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Of course, the company that’s causing earthquakes is the same one that pitched goofy earthquake theories to News 9…

oklahoma earthquake damage 2

Last week, researchers from Cornell University and the University of Colorado released a study confirming what logic and reason have told us for the past few years: Oklahoma’s earthquakes are caused by fracking, or more specifically, wastewater from fracking.

The report made national news. Here’s a snippet from an L.A. Times article by Hailey Branson-Potts.

Oklahoma has seen a boom in two things in recent years: oil and gas production and earthquakes.

To many residents, the timing says it all. Before the oil and gas industry started drilling so many underground injection wells, they say, it was rare to feel an earthquake. Today, Oklahoma is the second-most seismically active state in the continental United States, behind California.

Now they have some fresh scientific evidence to back up their observations. Researchers from Cornell University and the University of Colorado say a large swarm of earthquakes in central Oklahoma was probably caused by activity at a few highly active disposal wells, where wastewater from drilling operations — including hydraulic fracturing — is forced into deep geological formations for storage.

Four high-rate disposal wells in southeast Oklahoma City probably induced a group of earthquakes known as the Jones swarm, which accounted for 20% of the seismicity in the central and eastern United States between 2008 and 2013, the team reported Thursday in the journal Science.

If I could hop in time machine and go back five years to tell Hailey Branson-Potts – an Oklahoma native, OU journalism grad and Gary England fan – that she’d have a job writing about Oklahoma earthquakes for the L.A. Times, she probably would have said “Yeah right… and Wayne Coyne will have a tattoo of Hannah Montana’s dead dog on his chest.” Seriously, you win again, irony. When Hailey covers a nasty L.A. tornado outbreak this fall, we’ll know something’s up.

Of course, energy companies are hard at work protecting their interests and cautioning a rush to judgment and / or the truth. The company that operates the four high-volume earthquake-causing disposal wells in southeast Oklahoma City has already attempted to discredit the report.

From a story in Fortune:

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Wayne Coyne got a tattoo of Miley Cyrus’ dead dog…

wayne coyne tattoo

It’s been 49 days since we’ve written about Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne on this website. Considering we once thought the “2014 Fall of Wayne Coyne” was going to be a weekly feature, that’s kind of hard to believe.

Our last post about Wayne had to do with his performance of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” with Miley Cyrus at the Billboard Music Awards, and the subsequent beating he then took from Smilers on Twitter. Apparently Tinsel Dick enjoyed all the negative attention, death wishes and hatred from his own alienated fan base, because he and his 20-something girlfriend Katy Weaver got tattoos of Miley’s dead dog over the weekend.

Via TMZ:

Miley Cyrus will never forget her deceased dog … because it’s now emblazoned on her rib cage.

Miley inked the memoriam Saturday at a house party in Los Angeles. For some reason … her good buddy Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips and another friend tatted the same design in honor of Floyd — an Alaskan Klee Kai that died when he was only 2.

Floyd’s death … along with a bad reaction to antibiotics and hard partying … led to Miley’s meltdown earlier this year.

It looks like Floyd’s mug is the centerpiece of the tat with the words, “with a little help from my fwends.”

We’ll always remember Floyd … because we have to now.

Isn’t that kind of screwed up? If I was getting a tattoo of Rowdy on my chest and some creepy old sex crazed cokehead that I’ve known for six months asked if he could get a matching one, I’d probably ask him to play Do You Realize… then I’d punch him in the face and /or make him listen to new Flaming Lips material. Then again, I’m just a normal person and not a world-famous pop star living in an alternate reality, so what do I know.

Here are a few more pics of the tattoo:

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Monday Morning Tweets: So, Scott Stapp was in town

Good Monday to everyone. There is nothing quite like coming back to work after a three-day weekend. By which I mean it’s more demoralizing than usual. Couple that with my current hangover, and I’m pretty much ready to call it a day. There ain’t enough Gatorade and aloe vera in the OKC area to fix me up after this holiday weekend. I hope everyone knows that I will be asleep in my car during my lunch break.

It was a busy week, what with Supreme Court rulings, the Fourth of July, and just the general nonsense of local media personalities being on Twitter. So, why don’t we get right to it? Check out this week’s tweets after the jump!

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Friday Night in the Big Town: BrickTown 4th, Art Walk and Unscripted Comedy

Hello America, today is your 238th birthday and you don’t look a day over 45. The Botox revolution is amazing. I’m always impressed that the colors in your red, white and blue mascara never run.

Luckily for many, this year’s Independence Day lands on a Friday, allowing a larger than average infusion of celebratory alcohol. Unluckily, laboratory rats have repeatedly proven that combining explosives and alcohol will result in many Americans attending work on Monday with fewer fingers.

The U.S. plays hard on the 4th, and when you make omelets in war….you break eggs….and fool me once….dammit, I don’t remember the quotes. All I’m saying is America will have less fingers Monday because we party without abandon.

Our get togethers are beautiful events. We light the sky with the emotion, awe and wonder of a James Lankford tweet. Well maybe not. It’s amazing how Lankford can pull at your heartstrings and send your mind into a philosophical tizzy in 140 characters or less.

I feel for him though, being a redhead with the skin tone of a dead fish belly like Lankford. Neither of us will get out to watch the fireworks because the bright lights of the explosions will give us sunburns. We live a rough life.

If only we lived back in the day before fireworks. America used to celebrate on July 3rd by building pyramids with barrels and lighting them on fire. Who knew that once fireworks were the safe alternative?

Here you go Rep. Lankford, a fireworks display safe for our skin.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

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Chris Landsberger is a national hero…

Chris Landsberger

The guy pictured above is Chris Landsberger. When he’s not preparing for a Star Trek convention like in the pic above, he’s actually a photographer for The Oklahoman.

Chris specializes in taking photos of bikini models, girls in lingerie and sports. He also likes to photograph soul food.

I made a couple of tiny digs at Chris in Tuesday’s write-up about the Oklahoman’s Baby Boomer sex issue. The jokes were about as harmless as a fly on a table in the Braum’s dining room:

The entire sex issue wasn’t all that bad. The one saving grace is The Oklahoman sent pervert photographer Chris Landsberger to photograph a model who is young enough to be a Baby Boomer’s granddaughter in some lingerie. It accompanied a quiz to determine, no lie, “What’s your lingerie personality?”…

<Pictures of cute but bored lingerie model>

Can’t this paper do anything fun and interesting? I hope one of the options for the quiz was sad and boring, because that’s may be the most depressing lingerie pictorial I’ve ever seen. Could the model be any more bored? Did Chris Landsberger play Coldplay’s Greatest Hits on the set, or did he force her to listen to six baby boomers discuss sex while drinking beer from a boot. It has to be one of the two.

Tame, huh? Just ask Hipster Boo Boo, Wayne Coyne or Dave Morris’ hot ex-wife, it could have been a lot worse.

Well, not according to Chris’ helicopter wife Nikki Landsberger. She posted our link to her public Facebook wall and began a fun game of “Watch These People Totally Overreact To Something Ridiculous On Facebook.”

Check it out:

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