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Worst of OKC 2013: Worst Thing About OKC

OKC is awesome. We’re not as awesome as we will be, but we’re getting there. Our city is like Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back where it’s pretty obvious he’s gonna kick ass, but he’s not as skilled at ass kicking in Empire as he was in Return of the Jedi…*sigh*….I spend a lot of time alone and now Gary England isn’t on my TV anymore I’m not sure what to do with my life. I’m gonna go vote on what’s worst. That’ll make me “happy”.

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Gary England’s Final Broadcast is Tonight…


Back when we first reported that Lord Gary England – the man who the New York Times so cleverly and originally called “The Weather God of Oklahoma” – was stepping down as Chief Meteorologist at News 9, the date of his final broadcast was reportedly going to be Friday, August 30th.

The timing seemed odd (Friday night of a holiday weekend), but fitting. If Gary was going to go out, it might as well be on a “Friday Night in the Big Town” when Oklahomans of all ages could stay up late and watch the legend give his signature catchphrase one last time.

Well, leave it to News 9 to screw that up. Since OKC’s “news leader” seems to care more about ratings than a perfect ride into a partly cloudy sunset, they’ve bumped up Gary’s farewell to tonight. From the stupid Channel 9 website, where dreams go to die:

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TLO Contest: Win Six Tickets and a Limo Ride to see Weezer at Lucky Star on Sept 13…

weezer lucky star oklahoma

If you want to shout your name is Wakefield, or yell “Like Father, Step Father, whose son is drummingindagum” in unison with a bunch of other people who probably wear thick rimmed glasses, today’s your lucky day.

Our friends at Lucky Star Casino are giving away six tickets and a limo ride to one lucky Ogle Mole for the Weezer concert on Saturday, September 13th.

It’s super easy to enter:

1. Share with us your favorite Weezer song by leaving a comment on this post. If you feel like it, maybe explain why you like the song.

2. When you leave your comment, be sure to use a valid email address. If you win, that’s how we’ll contact you.

3. On Friday, September 6, we’ll draw one comment at random. Whoever submitted that comment will win six tickets and a limo ride to and from the show. The limo ride is available to the OKC metro only. If you don’t responde within 24 hours, we’ll giveaway the tickets to someone else.

Yeah, that’s almost as cool as you half-Japaneese girls! Please don’t try to bring a “hash pipe” to the show.

Anyway, we’d like to thank Lucky Star for offering this prize to the Ogle Mole Network. When you feel like playing Black Jack or Wheel of Fortune slots, do it there.

Here are a couple of other notes:

• I’m going to share my favorite Weezer song in a post next week. Here’s a hint. It doesn’t suck.

• Here’s some contest rules we probably copied and pasted from a contest that was on some other website. Check them out if you care.

Good luck!

10 things NOT to do at a post-grad college football tailgate…


Football season is a mere days away, and along with my overwhelming sense of excitement also comes a tinge of anxiety. Here I am, a few years out of college, and I just realized that I have no idea how functional adults (who don’t live within a thirty-mile radius of Norman or Stillwater) properly tailgate.

To prepare myself and any of you fine Ogle Moles who are also in this awkward, transitional phase, here are some guidelines for the fantastic twelve-hour daytime ragers known as home football games. Although I’m sure I’ll be participating in at least half of these over the course of OU’s (inevitably disappointing) season, at least this tells the world that my head’s in a healthy and mature place–well, at least while sitting in my cubicle in Tulsa. Check them out after the jump.  Read More

2013 Worst of OKC: Worst Place to be Seen

It’s hump day, which means just two more days of pretending you’re actually doing whatever it is you do for money before a sweet three-day weekend! If your boss is anything like mine, he’s half drunk and doesn’t know your name. We really need to have an intervention for Patrick. What’s that? That was me that was embarrassingly drunk a couple of weeks ago at Speakeasy? Oh. Well, never mind. Never. You. Mind.

For a third straight year “Anywhere Joel Is” didn’t make the list of “Worst Places to Be Seen”! Take that, anyone who has spent time with me!

Here’s who did make the list.

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