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Sweet Brown is going to star in a Tyler Perry Movie…

Here’s the very first Sweet Brown video posted to YouTube. It was uploaded on Saturday, April 7th, 2012, the same day Sweet Brown’s apartment complex was hit with a fire.

By the following morning, an email of the clip had already appeared in the Ogle inbox. I think I was watching “Meet the Press” (does that make me look smart or dumb?) and viewed the clip from my phone during a commercial break. Off the bat, I knew it was going to go viral. I made a note to write about it, and did so on Monday afternoon. At the time I hit the publish button, the Lucas Ross video I embedded had about 10,000 views. As of today, it’s up to 12,000,000.

Here’s what I wrote:

Ms. Sweet Brown may be the OKC version of Antoine Dodson

Oklahoma has had it’s fair share of viral video stars. Off the top off my head, we’ve had Mike Gundy tell us he’s a man and he’s 40, Elyse Downs make it snow and Greyson Chance become an overnight pop sensation after singing a Lady Gaga song. Hell, even the original Thriller wedding dance couple is from the Sooner state.

Now there’s another Oklahoman threatening to take YouTube by storm. Her name is Sweet Brown, and what started as just a typical morning in search of a cold pop turned into a large ordeal for the Oklahoma City woman.

I guess I owe Sweet Brown an apology. At last check, Antoine Dodson has never been offered a starring role in a one of those terrible Tyler Perry “Madea” movies. From something called Funky Dineva via Bossip:

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This OKC American Idol reject is desperately trying to extend her 15 minutes…

Granted, I’m not prepubescent girl or post menopausal woman, but I don’t get American Idol. I watched a couple of seasons back in the dark ages when I was married — or three if you count Rock Star: INXS — and all were torture. I don’t see the joy or pleasure in watching scores of untalented hacks attempt to sing or dance.

Anyway, one of the “highlights” of the American Idol auditions in OKC  was ventriloquist Hailie Hilburn and her puppet Oscar. In case you missed it, and let’s hope you did, here’s the clip:

We have some sad and non-shocking news. Hailie and her bizarre outfit didn’t make it past the first round of the Hollywood auditions.

We also have some sadder news. Hailie and her puppet Oscar are trying to get on America’s Got Talent. Here’s Oscar’s new rap video “I’m OzCar.”

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Surprise: Lawmakers who receive $12,000 from tobacco lobbyists like to help protect the tobacco industry


The guy pictured above with the Affliction shirt and velvet sports jacket is not some dork trying to fit in at Rok Bar or Twin Peaks on a Friday Night. It’s actually State Senator Rob Johnson (R – Yukon). Since 2006, he’s received nearly $12,000 from tobacco lobbyists. That’s more than any other Oklahoma elected official. Knowing that, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that Senator Smokey helped kill legislation that would have given Oklahoma cities and towns the right to enact their own anti-tobacco laws.

Via the Tulsa World:

A Senate panel killed a bill Monday that would allow cities and towns to pass ordinances more stringent than state laws governing tobacco use.

Opponents of Senate Bill 36 said they were reluctant to tell local businesses what they could and could not do.

“This is not about local control,” said Sen. Rob Johnson, R-Yukon. “It is about infringing on business people’s rights.”


First of all, let me clarify two things:

1. Yes, this legislation could have possibly infringed on business people’s rights to allow toxic, cancer-causing smoke to be inhaled and consumed on their premises. Crazy, huh? Hopefully Senator Johnson can protect us from over-reaching asbestos regulations, too.

2. Senator Johnson does probably try to get into Rok Bar or Twin Peaks on a Friday Night. Just look at that trying too hard loser. I bet he still watches MTV. He looks like his middle name is Roofie.

Anyway, the decision by Johnson, who once again received $12,000 from the tobacco lobby, to kill the legislation is so backwards that even Mary Fallin’s against it. She is leading an effort to get the law put on the ballot as a state question. Check out what her spokesman Alex Weintz said:

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Caption Contest: Regular Jim Traber eating popcorn in a movie theater


Over the weekend, a brave Ogle Mole sent me a pic what appears to be Regular Jim Traber eating popcorn by himself in a movie theater. When I saw the photo, the first thing that came to mind was “caption contest.”

Here’s the pic. The brave mole apparently took it with his cell phone:

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10 Rap Songs with OKC Thunder Shoutouts

wakaflockabsm westbrook

Sure, there’s a whole Bricktown’s worth of economic stimulation and pages and pages of recognition from major media outlets covering the Thunder’s run of cultural dominance in Oklahoma City. But I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us when I ask why the New York Times and Los Angeles Times aren’t willing to tackle the big questions, like What effect has the Thunder’s success made on Oklahoma City’s public rap game recognition?

Prior to 2010 or so, hip-hop stars (and hip-hop B- and C-listers) name-checked OKC with about the same frequency that they name-checked professional bowlers*, but Kevin Durant’s three-year grip on the NBA scoring title’s drastically increased that output. Rappers who rely on the Internet for self-promotion are notorious trendjackers and rappers rapping about the NBA (and NBA players rapping — remember Shaq Diesel? And Shaq Fu: Da Return?) aren’t exactly at the forefront of their field. But it’s pretty new to us in flyover country to hear something about the hometown over a beat and not an acoustic guitar, so I’ve put together this playlist-icle of rap songs I found in a few hours spent wading through YouTube, RapGenius, and the endless bog of rap blogs that name-check anything Thunder-centric. And yes, I was just as amazed and delighted to hear Hasheem Thabeet’s name in a rap song as anybody.

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