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Hello Kitty is suing a couple of Oklahoma City child beauty pageant organizers

Here’s the deal. I’ve written about 20 different intros to this post but none of them really worked. This could be due to me having more important things to worry about, or it could be that the two topics of this post — Hello Kitty cartoons and child beauty pageants — really freak me the Hell out.

From NewsOK:

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On second thought, maybe marijuana should be illegal…

On July 12th, we listed 10 reasons why medical marijuana should be legal in Oklahoma. The list was solid and comprehensive, but it was also admittedly one-sided. We heaped lots of praise on the positive aspects of medical marijuana use — like how it can make the Omniplex fun again — but didn’t really focus on any of the negative side effects of recreational abuse.

For example, Clark Matthews claims that smoking marijuana can lead to an increased appetite and/or drowsiness. Those side effects may be a godsend for someone battling cancer, insomnia or horrific nightmares about the Braum’s drive-thru, but for the recreational user they can lead to obesity, laziness and 10pm visits to the Braum’s drive-thru. They can also lead to apartment fires.

From News 9:

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The OU twirler girl won an award (photos)

Back in January of 2011, we let you know that OU twirler Megan McGeary was good at modeling for photographs. We did this because we are kind, considerate bloggers who want to keep you abreast of all the important things happening in the Sooner state. And because we are chauvinistic perverts.

Anyway, Ms. McGeary competed in the USA and World Twirling Championships over the weekend and was named the 2012 College Miss Majorette of America. Here’s a picture of her with a huge trophy:

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Monday Morning Tweets: Beer, Bow-ties, and M&M’s

Hello again, people. It’s Monday morning, which means it’s time for another edition of Monday Morning Tweets!

If you’ve followed this series for any length of time, you know that every week we end with something called the Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins. I gave it that name in honor of Deano’s penchant for word salad and failed attempts to sound like he’s communicating with a lot of gravitas.

If you like that feature, you’re gonna love this news: this week, Monday Morning Tweets is coming to you with 100% more Deano! Huzzah! There were two Dean tweets that I couldn’t decide between, so I just went ahead and used them both. The second we’ll get to at the end like we normally do, but the first one is going to be right after the jump, because there’s nothing I like to do more than start your week off right by putting amazing mental images in your head.

Here we go.

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Mailbag: Chelsea and Nick Collison’s Uneducated Great Escape

I have a confession. I like Big Brother. Now before you judge or criticize me or say you’re never reading this site again, let me explain that I haven’t always been a fan. I didn’t start watching the show until Season 10 when Dan took home first place. So in a way, it’s still kind of new to me. It’s like I’m on Season 4. Therefore, it’s totally fine that I watch the show. Or at least that’s what I tell myself each night as I cry myself to sleep.

But here is what is not okay. I currently have a free trial of all the cable premium channels. One of them, Showtime 2, airs Big Brother After Dark each night from 11pm – 2am. The program is an uncensored and unedited live feed of the house, and in all honesty, is pretty boring. It just shows the house guests talking or eating or playing pool or whatever. For some reason, I’ve found myself watching this mindless trash each night over the past week. Is this behavior normal? Does anyone else do this? Should I be alarmed and schedule an appointment with a doctor? Please advise, Moles.

Anyway, one thing that is normal is eating at the new restaurant Flint in downtown. They are giving a $25 gift card to whoever sent us the best email this week. You can read those emails, the responses to them that may have been written while watching Big Brother After Dark, and vote for your favorite after the jump.

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