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20 Bold Predictions for 2012 (10 – 1)

Earlier this afternoon we shared the first half of our 20 Bold Predictions for 2012. Here’s part two:

10. Renzi Stone named to all 40 spots in OKC Biz magazine’s 40 Under 40.

9. Russell Westbrook legally changes his name to “Metta World Ball Hog.”

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Top 10 Pictures of Joleen Chaney and Bobbie Milller

As we reported yesterday, Bobbie Miller is leaving behind her BFF Joleen Chaney and moving to Channel 9. The post was pretty popular. In just a couple of hours, it produced several thousand page views, started a little buzz on Facebook, and even spawned an attack by in internet troll named Kevin.

Anyway, to honor these BFFs we’re going to post the top 10 photographs we could find of them online (a.k.a.Twitter, Facebook and Bob Barry Jr.’s sick fantasies). Sure, this may seem a little creepy, but we need to pump up our page views after a slow holiday. This should do the trick.

10. Dear God

This one should probably be higher, but I just wanted to get your attention. Also, if you wonder why I’ve been hanging out at the Denny’s / Taco Bell parking lot, now you know.

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20 Bold Predictions for 2012 (20 – 11)

With a new year upon us, we thought it would be fun to make some bold predictions for 2012. We didn’t do this last year, but if we did, we totally would have predicted OPUBCO being sold, Wimgo closing, and Gan Matthews becoming a double agent for the CIA.

Anyway, here are 20 bold predictions for 2012. If any of them come true, I’ll meet up with you at the refugee camp.

20. Bob Mills ditches the suit for deep v-necks.

19. Claude Monroe, the 89 year-old webmaster of, dies of congestive heart failure.

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Bobbie Miller is moving to Channel 9. Ed Murray is resigning.

To all the fans of Boleen Chiller, we have some devastating news for you.

Last night, we heard a rumor the Bobbie Miller was leaving KFOR Channel 4 to be the new 4am anchor at KWTV Channel 9. This rumor was confirmed by Miller via Twitter and from an email to News 9 staff from something called a Jachin Merril. Here’s the email:

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An open letter to Marisa Mendelson

(Editor’s Note: Marisa Mendelson is a Fox 25 News Reporter and Flaming Lips groupie)

Dear Marisa Mendelson,

I get it. I think. We’re both Marisa M_____. (No, readers, I will not be releasing my last name, though if you’re clever you can totally find it in the archives. I’m just tired of gentleman callers banging on my door at all hours. A girl needs her anonymity.) There was once a time when the only other Marisa spelled correctly was Marisa Tomei, and I didn’t mind sharing a name with her because My Cousin Vinny is one of the best movies ever made.

But the similarities don’t end with our names. See, you’re an award-winning investigative journalist. I went to journalism school for a degree that had more to do with reading John D. MacDonald books than with learning anything about reporting. Your website says you know a lot about libel and slander, and I commit those acts on a daily basis here on this obscure local social blog. This all leads me to believe that you are in some way my doppelganger, or at least, that one of us is the evil twin. I won’t go into detail as to who the evil one is, but I’ll say that even the villain is the hero of her own story, so quit judging me.

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