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2012 Worst of OKC: Worst Place to Park Your Car

Sometimes I park on the southside. Why I’m there is my business. Let’s just say some Walter White shiz is goin’ down (cheap tires). To keep southsiders away from harming my sweet whip I put a Virgin Mary decal on the back window and airbrush the tailgate with the downtown skyline. Ain’t nobody messin’ with my car on the south side when I do that.

Since nothing I just wrote was neither funny or entertaining I guess I’ll just let you get this voting thing started. Vote on mi amigos!

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The Lost Ogle Roast of Rick Mitchell

As you know, Rick Mitchell’s last day at Channel 5 is quickly approaching. Hell, it may even be today for all we know. Because of that — and the minor fact that’s he’s worked in the OKC market for 18-years — we decided to send Rick out in proper style and respect with our first ever TLO roast.

But before we get to that, let me share this video I stumbled upon last night:

Holy crap, that video’s been on YouTube for 18-months and we’re just now watching it! How did this slip by us? More importantly, how did it make it through the Ogle Mole Network unscathed? You weather nerds should be ashamed.

It’s kind of ironic that we discovered this song a day or two before Rick is disappearing from the Oklahoma radar. We could have managed one or two posts out of it for sure. If anything, the girl singing probably would have made Ogle Madness. But I guess that’s okay. Seeing the clip helps remind us that even though Rick Mitchell was the third-wheel in our OKC weather triumvirate, he was still part of our local culture, left a mark on people, and had some fans. Granted, they were the type of fans you’d expect Rick Mitchell to have — stoned hipsters who sing songs, graffiti bathrooms, and like something because it’s different — but fans are fans.

Now let the Roast of Rick Mitchell begin!

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2012 Worst of OKC: News Channel

This is gonna be tough. This is like picking your ugliest child. Sure, there’s a special place in your heart for all of them, but if you took a closer look at each one you’d realize one of them is the worst. I know this is true because every year I’ve been alive I received the “Ugliest Son” award from my parents. I was an only child. Comedy!

So vote now and vote often for the worst news channel. You can do it.

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Uh, Steve Lackmeyer thinks The Farmer’s Market could be the next Cain’s Ballroom

Even though we enjoy making fun of him from time to time, we kind of like the Oklahoman’s Downtown beat reporter Steve Lackmeyer. The guy’s just good at his job. He keeps the public informed on important issues, he isn’t afraid to irritate or question the city brass, and he makes me feel swift and athletic. All three of those things are hard to do.

Sometimes, though, Steve loves Downtown Oklahoma City a little too much. It’s as if he’s a 12-year-old girl and Downtown is Greyson Chance playing the piano. That can be a good thing when someone’s trying to tear down an old building or build an elevated roadway, but it can occasionally cloud his judgement. For example, Steve now thinks that the Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market could be the next Cain’s Ballroom.

Via NewsOK:

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TLO Band of the Month: Junebug Spade

(Editor’s Note: New Feature Alert! Each month, our friend Ryan Drake is going to post a Q&A with a local band, musician or sword swallower. This week the band is Junebug Spade. Ryan set down with bandmembers Peter (Vocals, Guitar), Kyle (Vocals, Bass), Matt (Drums) and AJ (Guitar) and talked about their tour with Built to Spill and Mike Morgan’s bedazzled weather tie.)

We are Weezer, but without the “nerd,” we just have the “sexy.”

This is pretty bold statement coming from a local independent rock group, but Junebug Spade is a pretty bold band. So bold, in fact, that when I sat down with them (at a dive bar at 6pm on a Thursday), the phrase “fist-fight” came up at least five times and by the end of the interview at least one of the members had admitted to having been drinking since 4. These guys don’t fuck around.

Having figured this out pretty quickly, I knew exactly how start the interview:

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