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Mailbag: Haunted houses to visit when dating a girl with big boobs

Welcome back to the Friday mailbag!

This edition is sponsored by Patricia’s Gift Shop. Thanks to their sponsorship, I’ve received about 50 emails this week from Royce Young over at Daily Thunder. I never would have thought it, but Royce is one sultry dude. Let me just say that the Zorro masks he wears during Thunder games is not from an old Halloween costume. I’d stay out of his basement if I were you.

Anyway, whoever sent us the best email this week will win a $25 gift card to Patricia’s. The best email will be determined by our readers. Check out the emails and vote after the jump.

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Friday night in the big town: Bluegrass, Cedric the Entertainer, and the Czech Festival

If you’re like me readers, you’ve already bought all the Halloween candy from your local grocery store and have been eating it like you’re Augustus Gloop. Sure, it’s not healthy and my teeth are probably going to rot right out of skull, but adulthood sucks and just knowing that I can’t go trick-or-treating anymore sends me into a depression. So what if I sit at home eating bowl after bowl of mini Snickers bars and Laffy Taffy while wearing a child’s Thor costume? This is really a step up from my usual activities where I scarf pizza rolls and sit around in yoga pants. At least I’m being seasonably festive.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

October 5-6: Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival

I know I’m not the only one who gets a little too excited when I hear a banjo and a mandolin going at it. In fact, I bought a banjo just so some day I could be an awesome bluegrass musician. And while my progress is slow going (I can tune a banjo!), I still hope that someday I can start my all-girl bluegrass band. So if you play the guitar, bass, or violin and are at that level where you can only tune your instrument, give me a call, ladies. We’re starting a band.

The OIBF features bands, open mics, and workshops for adults and competitions in the youth tent. There will be a scholarship auction where musical instruments will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to music scholarships for students. If you’re in the mood for some musical entertainment, then head on up to Guthrie. You know you want to, especially since you haven’t had a reason to go there since you broke into the old children’s hospital when you were in high school. And, you’ll probably see my uncle there carrying around all manner of instruments.

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20 Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas (2 of 2)

Earlier today, we counted down the first 10 of our 20 Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012. In that post, I plugged the Wholesale Halloween Costumes affiliate program that we recently joined. I did this because we want to get rich. Seriously, if you’re not going to dress up as any of our Oklahoma selections, check out their supply of costumes. Some of them are funny, like this one:

Yeah, I’m immature. Anyway, to the Oklahoma costumes. If you missed the first half, you can view it here.

10. The Unidentified Dead Man from 1981

Sure, this costume will lead to a major buzz kill at whatever party you attend, and some drunk guy may mistake you for a large piece of beef jerky, but at least it will scare the crap out of both grown men and small children. Isn’t that the whole point of Halloween? Also, maybe you’ll help identify the guy. That would be nice.

p.s. – Be sure to wear a blue OSBI shirt and break your clavicle.

9. Skip Bayless: High School Sports Hero

Just go to Twid’s Sporting Goods and order a purple Northwest Classen basketball jersey with “Bayless” and the number 23 on the back. When you show up at your party, compare yourself to Pistol Pete and brag about your high school basketball stats. After that, bother everyone with incessant discussions about Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and Tim Tebow.

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After last night’s debate, I may drink some Nobama Brew

Perhaps you’ve heard, or maybe you haven’t, that a clever Oklahoma brewer out of Tulsa has created a special batch of beer called “Nobama Brew.” The beer made some national headlines last week when the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) only approved the beer for sale in the state of Oklahoma. This outraged people like my Uncle Allen in Arizona who thinks the Barack Hussein Obama is a Manchurian Candidate from Kenya who’s beset upon destroying freedom, liberty and the pursuit of blowjobs for all.

Fortunately, though, for all the single men who live in small cabins in Idaho and believe that a woman’s reproductive organs shut down during cases of legitimate rape, it looks like the TTB screwed up. You can now buy Nobama beer from sea to shining sea.


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Chase Thomason likes Mother Nature’s furry

The guy pictured above is Chase Thomason. He is the newest addition to KFOR weather team and comes to Oklahoma City via Lubbock, Texas. He loves many things in life, including snowboarding, playing tennis and Mother Nature’s furry.

From his KFOR bio:

Chase Thomason joined the 4Warn Storm Team in August 2012. He comes to Oklahoma from Lubbock, Texas where he was a meteorologist at KJTV.

His love for Mother Nature’s furry started in Salt Lake City, Utah where he was raised. In his own backyard he was able to watch a unique weather phenomenon that only happens in two parts of the United States, lake-effect snow. This ignited his passion for meteorology.

I know what you’re thinking. Is Patrick really pointing out a minor typo from another website? Isn’t this the same guy whose own advertisers make fun of him for not having the ability to proofread? Wouldn’t this be extremely hypocritical, kind of like Spam referring to Vienna Sausage as a mystery meat, or Hinder calling the All American Rejects sellouts?

Yes, it would be hypocritical. But here’s the deal. I’m not 100% sure it is a typo. I mean, this is Chase Thomason’s girlfriend:

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