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2011 Worst of OKC: Politician

We have a bunch of bad politicians in Oklahoma, but only one can be the worst, right? See the nominees and vote after the jump:

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Ogle Nuggets: 08/25/11

YouTube Preview Image

The video above is from last month’s Color Me Badd reunion show. They are performing the song “I Wanna Sex You Up…and then eat a lot of Cake, Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery.”

• The Pioneer Woman’s new cooking show premiers on the Food Network this Saturday.  The show will be “an open invitation into Ree Drummond’s life: The award-winning blogger and best-selling cookbook author comes to Food Network and shares her special brand of home cooking, from throw-together suppers to elegant celebrations. The series, set against the incredible story of life at home on the range, is the next best thing to actually sitting on a stool in Ree’s kitchen.” So yeah, the show will totally be just like the Pioneer Woman’s blog, only you have to suffer through Food Network commercials and listen to Ree talk.

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From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You

College Football Prediction Special

2011 could produce the best crop of college football the state of Oklahoma has ever seen. There is an outisde chance all 3 state teams will win 10 games.  There is a decent chance all 3 teams will vie for conference championships. There is some chance all 3 will again be ranked at the end of the season, and if not for Tulsa’s Colorado-esque schedule, all 3 teams could be undefeated through November.

Dammit, we need it. All the basketball teams sucked. It’s still 112 degrees. My yard looks like the set from Book of Eli. And I crave a Sam Adams Oktoberfest.

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2011 Worst of OKC: Worst Place to Park your Car

Since the criteria for determining the “Worst Place to Park Your Car” is pretty subjective, we attempted to come up with a diverse list of five nominees. Some of the places are sketchy, while some of the others are just annoying.

Which one is the worst??? That’s for you to decide.

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This Tulsa morning radio crew claims they were intentionally poisoned at Red Robin

No, the guys pictured above are not a Puddle of Mudd tribute band or the dudes who tried to roofie your sister at City Walk. They are actually the “wild and wacky” crew behind the Billy Madison Show on 106.9 K-HITS in Tulsa.

In a civil lawsuit filed earlier this month, they claim that Mathew Rand — a (former?) cook at a Red Robin — poisoned their food while they were dining on a business lunch…and even told a rival radio station about it on Facebook.

From the Courthouse News Network:

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