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Friday night in the big town: Midnight Streak, Loretta Lynn and Zeal

Ah, Friday. The mere mention of this day brings a joyful tear to my eye. May your day be filled with the elation of the end of the week and the booze that oh-so-often accompanies this momentous occasion. If you live in Norman, however, watch out. The kids are coming back, and I guess rush week is coming up, or is already happening? I don’t know. All I know is that there are now lines at the bars and my nights are now sad. Christmas break can’t come soon enough.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

August 11: City Arts Center Midnight Streak 2012

Okay, so any time I write about a run happening in the city, I think you readers can sense my hatred of running. And I think City Arts Center picked up on this when they organized the Midnight Streak 2012 because you don’t have to partake in the running portion to have a good time. That’s right, readers. You can go to this and never lace up your New Balances.

While you athletic types are sweating it out to benefit City Arts Center, the rest of us will be enjoying the “Cool-er Runnings” theme and festival atmosphere. Sunny Side Up, a local reggae/ska band (whose songs are actually on Rock Band—neat huh?) will be playing, you can get your face painted or make a necklace in the Glow Arts Zone, or you can even hang out with the OKC Astronomy Club and enjoy the stars. And if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll meet Subway’s Jared Fogle. He’ll totally be there. If you meet him, ask him why Subway hasn’t named a sandwich after him yet.

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For some reason Pat Jones was inducted into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame

On Monday, former Oklahoma State football head coach and local media darling Pat Jones was inducted into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. Because the sports media in this state is soft and very protective of who goes in and out of their inner-circle, everyone gushed about how deserving Pat Jones was of this honor.

From a Boomer Tramel column in the Oklahoman:

Pat Jones ‘roughed it’ during successful tenure at OSU

The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame inductee was in the office early and stayed late. That’s just a part of what it took to make the Cowboys post three 10-win seasons under Jones.

In the splendor of OSU’s newfound football status as a national power, sometimes we forget just how good the Cowboys were in the 1980s.

Not always. Not Monday night, when Pat Jones, the coach of those OSU teams, goes into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

The Mike Gundy Cowboys the last five years: 48-17. The Jones Cowboys from 1984-88: 44-15. Gundy has the Big 12 title and Fiesta Bowl victory; he also has a glittering new stadium.

“The guy had his hands tied here,” said Gundy, Jones’ quarterback from 1986-89. “It was extremely difficult. People talked a lot about (the success) of other sports. It’s not the same with football, without the tools.”

Jones doesn’t disagree. OSU was a hard job back in the ’80s. Jones arrived in 1979 with Jimmy Johnson; the Cowboys were on probation and morale was down.

“He was always at the office early, then would stay late,” Gundy said of Jones. “One thing I’ve always remembered with him, and he said this to me as a young coach and I really didn’t understand it … ‘If you go to a big city – Chicago, New York City – and in those buildings where people make a lot of money, the lights are on at 6:30 or 7 in the morning, and they don’t go off at 5.’ I always remember that.”

Sure, Jones says now, it was hard winning at a place where you might lose a valued assistant coach over salary and where your facilities were just average and your stadium was decrepit. Hard, but fun.

“It wasn’t hard coaching (Thurman) Thomas and (Barry) Sanders and (Leslie) O’Neal and (Hart Lee) Dykes,” Jones said. “But running the program, it was always hard.

Yeah, Pat Jones sure did a great job running that Oklahoma State football program. For some reason, though, one little piece of information was missing from Boomer Tramel’s article. It was Pat Jones coaching record from 1989 to 1994:

1989: 4–7
1990: 4–7
1991: 0–10–1
1992: 4–6–1
1993: 3–8
1994: 3–7–1

Not exactly hall of fame material, is it? But as Boomer Tramel mentioned, Jones did have success coaching Jimmy Johnson’s players — and his own recruits like Barry Sanders, the luckiest recruiting coup/secret in NCAA history — to great success. Here’s his record from that era:

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Uhm, Bricktown made a brief cameo in a Mitt Romney attack ad about job losses in Ohio

If you asked any Oklahoma City resident to name the location above, 99% of them would say it’s Bricktown. That’s because we’re smart and know way too much about our occasionally fun, sterile and touristy entertainment district. In fact, we’re so knowledgeable about Bricktown that most residents could probably even name the road (Sheridan) and the building (Bricktown Parking Garage?) where the photo was taken.

Based on that info, Mitt Romney is obviously not an Oklahoma City resident. He and his campaign apparently think Bricktown is located in Lyndhurst, Ohio:

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This dude lost his cool over a melted popsicle

The guy in the picture above is David Gee. If David looks upset and defeated, well, he is. Last Friday night, he paid $2 for a melted popsicle from the ice cream man in Midwest City. Obviously dissatisfied with his purchase, he tried to exchange it or get a refund. Instead, he ended up in jail.

From a Tim Willert report in NewsOK:

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Here is Congressman Dan Boren’s odd attempt at humor (video)

The guy with the teeth in the picture above is outgoing Oklahoma 2nd Congressional Representative Dan Boren. Earlier today, the Washington D.C blog Colture Club posted a “hilarious” video interview with the congressman. The interview is hilarious because they said it was:

Cloture Club’s Andrew Heaton recently sat down with outgoing Congressman Dan Boren (D-OK). He’s retiring from Congress in January, and he gave us the 5 things he wants to do before he leaves congress. Everything from racing down the halls of congress, door bell ditch another congressman, and much more. Check out our hilarious interview!

I know what you’re thinking. Where do I find this hilarious interview? Where do I get to see Congressman Boren engage in silly acts of mischief like racing down halls and door bell ditching? The answer is right here:

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