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Oglebating: Which is better, the original BC Clark jingle or the one with people singing in the mall?

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Welcome back to Oglebating! Last time out, you were basically split on whether or not it’s OK to root for a school you didn’t graduate from. People, if you you aren’t going to settle these debates for us, why do we even take the time to do them!?

Today we get into the Christmas spirit with the song that’s been rattling around in all your heads for the past two weeks — the BC Clark jingle! Which is better: the original song with the animated sleigh or the one with people singing in front of the BC Clark store in the mall? We argue about it after the jump….

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Kendrick Perkins is wasting away…

When the NBA locked out its players before the 1998-99 season, the players let themselves go worse than Jessica Simpson after she divorced that dude from that boy band. Without access to team facilities and trainers, many players were in no condition to play any basketball when the labor issues were finally ironed out. So, since the current NBA season will be starting two months late and training camps will be abbrieviated, this was certainly a concern for every team’s coach.

Oklahoma City’s players gave Coach Scott Brooks nothing to worry about. In addition to the players who stayed in shape by playing with European teams (Serge Ibaka, Thabo Sefolosha, Byron Mullens), workout warriors (Russell Westbrook and Ibaka again), and Kevin Durant who played wherever there happened to be a basketball, there were some surprises.

Do you recognize that guy? I’ll give you a hint. It’s that doughy guy who intimidated the crap out of Nene in the first round of the playoffs last year. You know him…the center who generally showed up to play offense with the team right around the time the ball started going the other direction.

That’s Kendrick Perkins looking like 50 Cent when he took that movie role where he was a cancer patient.

When the news of the formerly overweight big man showing up to camp as a svelte looking modern center that can run the floor, I was not surprised. Thanks to Royce over at Daily Thunder, a workout video of Perkins behaving like the anti-Shaq became viral. That workout video showed that not only had Perk lost his baby fat, but he had started to sculpt himself and improved his flexibility so as to move better.

Not everyone is happy with the new Perk, though. John Rohde of The Oklahoman cautioned:

Perkins could be walking a fine line here, however. Thunder general manager Sam Presti traded for a brawny Perkins, not a budding Nutrisystems spokesperson.

I understand the concern. After the trade last season, Perkins instilled a toughness in the team. Opposing teams thought twice about attacking the rim when a hard foul from the Thunder goliath was waiting for them. Now that he is, according to his own reports, 32 pounds lighter, perhaps his presence will not be as frightening.

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Jenni Carlson is going to be a mother of children

Usually when we write about Jenni Carlson, it has something to with her terrible sports columns or t-shirt coffee mugs. That’s not the case today. As the headline above clearly states, we have learned from several Ogle Moles that Jenni Carlson is pregnant and expecting her first child. Even though she claims not to read this site, we’d like to send our sincere congratulations to Jenni and her fine husband Mr. Jenni Carlson.

Anyway, I wonder if the Oklahoman sports department is going to play up this news?Maybe Berry Tramel will spin a folksy column about his first memory of Jenni into a fond tribute to his own mother, or perhaps Mel Bracht will simply post pictures from the office baby shower on his sports media blog. Whatever they do, let’s hope they don’t go all News9 on everyone. That’s more tacky than a Jenni Carlson column.


Spence Sez: God is big enough to follow the Broncos.

I used to believe that two teams praying to the same God would cancel the prayers out. But Tim Tebow has proven me wrong. I’m not jumping on the “Hate Tebow” bandwagon. I’ve hated him ever since he was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the 2009 national championship game. I had the privileged of  attending that game, and when he taunted an OU player by doing the “gator clap,”  I thought, “what an arrogant douche.” It wasn’t until later I realized he was a hyper-Christian (the most annoying of all Christians). But now that the Broncos are 7-1 with Tebow, people are saying it’s God making the “impossible possible.” If the Denver Broncos winning ways are an act of God, I say, way to go God. After Tebow wins the Super Bowl would you mind looking into fixing the AIDS problem in Africa? Thanks. Here is another picture of Tebow with a hot chick that he didn’t sleep with.

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The 3 worst PR moments in Tulsa history

As I struggle to find something, ANYTHING vaguely controversial/ridiculous/humiliating to write about in regards to good ole’ Tulsey Town, I’ve concluded something well, extremely obvious: more action and adventure occurs in the plot of Elizabethtown than what goes down in Tulsa over the span of a full month.

In a town where a bar-brawl-turned-rumble gives me enough cocktail party anecdote fodder to last at least two weeks, well, I can’t exactly complain. Sure, new and interesting people to add to one’s social circle might be few and far between, but it takes me all of 20 minutes to get to the opposite end of Tulsa. My apartment building might be overrun with SUVs, but they almost never get broken into. There might be six bars total downtown, but I rarely get heckled by homeless people on my way home from them. As any resident of Edmond can concur, living in the ‘burbs has its pros and cons.

After time, you’ll find Tulsa’s erratic weather, user-friendly street system, and abundant BBQ restaurants charming. I love Tulsa, and it’s no secret–which is precisely why I’m bewildered at the low opinion that non-918 residents have pertaining to my stomping grounds. Nothing shatters my cold, cold heart like a little Tulsa trash talk from people who’ve spent less time here than Mr. Eko did on the island.

I was an economics major–empirical analyses are my forte. After some hard-hitting research, I’ve identified the three pivotal moments in Tulsa’s young history than defines its somewhat unfavorable public perception today. Read on…after the jump:

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