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5 TV characters Tulsans would probably elect for office

Yesterday, we told you about how T-Town is lovin’, touchin’, and squeezin’ themselves on some Rick Santorum. Although it’s not surprising that Oklahoma as a whole is sweet on a guy who hates gay people and sex, I did find it a little surprising that my home, the “Austin of Oklahoma” if you will (I’ll pause for a moment and let you finish laughing), preferred him over the Oklahoman’s sweetheart, a somewhat moderate Mitt Romney.

I’m sure we can all agree that politics is a strange and frustrating thing. It gets even stranger in a community full of true conservatives posing as moderates who end up voting Democratic when it comes to municipal offices. This rare mixture of white guilt, closeted libertarianism, and a firm belief in capitalism can be found in not one, but two residential areas of the 918: South Tulsa and Midtown.

There’s no real way to explain a typical Tulsan’s political ideology in words, so I’ll break it down for you using familiar examples instead:

5. Jack Donaghy

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This Crossroads Mall security guard is a big dummy

Last night, an Ogle Mole sent us this picture that he discovered while surfing Reddit. It may explain once and for all why Crossroads Mall has become such a haven for crime and gang violence over the years:

Here’s a little bit of advice for the Crossroads Mall management team. The next time you’re looking for a security guard, don’t go out and hire the relative of a 1980s crash test dummy. Sure, they never complain, work long hours and don’t come with the added expense of having to lease a Segway, but as you can see, they’re pretty worthless. At least make it carry a rifle or explode whenever it sees a rape or something.

The Shack Seafood and Oyster bar is good at social media

On Sunday afternoon, the Shack Seafood and Oyster bar posted this curious message to their Facebook Wall:

Hmmn, what type of OKC Mardi Gras photo is so controversial that it would make a Cajun knock-off restaurant delete the pic and apologize? Well, lets take a look. Here’s the pic they removed.

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Oklahoma Republicans love them some Santorum

In just 15 days, Republicans from across Oklahoma The Heartland will go to the polls to vote for their presidential nominee. If you ask the Voice of the Heartland (The Oklahoman) who these Oklahoman’s should and will vote for, the answer is a simple one: Mitt Romney.

But…if you ask the residents of the Heartland who they want to represent their party in the upcoming presidential election, you’ll likely get a different, slightly less handsome, answer. From an article by Randy Krehbiel in the Tulsa World:

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Monday Morning Tweets: Boone Pickens, the Wu Tang Clan and Rumble the Bison

Hello folks, welcome back to Monday Morning Tweets! It’s our weekly look back at some of the tweets from our local celebrities and media. I can’t tell you guys how hard it is every Monday not to just use every one of @JimTraber‘s bitterly angry and exclamation-point obsessed tweets as the entirety of this series, but I’ve fought the urge for another week. After the jump, some tweets from people who aren’t Jim Traber.

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