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The OK Federation of Republican Women really went there…

ok fed rep women FB

Back in April, Mary Fallin issued a Governor’s Commendation (pictured above) to the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women. In it, she praised the group for their “dedicated hours of service in educating citizens on important policy” and “reliability in gathering community sentiment on important issues.” It’s easy to see why the group received such high praise from Mrs. Fallin when posts like this appear on Facebook…

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Recapping Trailergate…


I promise, this is my last post about trailers for this week. Well… hopefully.

In case you haven’t heard, Mary Fallin announced yesterday that she will be removing Hipster Boo Boo’s trailer (that for some reason still has dealer tags on it) from the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion. There’s no word on what they’re going to do with the cactuses.

We know this thanks to an incredibly awkward chat Governor Fallin had yesterday with KFOR’s Linda Cavanaugh. You can watch the thing here. Here’s a transcript of Mary’s stream of consciousness ramblings:

First of all, Wade and I are mothers… we’re a mother and a father… and we love our children. We are very pro-family and I’m proud of that. It’s our values – my Oklahoma values is to help your family, take care of your family…

That’s nice. Call me an optimist, but I would make the argument that most people, even ones who have been divorced a couple of times, are pro-family. I’d also say most people like to take care of their family. For example, my parents still let me live and work out of the basement, and in return, I fold clothes and clean the litter boxes. That’s love right there.

My daughter, a couple of months ago, came to me and said she was in-between living arrangements. She has, does have, a very nice trailer that she bought, and but her place wasn’t ready yet to put it somewhere, and so, I told her “You can park it in the back of this lot, not seen to the public eye, and uh store it there” and, uh, she travels a lot, so she’s not home a lot, but that’s where she had it.

Funny, this Facebook commenter claims Christina is renting the RV. Second, what place wasn’t ready? Is it really that hard to find a place for a trailer? We’re in Oklahoma. From Dibble to Idabel to our Governor’s Mansion, trailers are everywhere.

And your station brought up the story yesterday, and I wanted come today just to clarify something with you and also to say that I appreciate your viewers asking the question about can she do it, can she not do, is it city code, is it not…”

Hey, wait a second. We’re actually the ones who asked whether the trailer violates code. KFOR “investigated” the matter and got it wrong. They claimed the trailer didn’t violate code because it was parked on “state property.” If anything, they got everything wrong.

But please continue…

It’s not against city code, but I did ask my staff last night after your story aired about her to look and see if there were any state codes or state rules or anything that, that might be involved in this and we did find, and, and, we did find, so I wanted to show it to you today, Capitol Medical Center Improvement Zoning Commission, this big piece of paper…

At this point, two things happen:

mary fallin linda cavanaugh

1. Mary Fallin proceeds to show Linda Cavanaugh a big thick stack of zoning papers. They both seemed impressed.

2. I think I caught someone telling a little white lie. Yesterday afternoon, before we published our story about the Capital Medical Center Improvement Zone, I had the following G-Chat conversation with Fallin’s Communications Director Alex Weintz:

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The 10 best OKC Metro restaurants when you’re hungover

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you just had your first sip at church camp, drinking is serious business. And perhaps even more serious is the business of recovering after you’ve had a little too much to drink. Sure, a lot of foods in the OKC Metro are deep-fried, and thus perfect for the severely hungover, but you’re a discerning person. Only the best will do!

So, without further ado, I give you the list of the 10 best places in the OKC Metro to help cure your hangover.



Chelino’s is definitely my go-to hangover food. You can start with some buttery flour tortillas dipped in cheese sauce. Carbs and cheese are kind of like the culinary equivalent of activated charcoal. Then, you need to order the chilaquiles norteños. Strips of corn tortillas fried in butter, tossed in a red sauce and topped with melted cheese and fried eggs–it’s everything your body needs to get going after one too many drinks.



If your hangover has left you in the sort of state that requires you not to leave your car, get yourself to the nearest Braum’s drive thru. You can get biscuits and gravy if they’re still serving breakfast, or crinkle-cut fries and a bacon cheeseburger if they aren’t. Either way, you can totally get some sort of shake or malt to go with your food, which is just the right amount of sugar to get your brain back to work after you functionally poisoned yourself the night before.

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Being nice really paid off for that PBJ restaurant owner…


Back in April, Ashley Jiron, owner of P.B. Jams in Warr Acres, received national media exposure and attention when she left a note for a dumpster diver offering a free meal to her restaurant. Apparently, the person just had to walk in, tell the cashier he or she was sifting through the restaurant’s trash, and then they would get a free meal with no questions asked.

Ashley wrote about her kind act on Facebook, which in turn got the attention of the KFOR Social Media Bandit. KFOR then aired a story about Ashley and her restaurant and the story quickly went viral on the inspirational “You Won’t Believe What Happened” clickbait news circuit.

I appreciated Ashley’s act of goodwill, but I questioned the motives behind it. It seemed like she was clamoring for too much attention:

Doesn’t this feel a little bit calculated? I’m all for random acts of kindness, but it bothers me when people and places openly brag about their charitable contributions and good deeds. It feels exploitative…

Actually, I’m not that cynical. It feels good to share a good deed. Plus, it can get you thousands of dollars worth of publicity and earned media. It’s a win-win.

Well, I guess you can say I underestimated the value of a random act of kindness. Apparently it’s worth over $5,000 in Go Fund Me donations.

Last week, Ashley posted a series of Facebook posts talking about how she was struggling as a business owner and going to have to shut down P.B. Jams. After a few days, she had a change of heart and set up a Go Fund Me (promoted by KFOR) to raise money for… uhm… well… we’re really not sure what she’s raising money for.

Check out her page:

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Does Hipster Boo Boo’s trailer violate code or not? (Update: It does)

Yesterday, we told you the sad but amazing, all too real story about Hipster Boo Boo living in a trailer on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion. Smelling a clickable story like a Hipster smells a PBR, KFOR Channel 4 scrambled Bob Moore Chopper 4 to bring us impressive aerial pics of the “not permanent” residence:

hipster boo boo trailer

Once again, we criticize and mock Christina quite often on this site, but let’s give her props for picking up the empty bottles of whiskey from around the trailer and taking down the Chanel scarves she was drying on the electrical lines before Bob Moore Chopper 4 arrived on the scene. That was a heady move. The place looks really classy.

Anyway, in our original post we questioned the legality of Hipster Boo Boo’s living arrangement. KFOR did, too. This is what they “learned.”

According to Oklahoma City city code, travel trailers cannot be used as a dwelling for more than 14 days in any calendar year. They are also only allowed to temporarily be connected to a home’s electrical hookups.

From a bird’s eye view, it appears Christina’s trailer is connected to more than just electrical, and as stated earlier, it has been there since April – well over 14 days.

However, despite being in Oklahoma City, the mansion is exempt from city code because the grounds are governed by the state, meaning Christina’s living arrangement is legal.

Yep, the mansion is exempt from city code because it’s on state land. Thanks for investigating, KFOR! You guy’s rock. Case closed!!!

Or is it?

We’ve conducted our own TLO-style investigation and things don’t appear to be as cut and dry as KFOR would make you believe. I’d say the jury is still out on whether this living monument to Oklahoma culture, heritage and stereotypes violates code.

You see, we learned the Governor’s Mansion falls in a special area called the The Capitol-Medical Center Improvement Zone (CMZ). It includes the State Capitol complex, the OU Health Sciences Center, neighborhoods, businesses, roadways etc. Here’s a map. I highlighted the Governor’s mansion in red:


In the 1970s, the Oklahoma Legislature and Governor’s office (for the uneducated, those are two of the five branches of government) established the Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission to develop the area and implement strict district zoning regulations. According to this contract, the City of Oklahoma City enforces the code and zoning regulations within the CMZ.

The Commission’s Administrative Rule Book, which was last revised in 2008, has very specific and detailed regulations regarding campers / travel trailers.

Check it out:

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