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A Virginia group thinks OU has an unfair admissions policy

It’s no secret that I love the University of Oklahoma, readers. I love Norman and all the cheap beer specials and how I can ride my bike around and only almost get killed. I like that everyone in Norman has a day job that supports some sort of artistic or academic venture. I like that it’s the most liberal place in the whole state, even though it’s one of the most conservative universities according to the Princeton Review. I’m waiting for the day when OU let’s me know that I can stop enrolling there because they’re going to hire me and I can live there forever and dance around the Bizzell statue and rappel from the clock tower.

However, there are those that seek to sully the reputation of my beloved institution. And if we’re being honest, I think there are students who do a good enough job of that on a daily basis. Seriously. Go to Logan’s on a Thursday night and tell me those 19-year olds are doing the school proud while they pound shots. Underage drinking should always be done at house parties where your exploits cannot be seen by the public. This is what the good lord intended. But they aren’t the only ones trying to make us look bad.

Anyway, a conservative think tank thinks that OU’s admissions aren’t fair. From

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This guy attacked his girlfriend because she wouldn’t eat a burrito…

The hombre pictured above is Adrian Solis. He was arrested over the weekend for driving drunk, endangering the lives of nine children and beating his girlfriend because she wouldn’t eat a burrito. You know, typical stuff.


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The Thunder have hired Lesley McCaslin as a sideline reporter…

Yesterday, the Oklahoma City Thunder announced that Lesley McCaslin has joined the the team as a television broadcast sideline reporter. Her job will be to report trite human interest stories about the work of Thunder players in the community, give vague injury updates and provide a much needed break from Brian Davis and Grant Long.

Lesley is replacing Kelly Crull who left the team last summer to make a documentary about eye shadow and foundations. Just kidding, Kelly left the team to “explore other broadcasting avenues.” From what we’ve heard, both Kelly and the Thunder thought that was a great decision.

Anyway, from a press release issued by the team:

The Oklahoma City Thunder has announced the hiring of Lesley McCaslin as its new courtside/web reporter and host for game broadcasts on FOX Sports Oklahoma. She joins play-by-play announcer Brian Davis, analyst Grant Long and radio announcer Matt Pinto on the Thunder broadcast team.

McCaslin comes to the Thunder from Dallas where she has worked as an anchor and reporter on FOX Sports Southwest, covering the Dallas Mavericks, the Texas Rangers, and Big 12 and Conference USA football. Her career also includes Texas high school football broadcasts and local TV sports reporting in Texas markets Austin and Abilene. She grew up in west Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.

“We are thrilled to have Lesley join the Thunder broadcast team,” said Dan Mahoney, vice president of Corporate Communications. “She is an experienced professional with a great knowledge of and passion for the game of basketball. She will offer our viewers and web visitors valuable insight into Thunder Basketball.”

As host and courtside/web reporter, McCaslin will anchor the team’s pregame show “Thunder Live,” provide courtside reports during the game broadcasts and be a frequent video contributor to the team website, THUNDER.NBA.COM, covering Thunder Basketball and community events. She also will host the weekly “Thunder Insider” show, which appears on FOX Sports Oklahoma, THUNDER.NBA.COM, and

“Does anyone actually read this quoted text,” Patrick wondered. “If so, leave the word ‘Yahtzee’ as a comment. It will probably confuse the people who just skip this stuff and go to the comments and/or disturb the Thunder organization.”

“I am very excited to be joining a quality organization as respected as the Thunder,” McCaslin said. “I love the team’s commitment to the community and strong family atmosphere. I look forward to being in Oklahoma City, covering the Thunder and continuing my relationship with FOX.”

I wish the team would have pursued one of our suggestions for Kelly’s replacement — especially Morgan Woolard — but I guess this will work. My only complaint is that there does not appear to be a bunch of pics of Lesley on the Internet. I did some pretty extensive research and couldn’t really find any worth publishing.

However, I did find her husband’s Twitter account. He’s a a former semi-pro golfer and the type of guy who bothers Matthew Berry for Fantasy Football advice on Twitter:

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10 Possible Replacements for National Bosses Day

In case you missed it, last Tuesday was National Bosses Day. If you forgot about it, don’t feel too bad. It slipped the mind of our state’s largest newspaper, too. From a story about Bosses Day (and bad bosses) that was published in yesterday’s Oklahoman:

Few mark National Boss’ Day in Oklahoma, nation

Oklahoma natives Gayle Roberts and Glenda Crider aren’t surprised with the findings of an online survey that found’ nearly 70 percent of workers say they’d be happier at work if they got along better with their bosses.

When she arrived at work Tuesday morning, Alison Hafar, president of Spaces Inc. commercial design firm in Edmond, and her partner were treated to a homemade breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy prepared by their staff, who sang “Happy Boss’ Day” to the tune of “Happy Birthday.”

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma City, jeweler Valerie Naifeh’s employees presented her with flowers, while Nona Merriman and co-workers honored their bosses at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with bagels and doughnuts.

Sarah Sears, principal of S Design Inc., was surprised with a bottle of one of her favorite wines, while communications expert Kim Koch Thompson was lauded with kudos on Facebook, along with a huge mum and chocolate-covered strawberries.

The praised bosses were among the minority Tuesday, according to survey results released Monday by psychologist and author Michelle McQuaid…

Yeah, you read that right. There are three bosses in Oklahoma that actually received flowers and gifts and stuff. Perhaps I would have celebrated National Bosses Day if my boss had bought me a desk calendar that noted the holiday. Instead he gave me a calendar with inspirational quotes from kittens.

Anyway, since nobody celebrates National Bosses Day, why don’t we replace it with something else. Here are some suggestions:

1) Pizza and Ranch Day

I used to think salad was just a vehicle to get Ranch dressing into my body, until I discovered that pizza does a more fattening job! I haven’t had a salad in years, thanks to this little trick. And just like those bumper stickers say: The West was won on heart disease.


2) War Against Christmas Week

This holiday already exists. In fact, it was started by liberals and Jews as a smokescreen so Fox News wouldn’t know what they were really up to. It’s a pretty fun holiday, all you have to do is say that you think it’s tacky when corporations put up Christmas lights in October, be not Christian, or say “Happy Holidays” when someone wishes you a “Merry Christmas.”

IMPORTANT: In Oklahoma, homosexuals are still not allowed to join the War on Christmas Army.

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Tulsa’s Most Wanted: Nick Collison and a Coat Bandit

Loyal TLO readers: Last Friday morning, it finally happened. After years of (not so quietly) professing my love via various media outlets, I finally came face to face with the greatest unrequited love of my life, THE Nick Collison.

It happened on an elevator. I tossed out a casual “hey.” He returned with an amused “hey.” In attempt to keep the conversation going, I asked him how he liked playing at the Spirit Center. Okay, not one of my better pick-up lines. Obviously if I had time to prepare, I would have asked him what his favorite book is, or found out the greatest concert he’s ever been to, or asked if he’d ever read the Kama Sutra. But, the fact is I was caught off-guard and was wearing scrubby yoga pants and black framed faux-hipster glasses (note: I wear faux-hipster prescription glasses, not hipster faux-prescription glasses–as if one were better than the other). After countless tweets and hours spent Photoshopping Nick into pictures with me, all I got in return was a paltry “it was ‘aight.” Nick Collison then stepped off the elevator and disappeared into the third floor of the historic Mayo Hotel. Rejection is a dish served…unaccompanied.

Outside of meeting that Australian cowboy, this is definitely one of the most exciting things that’s happened to me all year. Sad, huh? I was going to come up with a clever metaphor to liken my predictable life to the dull and mundane week I’m assuming that the Tulsa Police had, but as you can tell, literary devices were never really my forte.

Anyway, the guy pictured above is Tulsa’s Most Wanted criminal of the week. He’s in the hot seat for stealing a couple of coats from Macy’s. Yep, I told you TPD has a slow week.

From News on 6:

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