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Hot Girl Friday: Brandin Rackley


Sorry about missing Hot Girl Friday that past few weeks. I’ve spent the last couple of Fridays volunteering at the local puppy shelter, restoring antique furniture and writing poetry. You know, typical man stuff.

This week’s Hot Girl Friday is Oklahoma born and bred actress Brandin Rackley. She graduated from Westmoore High School in the 1990s and then moved to LA where she pursued a career in modeling, photography and acting.

If Brandin looks familiar to you, it probably means you watch way too much Cinemax. Outside of Jesse Jane and Bibi Jones, she’s probably the most famous Moore Public Schools alum to have a bunch a naked pics on the internet. Her film credits include soft core classics like Pleasure Spa, Life on Top, and Al Eschbach’s personal favorite, The Hills Have Thighs.

Anyway, I don’t know too much about Brandin or if she’s still acting, but I do know she’s hot, wild and likes Mexican food. Check out more pics of her after the jump. She’s our Hot Girl Friday.

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The white rapper from Lawton has dropped a new music video…

knuckles cowboy boots and shorts

Remember our old friend Knuckles? He’s the white Lawton rapper who made that amazing music video featuring underaged girls rolling around in horse shit to the whistling notes of the Andy Griffith theme song. It was the best thing to come out of Lawton since the syphilis outbreak of 2014.

Well, Knuckles has apparently dropped a new video for his track “Cowboy Boots and Shorts.” We know this because The Knuckster sent us the following email:

What’s happening Lost Ogle folks, it’s your favorite Lawton rapper back at it again with a brand new music video called “Cowboy Boots and Shorts”. It will officially be released at 8 pm tonight 7/21/15 but i wanted to give it to you guys early. I figured since your last article was so popular you might want to give me the Ogle treatment one more time. i’m sure you’ll see it floating around soon on Reddit, Facebook, and twitter soon anyways. thanks for all of the attention you guys brought me. Keep repping Oklahoma!

Thanks Again!

P.S. I have your article permanently linked on my website. lol

Guys, I think we’ve finally made it. Not only did Knuckles give us a sneak preview of his new track, but he’s permanently linked to TLO on his website. Yeah, it’s no temporary thing. We’re going to be on there forever! Joy! Now if only we can get Zero to ink our logo in his Oklahoma face tattoo, we’ll have web traffic for life. Hell, maybe we’ll finally be able to convince the Lawton Plasma Center to permanently advertise on our website. We’ll get rich, too!

Anyway, here’s the new video. Once again, it’s called “Cowboy Boots and Shorts,” which I’m pretty sure is the biscuits and gravy of Lawton fashion. Most of the video features Knuckles and his posse dancing around in circles after a long day working in the meth lab.

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Friday Night in the Big Town: A Sing-a-Long, Bun B and the Comedy Get Down

After some deep reflection, I have decided The Lost Ogle staff compares favorably to our solar system. As owner of the blog, Patrick is none other than Jupiter. He’s bold and in charge, and like the planet, he has an intense red rash that isn’t going away.

Marisa is Saturn. For the last few years, she’s likely the most recognizable writer other than Patrick. Coincidentally, both she and the planet have an iron-nickel core.

The most obvious comparison is Chelsea and Venus. Like the planet and its atmosphere, she has a welcoming smile, but on the inside is a hot, hellish soul that leaves others’ brains a barren and burned landscape. Seriously, don’t go there.

Louis Fowler is Neptune. I base this solely on the rumor that he travels with a trident. Spence, well, he’s Mars… naturally. Ryan Drake is Uranus.

That leaves me as Pluto (sorry Mercury). The often overlooked dwarf planet that’s full of surprises if one takes a moment to look. Also, Pluto is named after the Greek god of the underworld, which is convenient because I am the god of the underworld.

The sun? That’s our state government, whose continual absurdity allows us to exist.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…

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TLO Restaurant Review: Eischen’s Bar

Eischens 1

Not to get all “Is this a great state or what?” on you, but one of the best things about living in Oklahoma is that even driving to get a plate of fried chicken can be a sojourn into a another world and another culture.

For example, take the small city of Okarche. Even though I was only there for about two hours on a Saturday night, I’m willing to bet it’s a small town with a big heart, where you can raise your 2.5 kids with old-fashioned American values that won’t be deemed anti-progressive by those types.

And while I’m sure there is a dark veil that uncovers itself once night descends, a meth-based criminal underworld that is the town’s best kept secret, it still feels like a place where you can sleep without locking your front door and then get a socially responsible haircut in a barber shop filled with men and only men. Where, within one city block, you can get tires for your tractor, cheer on the local high school football team and stop by a national treasure for some of the best damned fried chicken you will ever eat in your life.

For an all-American town, what better way to represent themselves, culinary-wise, then with the most all-American meal possible? And few people do it better than the proud Americans at Eischen’s Bar, 109 N 2nd St.

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This guy is protective of his Porta-Potty…

Ronald Cordell

As if you needed another reason to avoid using a port-a-pottie.

Ronald Cordell, which is apparently the pseudonym Louis C.K. uses when he goes undercover to find the hot Oklahoma City women he had a one night stand with in 1989, was recently arrested for beating a fellow homeless man in the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat.

Apparently, he was defending his Porta-Potty in a KFC parking lot at 122nd and Penn.

From KOKH Channel 25:

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