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Friday Night in the Big Town: Born & Brewed, Drumbeat Festival and Capitol Steps

Well, we did it again. For the third or fourth year in a row (you would think Patrick would keep of with these things), The Lost Ogle won the Oklahoma Gazette Award for Best Blog, Website or Scrapbook. For the second straight year, I, Adam, led the charge to the top of the mountain.

Think of the painting of George Washington standing near the front of a small boat crossing the cold Delaware River, but instead of the future first president, a goofy-looking yet handsome redhead with the skin tone of a dead fish belly and facial hair of a sixth grade girl stands grimacing against the wind while trying to reach Google Maps on his HTC One. Spence will be flopping in the water, but sadly no one’s yet to notice.

Now if you ask other TLO writers, they may not see it the same way. I figure you will probably receive at least two “Who’s Adam?” remarks, one of them being from Patrick. That’s cool, we know who is the coal that keeps this train running. No, not Marisa, me. Good lord people.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…

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Aaron Tuttle will not like the “Best of OKC” results…

It’s time to celebrate and get drunk!

For like the third or fourth year in a row now, we have been named “Best Website or Blog” in the Gazette’s annual “Best of OKC” competition. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

best local website or blog

That’s cool. At first I felt a bit of guilty about beating Royce with again, but then I remembered that he has front court seats to every Thunder game and plays Halo with Kevin Durant on X-Box Live. He’ll be fine.

With that being said, wasn’t that write-up kind of uninspired? I wouldn’t say we’re The Gazette’s competition or anything (We dabble in satire, pseudojournalism and occasional humor. They spend time reviewing community theatre and letting your parents know where to grab dinner.), but we do have a little bit of overlap in our coverage. Is this awkward? Do we need to hug? Maybe next year we’ll encourage everyone to vote for Oxford Karma. I’d love to see how they handle that one.

Anyway, being named “The Best Local Website or Blog” in Oklahoma City is cool, but what would be really awesome is if we beat Aaron Tuttle. If you remember correctly, we were up against AT, KD, RW and Slackmeyer for “Best Person to Follow on Social Media.” And when Aaron took to Facebook to encourage his 100,000 followers to vote for him, he intentionally cropped us out of his promotional Facebook posts. He did this because, according to his own internal rules and guidelines, we were ineligible:

aaron tuttle 2

aaron tuttle

Yep, he left us out because we’re technically not a “person.” Uhm, couldn’t you say the same thing about him? As Obi-Wan would say:

Anyway, let’s check out the results. I doubt we beat KD, but hopefully we got more votes than a diabolical Facebook weatherman:

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Living on the Grid: Cheering with the Energy’s Biggest Fans


A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about how I’d like to start following a sport and, since they were in the middle of a hot run, perhaps the Oklahoma City Dodgers were the way to go.

I was ignored by their ball club. Perhaps Patrick ruined it for me.

But there was one local team that, in no uncertain terms, said “Louis, we’ll take you! Come be a fan with us!” And that was our local soccer club, the OKC Energy FC (who conveniently also advertises on this website!) and, more specifically, their supporters club, the Grid.

You may have heard about the Grid in the news recently. The raucous group of soccer fans made headlines for alleged excessive use of foul language and overly rambunctious behavior. Reading media reports, you would have thought they belonged in a section inside the Thunder Dome. Members of the Grid continually downplayed this as I pregamed with them before last Saturday’s home match against Utah.

“You’re going to hear cussing at a Dodgers game or a Thunder game or an OU game,” said longtime Grid member John Bratt said. “I’d say it’s no worse than that. ”

“We had a discussion with the OKC Energy front office not too long ago and we felt it went very well,” added Grid President Joe Pugh. “The relationship between the two of us, the Grid and the front office, has been fantastic.”

Spoken like a true politician!


Before the game, members of the Grid tailgate in the secluded southwest corner behind Taft Middle in the same place where the Teacher of the Year parks the car and the local middle school riff-raff sneak a cigarette or two when no one’s looking.

For a tailgate, it was relatively calm, with the loudest it getting when fans chugged beers and began debating the merits of the different players, all mixed with a solemn reverence for their beloved coach Jimmy Nielsen, who is apparently a big deal in the soccer world. Also a big deal, assistant coach Chris Spendlove, who was just cleared of murder charges in England.

As I stood around, nursing my Chelada tallboy and speaking to various fans—some from even England and Australia—about how much fun it is to be a fan of the Energy, I could start to feel the energy of the Grid members rise with each new member who’d join the party. Now I am notoriously cynical and have even been told that I might suffer from “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” which, sadly, makes it a real bitch to become a sports fan, but I gotta say, the energy (no pun intended) of the Grid was starting to get me, excited to see what happens next.

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OMG! City employees used work emails to sign up for Ashley Madison


The big news story in America this week is that a bunch of “activist” hackers finally released the email addresses and personal information of millions of people who figured that life is short and they might as well have an affair.

Naturally, the media jumped all over the leak like a bossomy girl on a trampoline, desperately looking for a local angle to garner clicks, pageviews, and Facebook shares. They found that treasure chest in the form of government emails people used to access the site.


The cheating website Ashley Madison’s reported hack revealed some Oklahoma government emails.

So far, there have been 21 emails linked to accounts and four linked to

Ashley Madison is a dating website that helps married people cheat. The alleged hackers threatened to release information about millions of customers last month if they didn’t shut the website down.

The website company did not comply, and that’s how the Oklahoma emails were revealed.

At first, it was thought the reported leak might be fake, but independent security experts say it is very real. Tech experts say hackers who targeted the site have published stolen data from more than 1 million users.

A database shows government email domains reportedly linked to Ashley Madison.

Here is what a quick search revealed:

Tinker Air Force Base – 33
City of Oklahoma City – 21
Vance Air Force Base – 2
Altus Air Force Base – 2
Oklahoma Department of Health – 2
Oklahoma Department of Corrections – 1
Oklahoma Department of Juvenile Affairs – 1

I understand why this is a big story. It’s interesting, juicy, and kind of funny, but why are we only focusing on government employees? Are they held to a higher moral standard than the people who have better jobs and make more money in the private sector? Why are they the ones being shamed?

And please don’t give me the whole “But they’re wasting taxpayer time and money” bullshit, Person Who’s Reading This Post In Your Cubicle While You Should Be Emailing TPS Reports To Your Boss. Who cares what email address they used? It’s not like taxpayers are charged per the email. If anything, we should give these bright government employees raises and promotions for having the smarts to use an email address their spouse can’t access.

What I really want to know is who in the local media signed up for this service! Let’s judge the ones leading the judging! Last night, I downloaded the entire 9GB leak on Bit Torrent. This is what I found:

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Oklahoma movie theatres are now checking your bags…

hollywood theaters bag check

One of my favorite past times is spending a lot of money to have a bad time, and by that, I mean I like to go to the movie theater. Sure, the popcorn is tasty and the soda is served by the gallon, but once you’ve purchased your tickets and snacks, you find yourself in a theater with a sticky floor. Some dude with a severe cough always wants to sit right next to you, and the damn teenagers two rows back won’t stop talking. So yeah, I’d say I like to spend a lot of money to just be pissed off in the dark for a few hours.

Though, admittedly, I haven’t been to the theater very much lately. And the past couple of times, I immediately found the nearest exit and escape route because I’m pretty concerned I might wind up in one of those theaters that gets shot up. Well, Hollywood Theaters in Norman apparently has the same fear. According to

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