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It looks like we are going to pay $23 for pictures from Gan Matthews’ Going Away Party

Last week we issued a bounty on pictures from Gan Matthews going away party. If you can believe it, an Ogle Mole actually submitted a couple of photos we requested. Sadly, none of them had to do with Joleen Chaney, Liz Dueweke and Jennifer Pierce in a pink bikini.

Here are the photos:

Photo 1: Adrianna Iwasinski asking Rusty Surette why he invited Marisa Mendelson. ($9)

Uhm, is Adrianna Iwasinksi asking Rusty Surette about Marisa Mendelson, or is she turning her finger into a metallic blade and asking him to “Call to John?” I guess it doesn’t matter. We’ll assume she’s asking about Marisa Mendelson.

Photo 2: Bo Turner reciting his newest poem “Ode to a Grecian Gan Matthews.” ($14)

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It’s Baaaack!!! Send us pictures for our Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest

2010 State Fair Photo Contest Winner - "The Guardian"

This Thursday the Oklahoma State Fair makes its triumphant return to Oklahoma City. It’s one of the best times of the year. People from all over the state descend upon the state capitol, rent their favorite rascal, and wait in long lines for cinnamon rolls, beer and corn. Also, the “clever” guy in your office makes the same boring and tired joke about the state fair and rain.

Anyway, the return of the State Fair means the return of our Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest. We are looking for photos that capture the cringe-inducing yet hysterical awesomeness that is the Oklahoma State Fair. If you need examples, check out our last three contests.

2010 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest
2009 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest
2008 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest

This is how the contest works.

1. Go to the State Fair and take pictures.

2. Email ( or Tweet (@thelostogle) those pictures directly to us. By doing this, you give us the authority and rights to use the photo(s) on the site and in the contest.

3. Once the State Fair ends, we’ll select our favorite photos and let our readers vote for the best.

4. The person who submits the winning photograph WINS a dinner for four to Deep Fork Grill. We’ll also give away prizes to the finalists.

Anyway, be sure to tell you friends, family, coworkers about our contest. As always, it should be awesome.  Also, check us out on Thursday when we countdown or Top 10 favorite State Fair photos over the last three years.

p.s. – The contest is in no way, shape or form actually affiliated with the Oklahoma State Fair.

Oklahoma is Number One…in divorce

This young man isn’t crying because the Sooner’s are losing, he is crying because his parents are getting a divorce. And, like most red-blooded males, the only time he can truly express his feelings is during sports. As men, we like to bottle our anger, because hey, you never know when an unexpected guest is going to stop by and you’ll need a bottle of anger. As many of you know, Oklahoma recently topped the list of highest divorce rates in the nation. The Oklahoman ran a story about it, but they decided to omit the part about our state topping the list. Probably because it didn’t shine a great light on our holier than thou citizenry.

“Surprisingly, the South and West, which we think of as more socially conservative, have higher rates of divorce than does the supposedly liberal East,” said Andrew Cherlin, a professor of sociology and public policy at Johns Hopkins University. “The reason is that young adults in the South and West tend to have less education and marry earlier, both of which lead to a higher risk of divorce.”

So, to paraphrase, what Andrew Cherlin is saying is, “Oklahomans are young, dumb and full of… love that doesn’t last.”

But not to worry, after the jump I’m going to give five tips to lower the divorce rate! That’ll show those liberal elites.

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Worst of OKC: Website

I went to Texas this past weekend to visit some family. While there, I came down with either food poisoning, appendicitis or stomach cancer.

Anyway, today is our final installment in the Best of OKC. We’ll have a more thorough breakdown of our city’s worst later next week. Until then, vote for Oklahoma City’s worst website.

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Tulsa Tuesday: Today is Primary Election Day for Tulsa’s City Council

How festive.

Citizens! In case you’ve missed the lawn signs on every corner, today is your chance to vote in the primary elections for a highly prestigious and effective seat in Tulsa’s own city council. Although I can’t think of a good reason to vote (besides skipping out on work for 45 minutes and wearing that sticker the rest of the day), I feel it is my civic duty to keep my devoted TLO readers aware of current issues at hand. I also felt like it was my civic duty to inform those punks from TU playing “Cheers Governor” at Fassler Hall that they were annoying as shit, but that only resulted in even louder exclamations. I blame this on karma–less than a year ago, I was one of those douches who brought fun dice, quarters, and decks of cards to the bar with me.

To the surprise of no one, North Tulsa’s districts are heavily weighted with Democratic candidates, and Midtown and South Tulsa’s districts are almost exclusively Republican. To find out more about these candidates, click here.

More important than “who” is screwing around on our city council is the “what” of the matter. What has Tulsa’s City Council been doing the last few years? The last thing I remember hearing a lot about was Vision 2025–that being said, I lived in the great City of Norman the past 4 years, so I’ve been a little out of the loop. I noticed that downtown Tulsa has made great strides, but then I found out that most everything gentrified or built (besides the BOK Center) was privately financed.

You can read Tulsa City Council’s blog updates here, but let’s be honest–that’s not exactly a fun way to kill time at the office. Rather than read about the bureaucratic policies that your tax dollars are tied up in, I’ve made a list of initiatives that I’d love to see passed–now roll your eyes and say “after the jump!”

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