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Mary Fallin is considered a “real long shot” to be Romney’s running mate

I’ve never heard of Jonathan Karl before last night, but he’s apparently the Senior Political Correspondent for ABC News. Yesterday on Good Morning America, he listed some potential running mates for Mitt Romney. One of the names he mentioned was our hot tub loving Governor Ms. Mary Fallin.

Here’s what Karl wrote on his ABC News blog:

Mary Fallin: The Oklahoma governor is a real long shot. She’s also a former member of Congress and a lieutenant governor and is considered now to be one of the most popular governors in the country.

Yeah, “a real long shot” is probably a good way to describe Mary’s chances, but perhaps a more accurate term would be “no way in hell.” Just look at the search suggestions Google gives you when you type her name:

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The kids at Hennessey High School reenacted the final dance scene from Footloose (video)

Earlier this week, someone sent me a video of the kids at Hennessey High School reenacting the final scene from Footloose after their prom. I think the person sent me the video in hopes that I would post it and say something nice.

Well, I’ll do half of that. Here’s the video:

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From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You

Did you know Texas A&M is a top tier academic institution with a top 10 football program to boot. Well, it is according to anyone who attended Texas A&M and no one else.

The Aggies (lack of) football prowess is well documented:

• one conference championship in 20 years.
• A single national title in 1939.
• Thee bowl wins over the last 21 years
• 14-19 overall in the postseason.
• Ten top 10 finishes in the modern era of football.

But at least Texas A&M is a great university right? I mean, aside from its Geosciences department:

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Is it time to hit the red panic button at Chesapeake Energy?

This is starting to sound like a broken record, but we’ve been more than critical of our local media’s coverage of the happenings at Chesapeake Energy. While Forbes compares the natural gas giant to Enron, and Rolling Stone and the US government warns of the environmental and safety concerns of hydraulic fracking, The Oklahoman and other local outlets make you think the only thing coming out of the Chesapeake campus is sunshine, soda pop and free blow jobs.

Well, another damaging article about the company, and specifically CEO Aubrey McClendon, has been released. This time it comes from the respected news agency Reuters. In a special investigative report, they have learned that:

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10 Hottest Men in the Oklahoma City Media

(Editor’s Note: Next week we’ll unveil our 20 10 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City media. In the spirit of equal time, we commissioned our Senior Female Contributor Marisa to rank the 10 Hottest Guys in the OKC Media. Now you ladies can’t complain that we only objectify women.)

All right, lady readers, the time has come! It’s finally time to count down the top 10 Hottest Men in Oklahoma City Media. After years of pink bikinis and baton twirlers, it’s time. And guess what? Van Shea Ivan and Al Eschbach aren’t even on the list!

10. Jack McBride, So6ix Magazine

I am in no way condoning what this man does or negating any negative press regarding his douche baggery we’ve given him since So6ix has hit the scene. What I am saying is this man is attractive because he can probably get you all sorts of discounts on tanning and hair products, as well as an open tab at City Walk. You’d never bring him home to Mom or have a serious relationship, but it could be fun for a summer.

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