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2012 Worst of OKC: Worst Douche Bag

When it comes to things like voting on an obscure local blog, people love to name their favorite douchebag. Of all the categories we threw at you last year, this category got the biggest response with over a million* votes. Instead of wasting your time with inane banter, I’ll let all of you get started with voting.

*I was home schooled so any number after twenty I assume is a million. – JDD

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These assholes shot a dog and kidnapped a puppy

With the varying opinions on everything from frat boys to Wayne Coyne, lately it seems as though the Lost Ogle has been a bit of a bloodbath. Although some of you may argue that these serious issues indeed deserve heated, CAPS LOCKED COMMENTARY, I’m fairly certain that all of the overwhelming aggression we’re experiencing is directly correlated to how many days it’s been since the last time we watching a college football game. Well my friends, that wait is finally over. Before we all start griping to our cubical neighbors about Landry Jones’s merits or Boone Picken’s way of looming over Mike Gundy as if he were the team’s owner, let’s chit chat about a subject that we can ALL agree upon: criminals are bad, and a group of criminals is even worse. Especially ones who shoot dogs and kidnap puppies

From News On 6:
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Wayne and Michelle Coyne have separated…

I guess we know why Wayne Coyne no longer tweets naked pictures of his wife.

After a 25-year relationship, we’ve learned through the Ogle Mole Network that the first couple of Oklahoma City’s creative class – Wayne and Michelle Coyne – have separated. The separation comes just weeks after they were honored as Urban Pioneers by the Plaza District.

The split is not that big of a surprise to those who are close to the couple. Apparently, the two have had their problems over the past couple of years. Those problems have stemmed from Wayne’s transformation from a fun-loving, goofy creative genius who writes and performs psychedelic pop songs into a sex-obsessed creepy old man who hunts down 21-year-old groupies in the Oklahoma City bar scene.

The final straw came when Wayne allegedly got seriously involved with a young bosomy girl he met at the OKC hipster hive known as Kamp’s. The girl’s name is Katy or Easy or Homewrecker or something like that. I guess Wayne really likes the chick, but it didn’t prevent him from performing an obviously sad and sappy relationship song for Michelle on The Colbert Report last week:

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MMT: The one where Dean Blevins tweets from the hospital

Hello again, everyone. It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another edition of Monday Morning Tweets.

Today, my recommendation for a Twitter account to follow is not exactly a Twitter account at all. It’s the “Favorites” stream from @KenJennings. If you are on Twitter, there is a pretty decent chance you follow Ken Jennings already. If you don’t, you should. He’s the 75-time Jeopardy champ who also happens to be a surprisingly funny guy.

An even better idea, though, is to bookmark his favorites list, which is just funny tweets from people that he continuously updates throughout the day. I guess if I won millions of dollars on a game show, I’d have time to spend favoriting funny tweets all day long also. Anyway, whenever I need a laugh, that’s one of the first places I go to. A quick sampling:

This week’s edition of Monday Morning Tweets is after the fold.

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2012 Worst of OKC: Sports Media Personality

After being at the premiere of Thunderstruck last night, I’m happy to report it was great! So funny. It’s good to see Jim Belushi doing what he does best! Making all of America laugh! I also loved the part where the kid dribbled and the ball him right in the ol’ sackaroo! Hilarious! If you loved “Like Mike,” you’ll LOVE Thunderstruck.

That ought to get me on Durant’s Christmas card list. I bet all his friends will be getting it on Blu-Ray for Christmas. For the next ten years.

Don’t let what everyone tells you about Thunderstruck keep you from seeing it. If you don’t want to see it in the theatre it will be on DVD in a week. I’m sure there will also be a Thunderstruck night at a home game where everyone receives the movie on DVD. That’s gonna make for a lot of disappointed fans who just wanted some inflatable McDonald’s dildos to bang together.

Speaking of awful sports related things, it’s time to vote for the worst sports personality. We have six nominees, so it’s pretty tough. I’m sure you can cast a vote and go about your Monday with a smile knowing your vote mattered. Rock the Vote!

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