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At least this Memphis Grizzlies blogger didn’t call a Thunder Girl “chunky”

Jonathan Louis May

The piece of bear love pictured above is Jonathan May. He’s an attorney for the Memphis law firm Thomason Hendrix. When he’s not fantasizing about lumberjacks or singing with the Fleet Foxes, he moonlights as a Memphis Grizzlies fan blogger for a website called “Grizz Blog.”

This past weekend, Brawny took the seven hour drive from Memphis to OKC to catch Game One of the Thunder – Grizzlies series. Naturally, he decided to blog about his experience. Here’s the title and first paragraph:

Behind Enemy Lines: A First Hand Account of “Loud City”

In retrospect, one could argue it was a mistake. We decided to drive to Oklahoma City at 5:00pm on Saturday. We knew it was a long way, but you cannot really appreciate the distance until you have been on the road for hours and realize you are still in Arkansas. Then there was that horrible moment. No, not the one when Kevin Durant hit the shot we knew he would hit. I’m talking about the one moment you cross the state line into Oklahoma and you’re renewed with excitement and anticipation, only to realize that you’re still 200 miles from Oklahoma City. Ultimately, we got into OKC at 1:30am Sunday. Just in time to grab five hours of sleep and head to the Chesapeake Energy Arena for an unreasonably early noon tip-off. I couldn’t be less impressed with what we found when we arrived…

Yep, some blogger decided to judge all Thunder fans and the entire organization based upon a Sunday morning playoff game. That’s about as fair as criticizing the looks of a one night stand on the morning after, or forming an opinion on Memphis based on what you’ve seen on the First 48.

That being said, May’s post wasn’t that bad. Yes, he broke one of my blogging rules. And yes, it was full of dumb and misleading arguments (Note to self: If I’m ever stuck in Memphis and need an attorney, do not hire Jonathan May), but I’ve read worse. It’s not like he called a Thunder Girl “chunky” or asked if a pig brings out the ball for the opening tip. In fact, there were a couple of snippets from his blog I kind of agreed with. Here they are:

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Oklahoma’s scariest white rapper has released another music video…

Back in March, we told you about the greatest white rapper in the world with an Oklahoma face tattoo. His name is Zero. The reason we wrote about Zero was to reinforce negative stereotypes of southeast Oklahoma City and show you his awesome music video called OK City. In case your therapist helped you block it from your memory, here it is:

Since we published Zero’s music video on this site, it jumped from a few hundred to over 20,000 views. Inspired by the Ogle bump, Zero recently sent us a link to his newest video. It’s called Grindin’. Check it out:

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According to Forbes, Tulsa and OKC are great cities for entrepreneurs…

simon simon

Another week, another random Top 10 list that Tulsa and OKC ends up on. What’s going on with that? Apparently, our state’s largest cities are the poster child paradigms for suburban, mid-market, urban sprawl utopias. (Editor’s Note: I think magazine list makers have learned that people in Oklahoma are the only one’s who care about magazine lists.)

Last week, Forbes ran an article ranking the best cities for young entrepreneurs. They based the rankings on access to capital, affordability, community support, and the overall business atmosphere. They published their findings complete with raw statistic figures and zero commentary or further explanation. Oh yeah, it was also in satanic slide show format. Here are the slides:

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Mission Chinese could be coming to Oklahoma City…

danny bowien

The guy pictured above is Danny Bowien. If he kind of looks familiar, it’s because a) he was raised in Oklahoma City, b) you’ve read about him in magazines, or c) you’re a racist and all Asian hipsters look the same to you.

Anyway, Danny is kind of a big deal. He’s the founder and head chef of a popular restaurant called Mission Chinese. Over the past couple of years, the eclectic Asian fusion eatery has grown into one of the coolest, trendiest, hottest, hippest, restaurants on both the East and West Coast. Need proof? In 2011, the original San Francisco location was named one of the Top 10 New Restaurants in the country by Bon Appetit and GQ. And remember the New York Times food critic who panned Guy Fieri’s restaurant? He named Mission Chinese the top “New York Restaurant Triumph of 2012.”

From The New York Times:

True, I gave more stars to other restaurants. Mission Chinese Food, which got two, is young and probably still growing. The same dish might taste very different from one night to the next. But both versions would taste like nothing else in town. And no other restaurant I reviewed this year left me feeling as exhilarated each time I got up from the table. The chef, Danny Bowien, seems to have found a secret stash of flavor that he applies to food that may start out as Chinese but that leaves the kitchen as pure Mission Chinese. You couldn’t mistake Mr. Bowien’s cumin lamb for the original Sichuan dish, not with its wads of sugary dates or its bay leaves with their eucalyptus scent. He amplified the flavors in the typically sedate salt-cod fried rice until he had something that seized your full attention and kept it. For its bravado, its inventiveness, its low prices, its attempt to ease the suffering of those waiting at the door by tapping a small keg of free beer, and its promise to give some of its earnings on each entree to a food bank, Mission Chinese was the most exciting restaurant of the year.

That’s kind of cool, huh? But know what’s even cooler?  Chef Danny is wanting to expand Mission Chinese to different markets and it looks like Oklahoma City is on the short list. From a May 1 interview with James Beard Foundation:

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Some guy got drunk and finally tried to steal the Barons’ zamboni…


The guy pictured above is Spencer Holt. Recently, he had the balls to do something that we’ve all fantasized about at least once or twice in our life. He attempted to steal the Oklahoma City Barons Zamboni machine.

From KOKH Channel 25:

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