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How to be crowned Miss Rocklahoma 2012!

Do you love Rob Zombie? What about Sammy Hagar’s crappy band, Chicken Foot? Still not interested, what if I add Creed to that list. Those are the headlining bands of this year’s Rocklahoma in Pryor, Oklahoma.

To be honest, I like Rob Zombie. And despite what you’ve heard, I also like girls. Which is why I’m writing about Rocklahoma. Every year they crown a “Miss Rocklahoma.” It’s a way for women who have C-Section scars to feel the glory of a Betty Thompson. But how does one win the title of Miss Rocklahoma? Well, buckle up because I’m about to tell you!

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Six random things I hate about Tulsa

At this exact moment, you’re probably on your first third coffee of the morning, have just settled down in your cubicle, and are stealthily looking over your shoulder to make sure your boss doesn’t catch you reading up on some Oklahoma chatter with us here at the Lost Ogle before you start actually being productive. Well, as you read this post, (granted it’s before noon on Tuesday), I can guarantee that at this very moment, my head is rested firmly on my keyboard, there’s a puddle of drool collecting on the IKEA desk of my fluorescent-lit office, and I may or may not be snoring at a moderate volume.

Nope, I didn’t catch a midnight showing of the Avengers, and I certainly don’t have a new boyfriend. The one bad thing about attending a play-off game when you live in Tulsa is you’ll get home roughly around 3:00am. Or at least that’s what happens to me, as my younger sister is the type who insists we go to Mickey Mantle’s after each game we attend just in case Russell Westbrook makes a cameo. I pulled exactly zero all-nighters in college. Relays for Life, church lock-ins, and even adult sleepovers aren’t things I frequently participate in because I’m the kind of girl that requires a full eight hours of horizontal time. Plus, Nick Collison is more my type, and a hottie like him probably prefers reading Malcolm Gladwell books and watching Parks and Rec in the buff on his 500+ thread count sheets in his mansion after games. At least that’s what he was doing in that dream I had about him a couple night ago.

Anyways, I’m not going to complain about missing out on a little sleep due to attending a playoff game, because that would be just weird. The somewhat inconvenient drive to the City is hardly something a Tulsan should complain about, especially when we have these real issues to bitch about instead. And before any of you T-Towners get whiny on me, remember I wrote this list on awesome things about Tulsa a few weeks ago.

Check out the list after the jump!
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Braum’s has finally redesigned their website

It’s been nearly a year since we last took you on a guided tour of the living Internet museum known as An ancient relic of the dial-up and AOL era, we highlighted many of the site’s features, including e-postcards, the Braum’s Kid’s Zone and variety of fun and exciting desktop wall papers. Granted, you could only enjoy these experiences if you were on a computer equipped with Shockwave, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway, we have some sad news for everyone. The museum is now closed. Braum’s has launched a new website to get them through the next 15 years. From the OKC Egotist:

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Look at Kevin Ogle with those daisy dukes on…

A few years ago, we posted an interview with Kelly Ogle for a Lost Ogle Q&A. You know, that news anchor from Channel 9 who Brenda thinks will sue us when he finds out about the site. We asked a bunch of questions to Kelly about him and his brothers. Here is one that stood out:

Q: And who (out of the Ogle brothers) was the best athlete?

A: Kevin. He is tall, WAS fast, and COULD really jump. Plus, he had long wavy hair like Peter Frampton’s. Come to think of it…he still has hair like Peter Frampton’s.

Tall? Athletic?? Long wavy Peter Frampton hair??? If only we had photos that documented this era of peak Ogleness. Maybe ones that display daisy dukes, shiny belts and unbuttoned shirts.

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, now we do. Check out these photos that are from the eldest Ogle’s Facebook Page:

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Monday Morning Tweets: SNL, Traffic Jams, and Panhandlers

Hello again, internet! It’s another Monday Morning, and that means it’s time for Monday Morning Tweets. You may be wondering why I put Adam Mertz’s insights about curling practice atop this post. Well, for one thing, it was said on twitter, and this is a post about things said on twitter. For another, I couldn’t think of anything else to put up there. Oh! The Olympics are this summer! Let’s go with that as the reason. Sure, it’s the Summer Olympics, and curling is in the Winter Olympics, but still.

I do love curling, though. It’s the one Olympic event where it feels like anyone could practice for like a year and actually be good enough to compete with the best. I will never be a fast swimmer or a strong weightlifter or understand the point of synchronized swimming, but I strongly feel that when it comes to throwing rocks down ice and then sweeping with brooms, there’s no reason I can’t be the greatest in the world. I’ll see y’all in Sochi.

This week’s tweets are after the jump!

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