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The one where David Payne thinks we’re a leprechaun…

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It’s been a few months since David Payne left Channel 4 to be Gary England’s severe weather deity in waiting at Channel 9. So far, it doesn’t appear the new gig (and larger paycheck) has changed the guy. He’s still the same casual, laid back, chatty weatherman we’ve all grown to moderately enjoy. When May gets here, we fully expect him to drive into a tornado and end up in heaven or Oz.

If you need proof, check out this clip of him presenting the seven-day forecast on News 9 at 10:00pm. He yucks it up with Kelly and Amanda and suggests that we may be a computer animated leprechaun.

Wait. What?

From YouTube:

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The Top 5 Thunder Letdowns

Hello again Thunder fans! This week, I greet you with a tinge of sadness. After a 5 game win streak and improved play that could have sent the Thunder to the top seed in the Western Conference, they fell short at the finish line, losing to San Antonio on Monday. But this isn’t the first time our Thunder have disappointed us. I know, it’s hard to be disappointed in a team that has blatantly overachieved every season. However, disappointment is a natural part of being a sports fan. And ultra disappointment is a natural part of being a Oklahoma sports fan, no matter how well your team has done previously.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of some of the Thunder’s biggest disappointments. Keep in mind, I’m not trying to be hard on the team. It should be evident from the list that we don’t have a whole lot to whine about. Also, losing James Harden/Jeff Green is exempt from this list, because we all know how we feel about those events.

5. The Blimp

This blimp is LAME! I understand that having a blimp in the arena is cool, but blimps should serve three purposes. 1. To give away awesome prizes. 2. To provide pointless aerial coverage. 3. To accidentally crash into something. This blimp has done none of those! Now, before you talk about how the blimp drops these little cards, I know it does. But those cards give you some lame prize. I saw someone get something from it once, but it was so incredibly underwhelming that I can’t even remember what it is. Darn this blimp! Crash into something already!

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Strange crimes at the Edmond Target


Edmond is a great place to raise a kid, or so my parents thought. It’s a fairly quiet sort of place, where if your car gets broken into, at least you know that it was probably a bored teenager and not a crack addict. That’s sort of comforting when you realize your window has been busted out and your iPod is missing. Overall though, the city is just sort of boring. And don’t hate up on me, Edmondites. I lived there for about 21 years. I know everything there is to do there. At least in other areas of the metro, you can go to a restaurant that isn’t Chili’s. And nothing against the Wolf Trap because I’ve had more than my fair share of Coors Light pitchers there, but when the best bar in the city is the Wolf Trap, you’ve got problems.

But it seems that maybe Edmond isn’t as boring as it once was. The city is growing, as anyone can tell by the ridiculous traffic that leisurely putters around the Bryant Square area. And as the city grows, that means that the variety of people in the city diversifies. Sure, it’s still pretty white except for my family. But there are some interesting sorts of characters who have taken up residence there.

According to

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Ogle Madness VI: Play-In Game 1 & 2

Hi, I’m Joel. I’m going to be your official Ogle Madness VI Guide and Emcee. This is the second year I’ve done this. What a cool guy I am.

Before we get started, this is the Ogle Madness VI bracket. If you haven’t done so, download it, print it, and study it. Then send your pick to win it all to If you pick the champion, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $250 feast at Picasso Cafe in Paseo for you and your friends.

These are the first two play-in games. The winners of these games will be placed in 64 team or person Ogle Madness field:

Game One: Joleen Chaney’s Fiance vs. KFOR’s Social Director 
(winner plays Gary England on Monday)

Game Two: Ten Commandments Monument Engraver vs. 2012 Christmas “Blizzard”
(winner plays Carrie Underwood on Tuesday)

We’ll have the other two play-in games posted tomorrow. The polls for these match-ups are open for 48-hours. Go Vote:

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About the lady from Sallisaw who tried to sell her kids on Facebook…


The Derplahoman pictured above is Misty VanHorn. Her mug shot went viral over the weekend when it was revealed she attempted to sell her 10-month-old and 2-year-old daughters on Facebook. Apparently she wasn’t smart enough to figure out how Craigslist works.

Via News 9:

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