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More Oklahoma kids are going to college than ever before

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Ah, college. That time in a young person’s life that is so full opportunity and hope. Movies like Animal House and Van Wilder make it look like a party. And movies like Good Will Hunting proved that even janitors can do it. And now, Oklahomans are doing it in record numbers. According to a story on, the three major universities in the state have all broken enrollment records, thus leading me to conclude that every member of Oklahoma’s Gen Y is trying for a job with Chesapeake or Devon. Though, those applying for Devon will most likely apply with Sandridge because Devon uses sand art in their commercials, and that’s really confusing when you think about it.

According to the report:

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Hell, I guess we’ll write about the Valedictorian from Prague

Unless you’re my dad and depend solely upon The Lost Ogle for local news and information, you’ve surely heard the story about the Kaitlin Nootbaar. She’s the valedictorian from Prague High School who was denied her diploma because she, get this, dropped an H-bomb in her commencement speech.

The H-bomb she dropped wasn’t atomic, nor was it the words “Hatefucker” or “Hercules Dick,” which were my nicknames in high school. No, she had the nerve to say “Hell” in her commencement speech, which ironically enough, just happens to be the home of the Prague mascot.

Since KFOR broke the news, it’s gone ultra-viral. It’s made the front page of Yahoo and has been picked up by just about every major media outlet across the globe. This has led to an outpouring of support for Kaitlin, and a rush of people stumbling across our site in search of more information about Joleen Chaney. Seriously, check out our search engine stats from yesterday:

Sorry 75 random perverted dudes who saw a video of Joleen Chaney and then decided to search for bikini pics of her. We don’t have any, and we don’t know if any exist. However, if you did stumble across some while googling, can you send them our way? We’d love to post them. Plus, we heard bikini pics of Joleen Chaney make for a great watermelon fertilizer.

Anyway, it appears that the asshat who decided to withhold Kaitlin’s diploma is Prague Public School’s superintendent Rick Martin. He’s been very defensive about the whole ordeal. Here’s a picture of him from the Prague Public School’s website.

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Oklahoma by the Numbers: Attack of Mary Fallin’s Hand

Hey friends, so it’s been a little over a month since we’ve done Oklahoma by the Numbers. Once again, I have rummaged through the rag we call The Oklahoman to find the meat of what’s going on in our state. I have prepared that meat in a delicious and bite size burger for your reading enjoyment. We have a lot of interesting stats to cover and some pictures of random hot chicks to display, you know, to make up for the picture we found of Gov. Mary Fallin’s hand at the premier of Thunderstruck. Jesus, that’s scary. It’s almost bigger than Kevin Durant’s mom. Alright, enough with our governor trying to be “hip,” let’s get to the stats. Read More

2012 Worst of OKC: Worst Douche Bag

When it comes to things like voting on an obscure local blog, people love to name their favorite douchebag. Of all the categories we threw at you last year, this category got the biggest response with over a million* votes. Instead of wasting your time with inane banter, I’ll let all of you get started with voting.

*I was home schooled so any number after twenty I assume is a million. – JDD

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These assholes shot a dog and kidnapped a puppy

With the varying opinions on everything from frat boys to Wayne Coyne, lately it seems as though the Lost Ogle has been a bit of a bloodbath. Although some of you may argue that these serious issues indeed deserve heated, CAPS LOCKED COMMENTARY, I’m fairly certain that all of the overwhelming aggression we’re experiencing is directly correlated to how many days it’s been since the last time we watching a college football game. Well my friends, that wait is finally over. Before we all start griping to our cubical neighbors about Landry Jones’s merits or Boone Picken’s way of looming over Mike Gundy as if he were the team’s owner, let’s chit chat about a subject that we can ALL agree upon: criminals are bad, and a group of criminals is even worse. Especially ones who shoot dogs and kidnap puppies

From News On 6:
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