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The 10 Best Pics from News 9’s State Fair Photo Contest

As a loyal Ogle Mole, you’re probably aware that our State Fair Photo Contest is one of this site’s more popular features. This year alone, our three contest posts received about 30,000 pageviews and over 10,000 total votes. The winning pic was Beauty and the Corn Dog.

It looks like a local media organization has noticed our contest’s popularity. Channel 9 launched their first State Fair Photo contest this year. Here are the details:

State Fair Photo Contest

News 9 and Bedford Camera & Video want to see your favorite fair photos. Send us your craziest, funniest, most unbelievable photo of the fair and you will be entered to win a gift certificate to Bedford Camera & Video!

How To Win

Win a $500, $200 or $100 gift card for creating the best picture at the state fair! Entries are now closed.

Bedford Camera and Video

Putting the customer first since 1974, and offering great prices, Bedford Camera & Video in Oklahoma City sells the best camera brands, all the accessories a shutterbug requires and offers photofinishing and digital imaging services including a convenient kiosk area for ordering prints, gifts and more. Official Rules

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking? What type of crazy, funny, “most unbelievable” photos would News 9 viewers submit to this thing. Well let me tell you. The answer is “kids,” and lots of them. I’d guesstimate that 80% of the contest entries are pics of kids just hanging out at the fair. That’s cool if you’re that kid’s parent, grandparent or a sicko, but no one else wants to see a pic of your kid at the fair petting zoo. It’s like someone took every annoying kid picture of your Facebook timeline and vomited them all over the News 9 website.

That being said, there were some photos of non-kids. I selected my 10 favorite photos, published them, and criticized them in the name of “fair” use (eh?) after the jump.

Remember, all these photos are real entries to the News 9 contest.

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Reason #4,762 not to live in El Reno: Brown Water

So, I was surfing the web for an image to accompany this post about brown water spewing out of faucets in El Reno. I first googled “brown water.” After looking at a couple of pics I quickly closed my browser and stabbed my eyes with needles. After recovering from that, I googled “El Reno.” This pic was the fourth Google image result:

Hey, it’s a redneck El Reno girl in a swimsuit holding a sign in a blizzard! Yeeeeeehaw!!! She’s kind of stripper/country hot, but that’s still cool. Trust me, it sure beats looking at images of brown water.

Oddly enough, the pic is located at It’s one of those user submitted “Rick’s Pics” or whatever it is now. The two KOCO user comments that accompany it make YouTube comments seem profound. They are “Girls gone wild is on another website” and “CRAZY girl!!!!  You have lost your mind!!!”

Anyway, couple of thoughts:

1. During our next Winter Snowpocalypse, we need to have a “Hot Girls in Swimsuits in the Snow” photo contest. Who wouldn’t like that? Maybe our friends at Patricia’s can sponsor it.

2. I kind of forgot about this, but some lady in El Reno is having to deal with brown water. Sucks to be her.


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Mack Brown was right. Let’s ban upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns.

First of all, how about that election last night? Pretty cool, wasn’t it? When I got home from Free Team Trivia at The 51st Street Speakeasy (shameless plus), I watched some Fox News. I did it just to see the “Fair and Balanced” reaction, and how they’d spin the beat down the Republican Party received in any state not named Oklahoma. It was pretty fun. In fact, it was almost as fun as hating Texas and Mack Brown!

Yes, by now you’ve probably heard that Crybaby Extraordinaire (Mack Brown) whined about the upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns hand gestures made during Texas games. If not, here’s the article from NewsOK:

Texas coach Mack Brown said opponents flashing the upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns sign is “disrespectful” and something the Big 12 Conference should discuss.

Brown’s comments came Monday, two days after Texas wide receiver Mike Davis drew a flag for mocking Texas Tech’s “Guns Up” sign.

Davis reportedly made the “Guns Up” sign and then holstered it after his two touchdown receptions in the Longhorns’ 33-21 win Saturday at Texas Tech. Davis was warned the first time and penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct on the second.

Brown’s comment about the upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns came in response to a direct question about that gesture, The Dallas Morning News reported.

“The Horns down is disrespectful,” Brown said. “We ought to talk about that as a league.”

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but Mack Brown is correct. Upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns is totally disrespectful. And you know what, that’s exactly why we do it! Knowing it irritates him is like icing on the cake or an extra touchdown in what’s becoming a traditional Red River Rivalry blowout.

That being said, I also agree with Mack on another point. I think the “league” should talk about banning the disrespectful signal… at league games where Texas is not playing.

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Let’s turn Edmond into Oklahoma’s official retirement community

An Edmond woman, Alice M. Scott, turned 100-years old back on October 30. This got me to thinking. I’m from Edmond. Can I, too, expect such a long and glorious life? Is there something in that Hafer Park pond water that functions as a fountain of youth? Is driving on Danforth between Kelly and Fretz really the slow-moving time warp that it feels like  and can cause the relative speed of your life to decrease? Have I seen every movie and read every book on time travel and still don’t understand the science behind it?

Since making it out of Edmond to the glorious haven that is Norman, where cops don’t even bother to pull you over for speeding because they have bigger DUI fish to fry and you can smoke weed on Main Street and no one seems to get caught, I’ve long thought that I would never go back. Sure, my family lives there now and lived there before it even became a city (fact: My great grandparents owned land that was bought by CSU, now UCO), but I like to go out at night, and, well, I believe I covered my feelings about Edmond’s night life back before I officially wrote for this blog.

But Alice has got me to thinking: What if we turned Edmond into a safe haven for old folks? It seems to have granted Alice unnaturally long life, like the one ring of power did to Bilbo Baggins. Perhaps, Edmond is the precious that will ensure our forebearers are able to serve old Werther’s Originals in a fancy candy dish, watch The Price is Right, and lose hearing aid batteries under their recliners for years to come. Check out these ten reasons why Edmond should be the official retirement home city of Oklahoma after the jump!

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Note to Self: Do not pee in a yard in Piedmont

When I was in high school, my friends and I spent a lot of time in Piedmont, Oklahoma. We did this for one very important reason: Piedmont girls.

Piedmont girls were awesome. They were cute, fun and would easily make out with you. I guess you can say they were like Yukon or Mustang girls, except they didn’t chew tobacco and you didn’t have to get them drunk. As an added bonus, they were located only 15-minutes away from the outlet mall at Council and Northwest Expressway. Piedmont girls love outlet malls.

One time I had a “playa” moment and actually dated two different girls from Piedmont at the same time. I sure was a badass. One girl’s name was Rebecca (the blonde), and the other one was Sara (the brunette). They had been best friends, but were in the middle of catty high school girl fight when I started dating them. I didn’t know about this until I was at Rebecca’s house and saw some “Becca and Sara BFF 4Ever” photo collage on posterboard in her bedroom. That was kind of awkward. Eventually, the girls found out they were both talking to the same nerd from PC West. My “playa” moment didn’t last too long after that.

Anyway, I apologize for all that. I had to relive the 1996 glory days for a second. I guess the point I was going to make was that the only thing that sucked about Piedmont girls were Piedmont cops. Simply put, they were assholes. They’d pull you over for going 1 mph over the speed limit, or for listening to your car stereo too loud, or for making out with a girl named Sara in the back of your friend Isaac’s blue Camaro.

Well, I guess some things don’t change. Piedmont cops are still assholes. Now instead of harassing teenage boys, they are going after Piedmont residents. They recently ticketed a family for $2,500 because a three-year old kid peed in a front yard.

Via News 9:

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