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Kelly Ogle graduated from Citizens Police Academy…

kelly ogle mustache

If you see Kelly Ogle sporting his old mustache anytime soon, I guess we’ll know why.

Recently, the My Two Cents giver graduated from the OKCPD Citizens Police Academy. He was the guy in class that cracked all the funny impressions and made animal sounds.

Because we’re in the middle of sweeps, Kelly decided to tell us all about it.


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Sally Kern’s husband doesn’t like homosexual-themed plays about the bible…

steve kern

Here in a few weeks, the Oklahoma City Theatre Company will perform a satirical, homosexual-themed play called “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.” The play makes fun of religion, the bible, and would probably be a hit on Bravo:

Seeking a theatrical offering for the holidays that challenges the norm and appeals to an alternative audience, OKCTC presents this rib-tickling satirical take on selected stories from the Bible. Act 1 is a retelling of the major episodes of the Old Testament and the Nativity story. Act 2 jumps to modern day where Adam and Steve (who met in Eden, broke up during the flood, and were reunited when they both show up as shepherds during the Nativity) are together again. Bound by their long life together, the two men comfort each other even though their remaining time will be short. A hilarious comedy with a surprisingly dramatic heart.

Naturally, the production has irked the Derplahoman army. One of their alpha leaders, Sally Kern’s husband Rev. Steve Kern (pictured above), is planning a prayer gathering in protest.

Via NewsOK:

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Oklahoma Earthquake Survival Guide…

As you know, the Oklahoma City area has seen a record number of earthquakes over the past few weeks. Because TLO cares, we put together a brief survival guide to help you deal with things the next time the earth shakes in the Sooner state.

Check it out:

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The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame has a new bad logo…

oklahoma sports hall of fame

The dated piece of 1980s graphic design nostalgia pictured above is the old logo for the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. Yesterday, the Hall unveiled a new logo as part of a merger with the Jim Thorpe Association.

KFOR‘s third-grade intern has all the details:

The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame announced a new, unified organization, with a new logo to go with it, on Tuesday in Oklahoma City.

The Hall of Fame presents both the Jim Thorpe Award, which goes to college football’s top defensive back, and the Warren Spahn Award, which is presented to baseball’s best left-handed pitcher.

It also runs the actual Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame on Lincoln Boulevard, and Bright Path Youth Programs, which benefit thousands of children in Oklahoma.

Tuesday’s news conference announced the Hall of Fame will be in charge of presenting and running all of these programs, previously run by the Jim Thorpe Association, in conjunction with the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

The Hall also unveiled a new logo, showing the silhouette of an athlete raising his arms in victory, with the backdrop of a torch and an arrowhead, representing Oklahoma’s native heritage.

First of all, I think the KFOR intern got a bit confused. The Jim Thorpe Association created the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in the 1980s. Now the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame is absorbing the Jim Thorpe Association and the postseason awards it presented. Basically, it’s like the Jim Thorpe Association is man, and the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame is a bunch of terminators. Simple enough, right?

Anyway, let’s check out this new logo:

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Stick a transvaginal wand in the ultrasound abortion law, it’s done…

transvaginal ultra sound

Back in 2008, Oklahoma lawmakers cemented their status as one of the most draconian governing bodies in the country when they passed legislation requiring that an Oklahoma woman must have an invasive ultrasound exam performed, and look at images of the fetus, before she could get a totally legal abortion.

The law, which was passed through an override of a Governor Henry veto, was immediately challenged in the courts. It was first struck down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in 2009 for violating the commonly cited “single subject rule.” Not to be deterred, the legislature reworked the law to comply with the Oklahoma constitution. Before it could take effect, though, a district court judge granted a temporary restraining order in 2010, and then a permanent injunction in 2012. The Oklahoma Supreme Court, because they are totally awesome people who always think of the little guy first, especially in the case of open records requests, upheld the lower court’s ruling this past December and ruled the entire thing unconstitutional.

Despite all the rulings against the obviously unconstitutional law, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt continued to waste state taxpayers money and fight for it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Via the New York Times:

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