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Steve Shaw needs to make more Facebook videos…

steve shaw

Last Friday, Joleen Chaney posted the following video on Facebook. In it, we learned three things:

1. News 9 is now requiring its on-air talent to meet weekly Facebook video quotas…

2. Joleen Chaney is easily amused…

3. Steve Shaw really wants Joleen Chaney to invite him out to a bar…

Check it out:

Hijacked by Shaw the Law aka Steve Shaw. #OhSure

Posted by Joleen Chaney on Friday, February 5, 2016

Wow! Who knew it was that easy to make Joleen Chaney laugh?! That’s awesome! If she thinks Steve’s not-so-coy attempt to trick her into inviting him to a bar was funny, imagine how much she’d laugh at my trivia questions, limericks and Falkor impersonation over a nice dinner at Zio’s. I could even draw her caricature sketch on the tablecloth. She love it more than riding in a tilt-a-whirl. She wouldn’t stop laughing! It would be so much fun!

Yeah, in case it wasn’t obvious, Steve went with the old “Hey, maybe if I bring up going to a bar, she’ll invite me to a bar” routine. It’s an old school technique that’s been practiced by men for ages. Kind of like an old promo code from Retail Me Not, it doesn’t always work, but when it does, you feel golden. It was definitely worth a shot

Anyway, I have no clue if JoJo ended up at a bar, but I’m pretty sure Steve did. He may also have hit one up on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the quota-filling video he posted Sunday afternoon, just hours before he probably lost a lot of money on the Super Bowl: Read More

Things are getting worse at Chesapeake…

Don’t expect the Christmas lights to return to Chesapeake anytime soon.

Trading of the energy company’s stock was halted today after bankruptcy rumors hit Wall Street. Apparently, Chesapeake has retained the services of some firm that helps big public companies “Restructure.” This led to a massive selloff in the company’s stock.

At least that’s what I think happened. Since I’m a typical American and really have no clue how stocks, markets and commodities work, thus limiting my opportunity to get rich or build wealth, I’ll let Forbe’s Christopher Helman, the resident thorn in Chesapeake’s side, explain:

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Blake Griffin’s broken hand could open door to OKC…

This past week had a lot of chatter about the Los Angeles Clippers looking at trade options for its superstar Blake Griffin, who is the most popular active athlete born and raised in Oklahoma. Even if you don’t like his game or the sport of basketball, Griffin ranks #37 globally for celebrity athlete endorsements, and #7 among professional basketball players, according to That’s ahead of teammate Chris Paul, reigning MVP Steph Curry, and Thunder star Russell Westbrook.

He’s come along way from his high school days.


As you probably know, Griffin broke his hand in an altercation with an equipment manager on January 26. The incident led ESPN’s Zach Lowe to write an article suggesting that Maybe the Clippers Should Trade Blake Griffin:

Blake Griffin might be the Los Angeles Clippers’ best overall player. You may prefer Chris Paul, but he’s four years older than Griffin, with a bad knee. When Paul suffered a shoulder injury in 2014, Griffin morphed into a bulldozing point forward and carried the Clips to a 12-6 record in Paul’s absence.

The Clippers should not even consider trading Blake Griffin.

Wait, what? Why the hell did the headline say “maybe” trade, and then say “not even consider” a trade? Looks like someone at ESPN used to work for The Oklahoman.

Lowe continues:

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Teen accidentally starts school fire with “Malfunctioning E-cigarette”

Liz Cameron

Growing up is harder for kids these days.

Back in the day, there were fewer temptations. We had Lucky Strikes, stem-and-seed dirt weed, and however many low-point Zimas we could cadge from our parent’s fridge. Sure, times were tough, but we managed to scrape out a normal teenage existence.

These days, what with the cell phones and the skateboards and the gangsta rap music, the whole country is going to hell. Technology is accelerating sin at a blurry speed. Kids are having sex on the internet and killing people in the xBox games, and even though the bible doesn’t say anything about it, I’m sure all that stuff is fodder for Satan’s eternal flames.

Worst of all, the kids are smoking electronic cigarettes. Not the respectable and highly-toxic Winstons or Camels like your grandpa puffed, these are weird, plastic tubes that vaporize nicotine juice into a nasty fog. Skewing the traditional flavors of “grandma’s ashes” and “pepperminty grandma’s ashes,” these e-cigs come in flavors like “tropical mango,” “cotton candy,” and “Steak Sandwich Supreme.”

These e-cigs are marketed as a safe alternative to smoking grandpa’s cigarettes, but they don’t come without risk. A teenager in Broken Arrow is finding this out the hard way:

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They’re making a Lifetime movie about Kevin Durant’s mom…

May 19, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant (35) gets a hug from his mom Wanda Pratt after game four of the Western Conference semi finals of the 2012 NBA Playoffs against the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center. Thunder won 103-100. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

It was announced yesterday that Lifetime, Television for Women, is making another one of their patented biopics, this time based on the life of Kevin Durant’s mother, Wanda Pratt. As someone who has been known to depressively hole up in my bedroom on a weekend with a couple of bags of birthday cake Oreos and a loaded .45, watching made-for-Lifetime movie marathons until the firemen knock a wall down, I came up with a few possible storylines that might be for this two-hour, low-budget masterpiece of feminine-marketed viewing.

The Faculty (ABC) 1996 Shown: Meredith Baxter


Emmy-winner Meredith Baxter turns in another award-worthy performance as tough inner-city single mom Wanda Pratt. A former star point-guard for her college basketball team, a few wrong turns in life left Wanda stuck in poverty and dreaming of a better life for her two boys. Though she swore never to pick up a basketball again, a chance encounter with Bob Dandridge (Grant Show) inspires her to take to the court one more time…and turn her two boys in world-famous champions, no matter what!

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