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BREAKING NEWS: OPUBCO and the Oklahoman have been sold!!!

That headline is no joke.

The Oklahoman Publishing Company (OPUBCO), which is the holding company for the Oklahoman, and a bunch of other things, is being sold to the Anschutz Corporation.

From NewsOK:

For over 108 years the Gaylord and Dickinson families have controlled The Oklahoma Publishing Company, locally known as OPUBCO. According to Christy Everest, Chairman and CEO of OPUBCO, that will change in early October when all of the stock of OPUBCO will be sold to The Anschutz Corporation, owned by Denver-based businessman Philip Anschutz…

“Mr. Anschutz approached us with a unique offer in early June. Our Board of Directors had to consider his proposal seriously and from several different perspectives – that of our 254 supportive and patient shareholders, our thousands of employees, the communities in which we operate, the legacies of the Gaylord and Dickinson families, and the general wellbeing of OPUBCO itself. This transaction will not cause OPUBCO to disappear – rather, only the ownership will change. There are amazing similarities between the interests and conservative values of The Anschutz Corporation and those of OPUBCO,” said Mrs. Everest. “Mr. Anschutz’s stewardship of OPUBCO’s properties will carry the company’s 108 year history well into the future. His roots lie in ranching and oil and gas exploration, and his holdings have expanded into publishing and hotel properties. His interests are remarkably consistent with the interests developed by our family over the last three generations, right down to his love of the West and western values.”…

Commenting on the acquisition, Mr. Anschutz said, “I have enjoyed getting to know Christy Everest and her team. I am very pleased with this transaction and my new affiliation with the OPUBCO businesses and their respective communities, and I look forward to carrying on the legacy of excellence created by the Gaylord and Dickinson families.”…

All current employees of OPUBCO Communications Group, which publishes The Oklahoman and, will maintain their normal responsibilities. Chris Reen will continue with his duties as President of the Communications Group and Publisher of The Oklahoman, and Vice President of News and Editor Kelly Dyer Fry will oversee news gathering. Mr. Anschutz has asked Mrs. Everest to remain on The Oklahoman’s editorial board. The Oklahoman will operate independently of any other newspapers owned by The Anschutz Corporation…

Well, this is colossal news.  To put it simply, the Gaylord’s have finally sold out. And not only did the sell out, but they did so to one of the few people in this world that’s wealthier and more right wing than they are.

More thoughts coming very soon.

Breaking News: Light rain falling across parts of Oklahoma Thursday

I went to this morning and stumbled across this breaking story. Dear God, what are we going to do:

A light rain started to fall across parts of Oklahoma Thursday morning.

And chances for more rain increased.

Sprinkles were seen in central Oklahoma, as the day started with a 60 percent chance of rain, the National Weather Service reports.

Wow. Rain and sprinkles. Follow us and for more breaking news on this developing story.

BREAKING NEWS: Injured Kremlin teen crowned homecoming king

Via the locally owned Oklahoman, we have learned that an injured Kremlin teen has been crowned homecoming king.

Wearing his No. 78 red football jersey and with the aid of a wheelchair and a walker, Bryce Gannon made his way to the center of the football field for the announcement of this year’s homecoming king and queen.

Gannon, 17, who anchored the defensive and offensive lines at nose guard and center last year, and Tyler Zander, 17, each lost a leg after they became trapped Aug. 4 in an auger at Zaloudek Grain Co. Gannon was released from the Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Center on Monday, but took a break from his therapy the previous Friday to attend his high school homecoming.

“He was just so excited to be there,” said Steve Hoffsommer, Kremlin-Hillsdale superintendent.

With lights flashing and sirens blaring, four Kremlin fire trucks escorted Gannon as he rode in a golf cart to the school.

“This was the first homecoming where all eyes were on the king,” Hoffsommer said. “Everybody was looking for him.”

Wow. This is crazy breaking news. Unless Steve Lackmeyer builds an army of food trucks, I can’t think of any other news item today that can top this. Stay tuned to The Lost Ogle for more breaking news on this story.

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 2 Review)

Oklahoma (Las Vegas Edition)

As you know, OU had an early bye week, giving the Sooners a few weeks to prepare for Florida State. We all know how well OU plays against top notch competition away from Norman when they have more than a week to prepare … uh … yeah, maybe not. On a personal note, the bye week allowed myself and 6 other mid-30’s success stories to venture to Las Vegas for a weekend filled full of more holes than an English muffin. So in place of an Oklahoma review, I bring you Las Vegas Review 2011.

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Traber’s Cooperstown Plaque

We all know that Jim Traber likes to preach about who does and does not belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  However, it wasn’t until an alert Ogle Mole pointed this out to us that we understood where “The Ultimate” got his right to judge.

He has been inducted in to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

According to Jim’s bio on his pathetic little website:

I feel honored that I was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in the first year of its existence.

This is amazing news.  Not only did Jim parlay his .227 career batting average into the greatest honor the sport of baseball can bestow, they inducted him 22 years before he was born along with Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson, and Honus Wagner.

An extensive look at the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s website, however, failed to turn up a picture of Traber’s plaque.  I’m starting to wonder if Trabes isn’t inflating his resume a bit.  At this point, I am starting to wonder if he even knows Hunter Mahan, or if the heavy metal band Quiet Riot ever invited him to a concert in Japan.

Or maybe he was inducted for his ingenuity in the art of breaking in mitts and they just haven’t put that on the website.

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