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Friday night in the big town: 90s in November, Red Dot Art Auction, and Understanding Islam

Well, readers. Here we are. It’s November, the leaves are falling off the trees, and not a one of you has offered to come rake my yard. I slave on this blog for you, and you don’t even offer to help me out once in a while. I guess I should expect it though. I’ve been pouring my soul out for you for two and a half years, and when I meet some of you, you don’t even believe that I am the Gentle one. Whatever. Anyway, here’s some stuff to do this weekend. Fair warning, the third one is a religious thing and I may say some things to offend. So, if you are unaware of how ignorant people are of Islam, maybe don’t read that one. I’m not in the mood for a ton of comments about how I’m burning in hell. Trust me, I know I’m burning in Hell. We have a Lost Ogle suite reserved and we’re all going to be roommates.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

November 9: Live on the Plaza 90’s in November

Full disclosure, here, readers. Some of the last few things acquired for my wardrobe were flannel shirts and a pair of Doc Marten’s. I love that fashion is cyclical, and also that my old pair of Doc Marten’s from the sixth grade still fit so I’m like some kind of rich kid with two pairs now. If the Marisa who constantly listened to a Coolio cassette tape could only see me now, I think she would be proud.

Do you like the 90’s? When you say the name of this event did you automatically start singing this song from Portlandia? Do you like dressing in 90’s gear, trivia, art shows, photo booths, live music, food trucks, open houses, and the almost guaranteed possibility that you will get so soused at Saint’s that you’ll have to do a walk of shame the next day wearing 90’s garb? Then please, get yourself to the Plaza District.

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Meet Oklahoma City’s Pipe Bomber of the Month…

If I were to ask you what type of person lives in the house pictured above, there’s a good chance you’d say either a drug addict, anarchist or weird man with prison tattoos who really wants people to know his street address. Any answer would be correct.

Via NewsOK:

Police found a pipe bomb and various chemicals used to make explosives Wednesday in a southwest Oklahoma City home after they arrested a man whose bond was revoked in another criminal case.

Roger Lee Sherman, 51, was arrested about 8 a.m. Capt. Dexter Nelson said police served a search warrant at his home at 2833 SW 79 last week and found firearms and drugs. Sherman has an ongoing criminal case involving numerous drug and weapons charges. Nelson said the judge in that case revoked Sherman’s bond.

After police arrested Sherman on Wednesday at another location, they went back to his house to search again.

“On this second warrant, they found what they believe to be a pipe bomb in the house along with an assortment of hazardous chemicals,” Nelson said.

Nelson said the chemicals found at the house could be used to make explosives. Firefighters and bomb squad technicians worked for hours to determine what the chemicals were and how to safely remove them from the house…

Sherman was being held Wednesday at the Oklahoma County jail on the revoked bond, but Nelson said numerous other charges likely will be filed based on the materials police found at his home Wednesday.

Seriously, what’s up with all the street addresses on that property? There’s one on each side of the curb and another hanging over what used to be a garage. You would think the Una Bomber fanboy would be a bit more discreet. Oh well, it least they didn’t find human skin on the walls or a room in the back called “the Chamber.”

Anyway, if you think the house looks bad, check out a pic of the dude who lived their making bombs and nightmares. Not surprisingly, he looks like what would happen if an extra from Sons of Anarchy mated with a fair carnie:

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Channel 5 has hired a new anchor. She’s rich and attractive.

If you’re one of the few people who admit to watching Channel 5 on a regular basis, you may have noticed a new pretty face in their lineup. The face belongs to Erielle Reshef. She’s an Oklahoma City native and finishing up her first week at Oklahoma City’s ABC affiliate. She comes to KOCO after being an anchor / reporter for IBA News in Isreal

From a November 5th update to her Facebook Page:

Hey Everyone,

Tomorrow I begin a new and exciting chapter in my career as Reporter/Anchor for KOCO Eyewitness News5 in OKC, OK.

I am unfortunately unable to make changes to this account due to the high volume of followers (of course I’m truly grateful for that) so please follow me on Twitter @ErielleReshef.

I plan to set up a new updated Facebook page ASAP. Be sure to stop by. I’ll post on this site to let you know where to find me!

Wow. When it rains, it really does pour. About a month ago we landed Miss Wisconsin at KSBI, and now we got a hot Oklahoma Jewish girl at Channel 5. That’s quiet a unique combination. It’s like cheese latkes or something, which I hope is not offensive. I ran it by three of our Jewish Moles — Phil Bacharach, Ryan Drake and Mordechai Schechter (or as they are collectively called, the “Mews”) — and two of them said it was a perfectly fine reference. One even mentioned that he’d like to take Erielle and some Matzah balls and do you know what with them. I don’t even know what that means!

In addition to being attractive, there’s a good chance Erielle is wealthy. Her dad is prominent OKC fertility guru Dr. Eli Reshef. He’s the guy that helps insane people intentionally have children. Thanks to him, News 9 got a good year of solid material from Amanda Taylor’s pregnancy. He is also one of those hardcore tort reform (a.k.a. corporate immunity) guys. Take that for what it’s worth.

Unfortunately, Erielle is married. Or at least we think she still is. According to the OKC Friday, she’s married to some corporate douche from San Francico named Daniel Hans Frankenstein. I’m not making that up. Daniel. Hans. Frankenstein. I heard they met when he saw Erielle throwing flowers in a pond. And wouldn’t having “Hans” or “Frankenstein” as part of your legal name be a deal breaker?

“Thanks for the drink. What’s your name?”

“Daniel Hans Frankenstein.”

“Thanks again. Have a nice night.”

Anyway, we’d like to welcome Erielle back to OKC. We hope she enjoys KOCO, wears a bikini and spends time at the lake. Also, lets also hope she’s not rude and catty like Mean Dueweke. Here are some more pics for you:

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The 10 Best Pics from News 9’s State Fair Photo Contest

As a loyal Ogle Mole, you’re probably aware that our State Fair Photo Contest is one of this site’s more popular features. This year alone, our three contest posts received about 30,000 pageviews and over 10,000 total votes. The winning pic was Beauty and the Corn Dog.

It looks like a local media organization has noticed our contest’s popularity. Channel 9 launched their first State Fair Photo contest this year. Here are the details:

State Fair Photo Contest

News 9 and Bedford Camera & Video want to see your favorite fair photos. Send us your craziest, funniest, most unbelievable photo of the fair and you will be entered to win a gift certificate to Bedford Camera & Video!

How To Win

Win a $500, $200 or $100 gift card for creating the best picture at the state fair! Entries are now closed.

Bedford Camera and Video

Putting the customer first since 1974, and offering great prices, Bedford Camera & Video in Oklahoma City sells the best camera brands, all the accessories a shutterbug requires and offers photofinishing and digital imaging services including a convenient kiosk area for ordering prints, gifts and more. Official Rules

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking? What type of crazy, funny, “most unbelievable” photos would News 9 viewers submit to this thing. Well let me tell you. The answer is “kids,” and lots of them. I’d guesstimate that 80% of the contest entries are pics of kids just hanging out at the fair. That’s cool if you’re that kid’s parent, grandparent or a sicko, but no one else wants to see a pic of your kid at the fair petting zoo. It’s like someone took every annoying kid picture of your Facebook timeline and vomited them all over the News 9 website.

That being said, there were some photos of non-kids. I selected my 10 favorite photos, published them, and criticized them in the name of “fair” use (eh?) after the jump.

Remember, all these photos are real entries to the News 9 contest.

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Reason #4,762 not to live in El Reno: Brown Water

So, I was surfing the web for an image to accompany this post about brown water spewing out of faucets in El Reno. I first googled “brown water.” After looking at a couple of pics I quickly closed my browser and stabbed my eyes with needles. After recovering from that, I googled “El Reno.” This pic was the fourth Google image result:

Hey, it’s a redneck El Reno girl in a swimsuit holding a sign in a blizzard! Yeeeeeehaw!!! She’s kind of stripper/country hot, but that’s still cool. Trust me, it sure beats looking at images of brown water.

Oddly enough, the pic is located at It’s one of those user submitted “Rick’s Pics” or whatever it is now. The two KOCO user comments that accompany it make YouTube comments seem profound. They are “Girls gone wild is on another website” and “CRAZY girl!!!!  You have lost your mind!!!”

Anyway, couple of thoughts:

1. During our next Winter Snowpocalypse, we need to have a “Hot Girls in Swimsuits in the Snow” photo contest. Who wouldn’t like that? Maybe our friends at Patricia’s can sponsor it.

2. I kind of forgot about this, but some lady in El Reno is having to deal with brown water. Sucks to be her.


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