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Some guy stuck a hidden camera inside a Braum’s bathroom…

braum's peeping tom

We usually don’t cover weird and unusual news that occurs outside the Sooner state, but when a story involves a Peeping Tom (suspect pictured above) placing a hidden camera disguised as an electrical outlet inside a women’s restroom at a Braum’s in Grapevine, Texas, I think we’ll make an exception.

Via CW 33:

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KOCO wants to know if you speak Oklahoman

Last week, the folks at Channel 5 got a little bored and decided to break state law and ask if their readers speak Oklahoman. In case you’re not familiar, Oklahoman is the ebonics for conservative Christians.

Do You Talk Oklahoman

If you literally have nothing to do and want to burn your eyes, hop over to Facebook and check out the 1,705 comments. You’ll see the same crap being posted over and over again by people who think they are clever sharing their Oklahoma’isms. While it’s nice to see words that are distinct to Oklahoma and the region, regular words don’t mean the same thing in Oklahoma as they do in the rest of the country. Many seemingly straight-forward words have a completely different meaning in Oklahoma.

For example:

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This writer for the Tulsa World doesn’t like Oklahoma City…

michael overall

The guy pictured above is Tulsa World reporter Michael Overall. When he’s not modeling for credit counseling brochures or bringing his own pool stick into Magoo’s, he apparently likes to troll cities that are superior to Tulsa.

Yesterday, Michael wrote a snarky column about a weekend visit he and his family took to OKC over the Memorial Day weekend. Yep, the guy forced his family to go on a vacation to Oklahoma City. What a mean, awful father.

The column wasn’t very nice or flattering and mocked a few of the same things we like to make fun of on a regular basis. You know, classics like the Bricktown Canal, oversized Devon Tower, and Amazing Technicolor Scissortail Bridge.

Here’s the column via the Tulsa World. The first part isn’t so bad. He’s pokes a little self-deprecating fun at Tulsa for being a sad, boring place to live. Considering I live and work in Oklahoma City, I know exactly what that feels like. Check it out:

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Berry Tramel is the king of travel bloggers…

berry tramel mountaineer

Berry “Boomer” Tramel has been my favorite writer at The Oklahoman for a long time, and might be my favorite writer in the whole state, but now that Tramel has the freedom to post basically whatever he wants whenever he wants on his NewsOK blog, his posts have gotten a little… strange?

I’m speaking in particular of what has become a recurring segment on NewsOK: Tramel’s Travelblog. Traveling the country over the course of the last few months during the OU football season and the Thunder basketball season, Tramel has used his Travelblog to write about his favorite subjects: traffic, nicknaming people, traffic, food, and traffic. Seriously, the man does not like traffic.

The most recent Travel Blog was about his trip to San Antonio for game 5 with Jenni Carlson and photographer Sarah Phipps. The entire thing ostensibly focused on an Italian meal they were all going to have in Temple, Texas, to celebrate Phipps’ birthday. Tramel spends a full 16 paragraphs detailing all the minutiae of their trip — how they decide who’s driving, how Tramel paid for a Route 44 root beer from Sonic but only got a large, and when they took their bathroom break (I’m not kidding) — before he finally gets to the meal at the Italian restaurant.

When describing the restaurant, he touches on the service (“excellent”), the menu (“interesting”) and how affordable it is (“Nothing too overpriced, though you could order buffalo tenderloin for $55. I’ve never had buffalo tenderloin, but I’m not in the habit of ordering $55 dinners”).

Tramel also makes sure to tell what everyone had to eat. Berry had a pasta dish with chicken, sausage, and shrimp. And how was it? “It was good.” If you think that’s a not-really-all-that-informative description of a meal, you should see how he describes Phipps’ butternut squash ravioli:

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Some OSU student won $10,000 from Fox News…

seth paxton fox news

OSU student Seth Paxton is $10,000 richer thanks to energy industry subsidies, the taxpayer and Fox News.

Paxton, a freshman from Tuttle, won the annual Fox News College Challenge. It’s a contest where Fox News encourages students from across the U.S. to submit a biased, partisan, conservative video news package that promotes an agenda and is disguised as news.

Paxton’s piece was about the hypocritical dilemma he faces being a conservative affluent white kid from rural Oklahoma who benefits and profits from generous federal tax subsidies. Basically, he describes what it’s like to be an Oklahoma landowner.

Well, at least that’s what I think his segment is about. Paxton’s segment was so great that it’s not available anywhere on Fox News or the Internet. Considering Fox is paying him $10,000 and giving him a summer internship, you’d think they’d show his report somewhere, right?

As of now, I’m basing all opinions from this interview Seth did with Steve Doocy and some ditzy blonde MILF on Fox and Friends.

Check it out:

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