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The not-chunky Thunder Girl was interviewed on GMA…

I think I mention this every chance I get, but one benefit of being an obscure local social blogger is that I get to sleep-in each day. That means I don’t have to suffer through terrible morning shows like Good Morning America and watch silly TV interviews with pretty blonde girls that were called chunky.

Yes, that happened. Three weeks after having her weight singled out by a Houston sports blogger, Thunder Girl Kelsey Williams set down with ABC’s Bianna Goldodryga and shared the horrible tale of what it’s like to be a pretty blonde girl and have your weight randomly questioned by a Houston sports blogger.

Here’s the interview:

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A News 9 reporter is going to be on the ABC reality show “Whodunnit?”


Yesterday, ABC announced the 13-contestants for its new summer reality show “Whodunnit?” The format of the show is basically murder mystery theatre meets The Mole. From an ABC press release:

What do a former NFL cheerleader, a bounty hunter, a nurse and a flight attendant all have in common? They’re all putting their investigative skills to the test along with nine other guests in the new murder mystery competition, “Whodunnit?,” premiering SUNDAY, JUNE 23 on the ABC Television Network.

“Whodunnit?” is an interactive series that puts 13 amateur slueths’ investigative skills to the test in a riveting mystery reality competition. Players will use a variety of crime scene investigation techniques to meticulously uncover evidence in a series of puzzling murders and to ultimately reveal who among them is the killer. Some players will form alliances in the competition, while others will choose to go it alone in their quest for the grand prize of $250,000. The contestants will be guests on a glamorous estate called Rue Manor with a steward, Butler Giles (Gildart Jackson), and each week must solve a new crime in order to advance in The Game. Failure to solve the crime will lead to a player’s demise, until only three are left. In the final episode, one player will unmask the killer and take home the $250,000 prize.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? At least one of the contestants is a News 9 employee. In case you care, it’s this one:

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So, Chuck Woolery decided to talk about stupid Oklahoma laws…


Remember Chuck Woolery? He was the original host of Wheel of Fortune, Love Connection, and a bunch of other game shows you’d watch when you were home sick from school in the 1980s and 1990s. I even think he hosted that show Greed during the prime time game show craze of the early Aughts. I use the word “think” because I’m not sure if anyone actually watched it.

A couple of weeks ago Chuck recorded a 60-second YouTube clip where he rambled on about stupid Oklahoma laws. It’s part of a syndicated radio and web series called “Save Us Chuck Woolery.” Apparently Chuck left the fantasy world where he would give away cash and prizes and entered a very dark and real one where he gives away crazy political opinions.

Here’s the clip:

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KFOR’s Lance West showed a videotape of Tim McVeigh’s execution to first graders….

lance west shorts pic

I’m still not sure what to think about KFOR’s Lance West (pictured above). On one hand, he seems like a cool, funny and laid back dude. On the other, he’s a little goofy and weird. I’d compare him to the co-worker you’d invite out to happy hour with your friends, only to learn that he drinks strawberry daiquiris and plays video poker.

Lance has made quite a name for himself over the years for producing weird, off-beat sweeps stories. He’s swallowed swords, sipped his own urine, and I think one time even dressed up like a fat version of Mike Steely’s ex-wife and flirted with Bob Barry Jr. These types of stories went on a hiatus when Lance was stuck in the purgatory known as the Freedom 43 Morning Show, but now that he’s back in primetime they are starting to resurface.

The first one we noticed aired last week when Lance conducted a sophisticated experiment to see whether or not Oklahoma motorists are turtle killers. Turns out, we just like to kidnap and race the turtles in Crescent. This week, Lance decided to turn things up a notch and show first graders a videotape of Tim McVey’s execution.Yep, it’s good to have Lance back and in full form.

From a story called “Already Antiques:”

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5 things to steal when you’re in Norman…


Times are tough for students. I should know. I’ve been going to school for the past 22 years, and just finished my last assignment ever last night. (That is, last assignment until I decide I need to go get a Ph.D.) When you’re a student, it seems like if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Either you have a terrible part-time job or you have a professor that won’t cut you a break. But most likely you’re just straight up broke, because paying rent, buying dollar beers, and stocking up on scantrons is crazy expensive.

And while I have worked a seriously strange combination of odd jobs throughout my tenure as Norman’s favorite kid with a Peter Pan complex, there are others who get more creative. No, I’m not talking about donating plasma, though that’s not a bad gig. (Seriously, it was the first time that I was monetarily rewarded for weighing a lot because they pay you based on your size.) I’m talking about robbing banks.


NORMAN, Okla. – The FBI is searching for a bank robber after the suspect hit the OU Federal Credit Union on W. Lindsey around Tuesday morning.

The man handed the teller a note demanding money.

He then put the cash in a white plastic grocery bag and fled on foot.

The surveillance pictures aren’t great but you can see the suspect wore a neon yellow hoodie.

You can call the FBI hotline at (405) 290-7770 if you think you might know the man’s identity.

Someone in a neon hoodie did something in Norman. If you’re laughing at that, it’s because all the kids these days are wearing those crazy Day-Glo colors and you’d be hard pressed to single them out. Though, kudos to this dude for thinking of that and not going with the traditional solid black ensemble of the bank robbers of yore.

Now, I guess a bank is a good thing to rob to get money. But this got me to thinking. There are probably a lot of really good things to steal in Norman. Even if they aren’t money, they are sure to draw a lot of cash in a back alley transaction. So, here’s a list of all the things that I recommend someone steal in Norman other than money from a bank.

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