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Friday Night in the Big Town: Art festival, food trucks and a 5K

A winner is us. Yes, as you read yesterday, The Lost Ogle is once again “Best Website or Blog” in Oklahoma Gazette’s “Best of OKC.” This is no surprise. If I’m involved usually that means it’s the best. For example, my 6th grade YMCA flag football team went 6-0. I was wide receiver. That’s me on the far right. Yeah, the badass. I’m estimating I was about 5’5’’ and 100 lbs. of mayhem.

Anyways, we should receive our award, Burger King gift certificates (not gift cards), in the mail soon. I’m told they are the same ones you received when you made A’s on your elementary school report card. Those were the days.

Well, thanks again for those who voted for us. I heard Patrick say he doing Instagram selfies with our voters. He’s super excited. Oh well, I guess you came here for something to do.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

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OMG, comments on a Channel 5 Facebook post actually made me haha laugh…

As we’ve documented many times on this site over the years, the Facebook pages of local TV news channels are some of the darkest, scariest, and most terrifying places on the internet. All it takes is one “What do you think?” to realize that every other person online is either a racist, bigot, or doesn’t understand the basic rules of capitalization and punctuation.

Occasionally, though, something out there happens to restore the small sliver of hope we have in humanity. That was the case yesterday on Channel 5. They posted a story on Facebook, and as Social Media Bandits like to do, they included a question:

koco fb post

Wow. I had no clue you could now “manufacture” marijuana. It must be the new alternative to “growing.”  I guess that explains the new banana factory on the southside.

Anyway, some people took the social media bait and actually replied to the question “Have you ever heard of someone whose name matches their job title.” Instead of making my eyes roll, one exchange actually made me laugh.

Check it out:

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Chickasha fired their police chief for kind of using the N-word

Eddie Adamson chickasha

The guy pictured above is Eddie Adamson. Whatever you do, don’t ask him what he thinks about the Oklahoma City Zoo’s new baby gorilla.

Last night, Eddie resigned as the Chickasha police chief after he was caught kind of using the N-word on Facebook.

The Chickasha News has all the details:

Chickasha Police Chief Eddie Adamson resigned last night following an outcry earlier this week over a video he shared on Facebook that was captioned with a racial slur.

Adamson submitted his resignation, effective immediately, to the city late Wednesday, City Manager Stewart Fairburn said. This follows a letter submitted by Chickasha Police Sgt. Jeremy Alexander to the city asking for Adamson to step down over the Facebook issue.

Alexander said he no comment on Adamson’s resignation today.

So, what exactly did he post? Was it something controversial and racist about Ferguson, Missouri, or did he simple share Jay-Z and Kanye West’s hit song “Can’t-write-this-word in Paris?

The item Adamson is accused of posting contained the caption “How a real n***a order Starbucks,” and was accompanied by a video clip of the film ‘Role Models’ where actor Paul Rudd attempts to order a beverage. Adamson later took the post down and apologized.

Wow, I totally forgot about Role Models. It’s actually a funny movie. I also had no clue that Paul Rudd is black. You learn something new every day.

Anyway, this is kind of weird. Why is a police chief posting movie clips on his Facebook page of white people ordering coffee at Starbucks and then using a racial slur as a caption? Isn’t there an app for that?

Fortunately, Chickasha News has a screenshot of the post to put it in context:

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Welcome to allegedly the best website in Oklahoma City…


The Oklahoma Gazette announced their 2014 “Best Of OKC” winners. We were named the Best Website for the second or third year in a row, and in the process, beat our old nemesis The Pioneer Woman. This is only the second time it’s happened. Ree didn’t seem to care. She laughed all the way to her parents’ bank, then her husband’s bank, and then the bank she uses to deposit all the money she makes from her blog, television show, cooking books, merchandise and who knows what else.

Here’s the write-up in The Gazette. They used the opportunity to compliment me on my marvelous white hair:

ok gazette best of okc

I wonder who wrote that? At first I thought it was David Rhea, but he’s too busy talking to 20-year-old girls about his Creed cover band from the 1990s to be bothered with such things. It could have also been Jennifer Chancellor, but I heard she spends most of her time working on a series of essays titled “I left Tulsa for this?” It was probably just a freelancer. At the Gazette’s rate of a dime per word, that means someone made $26.30.

Although it’s cool to be recognized, The Gazette does their best to keep everyone in line by having winners like this:

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Oklahoma City is using goats as lawnmowers…

goats eating grass

Here’s some exciting news for obnoxious teenagers, Hamas terrorists and pirates stranded on Lake Hefner.

On Monday, William Crum with The Oklahoman reported that Oklahoma City is going to use a herd of goats from Langston University to keep weeds and grass down near a section of the Hefner Canal near NW Expressway and Wilshire.

And no, I’m not making that up.

From a article that Facebook will probably label as satire:

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