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10 Hottest Men in the Oklahoma City Media

(Editor’s Note: Next week we’ll unveil our 20 10 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City media. In the spirit of equal time, we commissioned our Senior Female Contributor Marisa to rank the 10 Hottest Guys in the OKC Media. Now you ladies can’t complain that we only objectify women.)

All right, lady readers, the time has come! It’s finally time to count down the top 10 Hottest Men in Oklahoma City Media. After years of pink bikinis and baton twirlers, it’s time. And guess what? Van Shea Ivan and Al Eschbach aren’t even on the list!

10. Jack McBride, So6ix Magazine

I am in no way condoning what this man does or negating any negative press regarding his douche baggery we’ve given him since So6ix has hit the scene. What I am saying is this man is attractive because he can probably get you all sorts of discounts on tanning and hair products, as well as an open tab at City Walk. You’d never bring him home to Mom or have a serious relationship, but it could be fun for a summer.

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This lady got life in prison for murdering a disabled dwarf with a crystal ball

Usually I don’t like to write about local news stories that involve death or murder or south Oklahoma City, but I just can’t turn down the chance to write a headline like that. Seriously, these types of opportunities only present themselves once every couple of years, and even then they don’t involve dwarves, crystal balls or women who look like college boys from 1994.

From NewsOK:

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Picking the Thunder’s Poison

During the month of April, thunder has dominated the skies, but the Thunder has not emulated that on the basketball court. A team that was winning approximately three-quarters of their games coming into the month has only won half of their ten games since March ended. For many fans, this has been cause for panic.


Royce Young at Daily Thunder recently invited me to participate in a panel regarding the Thunder’s April swoon, and all three members of the panel agreed that most of the concern is unmerited. At this point in the season, the team has little on the line.

As much as the prestige and potential benefit of achieving the “best record” means to fans, it is hardly something that professional basketball players can work themselves into a lather about. I don’t imagine Kendrick Perkins pumping up the guys in the team huddle with motivational speeches that go like this:

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The five worst college towns in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has lots of universities and colleges. Probably too many for our sparsly populated state. Regardless of what you think of Tulsa, Stillwater or Norman, they will not be on this list. Those universities are big enough to make even the crappiest town in Oklahoma a fun place. This list is about college towns that have nothing to offer their students when they are not in class or just stupid schools.

Here we go, the five worst college towns in Oklahoma:

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Listen to some strange man recite the names of all the Thunder players

Imagine that Boomer Tramel had a mildly retarded bother named Sebastian. Now imagine that Sebastian got drunk one night and decided to record the names of all the Thunder players and post them individually to YouTube.

Well, imagine no more, because I’m pretty sure that nightmare just became reality. Check out these weird YouTube videos that an Ogle Mole alerted us to. I’m not sure if they were made by Berry Tramel’s fictitious mildly retarded brother named Sebastian, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


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