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Oklahoma Discount Furniture, Abraham’s Bail Bonds and other classic OKC Commercials…

oklahoma discount furniture

Back in December, we posted a mix of retro OKC television commercials from the early 1990s. It included classics some spots for now defunct business like Directions in Furniture, Budget Divorce and Soundtrack. In case you missed it, here’s the video:

We broke down each commercial, and at the end of the post, included the following request:

If you have any old VHS tapes lying around in a closet, check and see if they have any cool commercials and then put them on YouTube. Specifically, we are looking for:

• Oklahoma Discount Furniture

• Wizard Electronics

• Jim & Mary’s T.V. & Appliance

• Trusthouse Jewelers (found)

• Epperson Photo Video (found)

• Del Rancho

• Anything with Lynn Hickey in a van being held by a crane

As it usually does, the Ogle Mole Network came through in the clutch. The YouTube user who published the original video has uploaded a new grab bag of local Oklahoma City TV spots, including the classically annoying Oklahoma Discount Furniture commercial, a wizardless Wizard, and the Abraham’s commercial that terrified thousands of children who were staying up too late watching TV.

Check them out:

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Rock in Bricktown, a Colorful Run and Spring Cleaning


I have a confession.

It’s me. It’s been me the whole time. Once I got that ball running, I was in heaven. Can you blame me? When I figured it out I couldn’t believe it was so easy.

I then realized I couldn’t stop. It was always on my mind. I found myself doing it by myself at night. I began calling in sick at work, because who has time for work when you find something that brings you such joy? Friends tried to intervene, but it was useless. Only I can stop my activities, and I must man-up and take responsibility.

So, I, Adam Holt, promise everyone to stop with the earthquakes. Man, that was hard, but it’s the right think to do.

Also, I apologize to the fracking industry for the bad press. I happened to blame you once on Reddit and it spread like wildfire. Here’s stuff to do.

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Introducing the $200 TLO Weather Dong Contest!!!

damon lane weather dong

It’s spring in Oklahoma. That means several months of beautiful days ruined by awful wind, state maps in the corner of your screen, allergies, bedazzled weather ties, insurance adjusters, Thunder playoffs, Val Caster, The Arts Festival, and of course, weather dongs.

To celebrate this occasion, we’re launching our first ever TLO Weather Dong Contest presented by Patricia’s! Yep, Patricia’s. Here’s how it works:

From today through June 15, if you spot a weather dong on an Oklahoma TV channel, simply snap a pic or screenshot and email it to us. When you do, include the date, time, and channel the weather dong appeared. In June, we’ll gather up our favorite weather dongs and let TLO readers vote for the best. The person who wins will get $200, and the other finalists will get gift cards to Patricia’s.

But wait. There’s more!

To add an extra layer of intrigue, and perhaps encourage the creation of more vibrant and impressive weather dongs for everyone’s enjoyment, we’re also going to give $100 to the local TV personality (if applicable) that appears in the photo. For example, let’s say Janet Barresi submitted that pic of Damon Lane above and won the contest. Barresi would get $200 and Damon Lane would get $100. Pretty cool, huh?

If all this talk is making a weather dong grow on your own personal doppler radar, I don’t blame you. After the jump, I’ve included some weather dong examples and other rules:

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2014 Oklahoma Music Festival Guide (and Flowchart)


We all love music. And most of us love seeing live music. But sometimes, just going to see a band play in a nice air-conditioned venue isn’t enough to prove just how much of a hardcore fan you are. The *real* fans would rather go to some overpriced music festival and become sweaty, miserable alcoholics that will brave any/all elements just to showcase their fanhood: “Oh, you saw Arcade Fire in an arena? That’s cool, but I saw them during a hailstorm from the shelter of an overrun porta-potty while I was on acid.”

The popularity of music festivals has exploded over the course of the last ten years. My theory is that promoters are starting to realize that only a handful of people will come to a show with a terrible band, but a bunch of handfuls of people will come to a show with a bunch of terrible bands! I don’t know about you guys but my favorite part of going to any concert is watching some weird opening act that I have never heard of, so I get pretty stoked at festivals when I get the opportunity to watch six weird opening acts I have never heard of. The $12 water bottles and multiple heat strokes are just an added bonus.

Oklahoma was actually an early adapter during the rise of the festival back when we had D-Fest from 2006-2009 (The Roots 2008 set is still the best live show I have ever seen), but like all good liberal things in this state, it sadly came to an end. Since then, we have experienced a bevvy of wannabe D-Fests that have tried to fill the festival-sized hole in our hearts to no avail.

Fortunately for us, we live in a place where a lot of people apparently don’t have real jobs and can find all the time in the world to put together these musical monstrosities. We have awkward new festivals popping up and then disappearing (sometimes before the festival even starts) every year, and 2014 is no different. This year we will have everything from a redesigned locals-only El Reno camping festival (Schwarzstock), to our flagship springtime festival that appears to be getting lost as it tries to navigate it’s head out of it’s own ass (Norman Music Festival).

There’s also a second-year festival in Tulsa that looks poised to become the closest thing we have to a revived D-Fest (Center Of The Universe), a festival coming up this Friday that’s literally just a hundred college kids and then Moby (ACM Rocks Bricktown), the best festival none of us have ever been to (Bricktown Reggae Fest), and of course the musical herpes sore on the mouth of our fine state (ROCKLAHOMA).

But with all these options, which festival is right for you? Should you go to more than one? Should you go to none of them? I am here to break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of each festival. I was also kind enough to create an Oklahoma Festival Flowchart for your squinting pleasure.

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Mike Turner, The “Ban Marriage in Oklahoma” guy, eats his own eye boogers…

mike turner 3

Cameras are everywhere today.

Someone may want to share that bit of wisdom, along with a list of reputable hairstylists, with State Representative and US 5th Congressional District hopeful Mike Turner. He’s the lawmaker who recently filed a bill that would ban all marriage in Oklahoma. He did it not because he’s smart, but to simply prevent gays and the lesbians who stole his hairstyle from getting married.

During a recent debate on the House floor regarding an intrusive big government bill that would prevent local municipalities from enacting their own minimum wages, Mike was caught, well, check out the following video:

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