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Out on the West Texas town of El Paso, they fell in love with Oklahoma City

As you know, last Saturday night the University of Oklahoma football team traveled to El Paso and struggled to defeat a low-level program that uses yellow mustard to treat injuries.

The fact that a prestigious football program was crazy enough to venture to southwest Texas to play a football game was a pretty big deal to the El Paso media. In fact, it even spurred one local news channel to run a story on the similarities between El Paso and OKC, and how El Paso can possibly become a big league city if they can just build a ballpark in downtown.

From KVIA in El Paso:

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Hey ladies, stay away from tainted black market tampons

I’ve written enough posts on this site over the past five years to know that criminals will steal, eat, cut, snort, shoot, assault, defile and kill just about anything. Because of that, I wasn’t surprised to learn that someone has stolen 16,000 cases of tainted tampons that were on their way to Oklahoma.

Gross, huh? From NBC 5 in DFW:

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Let’s meet up at the library and talk about tornadoes!

Since I’ve lived in Oklahoma City my entire life, I’m basically a Certified Honorary Meteorologist. Sure, I’ve never taken a meteorology class and only recently learned that the “s” in science is silent, but I’ve watched enough severe weather cut-ins and bootlegs of “Those Terrible Twisters” to know a hook echo from rainbow.

Anyway, the National Weather Service is looking for people like me to stop by the Norman library tonight and share my knowledge about tornadoes. Specifically, they want to know where twisters tend to go, stories I have about them, and how they behave. Feel safe? From the National Weather Service:

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Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week One

Hey ladies.

So I wanted to stop writing for this blog, but then Patrick asked me to write a weekly power poll where I break down the previous weekend’s OU and OSU games. Since I never turn down a captive audience or opportunity to promote Sam Adams Oktoberfest, I reluctantly agreed.

Anyway, here are 10 thoughts from OU and OSU’s laughers.

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Breaking Thunder News: Thunder News 9 Kevin Durant Thunder Thunder Fear Beard Thunder Thunder

Here’s a little secret. We like the Thunder in Oklahoma City. In fact, we probably like the Thunder a little too much. At first, our town’s obsession was kind of cute, but now it’s become creepy. It’s like the Thunder is our cute little baby, and we’ve all turned into a crazed parent from Toddlers & Tiaras.

News 9 has definitely picked up on this dangerous obsession we have we Berry’s Boomers. They are so desperate for ratings that they try to tie every possible news story back to the team. For example, they recently provided excessive coverage to a shady out-of-state filmmaker just because he chose to shoot his “movie” in Oklahoma as opposed to Miami. They failed to report that he has been charged with fraud and sued by investors involved with his other “filmmaking” projects.

It makes you wonder what’s next. Maybe they’ll send Jim Gardner to cover a fender bender involving a car with a Thunder flag, or maybe they’ll do a report on a guy who had a heart attack during a Thunder game. Oh wait, they already did that…

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