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Now Hiring: TLO Trivia Hosts


I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a while, but we’re looking a few new faces to add to our trivia host stables at the TLO Worldwide Headquarters in Valley Brook.

Originally, I planned on putting this “Now Hiring” article on Craigslist, but then I figured “Hey, I own a popular website that gets a lot of hits. Let me put it on here first.” And guess what. That’s what we’re going to do.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a job description thing, so I guess we should start with basic job duties:

– Ask trivia questions to teams of people at a bar or restaurant.

– While these teams think about the answer, engage in “banter” with your co-host about the question.

– Interact, engage and occasionally insult the audience

– Grade answer sheets and input scores into a fancy spreadsheet

– Occasionally tweet standings to the TLO Trivia Night account

– Be nice to the owners of the venue

Seems simple, enough? Well, it’s not that simple. Here’s a list of skills we’re looking for in the ideal candidate:

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Some rich Oklahomans have ridiculous swimming pools…

fancy pool

Like most people, I’d like to be rich. And like most people, I’m not.

If I were rich, I’d want to be the “cool” rich guy. You know, the dude who uses his wealth to make everyone like him. I’d donate to local charities, give new cars as birthday presents, and buy Lunch Boxes for everyone at Edna’s. I’d also probably hire my own personal meteorologist, because let’s be honest, that would be the coolest thing ever.

I bring this up because Channel 9 is running an OKC-version of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” called “High Dollar Dives.” It takes a look at some of the most batshit insane pools in the Oklahoma City metro. If you like to see money wasted on extravagance, dream of things you’ll never have, and / or secretly wish Alligators really did hide in the sewer system occasionally eating unsuspecting swimmers, it’s the series for you.

On Monday, they profiled an 85ft by 45ft glass tiled pool in Yukon. Since it has glass tile, I guess it’s okay to drink bottled beer in it:

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MIO Movie Review: Stone Cold

Brian “The Boz” Bosworth wasn’t the action hero Oklahoma needed, but the action hero Oklahoma deserved.

The 1991 action flick Stone Cold may not have been necessarily made in Oklahoma, but its star definitely was. Born in Oklahoma City and raised in Dallas, the Boz was a perfect storm of every white trash Okie stereotype — black leather dusters, acid-washed Zubaz, OU football pedigree, neon wraparound shades and an Aryan mullet so thick and pure Wagner should’ve written an aria dedicated to it — all fusing together to create the perfect box-office weapon.

While the Boz was best known on the football field as a juiced-up rebel who played by his own rules, it was only obvious that his character in Stone Cold, Joe Huff, would have to be just as bad to the bone. This disdain for authority is firmly established by the opening scene where he mixes orange juice, a couple of Snickers bars, some Lay’s, a banana and eggs in a blender and feeds it to his pet Komodo effing dragon. Sure it’s a meal that will undoubtedly kill this rare and endangered beast, but it was probably an impulse purchase and the Boz ain’t got no time for taking the proper courses in Komodo dragon care:

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OSU has a frat problem…


As I’ve mentioned over the years, I’ve never understood the point of fraternities and sororities. This is for three reasons:

1) When I graduated from high school, I wanted to get away from the cliques and popularity contests that made high school awful, not re-live them.

2) I came from a lower middle class family that could barely afford to send me to community college, much less buy me some rich friends to get drunk with on the weekends.

3) Community colleges don’t have frats

That being said, if I could do it all over again, I’d probably grab a bottle of Fireball and join an OU frat for a year or two. Preferably the one that’s associated with the Kappa’s. Those girls seem kind of cool.

I wouldn’t want to be in an OSU frat. They’re depressing. Yesterday, it was announced that one Oklahoma State fraternity was suspended through 2016 for simply being a frat. I wonder if it’s the one that had the guy sneaking around campus and groping his frat brothers while they slept.


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Remember when? Looking back at the “Best of OKC” winners from the 1980s

best of okc

As Patrick posted last week, we’re in the final voting stage of this year’s Best Of OKC. Yes, it’s that time of year when we all wait with bated breath to find out who finished second to Ted’s in the Best Local Mexican Food Restaurant category.

Inspired by the Best of OKC competition, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of the early years of the competition. It started way back in 1985, or at least that’s the first year the archives of it are online. A lot has changed over the years, but three things stay basically the same from the very beginning all the way until now: Johnnie’s wins Best Local Hamburger, Byron’s wins Best Liquor Store, and Gazette readers hate the Oklahoman.

The categories that first year were a lot more varied and interesting than they have now. In 1985 you could vote for the Best Stripper (Morganna the Kissing Bandit), Best Adult Make-Out Bar (Confetti (?)) and Best Strip Bar (the Red Dog). I think the voters confused the Strip Bar category for “Best Place To Catch An STD Just By Walking In The Door”)

After the jump, some of the other winners from the first five years of the Gazette’s Best of OKC contest.

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