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Everything is not okay in Okay, Oklahoma…

Sometimes they say the story writes itself. Well, this story about a city councilman in Okay, Oklahoma, who smoked synthetic marijuana, talked to his horse Cherokee, and then got tazed by the town’s sheriff is one of those stories.

From KTUL:

A city councilor in a rural Oklahoma town is calling for the dismissal of the town’s police chief after the chief used a Taser on the councilor.

Paco Frye is on the city council in Okay, Oklahoma, in Wagoner County about 50 miles southeast of Tulsa.

Frye said the police chief used a Taser on him last month while he was outside his house smoking potpourri, or synthetic marijuana.

“I get high to take care of my pain,” Frye said.

Frye said he was outside talking to his horse, Cherokee.

Police Chief Fred Winters said he received calls from neighbors saying Frye was talking extremely loud and appeared to have overdosed.

“They said they’d been listening to him for over three hours,” Winters said. “He wasn’t himself, even for Mr. Frye.”

Yeah, that’s pretty amazing, but know what’s even better???

The video:

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Friday night in the big town: Boo, Batman, and Les Mis

Do you hear that, readers? No, you don’t. You know why? Because Norman is a ghost town. All the kids have packed up and left for the weekend that every other school calls Fall Break, but we call OU/TX weekend. There is no traffic, and an eerie sense of calm has settled over my city. I like it. I may even go park on campus today just because I can and because there will be spots available. With whatever you choose to occupy your day, just remember to take a moment to look at the clock, and whatever time it is, you know that Texas still sucks.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

October 12: Boo Ritson “Homecoming” at City Arts Center

Boo Ritson is an English artist that is fascinated with American culture. All her pieces are centered around American culture. There will be approximately 60 of her pieces featured at the exhibition, and “Homecoming will run through December 21.

An interesting thing to note about Boo is that she has never been to this area of the country. The majority of her inspiration comes from watching old black and white movies. She’s here this week touring Oklahoma with her manager, and I shudder to think what sorts of inspiration she’ll draw for new projects. Hopefully she meets very upstanding Oklahomans, and not the toothless sort that wind up on the national news after a tornado.

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This rap video produced by the University of Oklahoma is the best bad thing you’ll watch all week…

I know what you’re thinking. Why’s Bob Stoops posing with one of the dads from MTV’s Teen Mom in front in Gaylord Oklahoma stadium? Why does he look like he wants to quit coaching college football and join his wife’s Mary Kay downline?

Well, here’s your answer:

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Ogle Mole Investigation Network: Which beautiful woman did Louis C.K. sleep with when he visited OKC?

Yesterday, I posted a six-year-old audio clip of Louis C.K. making a hysterical reference to the Oklahoma City bombing during a stand-up bit about OKC. The reference was hysterical because Louis CK is a comic genius who’s immune to any type of criticism. You see, comedians get to play by a different set of rules when it comes to free speech, and if they push the boundaries of decency and say something extremely distasteful during an act or show, that’s your problem because they are comedians and just trying to be funny. You should just laugh it off and move on.

Anyway, in the post I mentioned that funny references to devastating acts of terrorism that killed 168 people and impacted the lives of thousands isn’t the first time Oklahoma City has made a cameo in a Louis C.K. bit. In a HBO stand-up special from the aughts, he mentioned that he had sex with a beautiful woman in Oklahoma City. Here’s a clip, which was dug-up on YouTube by local stand-up comic Bradchad Porter:

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The Travels of Cardboard Jim Traber: Gary England Day Pilgrimage (photos and video)

Last week, Tony and I grabbed Cardboard Jim Traber and took a pilgrimage to Seiling, Oklahoma for Gary England Day. The purpose of the pilgrimage was to celebrate and honor the birthday of our severe weather savior Gary England. Specifically, we wanted to:

1. Pay tribute to Lord England by offering him melted hail from the Great Hailstorm of 2010 at the Seiling tornado siren.

2. Search for lost relics, including the Holy Gentner of Apache, the original script to Twister, and Gary’s first five-day forecast.

3. Sacrifice a lamb, virgin or Ogle Brother at the Seiling Mill or Bivens Drug.

Well, since we couldn’t find a virgin or lamb anywhere in Oklahoma City, and Kelly Ogle is a surprisingly strong man who can frighteningly rip through a net with ease, we weren’t able to accomplish item number 3. But the other ones, well, continue reading.

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