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Uhm, Bricktown made a brief cameo in a Mitt Romney attack ad about job losses in Ohio

If you asked any Oklahoma City resident to name the location above, 99% of them would say it’s Bricktown. That’s because we’re smart and know way too much about our occasionally fun, sterile and touristy entertainment district. In fact, we’re so knowledgeable about Bricktown that most residents could probably even name the road (Sheridan) and the building (Bricktown Parking Garage?) where the photo was taken.

Based on that info, Mitt Romney is obviously not an Oklahoma City resident. He and his campaign apparently think Bricktown is located in Lyndhurst, Ohio:

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This dude lost his cool over a melted popsicle

The guy in the picture above is David Gee. If David looks upset and defeated, well, he is. Last Friday night, he paid $2 for a melted popsicle from the ice cream man in Midwest City. Obviously dissatisfied with his purchase, he tried to exchange it or get a refund. Instead, he ended up in jail.

From a Tim Willert report in NewsOK:

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Here is Congressman Dan Boren’s odd attempt at humor (video)

The guy with the teeth in the picture above is outgoing Oklahoma 2nd Congressional Representative Dan Boren. Earlier today, the Washington D.C blog Colture Club posted a “hilarious” video interview with the congressman. The interview is hilarious because they said it was:

Cloture Club’s Andrew Heaton recently sat down with outgoing Congressman Dan Boren (D-OK). He’s retiring from Congress in January, and he gave us the 5 things he wants to do before he leaves congress. Everything from racing down the halls of congress, door bell ditch another congressman, and much more. Check out our hilarious interview!

I know what you’re thinking. Where do I find this hilarious interview? Where do I get to see Congressman Boren engage in silly acts of mischief like racing down halls and door bell ditching? The answer is right here:

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Victory! We finally beat The Pioneer Woman!!!

Earlier today, the Oklahoma Gazette announced the results for their 2012 “Best of OKC” competition. Check out the results for “Best Website.” To us, they were kind of historic:

Okay, ignore for a second that the winning website was a gimmicky coupon card ran by a couple of dudes who cheat a dodgeball and pee sitting down. According to my Moles at the Gazette, their inclusion in this category was the result of blatant ballot stuffing. Seriously, outside of the owners or the businesses who profit from selling the Keep It Local card, who would actually list as their favorite website? Is there some dude in the Village who checks it out each morning as part of daily routine? I doubt it.

All of that being said, at least we finally beat The Pioneer Women at something. For those who have followed this site for a while, we’ve always played the role of Mike Gundy to The Pioneer Woman’s Bob Stoops. In the early days, we’d always be up against her in the Oklahoma Blog Awards (even we think that’s dorky), and each time she and her army of mommy bloggers would thoroughly destroy us. It feels good to finally beat her at something. And it feels even better that we did it the right way. Unlike Mike Gundy and his Cowboys, let’s hope it’s something we’ll be able to do on a consistent basis.

Anyway, this is probably a good time to let you know that we’re still accepting nominations for our 2012 “Worst of OKC.” It’s a lot like the “Best of OKC,” only it’s more reliable and accurate because you don’t have fledgling businesses stuffing the ballot box, rigging the votes and buying advertisements from us. If you’d like to nominate anyone for any of these year’s categories, do it after the jump:

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This scene of Bart Conner in the movie Rad is unintentionally hysterical and awesome

When I was a kid in the 1980s, I was pretty sure Rad was the greatest movie ever made. Or at least I thought it was. I don’t remember ever watching the film, but to an 8-year old kid it had all the necessary ingredients for awesomeness. It was about BMX racing, had a ridiculously awesome poster that shined like gold in the video store, and was even called “Rad,” which may just be the most radical slang term ever made.

Anyway, last weekend I was surfing the internet for trivia night questions and topics, and figured I’d ask one about Oklahoma gymnast and Olympian Bart Conner. You know, because the Summer Olympics are on TV and everything, which means we are treated to 14-days of Bart Conner cameos, interviews and highlights on Channel 4.

While I was doing my googling, I stumbled across an amazing piece of information. Bart Conner was the bad guy in Rad. If you need proof, watch the clip after the jump. It may be the most unintentionally funny six-minutes in 1980s movie history.

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