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Ryan Tate is featured on the cover of Impact OKC

As you can probably tell by the gigantic image up there, everyone’s favorite Christian hypocrite, Ryan Tate, was on the November cover of some rag called Impact OKC. What type of magazine would put OKC’s 2012 Douche Bag of the Year on its cover? How about one that can’t even properly spellcheck its 75 word magazine description:

Impact OKC is a magazine that highligths[sic] Christian business leaders in the Oklahoma City community. This magazine also offers a perspective from the youth of various OKC areas.

We have more typos on this website than Edna’s has dollar bills on its walls, but at least we don’t screw up important things like our site description. Or maybe we do. Who really cares. We’re an obcsure local social blog. Typos are part of the game, including the one in the previous sentence.

Anyway, Ryan was pretty excited to featured in the magazine. Here’s what he wrote about it in his blog:

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Despite all my rage Dean Blevins put his son in a cage…

Did you know that when Dean Blevins isn’t hunting down the people at News 9 who stole his Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans Smart Ones that he likes to put his son in a cage and take photos?

Just kidding. Dean has already caught the Smart Ones thief. It was Adrianna Iwasinski, or as Deano likes to call her, “Juggs.” But the part about putting his son in a cage and taking photos? That’s true. Fortunately, though, he also posts the pics on Twitter so we can all feel awkward together.

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About the Green Dragon classified ad that’s gone viral in Oklahoma City

If you have a Facebook page and live in Oklahoma City, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the Oklahoman classified ad asking someone to slay the green dragon that’s been seen flying around Northeast OKC.

If you’re one of the 17 people without a Facebook account and think good old Patrick’s losing his mind, I don’t blame you. Here’s the ad to prove my sanity:

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Insane Kicks: Some of the Craziest Shoes Worn By Thunder Players

(New Contributor Alert: For the rest of the season, Zorgon — yes, that’s what he wants to be called — is going to write some random Thunder columns for us. For fun, I think I may change his name to Zorgon James. Or maybe Zorgon Matthews. Anyway, Zorgan currently writes about the team over at Welcome to Loud City. Here’s his first column for us.)

You might have heard that Russell Westbrook, fashion expert extraordinaire, recently signed on with Jordan Brand. Basically, that means that he now has free license to wear the most absurd shoes he can find. Luckily for us, Westbrook did not disappoint.

Yes, in the game against the Brooklyn Nets last night, Russell Westbrook wore a pair of those….uh….boots? It’s like a permanent representation of what would happen if you decided to put your sweat pants on backwards over your shoes. On top of that, the material looks incredibly cheap for a shoe that clocks in at $250.

Still, you can’t deny that these shoes are 100% Russ. They’re no more absurd than the red fashion glasses or fishing lure shirts that he chooses to wear. The shoes are also kind of representative of Russell on the court. When the shoes are zipped up, it represents a passive Westbrook, one willing to dish the ball, support his teammates, and focus on defense. But when you unleash the lime green innards of this shoe, then you reveal Westbrook’s true nature. He’s a 100 mile an hour freight train with tank treads, and there’s nothing you can do to stop him. (Okay, maybe that’s a stretch.)

These shoes might be weird, but they’re still a drop in the bucket of a long line of crazy Thunder kicks. It’s more like “Kevin Durant kicks” since he’s the only other player notable enough to cop his own shoe, but still. Here’s the top 5 wackiest designs Durant has worn over the past few years.

5. The KDIII “Fan Design”

Kevin Durant wore these shoes….while playing against the Lakers. ‘Nuff said.

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Watch out for escaped murderers!

There is absolutely nothing about this holiday season that is appropriate. The weather makes me want to go ride bikes and flirt with boys until they buy me snow cones (I’m told that this is the definition of an adult relationship) all while wearing shorts and a tube top. So you’ve got your Christmas tree out? Big deal. I still have my AC on. What’s that, you say? You’ve donated three coats to Warmth 4 Winter? Well, you probably should’ve donated flip flops, son. I know it’s lame when people talk about the weather and how weird it is in Oklahoma, but all of this is leading to a much bigger, much more important point: There is an escaped killer on the loose who may or may not be heading to the metro, and much like the weather, this is not Christmas-appropriate.

Do you have any idea how much of my time in October is spent trying to be scared? I spend literally tens of dollars on movies and haunted houses to get me in the spirit. And, while I will admit, I am technically what some would call “afraid of the dark”, I really enjoy scary things. But not in December. You see, in December, I don’t want to be scared. I want to be depressed about the cold and having to spend time with family and going broke to buy presents. But like everything else with this winter season, Oklahoma is getting the short end of the stick.

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