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Monday Morning Tweets: Cardboard David Payne is on the loose

At the time of writing, I’m unsure as to whether or not I will have to attend work tomorrow. And if we’re open, I can guarantee that I will spend the entirety of the workday completely unproductive because I will feel that I’ve been cheated out of a snow day. And if you do have the day off, know that I will be jealous of you and your job where they don’t expect you to get out on the ice unnecessarily. Basically, I’m ready for this Monday to be the worst Monday ever. I’m sure some of you are in similar situations. That’s why I’ve put together the very best tweets for your entertainment. May they bring you comfort on your snow or non-snow day. As always, the tweets are after the jump.

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Let’s go ahead and build that Great Wall of Tornado…

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.47.16 AM

It was kind of weird news week in Oklahoma.

We had some Braum’s delivery truck empty syrup onto the highway, News 9’s Steve Shaw try to extract every ounce (and ounce) of the story into a sweeps waffle, and then some guy who Steve Shaw probably wants to interview prance naked through the streets near Wilshire and May.

In addition to all that, some crazy physicist from Temple proposed that we build giant walls throughout the Midwest to stop tornados.

From KOCO:

Physicist Rongjia Tao of Temple University has authored a paper that proposes building giant walls to prevent tornadoes.

He said three east-west structures should be built to weaken airflow. He claimed that this could help prevent tornadoes from hitting “tornado alley.”

Tao proposed building structures that are about 1,000 feet high and 150 feet wide.

That seems badass! Maybe we can name the walls after Gary England. Here’s where the structures would be constructed:

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Satire, Victory Dolls, Mardi Gras and an Ironman Mixer


Hello everyone, it’s Adam.

It’s time for the Olympics withdrawal, a feeling I dread every two years. Rio will be here before I know it, which is great for my Olympic addiction, but not so good for my age.

Another “O” word will be flying around this weekend, that being the Oscars. Prepare for the only Academy Awards preview you will ever need. I think I should preface this in-depth guide to everything Oscars with the fact that I watch about three movies a year and have seen zero of this year’s nominees.

I believe the last time I saw a movie at a theatre was “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.” That one hurt me in the heart. That was terrible.

Well here it is, every category will be swept by “The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy.” I don’t care if it came out in 1996. You can put money on this prediction.

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august osage county poster

(Editor’s Note: With the Academy Awards taking place on Sunday night, we asked TLO Senior Film Critic Louis Fowler to review the Oscar nominated “August: Osage County.” Not only was the movie filmed in Oklahoma, but it’s set here, too.)

There are few things more uncomfortable, for a minority, at least, than being invited to a white person’s house for a family dinner.

Within minutes, what at first appeared as a Cleaver-esque visage of divine Caucasian merriment devolves into a rather loud episode of Cops as passive-aggressive paternal comments about weight gain and failure to finish school give way to children bringing up past emotional crimes against them, all the while you’re sitting there, stuck in the middle, trying to quietly finish off the rest of the pot roast on your plate before grandma asks an innocuously racist question about Mexicans in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

But, such are the pitfalls of dating white chicks, I suppose.

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Lost Ogle Q&A: Councilman Ed Shadid

ed shadid dinosaur girls

Councilman Ed Shadid posing with two mean girls who threaten to sue you if use their picture.

Today on TLO, we’re featuring Q&A’s with the two electable candidates in the 2014 Oklahoma City Mayoral Election: Mayor Mick and Councilman Ed. We sent the same 19 questions about local issues and culture to each one. The questions are all over the map – some are serious, some are absurd, and one I forgot to ask, hence the 19 questions. It’s also the closest thing this city will probably have to an actual debate.

Earlier this morning, I told you about how I was drunk the first time I met Mayor Cornett. Well, the first time I met Councilman Ed Shadid I wasn’t sober either. I was loaded up on Sudafed, Vicks and caffeine.

In early December, Ed and I met up at Red Cup on a Friday afternoon for coffee. What a hipster thing to do. Before the meeting, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know a lot about Ed. Based on his campaign materials and soft voice, I pegged him as a quiet, reserved and ultra-serious politician. And I was wrong. In many ways, Ed was totally different from what I expected. He’s candid, laid back, and pretty damn cool. He has some sort of charisma that’s hard to explain. For nearly two hours, we had an engaging conversation about Oklahoma City and the issues this town is facing. By the end of our talk, I was ready to march out the door and start hiring policeman and paving sidewalks in neighborhoods with him.

Here’s his Q&A:

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