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This new Sweet Brown “Cold Poppin” music video is, well, something…

If I had to rank my 10 Favorite Funny Movie Scenes of All Time, this classic clip from Old School would make the list. It’s the one where “Frank the Tank” inadvertently shoots himself in the neck with a tranquilizer gun:

Why am I posting a clip from Old School in an article about Sweet Brown’s new music video?

It’s easy. Since the people who made the music video were obviously on horse tranquilizers, it makes a perfect segue and tribute. Check out Sweet Brown’s new, probably-soon-to-be-a-hit music video “Cold Poppin:”

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Kendrick Perkins just wants to get some Bobo’s Chicken…

Hey everyone. It’s Monday again, and this is Monday Morning Tweets. A big thanks to Patrick for filling in for me last week. I was on vacation, and spent it basically watching the world come apart at the seams them entire time. Bombings, fertilizer plant explosions, ricin letters from Elvis impersonators and Oklahoma congress-critters dropping anti-Semitic slurs. Surely this week can be better? Let’s hope so.

This week’s tweets are after the jump.

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According to this internal Channel 9 email, the news station had a “banner day” on Wednesday…

news 9 weather coverage

Yesterday, we published a post about the less than stellar debut of Channel 9’s new severe weather “Dream Team.” Apparently our critique resonated with a bunch of people. In just 24-hours, the post garnered over 12,000 pageviews and was liked more 700 times on Facebook.

Here are some snippets:

To say that Channel 9 had too many cooks in the kitchen would be an understatement. (Their coverage) was like watching a group of people have an argument on a reality show; there were lots of screamers, not enough listeners and you really wanted to change the channel…

There were several awkward moments where Gary tried to pull a CNN and use a gigantic touchscreen to show what was happening on radar. He couldn’t get the device figured out and was obviously frustrated. It was like watching your grandpa attempt to figure out an unfamiliar remote control and TV set-up…

The Channel 9 weather crew was supposed to be a Dream Team, but right now they’re looking like this season’s Lakers. They seem to be heavy on egos, but low on teamwork and chemistry. Let’s just hope they get everything figured out before Gary England tears his achilles. That would suck.

Despite the awkward and sometimes painful to watch storm coverage, Channel 9 did win the ratings war. We know this because their Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Rob Krier sent a rousing email to the station’s staff congratulating them for the “banner day” and “dominating in the ratings.”

Here it is:

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The 10 Best Thunder Playoff Wins

Hello again Thunder fans! After finally finishing the season and locking up the first seed in the Western Conference, the Thunder are headed to the playoffs! With their destiny in hand and new players in the rotation, it’s time to see if the Thunder truly have the power to return to the NBA Finals. Step 1 is beating James Harden.

But before we look ahead, let’s look back. The Thunder have accomplished a lot in a few short years, consistently improving and never-failing to excite. It only seems right to compile a list of their best wins and honor our rich history.

Here’s the criteria. For one, the game has to be a win. Losses can be fun to watch, but we wanted to get excited before the playoffs, not depressed. For two, the game has to be exciting. I love blowing out a team as much as the next guy, but I always feel better after a close win. Lastly, the game has to be judged on how significant it was at the time. A first round win might not seem like much right now, but back in 2010, it was the bees knees.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to it!

10. 2012 Mavs-Thunder Game 2
Western Conference First Round, Thunder Go Up 2-0

For me, this game was all about proving that the Thunder didn’t need a last second shot to beat the Mavericks. The Mavs were a constant thorn in their side that season, and gave them a serious run for their money during the first round of that playoff run. But the Thunder were able to sweep the Mavericks, and the second win really asserted their dominance. Sure, it came down to a last second shot, but the Thunder were able to nix the attempt twice. A deserving victory during a crucial time.

9. 2011 Nuggets-Thunder Game 3
Western Conference First Round, Thunder Go Up 3-0

Going into the 2011 Playoffs, we weren’t really quite sure what to expect. The Thunder weren’t exactly among the elite yet, but we all felt that they could get out of the first round. This was the game where they proved they could. Winning two games against the Nuggets at home is no joke, but going up 3-0 on the road was absolutely huge. They didn’t do it in the most grandiose fashion, allowing J.R. Smith to pull the Nuggets within a point, but it was still an impressive win nonetheless.

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Friday night in the big town: Soilwork, Extreme Makeover, and Larry the Cable Guy


Happy Friday, readers. By the time you read this, you will probably have already undergone the moment of silence to remember the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, if your company makes an announcement for it. And I’m sure that your Facebook feed is full of sad reminders of that day 18 years ago, no doubt with parallels drawn to recent events. This past week has been pretty awful news-wise, and for many Oklahomans, today is a reminder of loss. I’m not good at giving inspirational peptalks or words of wisdom. But, maybe I can make you smile today. And while it’s probably not much, can I offer this one bit of irreverence in the form of a blog post? I can’t promise you’ll laugh. And if you don’t, come find me in real life. I’ll do the truffle shuffle for you to cheer you up.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

April 19: Soilwork at the Chameleon Room

Well, readers, never let it be said that I’m not “metal.” I watched Hesher the other day while home sick from work, and I can honestly say that I’d be down with being metal if it involves a dirty Joseph Gordon Levitt. Can I get an amen, ladies? Also, I like umlauts. I have no idea how they affect the pronunciation of words because I took Spanish as my foreign language through school, but who doesn’t love two little polka dots over your vowels? So metal!

Soilwork is a Swedish band, which I assume means they are in some way related to my favorite culinary muppet. They’re currently touring in support of their ninth studio release—The Living Infinite—a double-disc album that debuted at #60 on the Billboard Hard Music chart. So if you’re hard, drink Jägermeister, and, like my one cousin who inexplicably shaved his head to leave one tuft of hair on his forehead that looks kind of like a mustache and wears weird gauntlets to Wal-Mart, are one with the devil, this show is probably for you.

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