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This Thunder fan found the perfect use for an old James Harden jersey…

I can’t tell if that Thunder fan is really clever or just really cheap. Also, I can’t figure out if the fan is a he or she. I doesn’t matter though. The person gets some bonus points for creativity. Let’s just hope he/she keeps the letters and numbers on the back after Kevin Martin’s game last night. Here were his stats in last night’s loss to Memphis:

33 mins – 7 points – 3 rebounds – 0 assists – No Beard

Here were James Harden’s in the Rockets victory over the Hornets:

39 mins – 30 points – 3 rebounds – 4 assists – Beard

Okay, I know it’s a dick move to compare the stats of these two guys for just one game, especially when you consider that Kevin Martin (21.6) has a higher PER than James Harden (19.3) through two weeks of the season, but as we all know, James Harden has a beard. He also does things like this:

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Blake Shelton is kind of cool…

I can’t name you one of his songs, I’ve never watched the Voice, and I think forcing convicted murderers to listen to country music should be considered a viable alternative to capital punishment. Despite all that, I kind of like Oklahoma native and country music star Blake Shelton. He just seem seems like a cool dude. He’s laid back, down to Earth, and would totally let you borrow his truck if you need to move a mattress or pick up a washer and dryer from Lowe’s.

If you need proof, check out this video of him singing his six favorite Oklahoma commercial jingles. The clip’s a few years old, but it’s new to me:

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People in McAlester are upset they can’t put crosses on city street signs

See those two cowboys shaking hands in front of a cross? That’s part of a collection of tacky silhouette street signs that were donated to the City of McAlester. This sign, and a few other religious themed items, were recently removed by the city after a citizen complained they violated the separation between church and state.

Cue the angry Christians:

The McAlester City Council met Tuesday night to discuss whether to reinstall nine silhouette street signs removed by the city.

The removed signs depicted crosses or crucifixes and the citizen complaint stated it violated the separation of church and state. Residents and church groups have opposed the city’s decision.

The nine signs are part of 125 black metal signs a resident donated to the city to represent McAlester’s culture.

Residents packed the city council meeting Tuesday evening, saying the city violated their freedom of speech by taking down religious-themed signs.

The city says the signs violate separation of church and state.

The city removed the signs, because of the cross in the middle. The signs have now been moved to church property, but many residents want it back on city property.

The city council says a lawsuit could cost the city $400,000 if it reinstalled the signs and lost a legal challenge.

Two national law organizations told the council the city would have had a good case to keep the signs up, had it not removed them in the first place.

Uhm, from which two national law organizations did the city council get their information? My guess is The National Association of Baptist Lawyers (NABL) and/or The United Federation for Forcing Religion Down Our Throats (UFFFRDOT). Maybe I’m a bit too logical and rational, but when a city decorates street signs with cowboys praying at crosses, the signs not only violate the separation of church and state, but also the spirit of good taste. Those things were so tacky Hobby Lobby probably wouldn’t stock them.

Also, what if the signs didn’t have crosses, but instead displayed the Star of David or Star and Crescent? Think there would have been such an uproar if the city removed them? The answer is “Of course not.”

Things get even better though. And by better, I really mean more sad and irritating. Check out this statement by made by one angry church lady at the city council meeting:

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Peacefully grant the State of Oklahoma to withdraw from the USA and create its own In-N-Out Burger

By now, you’ve probably received an email from your uncle in Watonga asking you to sign an online petition to have Oklahoma (or any state) go all South Carolina on everyone and secede from the Union. If you’re like me and have a special Gmail folder set-up to ignore that uncle, the local and national media is doing their best to keep you informed.

From KFOR:

People from dozens of states, including Oklahoma, are continuing efforts to actually secede from the United States of America.

This anti-government movement is gaining steam, ironically, on the official White House website.

That’s where a number of petitions can be found, including those looking to take a few stars off the U.S. flag.

Should Oklahoma leave the U.S. and form its own government?

“I don’t think we should be our own country,” one voter said in downtown Oklahoma City.

“That sounds ridiculous,” another one said while laughing.

The thought might be a joke to some but it’s an actual effort on the White House website under the “We The People” section.

In fact, residents in more than half of the 50 states have started petitions to secede from the U.S., with Oklahoma right along with them.

The reasons include concerns about gun control, Obamacare and the economy.

If 25,000 signatures are collected within a month, the White House said they’ll consider the petition…

Wow. What a non-story that is. Maybe KFOR should go interview one of the biggest right-wing nuts in the state and give him some publicity related to this non-issue:

Sooner Tea Party organizer Al Gerhart said this anti-government sentiment started after Obama’s election four years ago.

“They’re afraid of Obamacare,” he said Tuesday. “Basically, creeping socialism with this federal government that’s telling Oklahomans what we can and can’t do.”

We found some Oklahomans who are not writing off the idea of seceding.

“I don’t like how welfare is set up,” one woman said. “I don’t like how you can have kids and they (federal government) pay for it.”

“Well if we did (secede), we would definitely be energy independent,” another person said.

Gov. Fallin said in a written statement Tuesday evening, “Oklahoma is not going to secede from the Union.”

If I haven’t made this clear yet, here’s one thing I don’t understand: Why’s this news?!? We can’t “peacefully withdraw from the United States of America.” It’s impossible. This whole movement is nothing but a whine’fest created by a bunch of bitter, sore losing crybabies who can’t get over the fact that they’re extreme and archaic political views now put them in the minority in this country! The petitions should not be taken seriously.

Just look at how easy it is to create and sign a petition on the White House site. It’s not hard at all. Any child, Nyquiled-out blogger, or half-drunk bitter tea partier with an email address and angry white friends can do it. If you need proof, here’s a petition I made last night:

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Great, now we have to worry about grave robbers

There are a few things in this life that I know beyond a shadow of doubt to be absolutely and irrefutably certain. The first of these things is that heavy whipping cream in your coffee is the best way to start the day. The second is that there are ghosts and demons and evil sorts of entities all over the place and they are lurking in the dark and waiting until the opportune moment to wreak havoc on this realm. Well, wait no longer, poltergeists of Oklahoma! Some jerk in Broken Arrow has basically just released you.

But wait, Marisa, you say, this is silly stuff. There are no such things as ghosts and demons and supernatural creatures that feed on spiders under your bed and hover over your face at night when you sleep on your back. Well, I’m here to tell you otherwise. As a sufferer of night terrors (possibly due to all the coffee with heavy whipping cream I consume during the day), I know that there are things in the dark that aren’t there in the light and I know that they personally want us all to rot in Hell with them. But what does this have to do with Broken Arrow?

Check out this story from

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