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New exhibits for the museum formerly known as the Omniplex


As a kid at John Ross Elementary, I loved fieldtrip days. My mom packed me a sack lunch and signed the permission forms, and off I went to the zoo, Enterprise Square, Harn Homestead, or everyone’s absolute favorite—the Omniplex! Yeah, I know it has a new name. But a lot of my childhood has already been ruined so I don’t need some rebranding scheme to change all the happiness I remember.

According to, The Omniplex not Science Museum Oklahoma is planning a 21,000-square-foot expansion. That’s a lot of space in the name of science. And while I hope and pray that the new space is used to build a giant molecule-shaped jungle gym, I’m sure they have other plans. According to the report:

The expansion will be funded through a $12 million grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation. Museum officials said they expect the project to be complete in 2015.

Don Otto, the museum’s executive director, said the children’s hall will be a museum within a museum — at 21,000 square feet, it will rival most free-standing children’s museums in the country, he said.

The hall will be geared toward children ages 3-6, he said, but it will include activities that will interest older children, as well as their parents.

It will be designed as a community, where homes, businesses and other areas will show certain aspects of science, Otto said. That format creates an environment that would feel familiar to younger children but still would be unlike anything they’ve seen.

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Friday night in the big town: art, terrariums, and boxing


Well, readers, we’ve made it again. It’s the weekend and we live to party another day. I hope your weekend is full of sleeping in and food and booze. I’ve made a list of things for you to do this weekend to help with the January doldrums that are brought on with the realization that there is still a long time until spring. Seriously, if you’re one of those weirdies that loves the winter, I don’t think we’ll ever be friends. However, if you’re one of those people who loves 70-degree weather, we should totally hang out.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.


January 25: 24th Annual Arts Now gala event at City Arts Center

Fun fact about me: The only class I ever got sent out of the room for was my art class senior year of high school. I was the only student that showed up every day and turned in every assignment. But when you ask your teacher about historical art movements, sometimes they take that as a threat and send you out of the room. Jerk. Anyway, everyone knows that art history classes are more fun than art classes where you have to make a mess with paint all day.

Anyway, there are people that didn’t get sent out of their art classes for asking questions. And some of those people are now the top artists in the state. If you want to interact with some of the state’s top artists and buy some of their work, get yourself to City Arts Center. The event will feature live music by Oklahoma recording artists, food by local restaurants, and an open bar.

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Thunder Mid-Season Report Cards

Image courtesy of William Bennett Berry.

The NBA Season is at its halfway point, and that means it’s time to bust out the mid-term report cards. In other words, it’s the one you didn’t want your parents to see. Report cards posts on their own aren’t very fun, so I spiced things up by comparing every player’s performance to one of my favorite (or least favorite) video games. And if some of you are non-gamers, don’t despair! This list is easily understandable if you can’t tell the difference between a Pac-Man and a pizza.

Also, keep in mind that the scale goes as so:

A- Far Exceeded Expectations

B- Exceeded Expectations

C- Met Expectations

D- Fell Short of Expectations

F- Fell Far Short of Expectations

In other words, if I ranked player X above player Y, it doesn’t necessarily mean that player X is better than player Y. It just means that player X played farther above his own expectations. Anyway, on to the rankings, which were done in order of points per game.

Kevin Durant: A+

Video Game Comparison: Pac-Man

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Kevin Durant, and you can’t go wrong with Pac-Man. The innate appeal of Pac-Man is that it’s easy to pick up, and it never gets old. With something like Galaga, you might get tired of hammering the button. With something like Super Mario, you get to the end of the level, and the game is over. But with Pac-man, you can just keep playing to your heart’s content. It gets harder, but the game remains the same. Similarly, Durant always gets better, but his game has remained incredibly consistent and solid. He’s made tweaks here and there, but made sure to never mess with the classic formula. Mr.4th Quarter has bailed us out of more situations than I can count, and he almost never ceases to amaze.

Russell Westbrook: B

Video Game Comparison: Sonic

It’s always hard to put a finger on Westbrook. His game constantly changes, and you never really know what direction it’s going to take next. But one thing that doesn’t change is his fearlessness. I feel the same way about Sonic. Some of Sonic games are absolute gold, while others are absolute garbage. The creative direction in those game changes so much that it’s hard to really get a feeling of consistency anymore. The same goes for Westbrook. While the good definitely outweighs the bad, he’s still the enigma of a player he always was. Still, it’s hard not to think of Sonic when you think of Westbrook’s hard-headedness and reckless abandon.

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TLO Caption Contest: Christina Fallin kissing another dude

Last week, we experimented with a caption contest featuring a photo of Al Eschbach talking to a Hooters waitress. The results were kind of funny, so I figured I’d push our chances and try another one. This week’s photo is of Christina Fallin kissing hipster musician Jacob Abello. She posted it to her now private Instagram account late last week.

Before we get to that pic, lets review the previous week’s contest. Here’s the photo and some of my favorite captions:

al eschbach

“Jim Traber has bigger hooters than you!”

“Did you ever see the Seinfeld where Kramer got a new shower head?”

“Hell yeah I can introduce you to the other six dwarfs!”

“How much is this semester going to cost me?”

“You know it’s in the Hooters bylaws that I get all Mike Stoop’s sloppy seconds.”

“I agree with you Kayla, this is the most talented defensive recruiting class since 2001.”

“Is that a radish in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

“People tell me this hat makes me look like Indiana Jones.”

“So, uhhhh, yeah…What was a Gene Chandler’s top hit from March 1961? You don’t know? Geezzzz, it was Duke of Earl, come on!”

Great work, Moles. If your comment was mentioned shoot me an email and I’ll get you a TLO Trivia Night ink pen in the mail. Here’s this week’s photo:

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Constance Johnson has introduced Medical Marijuana legislation

Even though she’s kind of weird, State Senator Constance Johnson has quickly become my favorite Oklahoma lawmaker. Last year she introduced a series of satirical amendments that were intended to show the hypocrisy of men who backed the personhood movement. One amendment prohibited depositing semen in places that are not a woman’s vagina, another banned vasectomies, and a third forced convicted rapists to get vasectomies and financially provide for their offspring. None of the amendments passed, but they all successfully made a point.

Anyway, this time around Senator Johnson has introduced a bill that both liberals and those “Get the gub’ment out of my private life” conservatives can rally behind. She wants to allow medical marijuana in Oklahoma!

From KMRG:

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