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OSU has a frat problem…


As I’ve mentioned over the years, I’ve never understood the point of fraternities and sororities. This is for three reasons:

1) When I graduated from high school, I wanted to get away from the cliques and popularity contests that made high school awful, not re-live them.

2) I came from a lower middle class family that could barely afford to send me to community college, much less buy me some rich friends to get drunk with on the weekends.

3) Community colleges don’t have frats

That being said, if I could do it all over again, I’d probably grab a bottle of Fireball and join an OU frat for a year or two. Preferably the one that’s associated with the Kappa’s. Those girls seem kind of cool.

I wouldn’t want to be in an OSU frat. They’re depressing. Yesterday, it was announced that one Oklahoma State fraternity was suspended through 2016 for simply being a frat. I wonder if it’s the one that had the guy sneaking around campus and groping his frat brothers while they slept.


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Remember when? Looking back at the “Best of OKC” winners from the 1980s

best of okc

As Patrick posted last week, we’re in the final voting stage of this year’s Best Of OKC. Yes, it’s that time of year when we all wait with bated breath to find out who finished second to Ted’s in the Best Local Mexican Food Restaurant category.

Inspired by the Best of OKC competition, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of the early years of the competition. It started way back in 1985, or at least that’s the first year the archives of it are online. A lot has changed over the years, but three things stay basically the same from the very beginning all the way until now: Johnnie’s wins Best Local Hamburger, Byron’s wins Best Liquor Store, and Gazette readers hate the Oklahoman.

The categories that first year were a lot more varied and interesting than they have now. In 1985 you could vote for the Best Stripper (Morganna the Kissing Bandit), Best Adult Make-Out Bar (Confetti (?)) and Best Strip Bar (the Red Dog). I think the voters confused the Strip Bar category for “Best Place To Catch An STD Just By Walking In The Door”)

After the jump, some of the other winners from the first five years of the Gazette’s Best of OKC contest.

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10 patios in Tulsa to get drunk on…


It’s been one wild and mild crazy summer in Oklahoma. High 70s and low 80s in July? I don’t have to explain to you guys what a delightful treat this is.

A few short years ago, a beautiful day like this meant a self-appointed hall pass to the Mont, the Library bar, NYP&P, or O’Connell’s for the rest of the afternoon. Come to think of it, some of my favorite memories from OU were ones made on these very patios, eating half-priced pizzas and drinking dollar beers, shooting the shit with my roommates and striking up conversations with classmates who happened to walk by. On a breezy clear day, there’s nothing in the world as glorious as drinking a cold brew on a warm terrace.

To celebrate the rest of this week (interspersed with the few nice days before it gets unseasonably freezing cold in October), I’ve rounded out the best ten places in Tulsa to sit on a patio, sip on libations, and day party. I’m sure lots of you will disagree with me on some of these, so leave a comment or whatever after you’re done reading and let us know what we left out.

Read on after the jump.

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A third Walmart in Norman is probably inevitable


One of the cool things about telling an obscure local social blog the reasons that Edmond sucks 4 years ago is that it has given me the opportunity to release my opinions upon the world. Granted, no one takes them seriously, but at least when I scream out into the void that is the internet, my voice is slightly more amplified than others. I’m getting ready to express an opinion that won’t matter because I’m but one small person, but just let me do it and maybe we can all commiserate in the comments section when I’m done, yeah?

They are getting ready to build a third Walmart Super Center in Norman, and the one thing that we don’t need more of in Oklahoma is Walmart stores. has a story about a planned protest and a petition drive to prevent the land from being rezoned for Walmart’s use.

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Abigail Ogle took on the Facebook Trolls…

We have repeatedly told you she’s going to rule this town some day.

Yesterday, KOCO Channel 5 celebrated their harmonious inclusion into the Ogle family by posting this kind note about Abigail on their Facebook page:

abigail ogle

Wow, Abigail Ogle hasn’t aged at all over the last… almost year! It’s like she joined KOCO…less than year ago. What did we all do before she burst on the sports scene like a Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball in 2013?

Okay, that’s kind of silly. Who, other than Abigail Ogle and Carson Cunningham, really cares that Abigail Ogle has been at Channel 5 almost a year? Do they do this for every KOCO reporter who’s been there almost a year? No. Does every KOCO reporter serve as Marvel’s inspiration for the new lady Thor? Well, nevermind.

Anyway, the pic of Abigail got the attention of the Facebook Trolls. In a post that tagged Abigail Ogle, they left mean comment after mean comment criticizing her makeup.

Here are a few examples:

troll 1

troll 2-

troll 3

troll 4

Wow, that’s rude! Sure, Abby’s friends may want to organize a “Blushervention” sometime soon, but if you’re going to mock and ridicule a nice young lady’s appearance, at least have the decency to do it on your own blog. Don’t do it on the girl’s Facebook Wall where she’ll see it and then cry. Also, try make your comments funny. There’s a big difference between being a dick and being a funny dick.

When something like this happens, usually the “celebrities” involved pull a Jesus, turn the other cheek and try to ignore it, but not the attention loving, viking warrior princess Abby. She grabbed her hammer and fought back against the trolls, but instead of going down their dark lonely path, she countered with a cheery blend of aloof optimism and annoying positivity that you can only find in the bones of an Ogle warrior.

Check it out. It’s very amusing.

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