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Oklahoma lawmakers still have it out for science…

kern brecheen

The Derplahoman caucus of the Oklahoma Legislature is up to their old tricks!

Last week, Sally Kern and Josh Brecheen introduced a pair of anti-science bills in the Oklahoma legislature. The bills are very similar, and in their own special way, would give teachers the freedom to make up whatever shit they want when it comes to teaching science.

Here are the details of Kern’s bill via The National Center for Science Education.

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This chart shows why Oklahoma schools are broke…


It’s no secret by now that the Oklahoma treasury is turning its pockets inside-out. With an upcoming budget deficit of somewhere in the neighborhood of a billion dollars, every state department and agency’s coffers are tightening up faster than Joseph Silk’s butthole in the Copa bathroom. Education is getting hit hard, and even selling all the candy bars in the world isn’t gonna turn it around.

It’s also common knowledge that energy companies get massive tax breaks for doing business here. Oklahoma’s entire economy seemingly depends on the booms-and-busts of oil and natural gas, and we don’t ask for much of a tithe to the state.

But how much difference would it actually make if CHK/etc were required to pay their proper dues? According to a story by KFOR about a graphic that is sweeping the mommyblogger Facebook scene, it would make a huge difference:

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Gun shows at the state fairgrounds may be a thing of the past

josh cockroft guns

In case you didn’t hear, there is currently a bill in the Oklahoma senate (SB 1347) that might do away with some of those state fairgrounds gun shows that I assume the majority of our readership has never attended. I mean, I haven’t done any analysis on the demographics we attract, but I have a pretty solid stereotype in my head about people who attend gun shows at the state fairgrounds, and that stereotype doesn’t include “reads TLO.”

If you’re interested in this proposed bill, you can read about here. But I don’t so much care about the bill. There’s basically a gun show at the fair grounds like every 20 minutes, and this is America. If you want a gun, you can probably get your hands on one faster than you could get your hands on lifesaving medical care. Even if there were no more gun shows at the state fair, it’s not like Oklahomans would exactly be hurting for firearms.

But that’s not what this post is about. I’m not here to take your guns, so stand down, Bocephus. Instead, I think we need to talk more about the sort of events that are held at the state fair grounds.

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News You May Have Missed…

Every now and then, we like to take a look at some of the local news stories you may have missed. Here they are:

okc panhandler

1. City Council enacts “business casual” dress code ordinance for panhandlers…

Pleat or no pleat?

That’s what some Metro residents are asking after the Oklahoma City City Council approved a new ordinance requiring panhandlers to dress in business casual attire.

The ordinance goes into effect next Friday.

“This not only enhances the image of our panhandlers, but also the image of our city,” said Councilwoman Meg Salyer. “If we can’t make panhandlers and the poverty and mental health issues they represent disappear, we might as well make them blend in the best way possible.”

A proposal by Councilman Ed Shadid that would allow panhandlers to wear jeans on “Casual Friday” was defeated by a 5 – 2 margin.

The Council defined “Business Casual” as “nice, but not too nice… basically, something you’d wear to work or church on a Sunday.” Approved articles of clothing range from “sacks or khakis” to “blouses and polo shirts.”

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The Paper-Informed Public Act was apparently just a joke…

oklahoman subscriber

Don’t subscribe to the newspaper just yet.

Last week, we told you about HB 2389. Introduced by State Rep. Ben Sherrer and dubbed “The Paper-Informed Public Act,” it would require Oklahoma adults to subscribe to local newspapers like The Oklahoman, Duncan Banner or Valley Brook Pasty in order to stay more informed about local issues.

Since our original story published, the bill was ridiculed and mocked by just about everyone. As a result, Rep. Sherrer has now stepped forward and claimed the whole thing was simply one big inside joke designed to humor his local newspaper publisher, and in the process, probably get some free classified ads. What a funny thing to do, huh?

Here’s a comment Sherrer probably left on our website last week:

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