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The University of Tulsa now has a new cute puppy mascot


As a Tulsa native, occasional TU tailgater, and typical squealing girl who loses her shit every time an animal or baby walks into a room, I was happy to hear that the University of Tulsa has hired a puppy dog ambassador. Her name is Goldie. Eventually, TU plans to have Goldie lead the football team’s charge out the tunnel, retrieve kick tees, and roam around the sidelines with the cheerleaders. Generally, puppies are great for drawing large crowds and getting people hysterically excited–two things that the University of Tulsa could definitely use during their football season.

From the Tulsa World:

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2013 Worst of OKC: Worst Anchorwoman

This is an odd position to be in. I’m not one who can afford to speak ill of even the least attractive , talentless, women in the city (I call them ‘Lady Joels’). I mean, it doesn’t stop me from doing so but it certainly isn’t a credible assessment. Now I have to write about five women who are smart, attractive, and have awesome jobs. I see now why Patrick opted to have me do this.

Here are your nominees for Worst Anchorwoman

  • Meg Alexander
  • Linda Cavanaugh
  • Robin Marsh
  • Jessica Schambach
  • Amanda Taylor

So good luck to our nominees! I hope you don’t become the worst? I don’t know how this works. As with any time I’m around women, I don’t know what to say.

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Rep. Markwayne Mullin really doesn’t like it when people eat


I’m sure that it has crossed your mind on many occasions that the individuals elected to office in no way represent you or your interests. Suffice it to say that politicians generally have no idea what the people want, so much so, that I’m almost positive that many Oklahoma politicians simply say things to please the grumpy old white men who wandered over to their town hall meetings after running errands at the Tractor Supply. This is not to say that we don’t have some gems in the bunch, because we do. I just think at times, we have more caricatures of ideologies in office than we have real people.

Hence, Markwayne Mullin. Mullin is a Republican representative for Oklahoma’s second congressional district whose first name is literally Markwayne. He also owns a plumbing company that took a hefty chunk of stimulus dollars for a job, though Markwayne is totally against that. Also, for a businessman, Markwayne kind of doesn’t know math. Like, at all. From a story on

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Apparently it’s now a crime to slap a random woman on her buttocks…

etric robert

The wannabe playboy pictured above is Etric Roberts. He’s now in jail after he slapped a woman’s hiney outside a plasma collection center on NW 23rd.

Via News 9:

A woman called Oklahoma City Police on Monday after a man made suggestive comments and slapped her backside.

The woman was at CSL Plasma on N.W. 23rd Street near Shartel on Monday. She told police as she walked outside the plasma collection center, 39-year-old Etric Roberts walked by, hit her buttocks and said, “That’s a juicy [expletive]!”

Wow. This guy is a sick and disgusting idiot. Not only were his actions inappropriate, but he should have followed “That’s a juicy ass” with “Now go do my dishes!” That’s what I do and it gets a laugh everytime. People are more forgiving when you’re funny and inside the hip hop club at Graham’s. Instead Etric turned into super creeper and followed the lady to her car:

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Ryan Tate is now a “Financial Expert” and Fox News Contributor…

It looks like Fake Miss Oklahoma isn’t the only Oklahoman playing make-believe on Fox News. Tate Publishing CEO Ryan Tate appeared on the network twice this month under the guise of a “financial expert” to talk about how rising healthcare costs are hurting his family’s business.

Yep, you read that right. The nepotism product who’s best known for praying with, bullying and then firing 25 employees in a secretly recorded staff meeting is the same guy Fox News chose to be an ambassador for disgruntled right-wing small business owners across the country. Isn’t that awesome!?

So far, Ryan has appeared on two shows. On each of them, he’s blamed the health insurance price hikes on his stupid, lazy, moronic employees who voted for Barack Obama in the 2012 election. He claimed to know who those employees were, and as a result of their idiotic actions, Tate Publishing would have to fire people at its Mustang offices and out-source 50 more local jobs to the Philippines.

It’s very “dramastic.” Here are a couple of clips:

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