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Pretty soon, the weird lady who lives next door can legally sell you her pumpkin bread…


Food service, readers. Is there a better business? Not only do you create and serve food to sustain the masses, but you make money in the process. As someone who formerly worked in restaurants, and as someone who currently spends a lot of time eating at restaurants, I’m a fan of the food service industry. I think it’s important for me to let everyone know that when it comes to bakeries, I am absolutely in love.

Much like Shakira, my hips don’t lie, and these hips will tell you all about the chocolate cake, the cupcakes with butter cream icing, and all those delightful and buttery shortbread cookies that I’ve consumed in the past week. (Yeah, I said week. I know it’s only Wednesday, and when you take into account that I’ve had the flu and pretty much didn’t eat at all on Tuesday, it’s pretty impressive how many baked goods I’ve been able to down so far. You say gluttony, I say accomplishment.) However, my sugar consuming may be coming to a halt soon. The governor has basically signed a law that let’s little old lady hoarders bake bugs into cookies and then sell them.

According to

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Surprise, Garth Brooks is shameless…

garth brooks autograph hounds

A little over a year ago, I took some heat from when I stood up for INTEGRIS Health during their much publicized legal battle with Garth Brooks.

If you remember correctly, Garth Brooks donated $500,000 to a hospital in Yukon thinking they would name a hospital wing after his mother. INTEGRIS claimed naming rights weren’t part of the deal, and then Brooks asked for his donation back. INTEGRIS refused, Brooks took them to court, and a Claremore jury of country music fans, hillbillies and Garth Brooks autograph seekers (pictured above) ruled in his favor.

Here’s what I wrote at the time:

When did Garth Brooks become the mean banker from the Dirt Bike Kid? The guy’s worth $325-million and he’s suing a hospital for $500,000 because they didn’t name a hospital wing after his mom. That would be like me driving back to Taco Bell and asking for a refund because they didn’t leave the red sauce off my bean burrito.

Seriously, what a tool. I hope the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes him right on the head. Maybe INTEGRIS did lie and maybe they are a “not for profit” system that generates billions of dollars in revenue, but who cares. Live with it and move on! This is a hospital. You don’t donate something to them and then ask for it back. That’s such an Indi…uh…uhh…uhhh…taker backer (!!!) thing to do. Thanks Rugrats!..

Anyway, I hope Garth Brooks loses this case. Sure, INTEGRIS is loaded, but the money went to construct a hospital and/or pay ridiculous executive salaries and/or to write off bad debt owed by poor people without insurance. That’s money well spent if you ask me.

Anyway, I bring this up because I’m apparently not the only one who thinks Garth Brooks is a greedy, shady tool. Check out this lawsuit that a former business partner filed against him.

Via TMZ:

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Full-time Hobby Lobby employees now earn more than entry level journalists…

jennifer palmer opubco

The lady pictured above is Jennifer Palmer. She’s a business writer for the Oklahoman. Now that she’s wrapped up vulturing out “PICKELOS!”  into the speakers at Sonic, her editor’s gave her the cruel and demeaning task of interviewing Hobby Lobby employees that probably make more than she does.

Yes, Hobby Lobby employees have received another raise. Live, laugh, and love it all after the jump…

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Some man failed miserably at robbing an Oklahoma City Taco Bell…

One thing people say about Oklahomans is that we are among the nicest people in the world. It doesn’t matter if you need someone to give you directions or simply pay for your meal as you rob a Taco Bell, an Oklahoman will always help!


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The one where Mary Fallin asks Kevin Ogle about his brother’s website “The Lost Ogle”


Yesterday, Mary Fallin joined Kevin Ogle, Kirk Humphreys and Jari Askins on KFOR’s Sunday morning political news program Flashpoint. They discussed a variety of important topics, including cutting the state income tax, repairing the State Capitol and Kevin Ogle’s little brother’s website, The Lost Ogle.

Check out the video. The fun stuff starts about 3/4 the way through at around the six-minute mark:

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