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We received a letter From Hasheem Thabeet’s hair

Alright, I don’t know if any of you have seen me, but if you haven’t then that means you haven’t watched my YouTube videos. It’s like that? Anyway. I pretty much have the greatest head of hair you’ll ever see in the time between your birth and death. I haven’t cut it since December 2011 and it has grown into a beautiful lion’s mane of curly Egyptian Cotton. 10,000 thread count. I say all of that to say this, I get questions about my hair all the time. The Top 3 Questions are:

1) Can I touch it?

2) Are you gonna get dreads?

3) Would you like to slap me in the face for asking annoying questions about your hair?

2/3 answers are No. You be the judge. And I don’t if people assume because I’m tall and Black with long hair I represent all tall long-haired Blacks, but people always ask me questions about Hasheem Thabeet’s hair like I’m ‘sposed to know why it’s blonde. So I decided to get to the bottom of it so everyone would leave me alone. I talked to my barber and after a quick Thunder-Lakers debate, I asked him who cuts Hasheem Thabeet’s hair. Once he told me, I emailed that barber and asked if he could deliver a message to Hasheem Thabeet’s hair for me. Three days later I received a response via my mailman Sherman.

Here’s the letter:

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Now elementary school students are beating up their teachers

I remember my days at John Ross Elementary back in Edmond fondly. The day we got new playground equipment, winning student of the month the first month of every school year, and being called fat every day of the first grade by a blonde girl named Megan (who should really check Facebook once in a while because, bitch, your husband is cheating on you). As much as I dog on Edmond, it really was a good place to grow up. The schools were great, and thanks to Megan, I learned how the rest of the world views me and decided to pursue a career where people couldn’t actually see how I look.

Despite my happy memories, I suppose there are those who don’t have them. For example, there’s a 9-year-old from Orvis Risner who has assaulted a teacher.

From the story on

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We’ve discovered OKC’s version of Iron Man. Her name is Ms. McDonald.

The lady pictured above is Ms. McDonald. If she looks like your typical Oklahoma State Fair goer, well, it’s because she probably is. But get this. She’s also a local vigilante crime fighter. Over the weekend, she broke up a gang of Oklahoma City house burglars and did it all from the comfort of here motorized wheel chair.

From KFOR:

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Mary Fallin has secrets…

Last week, right before the entire state conveniently checked out for four days of food, family, football, shopping and dangerously high levels of alcohol consumption, Mary Fallin announced that she would not release any emails or documentation related to her controversial decision to turn down federal healthcare funding for Obamacare and Medicaid. The announcement was given in response to an open records request from the Oklahoman.

Yeah, you read that right, the Oklahoman filed an open records request on a Republican governor. Throw it at us while you can, Mayans.

From NewsOK:

Gov. Mary Fallin’s office will not publicly release emails that could shed light on how she decided to create a state health insurance exchange and then changed her mind.

Last year, she accepted $54 million from the federal government to set up an exchange, an online insurance marketplace under the Affordable Care Act. She later rejected the money under pressure from Republican colleagues…

In response to a records request from The Oklahoman, Fallin’s general counsel, Steve Mullins, said these emails involve the governor’s deliberative process and won’t be released.

So, what? She denied access to someone who wants to read her confidential emails. Wouldn’t you do the same damn thing if you were governor? It’s not like she’s breaking the law or anything, right?

Open records advocates say that there is no exemption in the state’s Open Records Act for these emails and that her office is trying to redefine state law to limit public access.

“Governor Fallin wants a privilege of secrecy that apparently none of her predecessors thought was necessary,” said Joey Senat, a media law professor at Oklahoma State University.

Senat said once a personal note or memo becomes a recorded conversation or directive, it’s no longer considered personal. And executive privilege, he said, applies to the federal government and is not listed as an exemption under Oklahoma law.

“This ain’t the White House,” he said.

“Our statute is very clear: If there’s not a state statute that applies directly to those records, then it’s open. What he’s claiming is so broad it would defeat the very purpose of the Open Records Act.”

Wow, so apparently Mary Fallin thinks she’s above the law. Other than resurrecting the Credit Jewelers Cowboy to bring her to justice, how do we get her to release the information? Can’t someone file a lawsuit???

Robert D. Nelon, who has practiced media law in Oklahoma City for 35-plus years, said he’s never heard of an Oklahoma governor refusing to release public records on the basis of executive privilege, though he conceded it is unlikely that anyone would know unless it went to court.

“Certainly Mullins’ approach to transparency is more transparent, but still if you don’t get the documents the Open Records Act requires you to produce, then transparency is pretty meaningless,” he said. “That is a radical departure from what has happened in the past.”

This is pretty interesting stuff. I’ve talked to some Moles and have taken a deep look at this issue. I have three theories about what’s going on here. Here they are:

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OKC and Tulsa are unhealthy cities for women

In a recent article in Self, Oklahoma City and Tulsa were named two of the Top 10 Unhealthiest Cities for Women in the United States. Obviously, this isn’t surprising. Anytime some magazine throws out a list unhealthy place to live, you can expect Oklahoma City and Tulsa to make the list.

What is surprising is the lack of substance to the Self article. I’m quoting this verbatim. OKC is unhealthy because we have “835 fast food joints.” Tulsa made the list because of “poor habits, high disease risk and life expectancy is falling.” Yep, that’s it. Way to blow our minds with specific data and research. The DHS newsletter has better editorial standards than Self.

Anyway, I don’t think Oklahoma City and Tulsa are all that unhealthy. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Obese ladies are less likely to be blown away by a tornado

I call this being “Tornado Proof.” Having an extra bit of heft gives you padding from the debris of a twister, as well as making it harder to get blown away.

2. Oklahoma women don’t work very hard

According to Sally Kern, women don’t work hard because they are busy thinking about babies or something. Work causes stress and stress is unhealthy. So maybe Sally was just letting us know that women value their health over money.

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