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So, it’s “Ask an Anarchist Week” at OU…

anarchists (1)

I don’t know a lot about anarchism. This is because a) I’m normal and b) not a racist. Perhaps then, I should attend this “What is Anarchism” lecture at OU on Thursday. Maybe it will open my mind to the possibilities of a stateless society and / or motivate me to join a white supremacy motorcycle gang.

From the OU Daily:

An anarchist writer and affiliate of the Center for a Stateless Society will speak at OU Nov. 14 as part of the Students for a Stateless Society’s “Ask an Anarchist Week.”

Charles Johnson’s lecture titled “What is Anarchism?” will teach students about the often-misunderstood views of anarchical thought. Members of Students for a Stateless Society will set up tables around campus throughout the week to discuss their political beliefs with students.

The society’s co-founder and anthropology sophomore Grayson English said “Ask an Anarchist Day” was very successful last semester in raising awareness.

“We did this last year, and people were very respectful,” English said. “People stopped to talk, we handed out literature and it was a pretty good time.”

Yeah, I’m sure people were very respectful. I don’t blame them. The last kid you want to piss off on campus is the one wearing a trenchcoat and handing out flyers with black flags and anarchy symbols on them.

That being said, tell me more about your anarchy club, Mr. OU Student Who Is Enrolled At A Publicly Funded State University:

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The Dan Davis Law Firm just realized we have crummy roads…

dan davis law firm

Yesterday, I was going through my OKC Google News alerts and stumbled across this press release from the Dan Davis Law Firm.

Apparently, the ambulance chasers just figured out that Oklahoma has some of the worst roads in the country and they want us to know about it.

From PR Newswire:

Oklahoma City car accident lawyer Dan Davis of The Dan Davis Law Firm said today that drivers have another reason to use caution behind the wheel; a recent study indicates that Oklahoma motorists are faced with some of the poorest road conditions in the country.

A study conducted by national research group TRIP found that Oklahoma City road conditions cost drivers hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees each year, according to News On 6 (“Report: Oklahoma Roads Cost Each Driver More Than $780 A Year,” October 4).

Davis, who represents victims of negligence and families who lost loved ones in accidents, said drivers will need to slow down if the road conditions are bad and keep a safe distance from other vehicles that might be kicking up loose gravel.

“Dangerous road conditions such as uneven or loose pavement also can take a toll on a vehicle. That’s why it’s important for drivers to make sure their cars are in good running order,” said Davis. “The failure to properly maintain a vehicle or adjust accordingly to driving conditions could lead to a serious accident.”

I hate to burst bubbles at the prestigious Dan Davis Law Firm, but I don’t think this press release was necessary. I’m pretty sure Oklahomans have been aware of our bad roads since forever. In fact, the first word Sequoyah spelled after he crafted the Cherokee alphabet was “pothole.”

Seriously, who approved that thing? Either Dan Davis thinks we are really dumb, or maybe it’s time we check Dan Davis into the hospital for dementia. They guy’s been wearing the same vest for years. Plus, when you feel the need to issue a press release about Oklahoma’s god awful roads, there’s probably not a lot of time left for you.

On that note, who exactly is Attorney Dan Davis? That’s something I’ve always wondered while juiced up on Sudafed and watching The Price is Right and/or Judge Mathis. Is he the old ex-anchorman turned TV spokesperson from L.A. that we see in the commercials, or is it some behind the scenes guy that looks like Victor E. Wood? Maybe someone can let us know in the comments.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what other press releases the firm issues. I bet next time they’ll warn us about severe weather, teen pregnancy or that Oklahoma soil can be bad for your home’s foundation. They do seem to have superior command of the obvious.

Update: That didn’t take long. Thanks to the OMN, were are a couple of pics of the real Dan Davis. He’s not your grandpa’s friend from prep school.

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Why was Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wearing an OU Football T-shirt?

Rob Ford, the crack smoking mayor of Toronto, wore an “OU beat Texas” shirt to the gym recently. The photo was uploaded to Instagram, and then patched together a bad article about it.


Oklahoma football: Under-fire Toronto mayor Rob Ford loves the Sooners

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has become well known for his affinity for recreational drugs. He also loves OU football, apparently.

At least when he’s working out. The admitted crack-smoking politician has been all over the media for his confessions of drug use “probably in one of my drunken stupors,” he said. “Probably approximately about a year ago.” It hasn’t killed his support, however.

“He’s human. We all make mistakes,” one resident told Canadian broadcaster CBC Toronto.

“If he smokes and saves me money, I’ll vote for him — even if he’s a bum,” said another.

That kind of support is enough to keep Ford out and about, as he was photographed wearing an “OU beat Texas” shirt at the gym.

As far as we know, Ford has no direct links to OU football or the university, except this T-shirt. Boomer Sooner, Rob.

First of all, that headline is a bit much. He’s wearing a shirt. Let’s not go crazy. I own a Redhawks shirt. That doesn’t mean I love the Redhawks. Also, the mayor has an “affinity for recreational drugs?” He wasn’t caught smoking a doobie at a Widespread Panic concert. It was crack, as in “I’ll suck your dick for crack.” Referring to it as a recreational drug is like calling “Two Girls, One Cup” an experimental art film.

Anycrap, I came up with some possible reasons why Mayor Ford was wearing an OU shirt. Here they are:

ou fan fat

1.) OU shirts are the only thing that fit…

Oklahomans are fat. In fact, the shirt he is wearing is a child’s size medium! We need to send him some Mississippi State shirts, NOW!

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Kevin Ogle was not impressed at last night’s Thunder game…


Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder overcame a 10-point deficit in the final 3 minutes to squeak by the Washington Wizards in overtime. For the most part, all Oklahoma City Thunder fans inside the Peak were captivated by the thrilling victory and comeback. Well, except for KFOR’s Kevin Ogle.

Check out this pic a Mole sent me from the final minutes of last night’s Thunder game:

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College Football Musings from the Train: Oklahoma State Rolls



For the depressing first half of this post, where I talk about the violation of the University of Oklahoma, click here.

5) Oklahoma State hammers Kansas in an ugly manner

When you play the conference cellar dweller at home, and you put up 359 yards of total offense, and you allow your opponent to have the ball 15 minutes longer than you, and barely complete 50% of your pass attempts, yet win 42-6, your fans roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, and curse paying a dime for having to watch that boorish game.

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