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Ogle Madness VIII: Second Round, Southeast Region

Hi all. Ogle Madness rolls along this morning with the Southeast Region’s second round. If you want to see what happened yesterday, check here and here. This morning’s games includes our Cinderella. Can the Red Dog Cafe Chef keep the dream alive?

(1) Joleen Chaney vs (9) The Dry Slot
(4) Hipster Boo Boo vs (5) Marla Morgan
(3) Bob Stoops vs (6) Lake Hefner Goats
(10) Regular Jim Traber vs (15) Red Dog Cafe Chef

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It’s hard to get contraband into the Lexington Correctional Facility


Unsurprisingly (or surprisingly, depending on how you think of me), I know very little about prison. Sure, I’ve dated guys who bragged about their stints in the drunk tank or county jail, but I’ve never been to “the big show,” as they say. (Do they say? Again, I don’t know a lot about prison.) I guess you could say the most I know about incarceration involves binge watching Orange is the New Black, or not passing go and not collecting $200.

I do know that in order to sneak stuff in to prison, it can’t be found unless the cops check what was baked into a cake, or use a full body cavity search. I mean, I thought everyone knew this, but apparently people are sneaking stuff into jail by other means, and they’re getting caught. According to

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Ogle Madness VII: Second Round, Midwest Region

“Monday at Ogle Madness” somehow doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Sunday at Augusta” or “Game 7 of the World Series,” but we’re only eight years old, so give it some time?

Today we return to the Midwest Region, which is the only place Kevin Durant is playing anywhere right now.

Go vote! These are today’s games:

(1) Kevin Durant vs (9) Lawton Rappers
(4) Sir John Michael vs (5) Jack White’s Guacamole
(6) Miss State Fair vs (3) Olivia Munn
(10) Katy Weaver vs (2) Garth Brooks

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Kirk Humphreys has good genes…

kirk humphreys

Last week, former Oklahoma City mayor Kirk Humphreys took some heat for controversial comments he made about gene pools on KFOR’s “Flashpoint.” Oddly enough, for a Flashpoint discussion about genes, the remarks had nothing to do with Kevin Ogle’s viking heritage or Mike Turpen’s striking resemblance to Jari Askins.


Former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys is under fire from a self-described progressive news website after comments he made on a local television broadcast saying the Putnam City schools once had a better gene pool.

The comments came on a March 8 episode of ‘Flashpoint,’ a weekly political show on KFOR-4 in which Humphreys, a Republican, and Mike Turpen, a Democrat, discuss local news and politics with host Kent Ogle.

On the episode, the trio spoke with Oklahoma City School Superintendent Rob Neu about falling standards in the district. At one point in the conversation, Humphreys, a former Putnam City school board member, said:

“When I went on the school board 30… 25 years ago… a little over… we were, probably the best school district in the state. We just happened to have the best gene pool. But that gene pool keeps moving out. It’s moved to Edmond, it’s now moved to Deer Creek, and you know, they’ll keep running as long as they can buy green fields and gasoline for their car.

Well… that’s a stupid thing to say.

First of all, it was insensitive. It sounds like Kirk’s trying to say that families who can afford to live in a “nice” school district have good genes, while lower-income families have bad ones. I’m not Gregor Mendel or anything, but that’s B.S.

Second, most of what he said was wrong. I graduated from Putnam City West High School in 1996. Trust me. We didn’t have “the best gene pool.” Just look at the district’s 1989 time capsule. People with good genes wouldn’t do something that boring. Also, he thinks the good gene pool has moved to Edmond. Uhm, has he been to Edmond recently? I think dealing with traffic on Broadway and 33rd has killed whatever good genes that town has left. Saying Edmond has good genes would be like saying Old Navy has good jeans.

Anyway, there has to be an explanation all this. Maybe Kirk was taken out of context and simply reading a passage from “The Big Bad Book of Offensive False Analogies.”

Let’s watch the actual video:

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Monday Morning Tweets

Is it overly apparent that I have no idea how to write an intro for this column? I mean, I try to say something relevant every week, but sometimes, you just can’t be relevant. I scrolled through the archives to see some past intros I had written, and also the intros my predecessor, Tony, had written. But it wasn’t much help because Tony had like 4 intros where he basically stated that he didn’t know how to introduce this column. Which, like, I’m not throwing him under the bus or anything, but you can see that this isn’t the easiest thing to write a couple of paragraphs for. I mean, what do you, the reader, even look for in an intro? Or do you just scroll through to see if your tweet made the cut? (Spoilers: It probably didn’t.)

Anyway, I guess I should get to the actual tweets now. This is my favorite part of the intro, because I just tell you the tweets are after the jump, and the intro is over. So, well, ummm. The tweets are after the jump!

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