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Olivia Munn opened up to John Stamos about losing her virginity…

This isn’t weird or awkward or anything.

Former PC North and OU student – and for some reason Hollywood A-lister – Olivia Munn is a guest on a new Yahoo web series called “Losing It With John Stamos.” It’s a show where Uncle Jesse talks with celebrities about how, where and why they lost their virginity. The interview is then followed by Stamos either taking a co-eds virginity or playing the bongos on Kokomo. I can’t remember which one.

From Huffington Post:

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This video of Christian radio DJ’s visiting White Water Bay is kind of hysterical in an adorable way…

If you go to White Water tomorrow and hear Newsboys on the loud speakers, notice all the rafts are shaped like Ichthys and see girls swimming in jean dress swimsuits, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Christian Family Fun Day at our city’s water park:


Well, that sounds like the most ridiculously fun thing ever. I wonder if they’ll perform baptisms in the wave pool? Also, will James Lankford be there to bond with his base? If so, I guarantee you’ll find him under an umbrella or drinking soda pop inside the Coral Reef Cafe. I heard if he gets too much sunlight he either melts, disintegrates or sparkles. It could be all three.

Anyway, I bring all this up because the House 89.7FM morning crew visited White Water a month or two ago and made an awesome video about it. It’s very unintentionally funny. Everything about it is from the Book of Non-Denominational Church Video clichés, which I think can be purchased at your neighborhood Mardel.

Check it out:

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15 Tips for the upcoming Thunder Girl auditions…

This Saturday, the Oklahoma City Thunder is holding preliminary auditions for its 2013-2014 Thunder Girl Dance Team. Here are some of the details from the official website:

Auditions for the 2013-14 Thunder Girls team are right around the corner! If you want to learn what it takes to be a Thunder Girl before auditions begin on August 3, we invite you to join us for any of our prep classes. Classes are scheduled throughout June and July; registration will be available on-site and will cost $15 for each class. More details are available below.


Saturday, August 3
Registration begins at 8:30AM
Auditions will begin at 10:00AM

Thunder Events Center
14701 N. Lincoln
Edmond, OK 73013
*Preliminary Auditions are CLOSED to the public.

$20 Pre-registration fee
$30 For walk-ins the day of audition


Thursday, August 8
Riverwind Casino
1544 West State Highway 9
Norman, OK 73072

*Free Admission and Open to the Public

Couple of quick thoughts:

• The finals are open to the public and being held at tribal casino. That has all the elements for a great photo contest! There will be creepers, weirdo Thunder super fans, casino regulars and hot chicks all in one venue. The possibilities for that are endless.

• Does anyone think it’s strange that a top-notch, professional organization like the Thunder forces girls to pay $20 to audition for the dance team? If I was Nick Collison, I’d just offer to pick up all the entry fees. That would probably guarantee him and Wayne Coyne easy orgies for the rest of the season.

From the same page, this is what the Thunder is looking for in a dancer:

What do we look for in a Thunder Girl?
• Technical, talented dancer and performer
• Ambassador for the Thunder organization
• Positive, energetic and great personality
• Physically fit
• Professional and well spoken
• Team player
• Must be 18 years old by August 3, 2013. No exceptions.

Oddly enough, those are the same requirements I look for when hiring interns!

Anyway, with the try-outs quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of 15 useful tips for the audition process. If a professional and well spoken, physically fit, technical, talented dancer and performer with a positive, energetic and great personality that just happens to be a team player follows our advice, she will surely make the team.

thunder girl chelsea

1. Make sure you’re not a “little too chunky” to be an NBA cheerleader…

Okay, that one is a little too easy.

Disclaimer: The girl pictured above is not chunky at all. She’s a beautiful and proud woman that every man would make do a Costanza twirl if she was his date to a gala, banquet or ball.


2. Dye your hair or skin orange

I think having orange/tanned skin is a requirement to be a Thunder Girl. Also, each year’s squad always includes the token red-haired girl, so having red hair will increase your odds of making the team.

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8 possible new names for Brady Street in Tulsa…


Just a few years ago, the only reason to go to the Brady District in downtown Tulsa (aside from catching a show at Cain’s or the Brady Theater) was to eat hot dogs at Soundpony, or to disco dance with your gay BFFs at Majestic. In the blink of an eye, the entire area has pretty much turned a 180. I sang its praises a few weeks ago, but just to recap, the Brady Arts District nowadays is home to a bunch of fancy one-syllable named restaurants, a badass outdoor grassy knoll music venue called Guthrie Green, gentrified studio apartments, and the kind of bars that serve their lavender and cedar-infused drinks with perfectly transparent, perfectly cubical ice.

Since the area’s recent surge in popularity, Tulsans are pushing to change the name of the neighborhood since its namesake, Tate Brady, was pretty heavily engaged with the KKK. Uh, yikes. Renaming this place stat sound like a pretty good idea. Unfortunately, renaming a neighborhood is a little more complicated than one would initially imagine.

From the Tulsa World

Changing the name of Brady Street to Burlington Street might not be the easy answer it seemed to some.

The Burlington name, it turns out, could have ties to the slave trade…

Erin Burdick, an administrative assistant with the Coffey County Historical Museum in Burlington, Kan., said Monday that the city is named after Burlington, Vt.

O.E. Learnard, one of the founders of Burlington, Kan., gave that city its name, Burdick said.

“He was a native of Burlington, Vt., and that is why they named Burlington (Kansas) after it,” she said.

And so it is that Tulsa’s 21st-century debate over a street name could be linked to the mid-18th century origins of a picturesque New England town.

Sylvia Bugbee, a reference specialist with the Bailey-Howe Library at the University of Vermont, said last week that she believes that Burlington, Vt., was named after a member of the 18th-century Burling family.

At least one publication indicates that the New York City family had ties to the slave trade and owned slaves.

“In my opinion, the Burlings were responsible for the naming of Burlington,” Bugbee said in an email. “But I have no firm proof of that.”

Thelma Wills Foote, writing in her book “Black and White Manhattan: The History of Racial Formation in Colonial New York City,” said that in 1718 New York Quaker William Burling wrote an antislavery tract.

“Before that time, the Burling family had participated in the slave trade and owned slaves,” Foote wrote. “By the 1720s, the Burlings had renounced trafficking in slaves and had divested themselves of their slave property.”

Reached late Monday for comment, Henderson called the attempt to link the Burlington name to slave trading “a bunch of crap.”

He added that if a person looks back far enough, any name can be tied to an unsavory activity.

“The person we’re dealing with was a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he put shame on this city,” Henderson said. “And that is what we’re dealing with.”

So, “Burlington Street” is out because it might have been named after a city in Kansas, that could have been named after a city in Vermont, that was possibly named after the Burling family, who might have owned slaves in the 18th century, but who also might have publicly renounced slavery by 1720. And I just thought the name sucked because it makes everyone think of a coat factory!

To help out my people in Tulsa, we’ve drafted a list of potential new names for the Brady District. Their namesakes are all pretty obvious, so unless someone really fudges up, we should be clear of any messes like this one to clean up in the future. Check them out after the jump.

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Vance Air Force Base in Enid is full of Bronies

In life, there are certain truths that will never be refuted. One of these truths is that cartoons are awesome. It doesn’t matter if Bugs Bunny is tricking Daffy into saying “duck season,” if Fred Flintsone is throwing a bowling ball from his tiptoes, or if Babar is teaching his kids life lessons with stories from his past. In all these cases, cartoons not only have the power to entertain, but to soothe your soul. Also, they apparently have the ability to help the Air Force train flight classes.

Yes, that’s right. And it’s happening at Vance Air Force Base in Enid. According to

Earlier this month, word hit the Internet that an Air Force unit training to fly America’s most advanced military aircraft are wearing a patch inspired by the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Now the Air Force has confirmed it: bronies are flying jets.

“We train world-class pilots who will go on to defend our great nation,” 1st Lt. Tom Barger, a public affairs officer at Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma, tells War is Boring. “Fostering camaraderie, morale and unity on a regular basis and through small means — like a tastefully humorous patch — enhances our ability to complete the mission when working as a team is essential.”

The pink and purple patch — first spotted by My Little Pony fan site Equestria Daily — and worn by 24 flight students from Joint Undergraduate Specialized Pilot Class 14-05, references the cable cartoon show about a team of magical ponies. Although criticized by some as a cynical bid to get children to purchase plastic pony products (it’s a reboot from the 1980s), the show — which airs weekday afternoons on the Hub Network — became a cult phenomenon that’s now spread to the armed forces.

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