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From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 1 Review)


Oklahoma defeated Tulsa by the score of 47-14 in last’s Saturday evening’s contest between two of the three in-state programs. I don’t think most prognosticators believes Tulsa would win this game, but I think many fans believed Tulsa could keep it close. They did not. Tulsa was outclassed on the field and the sideline for most of the game, and certainly the entire 1st half. Unless your name is Javon Harris, in which case you might want to learn something about “rolling coverage” before September 17th.

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Worst of OKC: Tourist Attraction

I’ve written the intro to this thing about 20 times and can’t seem to get it right. Basically, this is what I want to say:

A) It’s kind of weird that Oklahoma City’s best and most popular tourist attraction is also our saddest tourist attraction.

B) If you are visiting Oklahoma City and are not in town on either official business or to see family and friends, you’re kind of weird.

C) I’m still not sure about the Crystal Bridge.

Okay, since that is now out-of-the-way, let’s vote for our Worst Tourist Attraction.  The nominees are:

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Ogle Nuggets: 09/07/2011

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• Even though our readers think it’s the second worst suburb of Oklahoma City, Edmond was recently named by CNBC as the most perfect suburb in the United States. It earned the perfect ranking because it has good schools and an educated population of homeowners. In other words, it’s filled with a bunch of people you’re likely to see eating at Panera Bread.

• Speaking of the metro’s worst suburbs, a couple of fat white girls were caught on camera stealing a bench and using the bathroom in front of Del City business. After that, they went and got drunk and danced in a cage at Graham’s.

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TLO Exclusive: The Travels of Mr. Know It

Last Thursday, NewsOK announced the arrival of their new mascot “Mr. Know It.” He’s a cardboard cutout of Oklahoman Communities editor and traffic columnist Don Gammill. He’s also Cardboard Jim Traber’s newest homeboy.

Mr. Know It is supposed to build awareness of the Know It Library at Granted, no one really knows what the Know It Library is, but I’m sure a giant cardboard cutout of a guy who looks like your grandpa’s banker will fix that.

Anyway, through the Ogle Mole Network we have obtained some photos of Mr. Know It’s early travels. The first few are below. The rest are after the jump.


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Worst of OKC: Worst Thunder Player

Now that college football is back, very few of you probably care, but the NBA is in a state of labor stoppage. League owners, especially Thunder ownership, is pushing their commissioner, David Stern, to break the Player’s Union. Keep in mind, they have no desire to see the Union dissolve (I discussed this at length on, they just want to make the Union their bitch.

Since organized labor generally frowns upon accepting collective bargaining proposals that simply say “Suck it” the owners locked them out. As a result, we may not get to watch any Thunder basketball this year, which kind of sucks since the team was on the verge of an NBA title just a few months ago.

That said, someone has to be blamed for why they didn’t actually win the title, and that’s what we ask you after the break.

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