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Help us sell out! Vote in the Gazette’s “Best of OKC”


Last week, Oklahoma City’s mainstream alternative weekly The Oklahoma Gazette released their ballot issue for the annual “Best of OKC” competition. This always reminds us that we need to:

1) Start planning for our 2014 “Worst of OKC

2) Tell you to go vote for us in “Best of OKC”

Yes, Gazette readers have once again nominated us for “Best Website” and “Best Person to Follow on Social Media.” This is kind of cool, because unlike just about any other business in Oklahoma City, we didn’t beg, pander, advertise in The Gazette, or pay our employees to stuff the ballot box to get nominated.

However, we are going to beg for votes in this round. We actually want to be named “Best Website” so we can go to businesses that advertise on and say “Hey, how about advertising on the best website in Oklahoma City!” Actually, I’m just joking around. I don’t think The Gazette has any online advertisers.

Here are the nominees for best website. It includes a message board, Ed Shadid’s homepage, a non-profit and our old arch nemesis:

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Don’t expect a version of Yo! KSBI 52 Raps anytime soon…


The guy pictured above is the local balla, shot calla, and rapper extreme, Jabee. He’s one of the most talented rappers in town, so you better back down… clown? He’s a pimp and playa and likes Pizza Hut, look at the Goodyear Blimp and your mamma’s a…

Okay, maybe I should experiment with my new alter ego P-Nugget some other time. The last thing we need is another rapper mad at us.

With all apologies to Josh Sallee, Jabee is probably the most popular rapper in Oklahoma City. In fact, the local advertising community really loves him. Whenever they need a rapper for a project, Jabee is their man. He’s rapped in commercials for the Omniplex, intros for the Ad Club, and even narrated the 2013 OU Intro Video. The guy is everywhere, and as far as local rappers go, he’s pretty safe and mainstream for your stereotypical Oklahoma audience.

Knowing all that, you may be surprised to learn that KSBI Channel 52 cancelled Jabee’s performance on their fledgling talk show Oklahoma Live! yesterday afternoon. They did this despite booking Jabee to appear on the show three weeks earlier. They didn’t give him a notice or anything. According to Jabee, this is due to the station’s “No Black Rappers” policy:

jb tweet 1

jb tweet 3

Cancelling his spot was a dick move by KSBI. That being said, I think Jabee was little too quick to play the race card. From what I’ve gathered through the Ogle Mole Network, KSBI recently hired some asshole producer who knows nothing about Oklahoma City to change the direction of the Oklahoma Live! program. Apparently, that included no more rap or metal performances on the show. The producer apparently thought Jabee was a country act, booked him as a country act, and then realized before the show that Jabee was, in fact, not a country act. To avoid the wrath of station management, the producer figured he’d just quietly remove Jabee. Oops.

According to one of JB’s PR Flacks this is how it went down:

The whole band had been there for about 30 minutes ready to load in all of their equipment, and Jabee and I went to sign in at the office to go into the studio. We sign in, are lead to the studio, and the exec producer Ted Maguire comes in and asks to speak to Jabee.

The whole band is set up and ready to go. Ted Maguire says, verbatim, “Hi Jabee. There’s been an oversight, and I need you to leave.”

We all thought he was joking. We asked if he was serious and he said “if you need help, we can help you load your stuff.” Jabee asked if they were expecting a country act, and he said “honestly, yes. Upon seeing you, we realized there was an oversight.”

I asked if Jabee was still going to have an interview about his new Emmy and an event coming up, and he said “that’s going to be canceled as well.”

No offer to reschedule. We were just asked to leave immediately. He even said he would stay and wait for us to get all of our things out and watched us all load out.

Before you could say “Ladadadada,” KSBI President Vince Orza, a guy who loves himself so much that he should be a rapper, issued the following apology on Facebook:

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The Oklahoman Editorial Board still loves hypocrisy…

picard facepalm

Over the weekend, The Oklahoman issued an editorial that was probably written by Janet Barresi’s best friend’s husband regarding charter schools, education savings accounts, taxpayer scholarships and other programs that I really don’t care all that much about.

In the piece, “The State’s Most Trusted News” complained that polling data show Oklahoman voters want these educational programs implemented across the state, but state lawmakers are not doing anything about it and apparently that’s something to be mad about.

Here’s a snippet:

Oklahoma lawmakers run counter to constitutents’[sic] wishes

Many Republican lawmakers in the 2014 legislative session opposed efforts to increase educational opportunities for students. In doing so, those lawmakers voted against the wishes of their constituents.

A new poll of Oklahoma Republican primary voters, commissioned by the Oklahoma Federation for Children, shows overwhelming support for education savings accounts (ESAs), charter schools in rural communities, taxpayer scholarships for children with special needs to attend private schools, and tax breaks supporting scholarship programs that help needy children attend private schools.

I’ll admit it. Half the reason I’m writing this is so I can include a [sic] in Oklahoman editorial headline. I don’t know what a “constitutent” is, but I assume most of them probably voted for Janet Barresi.

Here are the poll results. They really make you question The Oklahoman’s constancy when it comes to dealing with polling data.

According to latest SoonerPoll results, Oklahomans are ready to consider marijuana for medicinal purposes and decriminalization. The poll had support for medical marijuana at 71% and support for decriminalization at 57%. The poll did not ask about legalization.

When considering arrest for a marijuana offense, nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) said they should be treated instead of jailed. Under current Oklahoma law, possession of any amount can earn one up to a year in jail for a first offense and from two to 10 years for a second offense. Marijuana sales—of any amount—can earn a sentence of up to life in prison.

The state’s largest cities were the most in support. In metro Oklahoma City and Tulsa, support for medical marijuana was higher than 75%, and support for decriminalization was at 67% in Tulsa and at 63% in Oklahoma City.

Even Oklahoma’s notoriously conservative Republicans are ready for change. Support for decriminalization came from 53% of Republicans interviewed, lower than the 60% of Democrats and 65% of independents, but still surprising.

Oops. That’s actually a 2013 Sooner Poll report that shows an overwhelming majority of Oklahomans, including 51% of Republicans, support the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Apparently those polling numbers didn’t matter to The Oklahoman Editorial Board. Instead of criticizing our incompetent state legislature for ignoring “the wishes of their constituents,” they issued a snide editorial against legalization for legitimate medical use.

Here’s the polling data on the education stuff:

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TLO Trivia Night Recap: Twins Edition


We’re at the halfway point of our “League of Champions.” To celebrate, we’re offering double Suttons (league points) at all four of our TLO Trivia Night locations for this week.

If you’re playing in the league – or still want to give it a shot – this is a good time to make up some ground and / or pad your lead. Remember, the Top 8 league teams will earn an automatic entry to our $1,000 Title Match, while the teams ranked 9 – 20 will have to compete the week before for 6 Wild Card spots.

Here are some trivia questions about twins. Get it. Twins? Double league points? Clever.

1. What heroine was the twin sister of He-Man?

2. “Coast to Coast” is the signature perfume of what twins?

3. Which twins debuted on the “The All-New Super Friends Hour?”

4. In what decade did Doublemint introduce the iconic Doublemint Twins?

5. Which SNL alum was rumored to be the third “twin” in a sequel to the movie Twins?

Answers, trivia night recaps and standings are all after the jump.

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Monday Morning Tweets: Local news folks really like to work out.

Happy Monday, and welcome back to Monday Morning Tweets. As always, I, Marisa, have brought you the very best tweets from the week before. Or, I’ve brought you the tweets I enjoyed the most from the week before. But you can rest assured that I have the best taste when it comes to tweets. So, sit back and begin your week the right way–by reading some tweets from the week before.

But before we get going, I need to remind you that Tony tweets about Jeopardy, and he’s trying to bring the rest of us down with him:

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