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Harold Hamm doesn’t want you to know that he’s important and successful…


If you follow the local news, you’re probably aware that Oklahoma oil tycoon Harold Hamm and his soon to be ex-wife Sue Ann are currently in the midst of bitter and lengthy divorce trial that may result in the largest divorce judgement in the history of the human race.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding.

Even though the last half of that sentence is true, you probably wouldn’t know about the trial because:

A) In an effort to mask his own decision-making and protect the interests of gazillionaires, an in-over-his-head administrative law judge has sealed records and banned the media and public from attending the divorce proceedings

B) Our local media, especially The Oklahoman, prefer to protect their friends, allies and advertisers and not update citizens on divorce proceedings that could see billions of dollars in wealth – and control in a locally based NYSE traded company with a $25-billion market cap – possibly change hands.

Fortunately, Oklahoma’s premier business news organization, Reuters, has been covering the trial. Yesterday, they published a report showing that Continental Resources has scrubbed and edited language from the Company’s website in an effort to diminish Hamm’s responsibility for the company’s success… and the money he may owe his soon to be ex.

Via an article by Joshua Schneyer and Brian Grow:

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The Oklahoma City Blue is a thing…


As I’m sure you’ve heard and seen by now, the Thunder officially revealed the name and logo of the team’s D-League franchise that’s relocating to Oklahoma City this season.

It’s the Oklahoma City Blue.

Yep, that’s right. Blue. Not blue cheese, blue bells or blue balls. Blue… as in the color. Expect a Jenni Carlson article any day now that praises the name and logo for its creativity. I bet Berry Tramel is even scribbling down a list of possible nicknames to use in his future columns about the team. $20 bucks he calls them the “Baby Boomers.”

The only thing more ridiculous than the name and logo – a vanilla monstrosity that’s so bland that I won’t post it on this obscure local social blog – is the Thunder’s reasoning for it.

Via a team press release:

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Janet Barresi is not giving up…

janet barresi

The wicked witch of public education still has a few tricks up her sleeve.

To help secure her status as one of the worst and most disliked politicians in Oklahoma’s modern history, Janet Barresi recently set up her General Counsel’s husband with a cushy $90,000 a year parting gift as Assistant State Superintendent of Education and Compliance.

Via The Tulsa World:

Outgoing State Superintendent Janet Barresi has created a new assistant state superintendent position and hired the husband of a top Education Department official to fill it, raising questions about cronyism.

State Rep. Jason Smalley, R-Stroud, called it “a good ol’ boy hire” and is calling for the immediate resignation of Barresi, her general counsel Kim Richey and Larry Birney, Richey’s husband and the new assistant state superintendent…

Barresi last week hired Birney, a career law enforcement official, to be assistant state superintendent of accreditation and compliance at the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Yep, Janet Barresi hired a guy who doesn’t have any public education experience to be the new assistant state superintendent of accreditation and compliance. And to add insult to injury, he’s a “Larry.” What a Janet Barresi thing to do, huh? It makes about as much rational sense as the voting public electing a deranged dentist to be the superintendent of their public education system.

If Larry has no public education experience, what is his background? Does he give good lesbian pixie haircuts? Does he have experience leading an army of winged flying monkeys? Is he good at marrying women half his age in Santa Fe?

Here’s the answer:

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Jim Inhofe really hates pigeons…

inhofe dove hunt

For a pro-life guy, Jim Inhofe really seems to hate God’s creations.

A few days ago, an animal rights activist released undercover video from a pigeon hunt fundraiser for US Senator Jim Inhofe that was held September 5th at Quartz Mountain State Park.

Like most things involving Inhofe, the video is shocking, gruesome and difficult to watch.

Check it out after the jump, but before you do, keep in mind that if you’re eating lunch and the site of bloody, wounded, frightened animals being mercilessly gunned down for the pleasure of Derplahomans makes you sick to your stomach, you may want to wait a bit. Unless, of course, you’re trying to lose some weight. If that’s the case, watch it again and again and again:

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A kid from Tahlequah is in trouble for writing a racy story about his band director


I’m pretty sure I still hold the record for most detentions ever received in a single day at Jenks High School. I still remember the chilly November day when my assistant principal called me in to her office and showed me an entire laundry list of misdemeanor offenses–tardies, dress code violations, forgetting to wear the stupid student ID lanyard, texting during class–I’d committed over the last few months. She wrote me up for 42 hours of detention, maniacally laughed, then shooed me to AP Lang so she could get back to admiring photos of her cats.

A couple days later, I told the head principal what happened, and he reduced my sentence down to from 42 detentions to sorting books at Jenks Southeast Elementary’s library after school for a few days. I’m definitely not denying that favoritism was involved – after all, I was one of those annoyingly involved kids who was in like eight clubs, class secretary since middle school, did the morning announcements in his office every day, and frequently brought him Starbucks lattes. But I also like to think that leader of my fine school recognized that an ancient punishment rubric developed by people who don’t even interact with students doesn’t always contain the most sound logic.

Of course, there are always those unprecedented cases when no one knows what to do, freaks out, and loses sight of the entire point of school and students and ethics and reason and all that good stuff. Like when kids write erotica about their band directors.

From News on 6:
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