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13 Ways to Improve Oklahoma’s Air Quality

As one of the several thousand affluent Lost Ogle reader’s with a large disposable income that visit this site on a daily basis, I’m sure you’ve noticed (and possibly even clicked) one of the many highly visible, awesome, pleasing and relevent local advertisements placed on this website.

One of those ads is for ACOG’s “Better Together” Clean Air Pledge. If you like their Facebook page and take a pledge to help improve Oklahoma’s air quality, you can win a free electric lawnmower from OG&E.

Here are the details from the group’s Facebook page:

Sometimes Facebook is better for more than just sharing your meticulously Instagrammed French Toast. With ACOG’s Better Together campaign, you can let all of your friends know that you’re committed to making the small changes that lead to a big impact on air quality in Central Oklahoma!

Take the pledge, share it with your friends and you’ll have the chance to win an air-friendly electric lawnmower from OG&E! Whether it’s walking, biking, riding or pledging to help air quality, life is better when we share it together!

Pledge something new every day for more chances to win!

That’s pretty cool. There are several pledges you can take like car pooling, riding a bike and/or using wind power. Those are fun and everything, but we decided to come up with our own list of 13 tips to improve Oklahoma’s air quality. We did this because a) they will work b) we care about our environment and b) we’re total sellouts.

Check them out:

regular jim traber

1. Get Regular Jim Traber off the air…

That would cut the hot air in town by 43%. The steam that Regular Jim emits from his ears alone raises the local temperature by three-degrees.

fairgrounds space needle

2. Turn the Space Needle into a gigantic windmill…

We might as well make the thing useful. Maybe the power it generates can power the midway for five minutes.

3. Replace Tinker’s AWACS fleet with those giant eagles from the Hobbit…

This would work great. The eagles don’t produce exhaust, they are quiet, and their great vision is just as good as an AWACS radar. The only problem with this idea is that they are fictional creatures and Gandalf wouldn’t send his magic butterfly for them until after the arctic ice sheet has already melted. Seriously, what’s up with that? I know it would have made for a crummy story, but why didn’t Gandalf have the eagles pick up Bilbo and the dwarves in the Shire and just take them to where the dragon lived?

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Fake Miss Oklahoma appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Show to discuss Twitter trolls…

In case you missed it, and you probably did, singer-songwriter indie god Ryan Adams trolled cartoonish conservative freak show Sean Hannity on Twitter earlier this week. Because we live in a bizarre 21st century world where things like this happen, Sean Hannity invited “Miss Oklahoma 2013″ Anna Marie Costello on his show to talk about it.

Here’s a clip of the segment:

That’s cool. There’s only one problem. That wasn’t really Miss Oklahoma.

Wait. What?

The real Miss Oklahoma that will be representing our state in the 2013 Miss America Pageant is OCU student Kelsey Griswold. Remember her? Here’s a pic:

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The new 107.7FM sports talk station will be called The Franchise…

sportswriter dorks

As you know, Tyler Media recently announced they are converting 107.7FM to a sports radio format. Back on August 1, we updated our Twitter followers to some of the developments.

Here’s the first tweet we sent out:

It looks like we were right…again. Earlier today, Tyler confirmed the station’s name and released the logo. They even got some guy to say the Franchise in a deep voice or something. Here’s a video of the logo:

So, is The Franchise a good name? I don’t know. I guess they could have gone with The Fan, The Ticket, The Score, The Game, The Jock, The Zone, etc, but just like the Franchise, those names are kind of generic and in use in other markets. I personally would have gone with The Drunk Heckler, but what do I know. One complaint I’ve heard is The Franchise is kind of long and doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but then again, you can say the same about The Sports Animal. They seem to be doing okay.

In addition to other stuff reported on this site (Steely, Lump, and Rohde going; Rodgers staying; Traber “undecided”), here’s some other news about The Franchise:

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Submit your nominations for the 2013 Worst of OKC!

In case you missed it, The Lost Ogle – a Twitter account for a fledgling website that primarily tweets links to blog postings, trivia standings and an occasional musing or two from a drunk 35-year-old blogger – won the Oklahoman’s Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Person to Follow on Social Media.” Here’s what the Oklahoman had to say about us in its 56-page, full-color, special issue to recognize the winners:

oklahoman readers choice awards

Yep, that’s it. Not a blurb, write-up, or even a “short story.” That’s kind of odd, because according to The Oklahoman we were supposed to get one:

readers choice

That’s a shame. It’s not a big deal, though, because we weren’t the only ones left out. After doing a bit a research, it seems that the only winners to receive a “short story” were the same ones that purchased an ad in the special publication. That’s either a crazy coincidence, or proves The Oklahoman only thinks its advertisers are worthy of special recognition. Since the Oklahoman is a proud institution of journalistic excellence and the “State’s Most Trusted News,” I’ll go with coincidence.

Anyway, the point of telling you all that isn’t to whine or complain about not having the ad budget to play with the cool kids. Basically, it’s an opportunity to illustrate how artificial and unreliable these “Best of OKC” and “Readers Choice” things can be, and, segue to our “2013 Worst of OKC” nominations.

Yes, it’s that time of the year when we do the dirty work and help recognize the worst things this town has to offer. In case you’re not familiar with the Worst of OKC, here’s how it works:

1. We offer 15 “Worst Of” categories. We focus more on local people than restaurants, nails salons and cosmetic surgeons. The nominees are chosen by me, our contributors and suggestions from the Ogle Mole Network.

2. Once we come up with the nominees, we’ll feature a category each day and let you vote for which option is the worst.

Pretty simple, huh?

Anyway, you can submit your nominations after the jump. It will be open through the middle of next week. And just in case you’re bored, here’s our “2012 Worst of OKC” winners. Have fun and nominate well.

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The pros and cons of food trucks…


I’d consider myself a trendy kind of gal. After all, I own a pair of harem pants, I watch Girls, I sometimes catch Chive references, and I once spent a small rent’s worth of cash on a pretty purse. So when food trucks began having their own reality TV shows and local food trucks’ Facebook pages started racking up more virtual friendships than me, I figured I’d hop on the bandwagon and find out what the fuss was all about. I mean, self-serve frozen yogurt shops and cupcakeries turned out to be okay–surely food truck dining would be kinda fun too.

Several months and several lunches, fast dinners, and tipsy midnight snacks have gone by, and well–I’m still really unsure about how I truly feel about the whole food truck concept. To me, food trucks are kind of like any movie M. Night Shayamalan has been involved with post Signs–an intriguing concept, a nice cast, solid production, and you’re initially excited, but you leave feeling lame and ticked you wasted $10.

I’ve written up a short list of grievances with the oh-so popular food truck business model. For good measure, I also wrote up a few things that I like about food trucks. We’re all friends here at The Lost Ogle and I’m still somewhat ambivalent on the subject, so feel free to hotly debate any of my points in a civil matter via the comment section. Ch-check them out after the jump.

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