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The DJ Dash is cancelled. Thank God.

One of the worst developments in the world over the last five years or so has been the rise of those annoying color runs, dance runs, beer runs, etc. As if runners weren’t annoying enough, now they had another excuse to brag on social media about how much fitter, healthier and happier they are than everyone else.

Seriously, these things are awful. They have to stop. Unless, of course, it’s a college underwear run. They’re still okay…

undie run

I bring all this up because I need a quick, easy topic to complain about before lunch and something called the DJ Dash that was planned for Bricktown was cancelled. Thank god.


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Mike Rowe called out the OKC media for not caring about trains…

luther kids train

The pic above is of some Luther high school students posing with a train they built in shop class. Yeah, that’s right. They built a fucking train! All of a sudden that ashtray you made for your mom in arts and craft feels a little less significant.

Apparently the teacher of the class, Mark Dunn, contacted each local news channel to do one of those cheesy profiles on his students and promote a Go Fund Me they set up to buy more equipment to probably build an airplane or boat or something, but since our local TV prefers that stories about high school students involve fear, death, illness or choreographed dances with dead cats, they never returned his phone calls.

Frustrated, the teacher then messaged that Mike Rowe guy who has like 2,000,000+ followers on Facebook. Well, now you can say a whole lot more people know about the train:

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Muggle teacher is a bit too obsessed with Harry Potter…

harry potter

Unless you’re new to TLO, you know I’m a pretty big nerd. I won’t lie about it. The first time I skipped class in high school was to buy tickets to see The Lord of the Rings, and I literally went to library school. (It’s really a thing. And no, we didn’t learn how to shhh people.) So, suffice it to say I’m drawn to the nerdier side of life, and I love when others enjoy nerdy things as well.

So, you can imagine how stoked I was to see Ms. Stephen’s nerdlair at the James L. Capps Middle School in the Putnam City district. According to

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Joleen Chaney is doing okay…

Earlier today, I was scrolling through Twitter and noticed that Rush Springs Watermelon Queen Joleen Chaney has a new profile image.

Check it out:

joleen chaney

Wow. That’s nice! She kind of pulled a Mean Dueweke and managed to get all dressed up and look like a totally different person. That being said, she’s still hotter than a bottle of Fireball. Sir John Michael wouldn’t be kicking that JoJo out of his school bus! He’s going to have to step up his game and trim his pony tail and buy a new bear pelt if it wants to have a chance.

I guess JoJo got all dressed up for something called the Tour de Palate. It’s a fundraiser for the Go Mitch Go Foundation. It’s the medical research charity that inspired Emily Sutton to become a triathlete and pee on people.

Here’s a pic of Joleen and Emily dancing on a stage or whatever:

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RIP: Mark Costello

mark costello

In case TLO is your only source for local info, we have some tragic news to share.

Last night, Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello was murdered at the Braum’s near Hefner and May. He was 59.

The “alleged” attacker was his 26-year-old estranged son, Christian Costello.

Here are the details via

State Labor Commissioner Mark Costello was stabbed to death Sunday night at a northwest Oklahoma City restaurant in what sources say was an attempted reconciliation gone bad with his son.

Costello’s son, Christian Costello, 26, was taken into police custody and was being questioned by detectives late Sunday. Police confirmed Christian was the son of Mark Costello, who also had two other sons and two daughters.

Sources told The Oklahoman that Christian requested the meeting at the restaurant with Mark Costello and his wife, Cathy.

Lt. Alex Edwards said the stabbing took place shortly after 6:30 p.m.  at the Braum’s at 11224 N May Ave. Police were told by witnesses the two men got into a heated argument that escalated into violence as the killer stabbed the victim with a knife.

“He made his way around the Braum’s seeking help,” Edwards said. “He then went outside to the south of the restaurant and was confronted again.”

Mark Costello was stabbed again in the parking lot, and police say it was at this time others at the restaurant restrained the killer while awaiting for police to arrive. Witnesses reported the killer remained agitated and tried to go after the victim again. One of the customers punched the killer to stop the attack.

Police arrived within four minutes and found Mark Costello dying in a car in the parking lot. They attempted CPR and wound compression, but Costello was pronounced dead upon arrival at OU Medical Center. Police reported Costello was stabbed multiple times in the neck and head.

As you know, we like to make light of things, be snarky, try to get a laugh with local news stories, etc., but there’s nothing to joke about here. This is just hideous, awful news. Our condolences go out to the entire Costello family.

Sadly, this isn’t the first run in with the law for Christian Costello. Back in October, he was arrested near The Village for exposing himself to a woman. When the police caught him, he was eating grass, feathers and other weeds.

Via News 9:

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