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Man attacks Subway employee with sandwich…

When we were going through the heat wave last summer, I shared this experience about how I nearly snapped while waiting in line at Subway:

I know it’s “cooled” down to the 90s for the past few days, but I think it’s safe to say that the heat is making everyone a little extra moody, irritable and angry. It’s even got to me a little bit. Last Monday, I held a door open for a soccer mom and her teenage son at Subway and then nearly killed them with my eyes after they proceeded to order six footlong subs while I waited behind them in line. I did everything in my passive aggressive power to let them know how pissed I was. I tapped on the glass, made audible sighs, and called my imaginary wife who was at home with our newborn baby to tell her it would be a while because I was stuck in line. That’s a far cry from my typical Subway line behavior, which is to contemplate what I’m doing at Subway or get caught up with Words With Friends.

Well, know I feel a little better. Apparently I’m not the only one who gets a little frustrated while waiting for a shitty sandwich. For example, some guy in Tulsa recentlyt assaulted a Subway employee with his $5-footlong:

Via News on 6:

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BeeBee Jonez has “unretired” from “acting…”

I received a text from my Uncle Bob last Tuesday stating that he couldn’t read The Lost Ogle from his work computer. The site was being flagged as a “restricted” website that may contain “sexual material.”  This was alarming because our business model is very dependent upon people reading from their cubicle while they should be hard at work looking at spreadsheets.

I figured/hoped my uncle’s work computer situation was related to the post we published the day before. It was about Moore native and nationally known (this word is spelled backwards  —>) rnop star BeeBee Jonez being an Oklahoma City Thunder fan. My suspicions were confirmed when he sent the following text on Friday:

Well I can finally open Lost Ogle but I can’t go to page 2. Whatever you have there is what is getting flagged and blocked.That’s

That’s great. Now whenever I write about Oklahoma actresses who get paid to do the nasty-nasty on camera, there’s a chance the Internet police will block us. That’s not good. Since we want people like my uncle to be able to read this stuff while trudging through a conference call, I’ve decided to go out of my way to prevent TLO from being blacklisted. That means I’m intentionally not writing the actress’ name correctly and I’m avoiding posting any, uhm, sultry photos. Hell, I even renamed the pic above Jessica Tandy.

Anyway, last summer BeeBee announced she was retiring from the grown-up movie world. Not surprisingly, that didn’t last long. Here’s an excerpt from a moderately interesting interview on a site called Bro Bible. Yes, Bro Bible. I edited out the “p” word the rhymes with “scorn.”

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Jim Traber has quit Twitter, may have been catfished and needs to control his wife…

This will not be your typical edition of the Monday Morning Tweets. We will not feature strange tweets from Dean Blevins, awkward conversations with Linda Cavanaugh, and random exclamation points from Regular Jim Traber. This is because Traber deleted his Twitter account and Linda and Dean are just as stunned as we are.

The story and mystery surrounding this development is very bizarre. On Saturday night, because I have an awesome social life, I combed through Twitter and looked for tweets I could use for this week’s post. For whatever reason I decided to pick Traber’s first. The most recent tweet was about one minute old. It was sent by his wife, Julie. And it wasn’t very f-cking nice.

Check it out:

trabes jules

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5 reasons why this dude from Oklahoma deserves the Grammy that Mumford & Sons will inevitably win


Hi, I’m Matt! Before I get started here I just want to say that this is my first thing for The Lost Ogle and that Patrick’s a righteous dude. He’s been kind enough to lend me space on his site to goof off about local music at the expense of a well-received, extremely popular band, despite the fact that I make very little mention of hot girls. Kudos to you, Patrick.

That all said **sound of knuckles popping** this year’s Grammy Awards get dished out tomorrow and Mumford & Sons are the New York Yankees in a league that —like the MLB— favors big spenders. They’re up for a league-leading six awards (that ties them with Fun. and Frank Ocean for the year’s most nominations), including Best Americana Album for Babel, their second album and a massively popular one by the standards of acoustic, roots-styled tunes in 2012. Babel is a musically powerful if predictable record with lyrics that hold up to scrutiny about the same way soggy wheat-based breakfast cereals hold up against a garbage disposal. (Back in October I spent a LOOKatOKC column on this topic, but for a 100x smarter deconstruction of the band, check out Tom Breihan’s recent post at Stereogum.) There are admirable qualities in Mumford for sure: the pummel and volume of their live performances and their lack of fear to approach big, meaningful themes in their songwriting stand out in particular. But at the end of the day they’re still handsome, polite boys with instruments made of wood and gimmicky poems. (Who happen to have just announced a show in Guthrie, as your rustically dressed friends may have recently pointed out on your Facebook Timelines.)

This all would all be of little consequence to this obscure, local, social blog if it weren’t for the fact that one of the evil empire’s band’s opponents on its way to total Grammy domination was an exceptionally gifted 24-year-old songwriter from Bearden, Oklahoma. That young man is John Fullbright, whose debut album From the Ground Up was humbly distributed last year to great critical praise from a handful of sharp listeners, NPR’s Ann Powers in particular, who described the record as ”smart and beautifully crafted and surly.” If the Mumfords are the Murderer’s Row Yankees, then Fullbright is probably the Tulsa Drillers (I say the Drillers instead of the Redhawks because they’re a class level smaller and, let’s face it, ONEOK Field is ten times cooler than that ballpark in Bricktown). Fullbright did his thing with way fewer resources, a fraction of the name recognition, and he even did it as a rookie, as From the Ground Up is his first proper studio album.

So here are a five reasons why —even though Mumford & Sons are a vintage boot-in to win everything they’re nominated for tomorrow— John Fullbright deserves this particular scrap of recognition:

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Mailbag: Jim Traber, Sherri Coale and Tatros

It’s mailbag time. Before we begin, here are some random things:

1. Has anyone checked out the new My Bloody Valentine yet? I’m kind of worried about it. Is it worth listening to? Please advise.

2. The WordPress plug-in we use for Facebook and Twitter is acting kind of goofy, so I apologize if we’ve clogged up your feed with multiple back-to-back-to-back posts. I’ve switched to the built-in WordPress version for now. Other than manually updating our posts, does anyone have any good suggestions?

3. Marisa mentioned this earlier, but you should probably check out the Oklahoma City Ballet’s production of Paris Rogue. It should be pretty fun, and according to our sources, is targeted towards the TLO demographic. If you go to the ballet on a date, I’d suggest dining on pizza at The Wedge or Deep Fork Grill beforehand. Afterwards, I’d check out the 51st Street Speakeasy or Patricia’s. One of the two.

4. This week’s “Make an Ogle Wish” is the same as last week. I want to watch a Thunder game from front row, courtside seats. If you’re an Ogle Mole and can make this happen, send me an email.

To the mailbag.

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