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Hot Girl Friday: Eden Arcane

I’m taking a little R&R this week away from my hectic celebrity blogger lifestyle, so I’m going to be short and sweet and let you know that this week’s Hot Girl Friday is local model Eden Arcane. She was recently endorsed as a Hot Girl Friday nominee by an Ogle Mole. It was a great suggestion.

eden arcane 5

Like most hot models, Eden has a Model Mayhem profile. I grabbed some pics off their and social media. Check them out after the jump. She’s our Hot Girl Friday:

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Oklahoma City gets more and more like Pawnee, Indiana every day…

raccoons in the capitol

Pawnee, Indiana, is everyone’s favorite fictional city full of a small group of dedicated individuals who live to make the city a better place, as well as massive swarms of jerks who are fundamentally incapable of voting in their own self-interest.

Sound like any place you know?

The fictional Pawnee, Indiana, is not only the setting of Parks and Recreation, but I’d like to argue that it serves as the template that the City of Oklahoma City has been trying to follow. I couldn’t tell you who in the city government was Leslie Knope, but there are probably like 87 Ron Swansons, just with the way our political demographics work out. And just like Pawnee, we have a raccoon problem.

According to

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Friday Night in the Big Town: GLOW, Penn & Teller and Exchange on Film Row

The people of Oklahoma City are confessing their secrets openly. You just have to know where to look.

While perusing the Google Play Store on my phone, I came across an interesting app. Whisper allows users to confess or share anything on their mind under guise of anonymity. The app’s slogan reads “Share Secrets – Express Yourself – Meet New People.” The app allows you to see whispers from an approximate 25-mile radius under the “Nearby” tab.

While many see Whisper as an avenue of salacious confession, I see it as content.

As you may expect, there is quite a bit of creepy sex posts, self-lamenting messages and more sex posts. However, there are truly sad whispers, concerning subjects like not being able to come out as gay to parents or being bullied. Whisper runs the gamut.

So what is the metro area whispering about? I decided to dodge anything that was sexual, self-lamenting or self identifying in any way. As a nod to Marisa’s Monday Morning Tweets, here is OKC’s Whispers. Warning, NSFW language.

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Bloomberg came to Oklahoma to document Walmart’s “out-of-control” crime trouble…

belle isle walmart

Like most normal people who wear deodorant and brush their teeth, I can’t stand Walmart. In fact, I’m proud to say I haven’t set foot in an Oklahoma store in many years. The last straw took place in 2013 when I was looking at cheap clothes for my James Franco from Spring Breakers Halloween costume and a flea jumped on me.

Seriously, why would anyone shop at Walmart, especially in Oklahoma?  Yeah, I guess you can maybe save a dollar or two on groceries over Target, Sprouts or Buy For Less, but I think that’s a fair price to pay to feel like you haven’t walked into some inescapable white trash wormhole. It’s like each SuperCenter has a giant magnet made of pseudoephedrine that draws in the methheads and people who want to buy Here Comes Honey Boo Boo on DVD.

Another big problem with Walmart stores is they harvest crime like it’s a cash crop. We know this all too well in Oklahoma. It seems like every other day there’s some stupid crime story involving a Walmart. My personal favorite was the time some lady tried to set up a “shake and bake” meth lab in the detergent aisle. I also liked the one where two teenagers were caught spraying deer piss around the store to make it smell better.

Anyway, knowing Oklahoma’s storied relationship with Walmart and all its ilk, it shouldn’t be a surprise the Bloomberg visited Tulsa to do a big story on the retailer’s “Out-of-Control Crime Problem” and how it’s impacting law enforcement and taxpayers.

Here’s a snippet:

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Andrew Speno is sort of relevant again…


Remember the guy on the right? His name is Andrew Speno. He’s standing with a guy dressed like Mark Rodgers and Cardboard Jim Traber at the Gazette’s 2008 “Ghouls Gone Wild Parade,” which is perhaps the most dated thing I’ve written on this site in a while.

Anyway, Speno is a former news anchor for KOKH Fox 25. He was with the Fox affiliate for about 10 years or so, but quit amidst some controversy in 2012 after he got caught up in some office-related HR gossip stuff and made a on-air wise crack about a recently deceased Whitney Houston’s crack pipe.

Since then, Speno’s been making a living the same way most former talking heads do – dabbling in freelance communications, playing the slots at Remington Park, and manning the PA at Edmond high school football games to support Sally Kern’s brother from another mother, Paul Blair.

Via a Hipster Brewer article in

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