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Monday Morning Tweets: Bob Stoops, Jazz Hands, and Bacon Cheese Fries

Welcome back to Monday Morning Tweets! It’s our weekly roundup of selected tweets from Oklahoma celebrities. Last week, I suggested that someone should start an Al Eschbach parody account. And someone actually did it! Since that was so successful, we’re going to try another request: this week I would like someone to give me six and a half million dollars. I would also like BJ Wexler’s popcorn machine to get it’s own twitter account. I don’t think either of those things are too much to ask.

After the jump, we get to this week’s tweets.

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Friday Mailbag: I survived the 2011 Jim Traber reflective vest

As I mentioned yesterday, I took a one-night trip to Dallas on Wednesday to see some family, catch a Stars game and smuggle in some six-point Bud Light. Thursday was supposed to be a mini day off, but when I woke up to see that Clark Mathews’ published an OSU basketball post about a period of time known as the “Clark Matthews’ Era,” I quickly wrote something about the Devon tower.

After I hit the publish button I packed up my laptop, drank a glass of orange juice, grabbed my duffel bag and walked out the door. I then hopped in my car and took to the road. I’m kind of Constanza’ish when it comes to highway driving, so I get a rush when I drive through Texas. The people there don’t understand the “slower vehicles keep right” concept, so it’s  fun to veer in and out of traffic passing the methhead cowboys and there Datsun pick-ups.

Once I crossed the Red River everything was smooth sailing. There was no traffic, so I was able to set the cruise on 81 and rarely had to slow down to wait for the slow semi to pass the really slow RV. Once I got through the Arbuckle’s I was thinking about what I need to do when I got home. Then it hit me in the same way it hit Kevin’s mom in Home Alone.


I quickly pulled over into a rest area. I looked in my backseat. There was a duffel bag but no computer. I then popped my trunk. Boxes filled with trivia answer sheets. I then called me aunt, asked her to text me her garage code, and took two-hour drive back to North Ft. Worth to pick up my stupid laptop. That’s how I spent my “day off.”

Anyway, here’s this week’s mailbag. Last week’s winning email was sent to us by Nathan. He’s won a $25 gift certificate to Kaiser’s Bistro. Congrats, Nathan.

Rick asks:

Any advice for the many who have been blocked by the Real Jim Traber in twitter? Is my life over now?

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Friday night in the big town: the car show, monsters, and Kid Rock

What’s up, readers? It’s that time again when we talk about Friday and what a night it is in the big town. If you’re like me, you’ve paid bills and rent and now you know that your next two weekends will be spent at home watching NetFlix due to your lack of cash flow. But that’s cool. I have degrees in creative writing. I’m never gonna be rich enough to go to Bricktown every weekend. Though, I will probably never want to go to Bricktown every weekend.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

March 2-4: OKC Autoshow

I like cars as much as the next guy. In fact, I drive one roughly 60 miles each day, round trip, to go to work. I’ve often fantasized about using my car as a weapon. During the last 10 minutes of my commute, I usually don’t care if I go to jail for vehicular homicide because if you merge at the last second in the construction zone that has been there for over a year, YOU DESERVE TO DIE! So I’m going to the car show to find a car that kills people better.

But apparently, this car show isn’t just about cars. You can meet the dude from Hillybilly Handfishin’, Skipper Bivins, or Ryan Broyles, both men known for their innovations in the automotive industry. The Avengers will be there with their shield car, SpongeBob and Patrick Star (no relation to OKC Patrick) will be there, as well as a whole mess of Power Wheels cars. Hey Mom—remember when you wouldn’t let me have a Power Wheels car but the kid across the street got a Batmobile and a Barbie Jeep? I still haven’t forgiven you.

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This is a decent time lapse video of the Devon Tower construction

I drove down to the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex yesterday to see some family, catch a Stars game and get a much-needed, albeit brief, break from the land of fetus food and embryonic citizens. Because of that, I originally planned on taking today off…but then I woke up to see a post about the top 15 guards in Oklahoma State basketball history since 1990 or something.

Yeah, here’s a time-lapse video of the damn Devon Tower being built.

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OSU’s Greatest Guards of the Clark Matthews Era

According to Robert Allen, this is the greatest player in OSU basketball history

The sun is rapidly setting on spritely Keiton Page’s career as an OSU Cowboy. It has been a, surprisingly, good career. It has been a career for which he should take great pride. It has been a career for which OSU fans should be extremely grateful.

It has not been an incredible career.

As Page set the record for career three-point shot makes against Kansas, the Cowboys dropped another game with an apathetic performance. The loss made them 7-10 in league play and virtually assured the school’s first losing record since the 1980’s. Meanwhile, some OSU fans were campaigning for OSU to hang Keiton’s jersey from the Gallagher-Iba rafters and retire his number.

Standing only 5’9″ and being generously listed at 165 pounds, Page’s success in a sport dominated by more athletic, stronger, and far taller players has been remarkable. That said, he has been a star player for a crummy team. He played in only four NCAA Tournament games, all as a back-up, and when he became the focal point of the offense, the team simply stunk.

Making the campaign even dumber is that the Cowboys currently have honored no players in the program’s history in that manner. A freshman enrolling next season could still have Bryant “Big Country” Reeves’ #50 or Byron Houston’s #35, and those are two players who were All-Americans during seasons OSU was a powerhouse nationally. Yet, Robert Allen thinks that Page should be invited back to relive the glory days of a sub-.500 season and receive the ultimate honor.

On Twitter, former OSU star and current ESPN analyst Doug Gottlieb addressed the hyperbole surrounding the sweet shooing gnome. He didn’t think that Page should even be considered a top-25 guard from OSU over the past 25 years.

I disagree. Page is probably a top-20 OSU guard during the Clark Matthews era. After the jump, I’ve ranked my top-15 backcourt players of the Eddie Sutton-present time frame after the jump. (editor’s note: If Patrick were in town right now, this would never have been published.)

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