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Shelty the Wonder Dog saved her owner!

Shelty rescue dog

Here at TLO, we’re dog people. Sure, we don’t mind if you have a cat, but we’re all suckers for a wagging tail. Maybe it’s because they’re so playful, or because they give unconditional love regardless of what you’ve written on the internet. Either way, we really like dogs. In fact, if you ever happen upon my Instagram feed, you know that my dog is my favorite subject to photograph. But let’s be real. My dog exists for one purpose, and that is to sleep on the couch when I’m too occupied to do so.

Apparently there are dogs on this planet that do more than sleep or bark at the Fed Ex dude as he drops off Mod Cloth orders. In fact, there are dogs out there who actually HELP their owners. According to

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The Lawton Rappers really want us to write about their new reality show…

Over the past year or so, we’ve shared a couple of amazing music videos by Lawton rapper Knuckles and his hypeman, producer, noodlin’ buddy Jesse Dalton (Example 1 / Example 2). In case you forgot about it and / or want to see underaged Lawton babes crawling through horse manure, here’s their probably-should-be-award-winning video “Andy.”

After we roasted the video, Knuckles became one of the biggest celebrities in Lawton. The manager at El Chico would comp his meals, girls at Cameron would tip him extra at the car wash, and even Cricket Wireless offered him an endorsement deal. He was living the high life!

Thanks to the “viral” success of Andy, we’re now on Knuckles’ and Jesse Dalton’s email list. Whenever they drop a new project or rhyme, we’re the first to know. For example, in September Jesse sent us a clip of a new reality show he’s producing called “Dalton Gang Outdoors.” Here’s the email:

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Meet the world’s coolest OU fan…

Harold Anthony Schroeder

OU football fans get a well-deserved bad rap. We’re spoiled, fussy, whiny, fair weather assholes who have unrealistic expectations, ho-hum our way through home games, and pee on our shoes at urinal troughs. To make matters worse, most of us didn’t even go to school there. Pathetic, huh?

Of course, it could be worse. At least we don’t drive tractors to games or wave at our cousins on the other side of the stadium after a touchdown. Also, we know what it feels like to be a fan of a respected, historically dominant football program that has won numerous National Championships, with the last one being in the year 2000… 15 years ago… when I was 22. WTF.

Despite all the negatives, OU fans do have some positive traits. For example, we drink a lot and make really terrible decisions. The most recent fan to do this was Harold Anthony Schroeder, who we’re going to call Harry Schroeder because it sounds funny.

Harry decided to celebrate OU’s big victory over Baylor (that still sounds weird, doesn’t it) by getting hammered and taking a nap in the McLennan County Courthouse in Waco.

Via the Waco Tribune:

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You can get in on the ground floor of the Del City revitalization!

steve shaw

The OKC Metro is a hopping place. Consistently ranked high among places with low costs of living, Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas sure are seeing an influx of residents. Couple this with our state’s incessant need to be like everywhere else by having as many national chains as possible open up stores, and it’s easy to see that development in the OKC Metro area is booming.

And sure, we’ve seen how areas of Oklahoma City have been gentrified revitalized. But what about the surrounding areas? It will not surprise you to know that they are following in the same direction. According to

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Oklahoma Daily used the wrong word to describe Missouri students…


In case you didn’t know, there’s an essay thing by the almighty David Boren in this week’s issue of Time. Yes, that’s right. Time. You should check it out the next time you go to the doctor.

In wake of the Missouri protests, the piece explains how OU responded to the racist SAE frat boys incident and what the University has done to address the issue of racism on campus. It’s a thoughtful, honest piece, which makes me think David Boren probably had nothing to do with it! Zing!

Here’s a snippet:

OU student newspaper apologizes for racially insensitive photo caption

The Oklahoma Daily, the University of Oklahoma’s campus newspaper, issued an apology on Monday after a photo caption in last Thursday’s paper identified a group of students at the University of Missouri as “colored.”

The Daily called the incident an “egregious mistake,” one that they deeply regret.

The Daily Editor In Chief, Joe Mussatto, a senior journalism student, said Monday afternoon the mistake came from an oversight in the paper’s editing process for photos.

“It just slipped through,” he said. “We knew it was a terrible mistake. We were swift to apologize.”

Oops! That’s not the Time editorial. It’s an article from The Oklahoman about a student who accidentally used the word “colored” last week when captioning a photo from the Missouri protests. How does something like that “just slip through?” Did OU hire the SAE House Mom as a proofreader? Was the person responsible for the Insurance Commissioner Award behind this? We need answers!

Fortunately, the student behind the gaffe issued the following apology:

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