piedmont. I’ve only barely scratched that surface.

Some of you had more constructive criticism. Like Malia:

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Zoo Jobs, ArtNow Gala and a Ukulele Orchestra

I judged a science fair for 6th to 8th grade students last night. That’s the type of events a U-list OKC celebrity like me partakes in. I ate free Mexican food. You envy this.

It was nice meeting many of the Earth’s next scientists. As a judge in the physics section, I was educated in topics such as supercooling, the porosity of wood and its effects on burning, and how propeller blade angle effects energy creation. It was all impressive. Oh yeah, and then their was the kid with Mentos and Diet Coke. Original? no. Cool? That’s always cool.

It’s also nice knowing that today’s kids may have the ingenuity to possibly save our planet. I guess that’s what happens when you figure out that you are going to be living here and the older people don’t really care about the mess they are leaving. I wish them luck.

But what do I know, I’m not a scientist. Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town:

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This Derplahoman wants to eliminate marriage licenses in Oklahoma…

Todd Russ

We’re only a few weeks away from the start of the 2014 2015 legislative session, and already some of the crazy is starting to sweep down the plains.

Yesterday, reported that Oklahoma State Rep. Todd Russ, pictured above in his 2014 “Funeral Home Operator” Halloween costume, wants to eliminate marriage licenses. Obviously, he feels this way because the government shouldn’t have anything to do with something personal like marriage, unless of course, it can restrict who gets married.


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Shannon Miller’s ex-husband was arrested for liking dangerous chemicals…


And you thought your ex was crazy…

Yesterday, weird news surfaced that Shannon Miller’s ex-husband was arrested in Canada after being linked to a large batch of dangerous chemicals, which probably means he was just a fledgling black market fracking fluid salesman.

From via the AP:

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