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Friday night in the big town: Coheed, Positive Tomorrow and babies

Well, here we are readers, at the end of November. November is Latin for “holiday overload.” Maybe. I didn’t take Latin because it’s a dead language, and the notion of speaking to those that have passed terrifies me. Anyway, December is upon us, and I never got tickets for the Mountain Goats show on Monday even though Tony totally told me to do it back in October and that’s only adding to my seasonal affective disorder and Christmas debt induced depression. I’m such a downer, but that’s why they keep me on staff here at The Lost Ogle. I kill the buzz, and ensure that you don’t have too much fun each weekend.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town!

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November 30: Coheed and Cambria at the Diamond Ballroom

I refuse to believe that my life experience is unique in anyway, so I assume you readers know what I’m talking about when I ask if you remember singing along to “Second Stage Turbine Blade” in the back of your friend, Beth’s Chevy Lumina while you cruised Edmond and went to go see Hopes the Carrot play at Hafer Park? No? Really? Well, perhaps that was hyper-specific. But I assure you, back in 2002, that the was the thing all the cool kids in Edmond were doing, and by cool kids, I mean the girls who wore Chuck Taylors and hoodies all the time and obsessed about boys in bands.

Anyway, If an integral part of your adolescence involved shouting lyrics like “Jesse! Just come look at what your brother did/Here he did away with me” and never really knowing what the songs were actually about, then I’m sure you’ll be at the Diamond tonight. To this day, even though I don’t have the sort of energy needed to sing along to a song anymore, occasionally I’ll yell out Coheed Lyrics, if only because they’re awfully accusatory and great when you’re drunk. Case in point: “Cannibalistic unfit family ties!”

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Oklahoma students risked their lives to help light Mary Fallin’s Christmas tree

Yesterday, an Ogle Mole sent us a couple of pics from Mary Fallin’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the State Capitol. The event took place on the south steps of the crumbling building. Here are the pics:

How sweet…and dangerous. Check out what the south entrance to the capitol usually looks like:

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Great, Wayne Coyne and Nick Collison are now drinking buddies (photo)

Earlier today, Wayne Coyne posted the following picture on Instagram of him and Nick Collison getting drunk at The Other Room. In the photo, he claims they just did six shots each.

Here’s the pic:

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Major Bummer: Medical Marijuana won’t be legal in Oklahoma anytime soon.

It looks like we’re going to have wait a little bit longer for medical marijuana to be legal in Oklahoma. Earlier today, the Tulsa World reported that the Oklahoma Senate will not schedule a study on the for some reason controversial issue:

Marijuana advocates will have to wait another year to try to get their discussion in front of Oklahoma legislators after a committee chairman announced this week he would not schedule the interim study.

Following Arkansas’ near passing of medical marijuana on Nov. 6, Oklahoma marijuana advocates – including the leader of the Tulsa branch of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws – were in high hopes of getting an interim study approved to discuss bills put forward by state Sen. Constance Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, aiming at legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.

That sucks. Because I struggle with, uh, anxiety, pain, and boredom, I also had “high” hopes this interim study would be approved. Oh well, at least non-medical marijuana is readily available and abundant in this state.

Also, I had no clue there was a Tulsa chapter for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Hell, I didn’t even know there was an Oklahoma Chapter. I would schedule a fundraiser for them to help fund a state question petition drive, but I just don’t have the motivation to do so.

Anyway, here’s the excuse Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, gave for not scheduling the study:

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Aubrey McClendon is a finalist for the Worst CEO of the 2012

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Aubrey McClendon, we were alerted to this bit of information by an Ogle Mole.

The Motley Fool is currently in the middle of a contest to find the Worst CEO of 2012. It’s kind of like “Worst of OKC” combined with “Ogle Madness,” only not nearly as cool, expansive or popular. The contest started a few months ago with eight CEOs and is now down to just two finalists. They are Chesapeake’s Aubrey McClendon and the guy who’s ultimately responsible for this…

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