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Mama Bear was fired…

ronda bass

No, that’s not the title to the most depressing Berenstain Bears book of all time. That would be “Mama Turns to Heroin.” “Mama Bear was fired” is simply an extremely accurate blog headline.

As you’ve probably heard, Noble Schools Superintendent, self-proclaimed “Mama Bear” and Paul’s Beauty College dropout Ronda Bass made the news last week after she bullied, humiliated and insulted her students because they dressed like high school kids.

Not soon after, concerned Noble parents called for her to step down or be fired. They got their wish last night.


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Here’s a scary video of cops forcefully arresting some dude on the OU Campus

ou pd police brutality

Overnight, we received the following email via The Ogle Mole Network.

Potential Oklahoma University PD Police Brutality

This video is making the rounds on facebook. Here is the link to the original post. I would advise downloading it in case OUPD gets it removed.

This is on campus by what appears to be Old Science Hall (the tan building) and the chemistry annex (the white building). There should be some security cameras that have more of what happened as this is essentially at the northwest corner of the library. I sent the link to the OU Daily as well.

1. We have not been able to confirm that this is OUPD. It could be Norman.

2. Let’s check this video out.

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The Deer Piss bandits hit an Owasso Walmart…

Jon Ohlman and Cody Hudson

The two brahs pictured above are Jon Ohlman and Cody Hudson. The incredibly stupid duo was arrested on Sunday after they were caught spraying either doe urine or Coors Light on thousands of dollars of merchandise at an Owasso Walmart. Authorities are still trying to figure out which one it was.

Via News 9:

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MIO Movie Reviews: Possums

possums oklahoma

As Oklahoma heads balls-deep into football season, fans everywhere are catching the fever, prepping for the big game by stocking up on their teams’ knockoff merch at Wal-Mart, painstakingly painting their faces beloved team colors and coming up with new and interesting ways to comically denigrate via butcher-paper banners an almost-extinct race that once ruled this great land.

Me? I’m watching Possums for The Lost Ogle.

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College Football Musings from the Train: Week Two


10) Oklahoma hammers out manned Tulsa

You remember that time when the University of Tulsa hired Todd Graham and Steve Kragthrope as head coaches, and then won 10 games, and went to bowl games, and competed for conference championships, and made the alumni base proud on a weekly basis?

Because the current state of this program is exactly the opposite of the aforementioned program.

Oklahoma dominated Tulsa on a rainy Saturday afternoon, slipping and sliding their way to a 52-7 victory. The game was effectively over at half as the Sooners, buoyed by a 395 to 95 advantage in total yards, Oklahoma raced to an immediate 21-0 first quarter lead and a 31-0 advantage by the end of the first half. Though I felt the Sooners threw the ball entirely too often in the first half considering the talent at running back and opponent, it was obvious Oklahoma continues to work on a vertical passing game that was all but non-existent until the Alabama game in 2013. OU could have run the ball 80% of the time and won this game going away – the physical mismatch between Oklahoma’s offensive line and Tulsa’s defensive line was comical.

Josh Heupel did a nice job of mixing the inside runs with outside runs, and horizontal passes with vertical passes, especially in that first half when it mattered. Trevor Knight looked better as a passer from week one to week two. The running backs continue to be an asset, breaking off both tough and long runs, especially Alex Ross’s brilliant 82 yard touchdown.

As for the defense, Tulsa was held completely in check the first two quarters. quarterback pressures, no running lanes, good outside coverage. Unfortunately, the second team and assorted backups surrendered 230 total yards and provided little to no pressure on Tulsa quarterback Dane Evans from the front four.

But the bottom line – when it has mattered the last two weeks, Oklahoma’s offense and defense have been sharp and dominant. Which is pretty much the exact opposite of last year.


9) Tulsa’s cute little game day experience

My wife and I met while she was attending the University of Tulsa. We both have degrees from TU. We have many college friends who live in Tulsa. As such, we were invited to and attended a tailgate just west of the stadium.

To reiterate, I went to Tulsa for 3 years. I went multiple football games, including the 2002 OU Tulsa game. So why I didn’t remember how damned small that stadium feels escapes me. 29,000 people attended the game Saturday, including yours truly. It felt like a high school game both inside and outside the stadium. Yes, Tulsa has crafted a nice little tailgate row on the north side and an alumni area in the field west of H.A. Chapman Stadium / Skelly Field. But even with OU in town, its sparse. Hundreds of thousands of people descend upon Norman for big games. It’s a little city. TU is little.

And walking into the stadium (which needs a serious overhaul of its concessions, pissers, and walk ways – ex. put in some closed circuit televisions under the stands, this isn’t 1956) is a throw back to the wing T. It’s quiet. It’s wide open. The press box and suites are very nice, but everything else smacks of Jenks/Union.

p.s. – I was anywhere from 4 to 10 drinks in when I wrote these notes about the stadium and game day atmosphere, so it’s probably a pretty nice venue with frolicking and fun had by all #2drunk2care.

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