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Breaking News: Wild, viscious, untamed bobcats are attacking idiots

Last week, KFOR Channel 4 alerted us to the growing presence of dangerous killer bobcats in the Oklahoma City Metro. Unsatisfied with their diet of small birds, rodents and the occasional yorkie, these wild feline creatures have invaded the metro in hopes of landing a big kill (i.e. Cub Scout Pack, Edmond Family, Vulnerable White Sorority Girl Who Goes Jogging at Night) or finding a mate.

Now, only a few days after KFOR’s initial report, we’ve had our first confirmed case of a bobcat attack. It occurred at a Homeland store in Edmond, and if you’re the world’s biggest dumbass, it could totally happen to you.


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If only Mary Fallin had an Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, this pic would be perfect…

Every now and then, the thought crosses my mind to have a weekly caption competition on this website. For various reasons, though, I’ve always decided against it.

Well, maybe it’s time for me to change my mind. Check out this weird gem of a pic that an Ogle Mole recently sent to us. It’s from the Blū VIP party at the Devon Boathouse. It features the governor of Oklahoma, her pink haired daughter and Queen Nezra of the Fairy People. Or something like that.

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Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week Eight

10) Boring Ass OU/KU Game was Boring

This game was over by the time the Boy Scouts showed everyone their seats, and was completely unwatchable after the first few minutes of the second half.

To the mild surprise of some, including me, OU was anything but flat. Some will complain about the 185 yards rushing they surrendered to Kansas, but that happens when your opponent rushes the ball 58 times. OU did give up over 300 yards of offense to Kansas, but hell, Kansas ran 86 plays, averaging a paltry 3.6 yards a play. Normally this post would be filled with colorful language when an OU opponent runs 35 more plays than the Sooners. But again that happens when you have two special teams touchdowns and the game is out of hand midway through the 3rd. Yes, OU should have run the ball more often. Yes, there were scores of swing passes. And that won’t cut it next week. But OU can take from this game the knowledge they did exactly what they needed to do to win - avoid a letdown.


9) OU/Notre Dame

And let the hype begin. Notre Dame travels to Norman this weekend for a prime time showdown against the Sooners, complete with College GameDay, tradition, and my drunk ass downing bourbon like fun-sized Snickers bars.

This game truly has epic potential. Though the season has a long way to go, I fully expect a 2008 Texas Tech like atmosphere both outside and inside the stadium this Saturday, only with annoying Notre Dame fans everywhere. Tickets are at a premium that I have never seen. We are looking for four tickets together, and I see nothing under $450 per ticket. Some jerky offered me $2,000 … per ticket. News flash – this isn’t the effing Super Bowl. It’s the biggest non-conference game in decades, but I not blowing my weekly wine budget on four hours I am unlikely to remember.

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MMT: Channel 25 now has it’s very own Condom Star

Hello again, people of the internet. It’s another Monday, which means it’s time for Monday Morning Tweets, the recurring feature that 4 out of 5 dentists say has “no affect whatsoever” on oral health. If that’s not enough to get you to read this post, I don’t know what is. Maybe if I tell you there are pictures of beautiful naked people included.* Well, guess what? There are.**

This week’s tweets and the pictures of beautiful naked people are after the jump.***

*There are no pictures of beautiful naked people included.

**There aren’t.

***No, really. There are no beautiful naked people in this post.

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Mailbag: Brianna Lackmeyer and the Ghost of James Lankford

Hey ladies…and dudes.

Are you still trying to figure out your Halloween costume? Did you not like any (shameless plug alert) of the 20 Oklahoma Halloween costume ideas that we shared? If not, why don’t you (second shameless plug alert) check out Patricia’s. They have a bunch of what Clark Matthews calls “naughty-naughty” costumes and apparel, they’re the sponsor of this mailbag, and as a bonus, they’re local. Outside of your co-workers who still eat at Chili’s, who doesn’t like to keep it local?

Anyway, read this week’s emails and vote for your favorite after the jump. Whoever sends us the best one will win a $25 Gift Certificate to Patricia’s.

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