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Ogle Madness V: Elite 8, Northeast Region

It’s down to the Elite 8, you crazy fans of chap wearing, glitter belt buckle sporting, NBA dancers. Here’s the updated Ogle Madness V bracket. Most people are still alive in our Ogle Madness Bracket Contest. The winner will be treated to a $250 feast to Deep Fork Grill. Yummy!

Here’s today’s Northeast Regional Final. The winner will advance to this Wednesday’s Final Four:

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (7) Bobbie Miller 

One of these people is super cute and the other is a millionaire basketball player who lives in Gallardia. So you decide who needs more votes.

Vote on!

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Friday Mailbag: Janet Barresi Freedom 43 Blog Advisor

Each Friday we publish some of the better emails we receive in the Ogle in-box each week. We then let our readers vote for the best one. Who ever sends us the one that gets the most votes wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser’s American Bistro. Cool, huh?

Anyway, to this week’s questions:

James asks:

After reading and enjoying your blog for quite some time, I was wondering if you could share any drops of wisdom with the world on how to start/maintain/grow a successful blog? 

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Friday night in the big town: Pole dancing, babysitting, and Bret Michaels

Hello, readers. Are you ready for this weekend? I am. I got my nails did and I’m officially flip flop ready, meaning that I’m ready for proper patio drinking attire. And the rain is supposed to stop. Seriously, it’s like the sky is opening up to embrace the weekend. I have to say, I’m more likely to give thanks in the spring time than on Thanksgiving. I would take warm weather, sundresses, sandals, and swirls at The Mont over eating lame ass turkey with my family any old day. Hallelujah and amen, in no particular order.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

March 23: Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma at America’s Pub

If you wanted to hang out with Patrick tonight, I’m pretty sure he’ll be at America’s Pub taking pictures of hot chicks to post some time next week. Unless an Ogle Mole wants to do the legwork for us. Though, on second thought, Patrick is a pretty thorough guy and he would probably pay that extra attention to detail and go check out all those girls who probably dropped out of Piedmont High School five years ago as they make their mark on the world.

Anyway, if my mom’s obsession with Dancing with the Stars is any indication of how entertaining a dance competition can be, then I would assume this will be a packed house, and I’m sure it’s because this will be a display of skill and years of practice. I know some of you would want me to believe that this will be a night of debauchery but all the dancers I knew growing up were super uptight and wouldn’t smoke out with you because if they got the munchies, they couldn’t gorge on junk and still look good in leotards.

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Attention Ladies: The Oklahoman has hired new energy reporters

Our loyal legion of female fans sometimes get a little frustrated with our unbalanced coverage of hotness. They point to pictures of hot news chicks, porn stars and even scantily clad college girls and scream “Where are the pictures of hunky men?! Where are those six-pack abs and muscly arms?! Where’s Kelly Ogle taking off his shirt and drinking a Diet Coke at a construction site?!”

Well, ladies, today is your lucky day. Stop your complaining and meet the reporters who will be manning the new energy beat for The Oklahoman. They are hot and they mean business!

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Lobbyist Brett Allred is sorry he called a married mother of five a slut

See that tweet? It was sent yesterday by our friend Rachel Hernandez. We got to know Rachel when she was director of the Exchange on Film Row. She organized the Lego fashion show, some cool art shows and that man-festival that should have been called “Affair of the Fart.”

Anyway, when she found out yesterday that Mary Fallin, Todd Lamb and just about every other Republican in the state’s Executive Branch didn’t want to be seen on the same stage as President Obama, she sent out that tweet as a response. Innocent enough, right?

Well, apparently not. After tweeting her displeasure with our Executive Branch, Republican Lobbyist Brett Allred came to the rescue and to set the record straight. He let everyone know that Rachel is a worthless, welfare dependent slut who should crawl back up in her mom’s vagina and cook. Did we mention he did this on very very very public forum called Twitter?

Here’s a screen shot of the conversation. I would link to the Tweets, but Allred has deleted his twitter account.

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