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We have finally located the “The Don’t Lay that Trash on Oklahoma” jingle

For several years now, we’ve begged for someone with Jordan Associates or ODOT to add the classic “Don’t Lay That Trash on Oklahoma” commercial to YouTube. Since both groups are either incompetent or don’t read The Lost Ogle, it never happened. Finally, we’ve obtained a 30-audio spot of the jingle via the Ogle Mole Network. If you remember what life was like before cable, cell phones and Starbucks, get out your nostalgia cap:

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Mike Brooks really enjoys working with Jaime Cerreta

Back in July, we told you that Mike Brooks would be the replacement for Andrew Speno at KOKH Fox 25. Here’s how I closed my less than enthusiastic post about him:

I’ll still give Mike a chance and watch the first couple of nights he anchors. If anything, it will be fun to see how he responds to Jaime Cerreta’s very large, uhm, cerretas. Will he blatantly try to sneak a peek like Paul Folger did to Schambach, or will he offer to autograph them like Dean Blevins did to Amy McRee. It will be interesting to find out.

In all honesty, I totally forgot to watch Mike the first few nights he was on the air. In fact, I don’t think I’ve watched him anchor one newscast since he’s moved to OKC. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that I’m not in my 50s and can think of plenty of other things to do than watch the local news at 9pm on a weeknight.

That being said thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we’re getting a special glimpse of how Mike is handling his new gig, and more specifically, how he’s dealing with Jaime Cerreta’s cerretas.

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The exhibitionist all the Norman kids are talking about

The thing about living in Norman is that there just aren’t that may people wearing clothes. Let me explain. Since OU is here, there are all manner of students walking around in shorts and flip-flops and jogging around campus with no shirts on. Best believe the skirts get a little scandalous come Thursday night trivia at O’Connell’s on Campus Corner. Norman is the place where it’s not uncommon to see an Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Beta Omega Pi or whatever the hell wearing Nike running shorts with Ugg boots, it’s where I saw Wayne Coyne’s ex-wife’s boobs in real life one late night, and it’s apparently where a dude is exposing himself to school children on the east side.

According to

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Now Hiring: Dunk Tank Clown for the Oklahoma State Fair

I doubt this surprises any of you, but one my favorite things about the Oklahoma State Fair is the insult clown inside the dunk tank. When I was a kid, I would stand by his spot near the Midway and listen to all the smart ass comments he would launch at the toothless and the damned. At times, I thought the clown had the coolest job in the world, until of course, he would get dunked and I’d be reminded of my strange fear of water.

Anyway, it looks like I may have missed out on an opportunity to pursue a borderline childhood dream. Check out this classified ad in the Oklahoman that an Ogle Mole emailed to us:

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Oklahoma Celebrity Jelly of the Month Club

When I was a child, I remember my parents taking me out to our vast expanse of land and picking wild horse grapes, and filling our bushel baskets with ripe poo berries. We would then spend the rest of the day canning jams and jellies.

While none of what I said in the previous paragraph was true, some Oklahomans DO enjoy picking things (ticks, scabs, etc.) and creating jelly. It’s weird, I know.


Advances in farm technology make fruits and vegetables available year-round, but the art of jam and jelly making carries on here in Oklahoma.

Just when you think you’ve nailed down a favorite jelly or jam, another one comes along to tantalize your taste buds. That’s how it is with some of the most delightful jellies and jams fellow Oklahomans are making. Strawberry lavender, blackberry sage, Scotch bonnet pepper jelly, prickly pear cactus jelly, to name just a few, and, of course, our native Oklahoma sand plum jelly and jam.

First, I would like to thank science for the advancement of fruit and vegetable technology. Cancer can wait, I need my PB&J’s NOW!

Second, through an anonymous source, I have been given a list of Oklahoma celebrities and their favorite jams. After the jump you will find said list. Enjoy!

Carrie Underwood

Favorite Jelly: Canadian Crotch Plum

Ingredients: (1) Hockey player from a different country.

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