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Ed Shadid’s tried coke, watched porn and other “Big League City” mayor things…

ed shadid dinosaur girls

(Update: The girls pictured with Ed requested that we take down the photo or else their “lawyers” – yes, lawyers – would be contacting us. They don’t have any legal ground to stand on, but we’re nice guys and decided to update the photo with images that are more reflective of their personalities. You can view the original photo here.)

Something tells me that Ed Shadid would totally be okay with the Lingerie Football League coming to town.

In response to The Oklahoman’s determined pursuit of his divorce records – and just weeks after admitting to being a recovering stoner – Shadid admitted in an exclusive interview with the Oklahoma Gazette that he’s tried cocaine, was addicted to Internet porn, and once got angry and kicked a hole in the wall during an argument with his now ex-wife.

Yes, you read that right, the Gazette broke a relevant local news story. Are we in 1998 or something? Are they also going to bring back the angry old man who wrote movie reviews and make the “Best Of” fun again? Probably not. I bet it was just a one time thing.

Here are the juicy details:

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This guy from Bartlesville is really good at taking scary mugshots…

scary mug shot

The guy pictured above is Derrick Maynard. He’s a mentally disturbed alcoholic that has a strange fascination with triangles. When he’s not talking to voices, eating goats or trying to steal your soul, he drinks whiskey and then beats and threatens to kill his wife.

From KJRH:

A Bartlesville man faces charges for nearly killing his wife.

It is the fourth time police in Washington County have arrested Derrick Maynard for domestic abuse.

Maynard, 32, is behind bars for domestic abuse and assault charges.

Maynard’s wife, Angelia, told 2NEWS she won’t bail Derrick out of jail until authorities guarantee he is admitted to a mental hospital…

Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland said officers arrested Derrick Monday night.

The police report states Angelia called 911 after Derrick threw an oil heater, then put a pellet rifle up to her head and said, “You deserve to die.” Maynard fired the rifle, but it wasn’t loaded.

Chief Holland said Maynard’s bruises in his mug shot stem from Angelia defending herself and Derrick repeatedly banging his head in the hospital, police car and jail walls.

Chief Holland say Derrick was incoherent, drunk and couldn’t stand up when officers arrived 10 p.m. Monday…

Angelia and Derrick met in 2006 at a mental ward. The same place she wants him to go back to.

“We can keep bailing him out all the time. He’s just going to get out and drink and blame himself for his mom’s death and everything else. We really need to get to the source and get him some help. He needs help. He really does.”

Oklahoma court documents show this is the fourth time police have arrested Derrick for domestic abuse dating back to 2002.

In the past, police have also arrested him for assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon and grand larceny.

Well, that’s a sad and depressing story. Instead of making light of mental illness, domestic violence and addiction, let’s class up this post and compliment that mug shot instead. That thing is awesome. It may be the scariest / greatest thing to come out of Bartlesville since the Pioneer Woman’s lasagna. He looks like an extra from Resident Evil, The Walking Dead or your nightmares.

Anyway, I guess we can add this pic to the inaugural class of the Northeastern Oklahoma Mug Shot Hall of Fame. It’s a little side project we’ve been working on. More than likely, this is the inaugural class:

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This guy went to Jared… and the Elk City jail

justin harrell

The guy pictured above is Justin Other Harrell. No, that’s not a patented typo. His middle name is “Other.” As in, “You’re the other son that we don’t love as much as your brother.” Because of that, we should probably give Justin a break for getting flustered and proposing to his girlfriend while he was being arrested in Elk City.

From News 9:

An Elk City man proposed to his girlfriend while an officer was trying to arrest him on two outstanding warrants.

According to Elk City police, at about 6:45 p.m. Friday, an officer saw 32-year-old Justin Other Harrel standing in line at the Carousel at Ackley Park, and determined that Harrel has two outstanding warrants out of Washita and Greer Counties.

According to court documents, in both counties, Harrel is wanted for obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus check.

Police say Harrel resisted arrest at first. When the officer eventually took him into custody, he explained that he was about to propose to his girlfriend and asked if he could go ahead and do so.

The officer said he allowed Harrel to complete the marriage proposal, and his girlfriend said yes. Harrel then asked the officer to get the ring from his left inside coat pocket and give it to her.

The officer obtained the ring and handed it to the girlfriend, according to the police report.

Harrel was then transported to the Elk City Police Department as he awaits transport by Washita County or Greer County authorities. He was not cited for resisting an officer.

What the hell was he thinking? You’re already going to jail. At least hang on to the one remaining form of freedom you have left. Maybe the proposal was a sad and staged last-ditch effort to avoid being arrested. He’s probably kept that ring hidden in his pocket for years.

Also, does anyone think it’s kind of creepy that the policeman recognized this guy? I guess that’s another advantage to living in a big city. You can commit all the low-level crimes that you want and not have to worry about some law enforcement officor recognizing you at the carousel.

In an effort to make this story more ridiculous, News 9 sent reporter Steve Shaw to Elk City to do a follow-up report. Because if any story needs further investigation by Steve Shaw, it’s this one:

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2013 Year in Review: April

The song “Thrift Shop” by Snow noted whiny ass Macklemore was the number one song in April 2013. So take that as a lesson, aspiring musicians. If you write a shitty song about thrift shops you too can be a one hit wonder in his 30’s who is already a pop culture punch line. Keep at it! Oh, talent not needed by the way. Probably should have mentioned that.

Vote for your favorite April story!

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OG&E is getting a shiny new building downtown…

new og&e building

The Devon Tower is growing some balls.

After what seems like years of waiting, rumors, and lurid Steve Lackmeyer wet dreams, details of the new mysterious downtown tower have been released.

The 14 – 16 story building will be the new home of OG&E Energy. You know, that ultra-powerful legal corporate monopoly that can cut off your power in the middle of the day without any sort of notice because your online payment didn’t go through, and then not have to worry about the repercussions of that act because you, the consumer, can’t chose a different electric company to do business with. Yeah, those assholes. The same ones who have corporation commissioners in their pockets, long hold times, flippant customer services representatives that don’t seem to care about your problems, and a goddamn computer that takes six hours to restore power to your home via a “smart meter.”

Sorry, got a little sidetracked.


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