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What’s Inside a Headline?

Summarizing a news story in a way that will get people to read it is a challenge. That’s why newspapers employ people whose sole purpose is to write headlines.

Of course, how headline editors choose to grab one’s attention often says a lot about their employer and/or audience. For instance, yesterday the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a ruling on Randy Terrill’s controversial anti-Mexican legislation (House Bill 1804). What did the ruling say? You could read the story every major reporting agency in the city had yesterday (all of them basically said the same thing) or you can read the headlines from every major reporting agency (and get very different outlooks about what happened).

Let’s take a look:




As the public broadcasting option in OKC, OETA does not have advertisers to impress. Their ratings (in this case: pageviews) are arbitrarily important to the station. It show by that boring-ass headline.

Also, as a public entity receiving tax money, they work very hard to show no bias liberal or conservative…contrary to what one side of that spectrum tries to make you believe. The result is that they truly have to stick to journalistic standards–and that is what their audience craves. Hence, the headline does not nudge the reader to think one way or another.

Other media sources did not have such qualms.  Read More

The one where someone emails us a picture of Joleen Chaney that isn’t Joleen Chaney…

Joleen Chaney is hot.  I know it.  You know it.  And Joleen Chaney knows it.  That’s why she takes pictures in a dresses like this and then posts them on her Facebook page.

Pictures – and dresses – like that are why Joleen ranks near the top of our 20 Hottest rankings each year.  They are also why an email with the subject line “Joleen Chaney Pic” got our attention.  Here’s the email (everything is [sic]):

just thought you guys might find this preaty interesting don’t ask how i found it but yes that is Joleen Chaney and all her glory hoping you’ll show the rest of the state see what kind of girl she realy is.

Here’s the picture (in all it’s glory):

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Ogle Nuggets: 06/13/2011

• Last week, we published an odd message someone left for Rick Mitchell on the newly painted wall of Cock-of-the-Walk’s ladies room.  Well, someone recently sent us another picture of Rick Mitchell Love Graffiti.  They claim it was taken last summer from the same Cock-of-the-Walk’s ladies room, apparently before it was painted.  This either means that Rick Mitchell’s wife goes to the Cock-of-the-Walk, Rick Mitchell’s wannabe mistress works at Cock-of-the-Walk, or Rick Mitchell is a cross dresser.

Some kids giant 300lb TARDIS was stolen from the front yard of her Little Axe Home. Whoever did that was reTARDed!  Wacka Wacka!

• Someone on Twitter pointed us to these websites (, TheMarlboroWoman and that make fun of and expose the ruse known as The Pioneer Woman.  They are pretty funny, especially if you can’t stand attention whores…or Ree Drummond’s fabricated Madison Avenue tale of a big city gal living the dream life on a multi-million dollar ranch while making buttery foods and paying people to home school her kids.  Either one.

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The Oklahoma City Police Department is on top of things…

Some crazed woman and her boyfriend/ husband / baby’s daddy slammed their SUV into a wall after getting into an argument at a bar.  Fortunately, the Oklahoma City Police Department sent their finest to investigate the crime scene.  From News9:

A couple’s argument became so heated early Friday morning, they drove through two walls and slammed into a glass company.

Oklahoma City police say the man and woman began fighting after leaving a nightclub just after midnight. The argument continued as the couple drove home. Police say the woman began driving erratically. She drove over curbs, slammed through a brick wall then drove several more feet and slammed through the wall of the Allied Glass company at N.W. 10th Street and Warren.

Police say it appears the woman was either driving at a high rate of speed or failed to hit the brakes…

Wait a second.  So the lady was either driving too fast or failed to hit the brakes before crashing into a brick wall?  That’s quite a revelation.  I wonder what else was discovered at the crime scene.

Police say they are investigating the possibility alcohol may have been involved. No one was arrested.

Who was assigned this case?  Officers Holmes, Clouseau and Christie??? With police work like this, it’s a wonder that any case in town goes unsolved.

Seriously, how were these people not arrested?  They left a bar, argued and just minutes later plowed through a brick wall into a glass shop.  Either they were drunk, on some illegal substance, or road head was involved.  Since the girl was driving, one of those options is eliminated. Even McGruff the Crime Dog’s younger cousin could figure that out.

The new Miss Oklahoma is talented…

Well, a new Miss Oklahoma was crowned in Tulsa on Saturday night.  Her name is Betty Johnson and she is from some town called Davenport.  Her skill in the talent competition was the Irish step dance.  Apparently they don’t consider a slender yet curvy body, brilliant white teeth and the ability to control a denim jacket as “talent” these days.

Based on the images above — and how I would fantasize imagine Betty did with the Irish step dance — I think the judges did a pretty good job. That being said, check out what her platform is going to be as Miss Oklahoma:

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