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Worst of OKC: Thing about Oklahoma City

This is the last day of our 2012 Worst of OKC. I know you’re sad to see it go. God knows I’m not. Mostly because today is the day Patrick let’s me go. He holds all of us hostage in his “Writin’ Shack.” He’s a weird one, that guy.

So relish this vote because this will be the most important thing you vote on this year. Yes. The MOST important.

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About the Jim Traber article in the Oklahoma Gazette

In what can only be construed as an effort to become popular and relevant like us, the Oklahoma Gazette took a break from whatever it is they usually cover and published a front cover feature on Regular Jim Traber. Next week, they are going to profile Ashlynn Brooke, rank the 21 hottest women in the news media, and announce the start of their first ever State Fair Photo Contest.

The article, which was written by former Oklahoman Sportswriter Andrew, is pretty awesome if you’re related to Jim Traber. If you’re like the rest of us, it’s a little one-sided. It’s almost too kind, too nice, and fails to point out how irritable, hypocritical and washed up the king of loudmouths has become over the past 10 years or so.

In fact, the only person Gilman quoted in the article who has never worked (or had sex) with Jim Traber is me, and somehow, Gilman was able to even twist my words into a quazi-compliment:

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Please give a warm welcome to Governor Mary Failin’ of Oklahoma…

Don’t you just love that picture of James Lankford, Mary Fallin and Sally Kern from the Republican National Convention on Tuesday? It’s like the good, the bad and the ugly of current Oklahoma politics, just as long as the good is the bad type of good. You know, like losing one of your balls to testicular cancer. Hey, it’s great that your cancer free and going to live and everything, but you still lost a testicle.

Anyway, Governor Fallin gave a speech at the convention on Tuesday. Everything you need to know about it can be summed up in the first 10-seconds. Check it out:

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Welcome to the Great Oklahoma Cricket Outbreak of 2012!!!

Well, it’s a good time to be a lizard in Oklahoma.

Yesterday, Marisa told us about the onslaught of deadly black widow spiders that are currently hiding in your garage, bedroom or underneath your desk at work. That’s all scary and everything, but now we have a bigger problem on our hands…crickets.

Via NewsOK:

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Worst of OKC: Tourist Attraction

At least we have enough tourist attractions to complain about now. A mere 20 years ago all we had was that goofy looking space needle at the fair and a couple of Braum’s. Now we’ve got at least five things I can tell my friends they should see when they come visit me. That’s right! Five! Suck it NYC! We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re getting there.

Vote on mofos!

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