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KFOR wants you to be afraid of Krokodil and / or Crocodiles…


It looks like the national media has found a new dangerous illegal street drug to drive hysteria, fear, and television ratings and web traffic. This time around, the drug’s name is Krokodil. Apparently, using the heroin knockoff will cause your body to either melt or be turned inside out and explode like that creature from Galaxy Quest. Yes, Galaxy Quest. What can I say, it was a long weekend.

Not wanting to be left out of the trend to over -hype a new drug and worry parents, old people and church pastors, KFOR Channel 4 posted to its Facebook Wall a link to a story on its own website that simply quotes and links to a CNN article about the drug. How would the KFOR social media gurus sensationalize the story? Would they warn that Oklahoma teens are trying the drugs while taking bath salts or dropping vodka in their eyeballs?

No, that’s too easy. They got all creative and went the crocodile – zombie route:

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College Football Musings from the Train: OU / Texas Meltdown


I would guess a plethora of non-OU fans are giddy to read my take on Saturday’s Red River Rivalry Bullshit.

It is my pleasure to oblige.

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Monday Morning Tweets: Emily Sutton’s Dog Is Better Than Yours

What a long strange week it’s been, eh? There were layoffs, losses, and Nobel Prizes. We aren’t going to cover any of that Nobel business in your Monday Morning Tweets. Who cares about humans achieving great things and being recognized for it when you have some people that have done silly things on Twitter? We have priorities. As always, I’ve grabbed all the good ones and compiled them here for you. And, as always, these tweets are right here after the jump!

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Puzzle, Roz, Radio and the Plaza


Hello everyone. It’s your Czar of Amusement, Adam. I’m here to help you find alternatives to the big game. I mean really, who wants to watch another epic beat down? And the traffic! It’s going to take so long just to get into the parking lot for the Skiatook Bulldogs – Shawnee Wolves game.

It’s so over commercialized it’s not even worth it anymore. I remember when it was underground like Guestroom Records used to be. Now it’s all Beyonce and Robin Thicke.

Don’t listen to me, I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

I did however have one of my windows busted by neighborhood kids by means of a rock. I mean, I assume they were kids. I guess they could have been elderly people on Hoverounds and Rascal scooters. That would be so cute.

Here are a few things to do this weekend.

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The Daily O’Collegian is sorry one of their reporters was caught making up shit for news stories…

scot templeton

Season 5 of The Wire must be really popular on the OSU campus.

The Daily O’Collegian, the student-run newspaper for Oklahoma State University, issued an editorial retraction and apology for several stories that recently appeared in the school’s paper. Apparently, some lazy student reporter got bored and fabricated quotes and sources for news articles.

From The Daily O’Collegian:

As journalists, our sole purpose is to relentlessly pursue and present the truth, but last week, one of The Daily O’Collegian reporters violated that goal.

Over the course of two semesters, this reporter wrote six articles for the O’Colly and fabricated at least one and as many as five sources in three of the articles.

After finding discrepancies in one article and being unable to prove the existence of a source, the O’Colly staff fact-checked the other five articles and was unable to verify four more sources.

In the article “Outdoor Adventure hosts ninth annual triathlon,” published Sept. 30, the reporter wrote a source participated in the swimming portion of the triathlon.

From the article: “Saturday’s race started with a swim in Lake Carl Blackwell that consisted of a down-and-out one-half mile into Turkey Hollow and finishing at Camp Redlands.

‘It’s safe to say that I am out of shape,’ psychology major Jackie Clay said. ‘I thought I was going to drown but at the same time, I was having so much fun.’”

The reporter’s deceit came to our attention via social media shortly after we posted the story online, when Twitter users informed us the swimming portion of the race was canceled….

The O’Colly staff found another student source in the same article and three student sources in two more articles who had no record of attending the university.

That’s pathetic. For one, what out-of-shape person participates in a triathlon? And two, if you’re going to make up sources for a stupid article about a triathlon, you should probably go all out and have fun with it. Even Jenni Carlson could write better copy than that. What other articles and quotes did this student who should obviously not pursue a career in creative writing or journalism fabricate?

In “Memorial run brings more than 2,000 runners,” an article reviewing the Remember the Ten run, published on April 21, the reporter wrote: “Carrie Hatcher, 31, remembers where she was, what she was doing, and her reaction when tragedy struck OSU’s campus that day.

“‘I was walking to my dorm room when I found out,’ Hatcher said. ‘My heart sank to my feet. I stood in shock for more than five minutes thinking about how I would never see my friend, Nathan, again.’”

Awkward! Making up a quote about a race is one thing, but doing it for an article about a somber tragedy takes a major set of balls. Who is this student and what’s his or her fate???

Confronted with this information, the reporter admitted to fabricating the triathlon source Jackie Clay but denied making up the others.

This reporter was terminated from the O’Colly on Sept. 30.

The O’Colly editorial board anguished with the decision to print this reporter’s name, but we came to the conclusion that printing her name could ruin the rest of her life with a simple Google search. Instead, we concluded that ending her employment at the O’Colly and barring her from gaining experience, published articles and networking that is generally necessary to getting a job in the journalism world would be sufficient punishment. Her career after college is in her hands, but if a potential employer was to call us for a reference, we would fully disclose her dishonest actions.

I agree with the O’Collegian’s decision to not reveal the student’s identity. Now there’s still a chance the person may get a job with The Oklahoman in a couple of years. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

That being said, we’re not the Daily O’Collegian. Our job is to uncover and report these things. Earlier this morning, we acquired through the Ogle Mole Network the name and Twitter account of the student accused of fabricating the stories. Her name is Christa Moss. She’s a cute, 20-year-old journalism major from Tulsa. I sent her a Twitter DM and asked for a statement. Surprisingly, she replied back via email:

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