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By the Numbers: Random facts about Oklahoma

I was poking around yesterday, reading about how Obama wants to eat white babies or something, and stumbled upon this article by Carrie Coppernoll. It’s online education, by the numbers. Carrie obviously couldn’t write an article saying, “Oklahomans are using technology to better themselves” and expect people to read it. Hell, I wouldn’t have read it. But since she turned a crappy idea into an interesting story about statistics, I read it.

Immediately I thought this should be something that TLO does to keep our readers up to date on interesting statistics. People like interesting facts and stuff. So like Carrie Coppernoll, I’m here to give it to you!

Also, the picture above is of Oklahoma’s own Morgan Woolard. She’s on Twitter here. Here is an interesting fact, we are BFF’s and I used to be her pageant coach.

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Rest in peace, Gen-X radio

Tuesday, July 3rd started out like any other workday. I woke up at 7:00, threw my alarm across the room and slept in until 8:00, got ready for work at a record speed, went downstairs to my building’s lobby, hopped in my car, and flicked the radio on 106.1, Tulsa’s Gen-X station. I was immediately alarmed when something that sounded like an Odyssey Adventure bellowed out from my speakers instead of the usual Boy II Men or C+C Dance Factory. I double checked the tuner–sure enough, it’s set on 106.1, the station that my system has been permanently affixed to every since I moved back home to Tulsa from college. I mean, why would I ever need to change radio stations when I have Fatboy Slim and NSYNC at my fingertips? Something wasn’t right, and I had a feeling it wasn’t just a morning fluke. My friends, Gen-X radio had vanished.

Now, I’d love to tell you a Bond-esque story about how I army crawled across Clear Channel radio’s front lawn, scaled the tower, and stayed up there for days until the brought my channel back, but unfortunately I had a couple reports due that morning which kept me sort of busy. But let me tell you, Tulsans — or at least the people I follow on Twitter — were OUTRAGED. The mob’s wrath on my newsfeed was more fierce than the crowd that formed around the flag pole when my middle school’s principal banned flip-flops. I was more upset about this than when the zipper on my circa-’96 Lisa Frank Trapperkeeper got jammed. How are we supposed to commute across Highway 169 without Nirvana and the Cranberries to keep us company?!

This is the part of the post when we normally share a dull news story explaining the situation, then add something of our own. Well, I surfed the web and couldn’t find one news article, not an opinion column, no angry blogger rants, not even an explanation on 106.1′s website as to why my favorite station disappeared without a trace. Gen-X radio apparently turned into just another crappy country music station overnight, and no one is coming forth to say why. In response, I started to write a list of possible reasons why Gen-X radio could have failed, but then it occurred to me that no one comes to The Lost Ogle to read about monetary figures and market share–so that idea was scrapped.

So instead, I wrote a list of all the reasons why Gen-X radio disappearing is definitely the worst thing that’s happened so far this month. Ch-check it out after the jump.

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At least some of the Tea Party folks like porn stars

This past Saturday, a few hundred weird and ridiculously unattractive old people gathered for a rally at the State Capitol to protest the unconstitutional, tyrannical, communist bullcrap known as Obamacare. You know, that controversial piece of healthcare legislation that was passed by the legislative branch, signed by the executive branch and recently upheld as constitutional by the judicial branch.

Of course, the Oklahoman was all over the rally:

Government is too big and unresponsive, corporations have too much power and the burden of national health care legislation passed in 2010 will be borne by hardworking taxpayers who don’t want it.

That was the resounding rally cry of several hundred people who gathered Saturday outside the Oklahoma Capitol to protest the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last week to uphold the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Organized by Oklahoma 10th Amendment Center and several other conservative action groups, the “Rally for Healthcare Independence” was a call to action to end perceived tyranny on the state and federal level.

“Right now the people that are in control of your government are not the politicians you elect many times but the corporations they take money from,” Toby Pedford, owner of Legacy Wealth Strategies, told the crowd gathered at the south steps of the state Capitol.

Under a parasol of gray clouds, the self-identified tea party member said the legislation’s mandate that all Americans buy health insurance or face a fine is a “forced exchange” that goes against the free market.

“We have to use the word ‘tyranny’ because that’s what it is,” Pedford said to hoots and hollers of support and applause. “If I can come to your house or your business and tell you how much you owe me, it’s a shakedown.”

Pedford and several other speakers outlined a series of steps that should be taken to make the government more responsive.

When I was reading the article, my first thought was that I wish I could have been there with some ear plugs and a camera. Seriously, just look at the pictures on NewsOK. That rally looks like some patriotic Golden Corral convention gone awry.

My second thought was “Why do I know the name Toby Pedford?” I did a quick Google search on him, and would you believe it, we wrote about Toby when he made the Oklahoma Truth Council’s list of 25 Young Oklahomans to Watch. He was the black tea party dude (pictured above) who hangs out with porn stars!


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Expect the OU football team to finish 7-5 this season

By now, you’ve seen the picture of OU wide receiver Kenny Stills dressed in drag. I say that because you more than likely glanced at the picture below before you read this sentence:

Yeah, that’s kind of gross and disturbing and deeply symbolic of Stills perceived lack of maturity, but it’s not why I think OU is going to struggle next season. To see why I think that, check out the next picture from Sooner Gabe Ikard’s Twitter account:

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Monday Morning Tweets: Multi-Level Marketing, Root Beer Floats, and Grunting

Hello again, internet people! It’s Monday morning, which means it’s time for Monday Morning Tweets! This is ordinarily where I would write something witty or profound or both, but today it’s neither. Because I have to admit, I’ve got nothing. I’m just writing to take up space at this point. Let’s just go straight to the tweets, which are after the fold.

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