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Friday Night in the Big Town: Film Row, Classic Rock and Shakespeare


Big news people! I saw Mayor Mick Cornett at Best Buy yesterday! He was walking around holding a bag. It was as if he was a groundling like us. There were no bodyguards to be found. I felt super special. I bet the Geek Squad gave him a tour of their van.

This begs the question, what does Mayor Cornett purchase at Best Buy? I bet he owns a Dyson bladeless fan. You know the ones, they are powered by “the force,” have a price tag matching a semester of tuition at Oklahoma City University and do a terrible job of cooling you. But that isn’t the point, owning a Dyson fan is a statement, much like driving a Camaro, eating Freshetta oven pizza or owning Beats by Dre headphones. He is the walking definition of high society and class, and must not portray anything less than the leader of THE “Big League City.”

I bow down to you Mayor Cornett. You may be in an intellectual and social atmosphere that the rest of us cannot comprehend, but you also demonstrate that you are a man of the people.

(Editor’s Note: You can also see Mr. Mayor playing trivia at TLO Trivia Night.)

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GOP Lobbyist Chad Alexander likes to snort cocaine…

chad alexander

Earlier this year, I considered posting a list of the 10 Most Powerful Lobbyists in Oklahoma. I abandoned the project because I’m lazy and it was more difficult to compile than I thought, but before doing so, I asked several Moles who work in and around Oklahoma politics to send me their Top 10. One name that kept on popping up was Republican lobbyist (and 2011 Oklahoma City Community College Hall of Fame inductee) Chad Alexander.

Here are some things they wrote:

– Former state GOP chairman at the age of 11, now a veteran lobbyist who understands how to make lawmakers and clients relate to the bigger picture.

– Power player. Connected. Ambitious. In T.W. Shannon’s corner.

– Hard partying coke head that probably hangs out with Wayne Coyne.

Okay, I just made up that last part, but it seems pretty accurate. Alexander was arrested Tuesday night after he was busted with cocaine and other pills during a traffic stop near the Cock-O-The-Walk. Via

Chad Alexander, a lobbyist and former chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, was arrested on drug complaints after a traffic stop in Oklahoma City in which police officers said they found cocaine and pills.

He was booked in the Oklahoma County jail after his arrest Tuesday evening and was released after posting $5,000 bail, sheriff’s officials said Thursday.

A police report indicates he was arrested on complaints of possession of 3.35 grams of cocaine and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, nine pills that weren’t further described. His 2014 Mercedes-Benz was searched after he was pulled over at NW 36 and Western.

Calls to Alexander, 40, of Choctaw, for comment were not immediately returned.

He is a consultant for Coalition for Oklahoma’s Future, which raised large sums from corporations and individuals in 2012 to help Republican incumbents in the Oklahoma Legislature beat back tea party challengers.

Since he’s a tough on crime Republican, Alexander is obviously prepared to spend some hard time in one of our state’s finest private prisons for his heinous crime. Check out this sincere apology that he issued via the McCarville Report:

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It looks like the “state’s most trusted news” isn’t so trusted.

Mark Gower, the state’s Chief Security Officer, announced yesterday that his Cybercommand Unit was blocking access to If you noticed State employees being cheerful and productive yesterday, I guess that explains it.

Here’s an email that was forwarded to us via the Ogle Mole Network:

Good Morning,

Out of an abundance of caution the State of Oklahoma Cybercommand is actively blocking access to the website.

We apologize for the impact but we believe this is a necessary step to provide the security required for the state.

We recommend all agencies that have abilities to impact website blocking to implement the same until a release is provide by the State CyberCommand.

State of Oklahoma – Chief Security Officer
State of Oklahoma CyberCommand Director
Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services – Information Services Division

That’s interesting. I wonder why they blocked access? Were they tired of state employees being Carlsoned? Did Steve Lackmeyer’s OKC Central chats crash the system? Did too many people click on “13 Gifs of Kevin Durant playing with Puppies?”

No, it was actually something much worse. The Oklahoman tried to explain the situation with the following Facebook post:

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Olivia Munn is doing the discount double check…

aaron rogers olivia munn

Bob Barry Jr.’s lurid fantasies just got weirder.

PC North grad and tremendously overrated Olivia Munn is reliving her college days and dating a football player. This time instead of banging a lineman for the 2000 OU National Championship team, she’s hooking up with Aaron Rodgers. You may know him as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers or the guy in all those annoying insurance ads.

From US Weekly:

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Don’t worry, students at Midwest City High School don’t have to submit to STD testing…

midwest city std letter

It’s been a banner week for immature Oklahoma high school students.

Just days after a couple of kids turned a bit of leg fat into yearbook page-ripping controversy, some clever hooligans posted the prank letter above throughout Midwest City High School. Unfortunately, it was a little bit too believable.

KOCO Channel 5 has all the details:

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