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Okie fan fiction: Part 4

Okie fan fiction is what happens when Marisa is supposed to write a post, but wasn’t assigned a topic. She’s great at following directions, but when you leave her alone, she imagines that the world of Oklahoma media and politics is a world of intrigue, where only she can bring justice.

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I made my way to headquarters. It was hard to go from Downtown to the 51st Street Speakeasy on foot, but I made it. The place was packed and I knew it was going to be hard to get in but I walked in anyway because there weren’t any other options.

I made my way through the crowd and tried not to bring too much attention to myself. I tried to avoid eye contact with people. I didn’t have time to catch up and chat. I turned the corner and went to the restroom on the first floor. There was already a huge line.

I tried to make my way around the line to the secret entrance, but one girl grabbed my arm and pulled the sleeve of my hoodie to stop me.

“Um, there’s a line,” she said, raising her manicured eyebrows and rolling her empty eyes at the same time.

“Yep,”I said, wriggling away. “I’m not trying to cut.”

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Here are a few pictures from Governor Fallin’s vacation to Puerto Rico…

As you know, our Governor likes to travel. In fact, she really likes to travel. Since she took the oath of office in January 2011, she has vacationed to destinations such as the Bahamas, Ireland, Phoenix, Las Vegas and most recently, Puerto Rico. She’s also ventured on “business” trips to New York City and a swanky resort in Laguna Niguel, California for a powerful women conference. Of course, she’s done her Carmen San Diego impersonation while encouraging all of us common folk to stay in Oklahoma and visit such exotic locales as Roman Nose, Beaver’s Bend and the Great Salt Plains.

Anyway, an Ogle Mole recently sent us six pictures like the one above that are apparently from the Fallin clan’s Spring Break trip to Puerto Rico. The Mole saw them on someone’s Facebook feed. Since the average Oklahoman can’t afford to send their entire family to such an exotic locale, we decided to post the pictures on here and give everyone a taste of the good life.

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10 Oklahoma celebs who should get Nicholson seats to Thunder games…

If you like sports, pop culture and hearing snide jabs at Oklahoma City, then you should check out this episode of The B.S. Report podcast with Bill Simmons. In it, Simmons interviewed Tulsa native and SNL cast member, Bill Hader.

If you listen to the whole podcast, and can make it through Simmons’ Seattle sympathies, then you’ll find that Hader wants to buy the “Jack Nicholson” seats at the Chesapeake Energy Arena.

I’m a fan of Bill Hader, so I think he would be a great addition to the court-side scenery. He does a great job on Saturday Night Live (even though that show has no idea how to end a sketch), he’s funny and he’s even been in the movies.

But he’s not the only one who should be a super fan of our team. After the jump, I countdown ten other Oklahomans – or honorary Oklahomans – that I’d like to see in the Nicholson seats at the Chesapeake Arena.

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Tulsa is home to the country’s 9th best music scene

So, this week something cool happened. I got like, seven emails from Ogle Moles! Initially, I assumed that they must just be standard fan mail — invitations to dinner, marriage proposals, risqué photos, etc — but instead they all linked to an article from

Apparently, Tulsa has been named as the country’s 9th best music scenes outside of Nashville, New York and L.A…which I guess would make it the 12th best music scene. Whatever, here’s the story:

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Ralph Shortey was attacked by a turkey

State Senator Ralph Shortey has been pretty quiet since he introduced the ‘fetus food’ legislation earlier this year. We’re not sure what’s led to his silence, but it could be that he’s been hard at work meeting with constituents, other lawmakers and researching other pointless bills to file.

Or he’s just been too busy fending off rabid wild turkeys with a club.

From the Durant-Daily Democrat:

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