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Reed Timmer the Scientist is in a national All State commercial…

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All State has debuted a new commercial featuring Mike Morgan’s bionic storm chaser “Dr.” Reed Timmer the Scientist. The spot advertises the insurer’s new mobile weather alerts, because that’s apparently now a thing.

Here’s the spot:

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Friday night in the big town: Classen Ten Penn, Punk Rock Prom, and Tulsa Tough


Well, here we are at another Friday. This whole week dragged on like you would not believe. Couple that with my obsessive clock watching while I’m at work, and you know why I need this weekend so bad. I’m looking forward to two whole days where I don’t technically have to do anything, but wind up jamming as many activities as possible into them. But that’s okay. At least on weekends, nobody judges you for day drinking.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.


June 8: Classen Ten Penn Festival

I don’t know much about the Classen Ten Penn area, other than it’s Wayne Coyne’s neck of the woods. However, it doesn’t appear that any of the houses in the area are in any way vagina shaped, nor do the majority of the residents convey themselves using clear plastic bubbles. This all leads me to conclude that Wayne Coyne is even weird in his home neighborhood, and that probably the most of his neighbors have rolled their eyes on more than one occasion.

Anyway, this little block party festival looks like a good time.  It runs from 10 AM to 10 PM, and there is a full line up of musical acts, as well as live painting. Urban Wineworks will be serving food, and Urban Agrarian will have a farmer’s market set up. You can also purchase some local art, jewelry, and clothes. Basically, it’s like a mini arts festival.

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FBI investigating ex-Oklahoman reporter Zeke Campfield on allegations he solicited a 16-year-old prostitute…

In our last report about the sad, sick and bizarre saga involving ex-Oklahoman reporter Zeke Campfield, I wrote the following line:

I know people are innocent until proven guilty, but I’m kind of worried this may be a tip of the iceberg type thing. I hope I’m wrong, but based on some other rumors I’ve heard, it just has the feel to it.

It looks like our worries were justified.

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that FBI agents busted Zeke Campfield in early May for allegedly soliciting the services of 16-year-old prostitute that he met online. Those allegations, when coupled with the accusations stemming from the May 25 incident at the Moore high schools graduation ceremony, have led agents to search Campfield’s home and confiscate computers, cameras, cell phones, and other digital equipment. According to the search warrant, they did this to…

Search for and seize items related to procuring a prostitute using the internet and for producing child pornography, listed in Attachment B. Pursuant to the authorities of this Court and Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, I seek authority to search this property for evidence and instrumentalities related to the allegations against Nathaniel Zeke Campfield (CAMPFIELD) for committing sex trafficking of children by force, fraud, or coercion, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1591(a) and production or attempted production of child pornography, in violation of 18 U.S.c. § 2251.

Yeah, that’s bad. Here are the details regarding Zeke’s involvement with the prostitute from the search warrant’s “Statement of the Facts.” It marks the first time we’ve ever scooped the Video Vigilante in a local story about the world’s oldest profession:

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It looks like praying for rain actually works…

Here at the Lost Ogle, we do everything possible to make sure the things we write about are correct and as up-to-date as possible (Editor’s Note: Not really), but sometimes, even part-time bloggers make mistakes.

About a month ago, I wrote about a group of Oklahomans that were praying for rain and made fun of them for it.

This first question we have to ask ourselves is why exactly are they praying for rain? Did one of the prayer organizers buy a wedding ring from B.C. Clark? I think it’s kind of rude to ask God for rain. He knows what we need. Who are we to get in the way of his plan? Also, while some people are praying for rain, aren’t there other selfish people praying for it not to rain. “I just washed my car!” “I’m going to the lake for Memorial Day!” Which one of these prayers will God answer? It’s the same question posed by sports fans everywhere. I’ll bet Joel Osteen is in Houston right now praying that the Rockets make a comeback, while Craig Groeschel is asking for the Thunder to win in five. I guess God’s compromise is the Thunder winning in five and Westbrook getting a knee injury.

Well, that was a mistake. Since I made fun of the Jesus Freaks efforts, Central Oklahoma has experienced the 7th wettest month since records have been kept. Oklahoma City even set a record for May rainfall.

From KFOR:

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Finally, Mike Morgan breaks his silence on Friday’s storm coverage…

As you probably know, it has not been the best week ever for KFOR Meteorologist Mike Morgan. After we published a round up of tweets that were highly critical of the sparkly bedazzled tie wearer’s Friday night storm coverage, The OklahomanGazette and even Reuters piled on with their own write-ups of Get-out-of-the-way-gate.

To make matters worse, Mike has been noticeably absent from KFOR’s recent news broadcasts. His disappearance from television has led to a lot of speculation in the Ogle Mole Network. Theories and rumors have ranged from the simple (suspended by KFOR) to the elaborate (kidnapped by KOKH’s Jeff George) to the sickening (eloped with one of Dr. Reed Timmer the Scientist’s Dominators).

Fortunately, it was none of those things. It looks like Magic Mike is (or was) simply on vacation. We know this because he responded to a question about his whereabouts that a viewer left on KFOR’s Facebook Page. If you’re looking for Mike to admit that he made or mistake or give an apology, you’re going to be disappointed. Check it out:

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