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Ogle Mole Investigation Network: Which beautiful woman did Louis C.K. sleep with when he visited OKC?

Yesterday, I posted a six-year-old audio clip of Louis C.K. making a hysterical reference to the Oklahoma City bombing during a stand-up bit about OKC. The reference was hysterical because Louis CK is a comic genius who’s immune to any type of criticism. You see, comedians get to play by a different set of rules when it comes to free speech, and if they push the boundaries of decency and say something extremely distasteful during an act or show, that’s your problem because they are comedians and just trying to be funny. You should just laugh it off and move on.

Anyway, in the post I mentioned that funny references to devastating acts of terrorism that killed 168 people and impacted the lives of thousands isn’t the first time Oklahoma City has made a cameo in a Louis C.K. bit. In a HBO stand-up special from the aughts, he mentioned that he had sex with a beautiful woman in Oklahoma City. Here’s a clip, which was dug-up on YouTube by local stand-up comic Bradchad Porter:

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The Travels of Cardboard Jim Traber: Gary England Day Pilgrimage (photos and video)

Last week, Tony and I grabbed Cardboard Jim Traber and took a pilgrimage to Seiling, Oklahoma for Gary England Day. The purpose of the pilgrimage was to celebrate and honor the birthday of our severe weather savior Gary England. Specifically, we wanted to:

1. Pay tribute to Lord England by offering him melted hail from the Great Hailstorm of 2010 at the Seiling tornado siren.

2. Search for lost relics, including the Holy Gentner of Apache, the original script to Twister, and Gary’s first five-day forecast.

3. Sacrifice a lamb, virgin or Ogle Brother at the Seiling Mill or Bivens Drug.

Well, since we couldn’t find a virgin or lamb anywhere in Oklahoma City, and Kelly Ogle is a surprisingly strong man who can frighteningly rip through a net with ease, we weren’t able to accomplish item number 3. But the other ones, well, continue reading.

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Sweet Brown was featured on Tosh.0

Oklahoma’s favorite apartment manager turned viral internet star turned commercial spokesperson, Sweet Brown, was the focus of a Tosh.0 web redemption on Tuesday. If you like to watch incredibly boring comedy sketches that even the host can tell are going nowhere, you should totally check it out. You know, just to stay hip and informed and everything.

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Louis C.K. hates Oklahoma City and likes to make bombing jokes…

Without a doubt, Louis C.K. is one of the best comedians out there. His stand-up act is funny, smart and original. His TV show is funny, smart and original. In fact, everything about the guys seems to be funny, smart and original. I guess you can say he’s the anti-Larry the Cable Guy.

Sometimes, though, Louis C.K has some not-so-funny, cringe-worthy moments. People say this happens because he’s honest and says what he thinks, but sometimes he’s just offensive. Take, for example, this 2006 bit about Oklahoma City that someone recently uploaded to YouTube. In it, he talks about our city’s crazy rednecks and suggests that someone blow them all up in a federal building. Hysterically funny, huh?

Here’s the clip:

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2012 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest, Semi-Finals (2 of 2)

Yesterday, we showed you the first 10 semi-finalists for our 2012 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest. Today we unveil the second batch of photos. Just like yesterday, you get to vote for your three favorite pics. The three that get the most votes will move on to next week’s finals. Before I get to the photos, I have three things to say:

• Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo. This year we received 75 email submissions. The average email contained two or three photo attachments. I’m not good at Craig Humphreys’ new math, but that means we received about 150 – 200 photos. There were a bunch of good ones that just missed the cut. We’ll post them later on this month.

• Thanks to Chad for his help with some of the captions and descriptions for the photos.

• Thanks again to Deep Fork Grill and The Wedge Pizzeria for sponsoring our contest.

To the pics. And don’t forget, you can still view and vote for the first half of the semi-finalists by clicking here.

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