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Vote for your Oklahoman Of The Month (April 2011)

Some say that Oklahoma is OK.  I say Oklahoma is fantastic.  This fantasticalness is surely reflected by the citizens of this great state.  However, once in a while there’s that golden nugget.  One that just sticks out like the brilliant person that they are.  Those are the people I believe we should look at every month.

So, with your help we will come up with the Oklahoman of the month. After the jump, you will have four newsworthy Oklahomans to vote for.  Whoever gets the most votes is the Oklahoman for the Month of April 2011.

Before we get to the voting, let me say that April was a huge month for Oklahoma.  We went from drought to sopping ass wet overnight, watched tornadoes on the news that cheated on us with Alabama (weird), a kick-ass basketball team rockin the play-offs, Sarah Palin shared her infinite wisdom and philosophy with Oklahoma women on finding your joy in life which is by finding your interest (I never thought of that), and our lovely Governor Fallin signed a bill making sure we protect those awesome insurance companies from having to pay after women make that evil decision to have abortions.

But what about those nuggets?

And the nominees are:

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Sally Kern is sorry that she’s a bigot…

As you know, Sally Kern made news last week when she said minorities and women were lazy and didn’t work hard.  She made her remarks in support of her stance that affirmative action programs are not needed in today’s society.

Oddly enough, minorities, women and just about everyone else with a soul – regardless if they were hardworking or just lazy — got upset at her archaic, racist and bigoted remarks.  The reaction may have taken Sally off guard, because she issued this trite, placating, excuse ridden apology on Facebook.

I want to humbly apologize for any statements last night about women and African Americans.  My words were, obviously, not spoken correctly and for that I humbly apologize.  Unfortunately, when we take “words or sentences” out of the total context of a speech debated on the floor, there can be false misrepresentations, but the most important part is to always go to the heart of the matter.

Yep, I hate it when people take “words and sentences” out of context.  Especially when those “words or sentences” don’t accurately portray the intentions or thoughts of the original author or speaker.  It would be just like some idiot taking comments made by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and then using them “out of context” in a poorly worded affirmative action speech.

Ugh.  From Sally Kern’s original speech about affirmative action.

Martin Luther King said in his famous speech, “I Have a Dream” speech, that he wanted, he dreamed of one day a nation would rise up and live out the true meaning of that creed all are created equal. So that is the goal and that should be the goal of this great nation but in my way of thinking is as long as we live in this world we humans, and I happen to believe we’re sinful humans, as long as we live in this world we will never accomplish the goal. That doesn’t mean we don’t strive for it. We always are striving for it but unfortunately discrimination is a part of our fallen nature and regrettably I think it is going to last to the day this earth vanishes.

Martin Luther King also said that he dreamed of a day when the state of Mississippi he said and he described what it was like, sweltering in the heat of oppression would be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I believe he meant there that he wanted a nation where there was equal opportunity for everyone not equal results and that’s what affirmative action does. It gives equal results but this country should be based upon equal opportunity regardless of what your color is regardless of what your gender it kinda seems to me the premise here tonight is that color and sex is the soul factor that determines whether or not you get ahead or whether or not you don’t get ahead. Well I want to ask a question, what about personal initiative? What about personal drive? What about hard work? What about being willing to pay the price? Doesn’t that enter in somewhere? I certainly think it ought to. And then another elephant in the room that hasn’t been mentioned, what about reverse discrimination? There are all kinds of Supreme Court cases where the Supreme Court said there is reverse discrimination. One that happened just a couple of years ago was where a particular city, they lowered their exam, the results of the exams so that they could promote minorities. So a lot of people who were not minorities were overlooked. I believe that was with the fireman’s case. So reverse discrimination is something that is very real in this country.

Yeah, I’m sure that if Dr. King were alive today he’d totally be anti-affirmative action.  I’m sure he also wouldn’t mind if Sally Kern used his “words and sentences” out of context  to support her anti-affirmative action views.  Sure, there was a time when minorities had to drink from separate water fountains and ride in the back of the bus, and sure, the brave and hard-fought actions of Dr. King and others like him helped give minorities equal rights in a “free “country, but that was 40-something years ago. You know, a long forgotten time when my Dad was in college listening to Beatles albums.  Obviously, the roots and foundations of that time are long gone.

Anyway, I guess we should give Sally Kern an A+ for looking like an hypocritical tool in the first paragraph of her apology.  Let’s take a look at the rest.

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Olivia Munn likes cheeseburgers…

So we finally got Bin Laden.  Yippee!!!  Hooray!!!

In case you care, we shared some of our thoughts about the Bin Laden news on Twitter.  The following tweet made this dude mad. Here it is:

I wonder if the people celebrating at the White House know they’ll be in terrorist propaganda films for years to come.

Anyway, we could talk more about Bin Laden and some of the douche bags on Twitter – especially the “Rah, Rah” sunshine-pumping Thunder fans who can’t accept the truth and take any negative comment about the team as an attack on their family – but apparently Olivia Munn was shooting a commercial for Carl’s Jr.  I mean it’s not as cool as the most evil man in the world being dead, but it’s close.


Saturday Morning 1990′s Music Video (134)

Number 8 on the countdown is “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine.  I love this song.  It makes me want to punch things, but punch things in a totally safe and non-violent way.

I also love RATM, but we can blame them for two things:

- Being the band that helped spawn and popularize the terribly nu-rap-metal crap the dominated the early aughts.

- Audioslave

And the winner is…

We are proud to announce our Ogle Madness IV “Pick the Champ” contest winner.  His name is Joe S-something.  He, along with 8 other people, picked Kevin Durant as the winner of Ogle Madness.  His name was drawn as the contest winner through a drawing.

Joe wins a $4,300 Body Sculpting Package from Body Trends Electrospa.  We asked him a few questions about winning the grand prize.  Here they are:

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