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Friday night in the big town: Feeding Oklahoma, whodunit, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad

What’s up, readers?  Since this is the weekend before Thanksgiving, that means lots of things. If you’re hosting this year’s feast for your family, it means you have to clean up your hoarder house and actually vacuum the tufts of pet hair off the couch. If you’re a student, it means that there are only a couple of weeks left of the semester, and you need to get a move on if you’re going to finish all those research papers. If you’re like me, you still have time to figure out how to avoid your family, or how to find Xanax without a prescription so you can tolerate your family.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

November:  “Feeding Oklahoma” Food Drive at Regional Food Bank

While I have every intention of spending Thanksgiving gorging myself to the point of discomfort, I know this isn’t the case for all Oklahomans. My ability to inhale pecan pie is second to none, and I also consider myself to be the sweet potato queen of both Edmond and Norman. But there are about 600,000 Oklahomans that are at risk of going hungry everyday. Last year, this food drive provided enough food for 718,000 meals.

Right now, you can make donations to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma or the Community Food Bank of Oklahoma. I’m also sure that your office has a box set up in the break room where you can drop some canned goods. And please don’t be that jag bag that drops off about six cases of Ramen. Nobody likes that, not even the college kids that eat it every night. Throw some green beans in there, son!

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Channel 9 needs better stock photography…

I was reading last night and stumbled across this story about how fewer people will receive winter heating assistance this year. It’s some riveting stuff:

A program that has helped low-income Oklahomans with their winter heating bills in the past won’t help as many in need this winter.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS), the federally funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) has greatly reduced the dollar amount available this winter. OKDHS officials say because of the lower amount provided in the federal budget, the number of Oklahomans who traditionally receive benefits will be drastically reduced.

Yeah, that’s sad and everything. Poor people, especially kids, shouldn’t have to go cold in the winter. But do you know what’s even sadder???  That would be Channel 9’s use of stock photography.  Here it is:

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Herman Cain is coming to Oklahoma City

This may be a “watch what you wish for” statement, but I sometimes wish our state got a little more attention during the presidential primary season. It would be cool to see the candidates in person and hear their cliché stump speeches on important issues like the economy and foreign policy. It would also be fun to watch them stop by the Chuck House to meet with the regular folk or flirt with Mary Fallin.

Unfortunately, though, that will never happen. Oklahoma is a small state and our primary is part of the crowded Super Tuesday field. That means few serious candidates stop by to see us, and when they do it’s usually just for a quick fundraiser, or in Herman Cain’s place, to flirt with Mary Fallin.

From News 9:

The Oklahoma Republican Party says GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is scheduled to visit the state for a fundraiser on Dec. 5.

Party Chairman Matt Pinnell says Cain will attend a private fundraiser earlier in the day and then join the Oklahoma GOP for a rally and a fundraiser at 6:30 p.m. at the Oklahoma City Marriot.

Pinnell says the invitation is not an endorsement of Cain, and that similar invitations have been extended to all of the GOP presidential candidates. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney visited Oklahoma last month.

There’s no way I’d ever vote for this guy, but I totally want to go to this thing. Who knows what he’ll say (or won’t say), but I’m sure it will be entertaining and painful to watch. You know, kind of like one of those weird shows on KSBI Channel 52.

Also, it will be kind of cool to watch a bunch of white Oklahoman Republicans from Edmond cheer for a black guy on a stage. The only time they usually do that is at the Jim Thorpe Award Banquet. I bet he yells “Lets get Frackin'” to get everyone fired up and then flirts with Mary Fallin.

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 11 Review)

Oklahoma State

You remember how last week Oklahoma State struggled to beat a Kansas State team at home that was throttled by Oklahoma on home ealier in the year? Oklahoma State just K-Stated Texas Tech. The Cowboys put up 49 unanswered points in the first half against the Red Raiders in Lubbock, eventually cruising to a 66-6 victory and earning the Cowboys a well-deserved place among ESPN Gameday’s lead stories (you know after LSU and that little incident in Pennsylvania you might have heard of). The Pokes played their best game of the year, holding a 200 plus yard edge in total offense after a half of play, and making the second half a good time to check out some Asian porn.

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Homosexual City of Oklahoma City workers are now protected against discrimination…let the murder and mayhem begin

Yesterday, the Oklahoma City Council added sexual orientation to the city’s employment nondiscrimination policy. That means gay people can now go to work without the fear of being fired, harassed or treated differently because they are (gasp!) gay.

From NewsOK:

The Oklahoma City Council voted 7-2 on Tuesday to add sexual orientation to the city’s employment nondiscrimination policy after a debate that lasted more than half of the council meeting.

Gay and bisexual Oklahoma City employees and job applicants now have explicit protection against discrimination in city offices. They already had de facto protection before the vote, city officials said.

The measure was sponsored by Ward 2 Councilman Ed Shadid. Ward 3 Councilman Larry McAtee and Ward 7 Councilman Skip Kelly cast the dissenting votes.

This is pretty cool. The capital city of Oklahoma is one of the last places on earth that you’d expect to be proactive and decide to protect the rights of the LGBT community. We’d like to thank Councilman Ed Shadid and the rest of the logical (and practical) people on the city council for moving Oklahoma City forward with this measure.

Unfortunately, though, when the government decides to do the right thing and protect the rights of the minority, it brings the paranoid, close-minded, self-righteous, religious Kernhead bigots from society out of the woodwork. This sucks on many levels. For one, it reminds you that there are still a bunch of fucked up people in this world who mask their intolerance and bigotry behind the guise of religion, make-believe science and morals. Two, it overshadows any progress being made.

Need proof? Meet Tom Vineyard:

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