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This Derplahoman wants to eliminate marriage licenses in Oklahoma…

Todd Russ

We’re only a few weeks away from the start of the 2014 2015 legislative session, and already some of the crazy is starting to sweep down the plains.

Yesterday, reported that Oklahoma State Rep. Todd Russ, pictured above in his 2014 “Funeral Home Operator” Halloween costume, wants to eliminate marriage licenses. Obviously, he feels this way because the government shouldn’t have anything to do with something personal like marriage, unless of course, it can restrict who gets married.


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Shannon Miller’s ex-husband was arrested for liking dangerous chemicals…


And you thought your ex was crazy…

Yesterday, weird news surfaced that Shannon Miller’s ex-husband was arrested in Canada after being linked to a large batch of dangerous chemicals, which probably means he was just a fledgling black market fracking fluid salesman.

From via the AP:

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The Oklahoman has proven that bigger isn’t always better…

Yesterday afternoon, the day after their sports department was widely criticized around the country for how they handled Berry Tramel’s edited, link-troubled column about Russell Westbrook’s “I don’t like you” dig, plastered the following ad for their sports department all over the site. I’m sure it was just a coincidence, and had nothing to do with crisis management:

newsok ad

As a bad Seinfeld impersonator would say, who’s the ad genius that came up with that one?

I guess the message they’re trying to convey is The Oklahoman’s local sports coverage is the best because they have the biggest sports team in the state. As a guy who gets most of his Thunder news from, I would totally agree. As I tell my lovers, bigger is alway better. It’s why McDonald’s cooks the best hamburgers, Walmart sells the best groceries, and the Blue Whale is everyone’s favorite animal.

I also like how the OPUBCO copywriters brag about how the sports department delivers “more stories, more content and more insight” than anyone else. Yeah, isn’t that the truth. Who doesn’t read a Jenni Carlson column in the morning and scream “Wow. What amazing insight?!” before taking their pills and masturbating to anime porn. Seriously, insight in The Oklahoman? That would be like us saying we provide more courteous, thoughtful and respectful commentary than anyone.

Anyway, this gave me an idea. We should have one of those Photoshop contest things where we create our own fake ads for the The Oklahoman sports department.

Here are a few examples I rushed out

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Target has “50 Shades” of great merchandising…

I always knew something was up with those electric toothbrushes.

Earlier this week, a photo of “50 Shades of Grey” merchandise being sold next to children’s toothbrushes at a Tulsa Target went viral on the internet.

Here’s the original tweet of the photo:

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That kid from Yukon will never write another letter to an NFL team…

new chiefs fans

Remember that sad story about the Cade Pope, the Yukon kid who was forced to become a Carolina Panthers fan?

Well, it’s somehow gotten worse.

The Kansas City Chiefs came across Steve Shaw’s News 9 report and sent representatives from the team down to Yukon. The reason? They wanted to visit and surprise Cade’s little brother, Coy, and thank him for being a lifelong Chiefs fan.

Here’s a report from

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