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Fareed Zakaria really likes Oklahoma…

Back in March, the University of Oklahoma took some heat when they announced CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria would be giving the University’s spring commencement address. Apparently, Fareed was caught plagiarizing someone’s work. I guess that’s something that is frowned upon in a university setting. It would kind of be like having the World’s Most Interesting Man address a M.A.D.D. conference.

Here’s NewsOK’s article about the fiasco:

The University of Oklahoma’s choice of CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria to headline the university’s commencement ceremony this spring has left some students upset.

OU officials announced Zakaria will deliver the commencement address at the ceremony May 10. The announcement comes less than a year after CNN suspended Zakaria for plagiarism, prompting some students to question whether Zakaria is an appropriate choice for the ceremony.

Zakaria was suspended last August from the network and from Time magazine, where he serves as editor-at-large. The suspensions came after he admitted to improperly using portions of a story from The New Yorker for a column published in Time.

Zakaria, who hosts the CNN program “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” was later reinstated to both positions after the two organizations conducted internal reviews and concluded the incident was an unintentional error.

Senior Doug McKnight said he plans to skip commencement because Zakaria will be speaking. Several members of his extended family had planned to fly in from New Jersey to see him graduate, he said. Instead, he said, they’ll likely go out to dinner to celebrate.

“I don’t think I can go hear him talk to me about integrity and professionalism,” McKnight said.

McKnight said he was particularly disgusted with the announcement since it came two weeks after he attended a seminar for his senior capstone project in which the issue of plagiarism was discussed….

McKnight said he’s called OU President David Boren’s office to ask why Zakaria was chosen. So far, he hasn’t gotten a response, he said.

In a statement, Boren said Zakaria was an important figure and commands wide respect for his coverage of global issues.

There’s a reason David Boren is a former Governor, US Senator, and one of the most powerful people in this state. He’s smart, calculating and always thinking ahead. Check out what Fareed Zakaria had to say about Oklahoma’s resiliency, resurgence and people in an editorial that aired on CNN over the weekend: 

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KFOR found the world’s coolest post-tornado vigilante…

After seeing the destruction caused by the May 20th tornado, my first thought was “I’m gonna head down to Moore and start stealing from these people! Finders keepers losers weepers!”

Just kidding, I’m not that big of an asshole. Even if I were, I’d be scared to loot anything because I know some hardened vigilante would be out there ready to sprinkle me with buckshot. KFOR found and interviewed one of those vigilantes last week. His name is Stephen Hall. He’s awesome.

Watch this video:

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A Guide to Tulsa’s Nightlife…

As TLO’s resident Tulsa Tuesday pundit, I’m frequently asked about the best places to hang out and be merry in T-Town. That’s why I’ve decided to review the pros and cons of the most popular bar districts in Green Country.* Visitors, weekenders, or dorks who never leave the house, consider this guide as a personal welcoming gift from yours truly.

* Editor’s Note: For those who landed here via a Google search because you got Chandler Binged for a week or two, Green Country is an Oklahoma “Adventure District” that includes Tulsa. It’s confusing. Just go with it.


BrooksidePeoria between 31st and 41st

Three pros…

1. The awesome restaurants. Sonoma’s cheese plate is stinky and gourmet. The dumplings at Keo will make you rue the days you once treasured Panda Express. The truffle and sage fries at R Bar will make you cry tears of joy. I’ve been eating the cream cheese queso at Cafe Ole for 24 years now, and I can tell you firsthand that it is what dreams are made of. I ate brunch at In the Raw on Sunday, and this morning I woke up still suffering from food baby postpartum depression.

2. It’s sports central. From pro basketball to college football, there’s no better place to watch a game than Leon’s or R Bar except for being at the games themselves. Well, maybe watching a college football game at Leon’s or R Bar is more fun than inside the stadium because you know, there’s booze and spinach dip and air conditioning. Or maybe I’m just extremely high maintenance.

3. It’s reasonably priced. Dives like Warehouse and Sharkies offer $3 shots, and Leon’s has $1 domestic drafts on game days and free beer for ladies Thursday nights. One of the first things I learned post-graduation is that it takes a lot more money to be generous at bars that aren’t located in college towns. Remember when you could show off and buy your friends a round of fruity shots for under $20? Yeah, it’s not quite as fun when it costs as much as your electric bill. At least the pounding headache you’ll get the next morning is on the house.

One Con…

Avoid this place during any school-sanctioned holidays. It’s the unspoken reunion spot for all college kids visiting home, which is great if you’re a college kid, but terrible if you’re a grown up and appreciate things like dignity and not feeling like a creepy bastard.

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This city needs to go on yet another diet….

2012 State Fair Photo 18A

I guess we’re still fat.

Just a couple of years after city leaders announced the citizens of OKC lost one-million pounds by eating fruits and vegetables and rollerblading around Lake Hefner or whatever, Oklahoma City is back in the familiar spot of being one of the unhealthiest cities in America.

From ABC News:

Minneapolis was rated as the country’s healthiest and most fit city while Oklahoma City needs to get on a treadmill.

It is the third year in a row that Minneapolis topped the national ranking by the American College of Sports Medicine. It’s the fifth year in a row that Oklahoma City has come in dead last…

Oklahoma City was ranked last in the 50 cities analyzed. The study found that 77 percent of Oklahoma City residents have health insurance, and 67 percent have exercised in the last month.  The death rate for heart disease is 23 percent, while in Minneapolis it is 12 percent.

Wait a second? Fifth year in a row? As I mentioned above, I thought we conquered our obesity problem when Mayor Cornett put us on that diet back in 2007. It was joyous occasion. We lost 1,000,000 pounds, fit into the skinny jeans and everyone got laid.

At least we did according to this “Mission Accomplished” article that was published in the Oklahoman in February of 2012:

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Kelsey Griswold is our new Miss Oklahoma

Kelsey Griswold 1

We have a new Miss Oklahoma!

Her name is Kelsey Griswold. She’s from Tulsa, attends Oklahoma City University and competed in the pageant as Miss Bricktown. Yeah, Miss Bricktown. Her talent was finding free parking.

From The Tulsa World:

Kelsey Griswold, competing as Miss Bricktown, won the Miss Oklahoma title at Oral Roberts University’s Mabee Center. Griswold, of Tulsa, is a theater major at Oklahoma City University.

Griswold won the rookie talent award and tied for the overall talent award Wednesday for her vocal performance of “Everybody Says Don’t.” She won the first preliminary swimsuit competition on Tuesday…

As part of her winnings, Griswold, 20, will receive a $16,000 scholarship and will compete at Miss America on Sept. 15.

She also wins a vacation to Wally World! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I didn’t even know Griswold was a real last name. Maybe next year we can be represented by a Spackler, Focker or McLovin.

Instead of bothering you with dated movie references, here are some photos that we found on Kelsey’s probably soon to be made private Facebook page. This is crazy… This is crazy…

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