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Friday Mailbag: Mega Millions Mathis Brothers Chopper Pilot

Welcome to the Friday mailbag. It’s the weekly series where people email us questions or comments and then we write a response. How original!

Last week’s winning email was sent to us by Kelli. She who wrote a poem to Janet Barresi. We didn’t publish the poem because it was kind of long and boring, but hey, she wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser’s Bistro! Good for her.

Anyway, here are this week’s emails. They have to do with a variety of topics ranging from the Mathis Brother to lottery winnings to KFOR being really excited they have a helicopter pilot who’s not leaving them for Channel 9 later this summer. Read them and vote for your favorite below.

Max asks:

So the mega millions is at 500 million this friday. What would the lost ogle do if they won? I say build a huge building downtown next to devon tower which looks like james harden’s beard

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Friday night in the big town: the medieval fair, a fashion show, and some people

Top o’ the Friday to you, my dear readers. The weekend is finally here, which means that you are free to have fun. And guess what? I just ordered an iPhone. It’s going to be my first smart phone ever. I don’t like to jump into technology, and I don’t know how long this internet business is going to last but why not? If you follow me on Twitter, get ready for all manner of drunken pictures of myself. (Not really, Mom. I care about my future and having a viable career and I know that it’s necessary to keep my internet reputation spotless.)

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

March 30: Medieval Fair

Little known fact, readers: I’m a level-80 mage with a plus 7 sword and short-range magic ring. Not really. I have no idea what that means. My Arthurian Legends and Literature professor said that when I was in undergrad and it’s stuck with me ever since. I keep that phrase handy for this weekend every year when the grown adults dressed as knights and princesses overtake my city that is normally overrun with hipsters. This is the weekend we trade Urban Outfitters and American Apparel for homemade corsets and cloaks.

If you’re in need of weaponry for short-range combat, there is a dude there that sells swords. I don’t know if the regulations on swords are in anyway similar to the regulations on firearms, so you could probably just pay cash and walk away free and clear. Similarly, you can enjoy a turkey leg while you watch the undulating exposed cleavages of the middle-aged women pretending to be wenches. And then, you buy the root beer in the blue bottle that was supposedly brewed in the belly of a dragon, though I think the health department would frown on that.

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Channel 25 has parted ways with Andrew Speno, News Director Joe Spadea and some girl from HR

Andrew Speno, one of our favorite local media personalities, is no longer with Fox 25. As Steve Largent would say, “That’s bull shit!”

We first heard the news at around 4:30 today via an email from an Ogle Mole. The Mole, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, claimed that Speno, along with News Director Joe Spadea and an employee from HR, were all fired or asked to “resign.”

Speno confirmed this news at about 5:00pm on Twitter:

This sucks. As this old “OKC Media Approval Rankings” poll shows, everyone seemed to like Andrew Speno. He was Oklahoma City’s version of Brian Williams. He came across as professional and trustworthy, yet he also had a subtle humor and wit that could make you laugh. That humorous side was good, but it also got him into trouble. He had to publicly apologize a few weeks ago after making a funny, yet “insensitive,” smart ass remark about Whitney Houston and her crack pipe on the air.

Oddly enough, we’re hearing that the crack pipe comment isn’t what led to Speno’s departure. According to our sources, “stirring the pot” and either knowing about and/or failing to alert station management to an HR “issue” may have lad to his demise.

What’s that HR issue? Well, read this Q&A from our Friday Mailbag that was posted on  March 16. When you do, keep in mind that Channel 25 also parted ways today with News Director Joe Spadea and an employee in the HR department.

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Serge Ibaka is kind of a douche bag

I’m a big Serge Ibaka fan. I like his blocked shots, his 19-foot jump shot and his ability to snag offensive rebounds. Hell, I even like it when he says “Serge Ibaka, I am from Congo” during Fox Sports Oklahoma’s cheesy, low-budget player introductions.

But there’s one thing about Serge Ibaka that I don’t like. He’s quickly turning into a meterosexual douche bag. And it may be too late to stop him. From NewsOK:

Thunder forward Serge Ibaka will bench his NBA uniform for an evening of high fashion on Friday at Gaillardia. Ibaka will host Fashion in Full Bloom, an evening of fashion and silent auctions to benefit Allied Arts.

Evan Hopkins, the event’s planner, said he is working on getting more Thunder players to attend the event, which features Oklahoma fashion designer Johnathan Kayne Gillaspie as emcee and the fashions of several locally owned Oklahoma City fashion boutiques.

Ibaka is known for his personal style when off the basketball court. The 6-10, 240-pounder has done some modeling, including for ESPN magazine’s “Body Issue” and model-style photos for Edge Magazine.

In 2011, Ibaka made a cameo in Lupe Fiasco’s video “Out of My Head,” which features Trey Songz.

Yes, Serge Ibaka is hosting a fashion show with the overexposed “celebrity” fashion designer Johnathan Kayne. You have to admit, that’s kind of douchey. Plus he appeared in this music video (pic above). That’s kind of douchey, too.

But the biggest, most douchiest thing he has done is appear in a feature pictorial in the March issue of So6ix magazine. Yes, So6ix Magazine.

Here are a couple of pictures:

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Ogle Madness V Final Four: (2) Carrie Underwood vs. (3) Good Russell Westbrook

I tried to find a picture of an epic battle. I kind of succeeded in that my brain is battling my body’s desire to poke my eyes out from the epic douchery in that picture above. We’ll see who wins.

This is the final match up before Monday’s championship game.

 (2) Carrie Underwood vs. (3) Good Russell Westbrook

So you can vote for a semi-moody basketball bad ass or a hot young blonde singer. Vote like I do and base your decision on which of the two drinks more Ozarka. If Russell’s house from the commercial is any indication this should be an easy decision. Then again if you piss off the girl she’ll jack your truck up with a bat. You make the call!


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