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News 9 told the sympathetic tale of a handyman who wants to get paid for work he didn’t complete

Yesterday, News 9 ran a sympathetic report about local part-time handyman Ray Koehler. Last weekend, Ray found some work installing a dance floor in someone’s garage in south Oklahoma City and didn’t get paid for it. Now he’s mad and wants the world to know that he got scammed.

From the Spirit of Oklahoma:

A metro handyman says he was scammed on a business deal that originated on Craigslist. Now, that handyman and the customers he claims scammed him are calling into question the new way more and more people are meeting for business deals that all too often head south.

“I’ve never had any problems until this weekend,” Ray Koehler, avid Craigslist user and handyman said.

The economy has Koehler, a full-time Tinker employee, advertising his services on Craigslist. Koehler says it’s a way to catch up on bills and get ahead. At the same time, the economy has his customers turning to Craigslist for cheap labor.

“I basically wasted 6 hours of my day when I could have been … doing another job actually making money,” Koehler said.

Koehler says he was scammed in his latest job in which he was hired to install a dance floor in the garage of a South Side home.

Of course, there’s always more than one side to a story, but the homeowner of the residence would not go on camera. Off camera, the homeowner told News 9 that payment would have been made to Koehler after the project was complete, but that is where both parties did not see eye-to-eye.

“I said, look, I know I didn’t get the job finished, but I need to get something for today,” Koehler said. “[The customer] didn’t have any money.”

It’s all of these “he said, she said stories” causing shoddy business relationships that has prompted the Better Business Bureau to give Craigslist an F rating.

Even with the F rating, Koehler still plans on using the Craigslist. But, from now on, he says he will use more caution and draft a pre-arranged agreement.

Yep, News 9 is now running Consumer Watch reports about contractors who are not finishing their work and not being paid. That sound you just heard was the Ghost of Brad Edwards taking a shot of hard whiskey. Maybe next week News 9 will run a sympathetic story about a child predator who’s having a difficult time meeting kids on MySpace.

Seriously, I’m sure Mr. Koehler is a good guy and everything, but what’d he expect? Based on all the negative coverage that News 9 and the other TV channels dedicate to contractors and Craiglist, you can’t really blame his customer for being cautious. Hell, maybe they even watched this News 9 Consumer Report from January:

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We have finally located the “The Don’t Lay that Trash on Oklahoma” jingle

For several years now, we’ve begged for someone with Jordan Associates or ODOT to add the classic “Don’t Lay That Trash on Oklahoma” commercial to YouTube. Since both groups are either incompetent or don’t read The Lost Ogle, it never happened. Finally, we’ve obtained a 30-audio spot of the jingle via the Ogle Mole Network. If you remember what life was like before cable, cell phones and Starbucks, get out your nostalgia cap:

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Mike Brooks really enjoys working with Jaime Cerreta

Back in July, we told you that Mike Brooks would be the replacement for Andrew Speno at KOKH Fox 25. Here’s how I closed my less than enthusiastic post about him:

I’ll still give Mike a chance and watch the first couple of nights he anchors. If anything, it will be fun to see how he responds to Jaime Cerreta’s very large, uhm, cerretas. Will he blatantly try to sneak a peek like Paul Folger did to Schambach, or will he offer to autograph them like Dean Blevins did to Amy McRee. It will be interesting to find out.

In all honesty, I totally forgot to watch Mike the first few nights he was on the air. In fact, I don’t think I’ve watched him anchor one newscast since he’s moved to OKC. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that I’m not in my 50s and can think of plenty of other things to do than watch the local news at 9pm on a weeknight.

That being said thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we’re getting a special glimpse of how Mike is handling his new gig, and more specifically, how he’s dealing with Jaime Cerreta’s cerretas.

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The exhibitionist all the Norman kids are talking about

The thing about living in Norman is that there just aren’t that may people wearing clothes. Let me explain. Since OU is here, there are all manner of students walking around in shorts and flip-flops and jogging around campus with no shirts on. Best believe the skirts get a little scandalous come Thursday night trivia at O’Connell’s on Campus Corner. Norman is the place where it’s not uncommon to see an Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Beta Omega Pi or whatever the hell wearing Nike running shorts with Ugg boots, it’s where I saw Wayne Coyne’s ex-wife’s boobs in real life one late night, and it’s apparently where a dude is exposing himself to school children on the east side.

According to

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Now Hiring: Dunk Tank Clown for the Oklahoma State Fair

I doubt this surprises any of you, but one my favorite things about the Oklahoma State Fair is the insult clown inside the dunk tank. When I was a kid, I would stand by his spot near the Midway and listen to all the smart ass comments he would launch at the toothless and the damned. At times, I thought the clown had the coolest job in the world, until of course, he would get dunked and I’d be reminded of my strange fear of water.

Anyway, it looks like I may have missed out on an opportunity to pursue a borderline childhood dream. Check out this classified ad in the Oklahoman that an Ogle Mole emailed to us:

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