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Mary Fallin received her first marriage proposal… at the Playboy Mansion?!

Last week, we received a really weird email via the Ogle Mole Network. How weird? Oh, it just contained old scrapbook clippings from a 1984 Oklahoma City Friday article about some dentist named Joe Fallin proposing to some lady named Mary Copeland at the Playboy Mansion.

Wait! What?

mary fallin playboy 3

You know what? Let’s go ahead and give it up to Joe Fallin. Proposing to your girlfriend at the Playboy Mansion requires balls the size of a small moon or Death Star. It would be like taking your wife to Hooters for an anniversary dinner and requesting the waitress with the largest breasts. Basically, it’s a pimp move that even the Video Vigilante would respect.

Okay, so maybe I’m overreacting it a little bit. This happened 30 years ago. It’s not like it’s news or anything. It’s just funny to learn that Mary Fallin, a socially conservative governor from a socially conservative state who ran on a socially conservative platform probably had sex in the Playboy Mansion hot tub. I hope it was the proper temperature…

Anyway, before you crack crude, inappropriate jokes about hot tubs, state troopers and airbrushing, check out the article about the engagement. It’s a bit blurry, but it will give you more comedy material.

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Monday Morning Tweets: Steve Lackmeyer’s Boom Box

I’m very superstitious and I find that if I wait until the second half of a Thunder game to start drinking beer, then the team does better. I assumed the same was true of US soccer matches. However, I finished a beer with about a minute left in the match, and chose not to get another one. This has led me to believe that I have to keep drinking through every last-minute of the game to prevent our opponents from scoring. So, you can count that second goal from Portugal as an error on my part. Don’t worry. Come next match, I know exactly how much I have to drink so we can beat Germany.

Anyway, here’s your Monday Morning Tweets!

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Hot Girl Friday: Farewell, Courtney Francisco

courtney francisco

The mass exodus at KFOR continues.

According to several Ogle Moles, KFOR reporter Courtney Francisco is leaving (or has already left) KFOR Channel 4. The reason? She’s going to star in Broadway’s new adaptation of the 1980’s smash cartoon “The Littles.”

Actually, that’s a lie. She’s leaving because she’s getting married or something. Boring.

We probably should have dedicated more coverage to the Courtney Francisco Treat over the years, but in all honesty, we were waiting for Bob Barry Jr. to flirt with her on Twitter. Maybe now that she’s leaving he finally can.

Courtney’s greatest Oklahoma City TV moment occurred a couple of months ago when she unknowingly knocked on TLO trivia host Joel Decker’s front door to ask him about missing children from a nearby school. I guess she saw Joel’s giant blue van in the driveway and thought he would be a logical person to interview. Joel, on the other hand, saw Courtney Francisco knocking on his front door and thought she wanted to interview him about his Happy OKC video. They were both disappointed.

Anyway, here’s some Courtney Francisco for Hot Girl Friday. We wish her the best of luck.

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Here’s a good breakdown of the ruling in our open records lawsuit against Governor Fallin…

fallin lankford kern

As you probably know, Judge Barbara Swinton issued a decision in our open records case against Mary Fallin on Tuesday. She ruled the Governor can keep some emails relatively secret via something called “Deliberative Process.”

The Oklahoman was quick to pounce after the verdict with a somewhat misleading article declaring victory for the Governor.

Via a Nolan Clay article on

Judge rules for Oklahoma governor in records dispute

Gov. Mary Fallin withheld a number of documents relating a decision on Obamacare. Tuesday, a judge ruled the documents were covered under deliberative process privilege.

An Oklahoma County judge ruled Tuesday in Gov. Mary Fallin’s favor in a dispute with the news media over the openness of records.

The judge ruled the governor can lawfully withhold from the public documents covered by a deliberative process privilege.

At issue in the dispute are 31 documents about a 2011 decision involving Obamacare.

“The court finds the deliberative process privilege is recognized under common law in Oklahoma, and it is supported by Supreme Court rule as an exception to the Oklahoma Open Records Act,” District Judge Barbara Swinton ruled.

“The court finds the deliberative process privilege thus may be used by the defendant to protect the content of the documents withheld.”

An appeal is expected eventually.

“This is only the beginning of our work and we look forward to the next steps in the process to ensure that our client and the people of Oklahoma have the transparency they are afforded by the law,” said Ryan Kiesel, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma.

The ACLU of Oklahoma last year sued the governor for the records, on behalf of The Lost Ogle, a satirical online news site.

“We are pleased by the court’s ruling,” said Alex Weintz, a spokesman for the governor…

Yep, Governor Fallin won. Nothing else to see here. She doesn’t have to share open records. Move along.

First of all, that’s not entirely true. The write-up is extremely misleading. They make it sound as if Mary Fallin won a clear-cut victory. We don’t think that’s the case.

Second, I should probably admit that the only reason I filed this lawsuit is so Nolan Clay would have to stop “pleasuring himself” to his Owen Field webcam and actually write an article that mentions The Lost Ogle. Like good journalism, I bet that kills him.

For a better breakdown of Judge Swinton’s decision, check out this post by Nicole Nash with FOI Oklahoma. It examines the ruling and outlines some issues with it:

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Blues & BBQ, David Sedaris and Burlesque

By this time next week, I’m sure everyone voted in the primary. With our wide array of choices, everyone will find a candidate who matches their soul to the “t.” It’s democracy at its finest.

As we all know, we judge political candidates on one thing only, the coolness of their website. Take James Lankford’s site. You are greeted by a picture of the Lankford family. As always, we see that Lankford can only make one face, the school yearbook look. He educates you on his stances, history, team, and media links using an endless column of red boxes. It’s like a boring hopscotch from hell.

T.W. Shannon uses another technique to secure your vote. Placed inside the header of every page is a picture of Shannon’s hypnotic stare. No matter what tab you click, there is T.W., and suddenly you wake up. Everything is fine until you realize that every time the air conditioner clicks on, you think “T.W.” Every time your neighbor’s dog barks you think “T.W.” He now owns you.

Randy Brogdon’s website greets you with a picture of his fist. It’s obviously a ploy to make you forget he’s two feet tall. Mike Turner apparently teaches kids about water. That’s an interesting tactic.

Well there you go, all the information you need to decide an important election. Be sure to vote on Tuesday.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town:

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