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2013 Worst of OKC: Worst Public Enemy of the OKC Thunder Cult

The Thunder have played five seasons in Oklahoma. During that time, they’ve developed a fiercely loyal, energetic, rabid fan base that feels a little bit like a cult. It’s not a bad cult or anything. You don’t have to drink Kool-Aid or wear funny robes, but it’s still a cult. Play along and respect it and everything is fine. Cross it and, well, just ask these people what it’s like. They’re some of the more notable public enemies of the Oklahoma City Thunder Cult.

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Some rapper named 2 Chainz was arrested in Oklahoma City…


Watch out Macaulay Culkin. Someone is trying to steal your legacy.

Late last night, the tour bus for a rapper named “2 Chainz” was pulled over by bored law enforcement officials in the I-40 and Meridian area. The apparently famous rapper and Whoopi Goldberg impersonator was in town performing at the Lil Wayne concert.

From TMZ:

Rapper 2 Chainz was on board the tour bus involved in a police standoff in Oklahoma last night … and he’s already been arrested in connection with the incident…

Chainz’ tour bus was pulled over in OKC around midnight after police noticed its taillights were out. When they approached the vehicle, cops say they noticed signs of drug use and attempted to board the bus.

But the bus driver locked the police out, insisting they obtain a warrant first.

Police did just that and eventually entered the bus hours later, where they arrested 11 passengers for “interfering with the police process,” including 2 Chainz.

It’s unclear if they face additional charges, or whether police found drugs.

It’s “unclear” if they found any drugs? Uhm, 2 Chainz looks like he can grow marijuana out of his ears. His dreads are made entirely out of THC. Also, if there were not any drugs on board, why’d they lock the bus doors and not let the police inside? I seriously doubt they were in the middle of an epic game of Risk.

Channel 25 has a pic of Mr. Chainz being booked in the Oklahoma County jail.

Here it is:

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About the pics of wild topless OU sorority girls that’s made the Internet

revenge of the nerds omega moos

While hosting trivia at the 51st Street Speakeasy on Tuesday night, I received the following text message from a high-level Ogle Mole:

Heard about the naked kappa party yet?

Boy, it sure does suck being an obscure local social blogger. After quickly searching Google to see if “Kappa” is a fraternity or sorority, I replied:

I have not. What’s it about?

The Mole said:

Apparently during rush, some kappas were partying naked and took pictures and now it’s hit Facebook and gone viral…

It’s not fake or anything. Supposedly boyfriend saw pic on his girl’s phone, cropped her out if it, and sent it to one of the girl’s exes.

At that point, I had to think of a classy way to ask someone to send me a pic of naked sorority girls:

I say this as an “online journalist” and not a “pervert,” but can you send?

A couple of minutes later, Spencer and I were on stage at the Speakeasy staring at a pic of topless OU sorority girls with dirty words scribbled across their bodies. Then Spencer disappeared and I had to host trivia by myself.

Just like photos of attractive naked sorority girls tend to do, the pic has spread like wildfire. I think it’s been texted to half the city. Yesterday, a censored version appeared on the national “let’s try to extend high school out as long as possible” website Total Frat Move. Here it is:

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Worst of OKC 2013: Worst Person to Follow on Social Media

Social Media is a fun way to think you’re clever. I’m guilty as the next person of thinking the words in my brain are something anyone else would want to read. I’m usually wrong because my brain has let me down quite a few times. I do have a part in my brain that makes sure I at least try not to clog up the internet tubes with more banal minutiae than already exists on the internet. Some people don’t have that part in their brain. Speaking of which…

I’m sure some of these people are very nice in person but being nice doesn’t make for good social media. Mother Teresa was super nice but I bet her Twitter account would have sucked.

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13 things the Gazette’s “Best of OKC” got wrong…

The Oklahoma Gazette released yesterday its annual “Best of OKC” issue. Evidently there was a mix-up or Keep It Local’s interns were having trouble accessing the Internet, because we were named the “Best Website or Local Blog.”

Here’s our fancy write-up.


If you doubt the snark and bite of The Lost Ogle, just ask Skip Bayless, Jim Traber, Christina Fallin, Wayne Coyne or anyone else who has been on TLO’s receiving end. The site’s mix of satire, gossip, musings and odes to bikini-clad TV news babes has made it a must-read for Gazette readers. Take that, Sparkle Titsworth!

2. NewsOK,

3. Keep It Local OK,

Worth mentioning: Daily Thunder,; Foodie Robots,

Uhm, how did this happen? I thought everyone was supposed to go vote for Daily Thunder. Maybe our readers got the “Best of OKC” confused with the “Worst of OKC.” Based on all the hate mail we receive, that wouldn’t surprise me.

Actually, I’m just pretending to be humble like Kevin Durant. Winning things like this is awesome. It feels so good to finally beat the Blog We’ve Never Heard Of, The State’s Most Trusted News and that Coupon Club Website That’s Run By Dodge Ball Cheaters. Sure, I feel kind of guilty that we destroyed Daily Thunder like a $7 beer at the Peake, but he’ll get over it the next time Bill Simmons’ name drops him in a column. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Just like how Mark Rodgers never wins an argument against his mentor Jim Traber, Daily Thunder will never beat The Lost Ogle in a web poll. At least for the next year or two.

Anyway, “Best Local Blog or Website” wasn’t the only category where Gazette readers screwed-up and picked the wrong choice. Let’s take a look at other categories that had questionable winners:


1. Best Italian restaurant: Zio’s

Really? Zios??? The only good thing about eating there is that you can write “Help Me! I’m eating at Zio’s” in crayon on the paper table cover.

Actually, Zio’s isn’t that bad if you like generic big-box Italian food. In fact, it was my favorite Italian restaurant in the early 2000s when I was in college. This was also a time in my life when I had a “frosty top” haircut, AOL email address and dated a girl whose favorite bands were Staind and Linkin Park. Basically, it was a dark age when I didn’t know any better.

Better Choice: Vito’s on North May.

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