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Farewell, Tulsa Shock

tulsa shock game

Nice try, Tulsa. It looks like Oklahoma is only home to one big league city.

Earlier this week, Tulsa Shock owner Bill Cameron, the President of American Fidelity / First Fidelity and one of the people who witnessed Mary Fallin’s Playboy Mansion engagement, announced he wants to watch his franchise struggle to make money in Dallas.

Via The Tulsa World:

Tulsa Shock majority owner Bill Cameron solidified more than a week’s worth of rumors Monday, announcing in a press release his plans to relocate the team to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Shock minority owner Stuart Price fired back Monday evening, holding a press conference to announce that he had filed a lawsuit against Cameron. Price accused Cameron of using Tulsa to “incubate” the franchise before moving it to Dallas, saying the city had been “wronged in a lot of respects.”

Outside of the blooper reels, I can’t stand the WNBA. It’s almost as unwatchable as men’s college basketball. That being said, I really do feel sorry for the Tulsa Shock fans (all 34 of them). Until this season, the Shock had .241% winning percentage – one of the worst five-year marks in all of professional sports. And now that they’re finally good and winning some games, their greedy asshole owner announces he’s moving them to Dallas like they’re a recent Oklahoma college graduate. That’s just cruel.

On that note, why exactly is Bill Cameron moving the team?

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State Sen. Anastasia Pittman is having a white party…


The nice woman pictured above is State Senator Anastasia Pittman. She’s the Chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus, and made news earlier this year when she stood by OU SAE fratboy Levi Pettit as he tried his best not to pee his pants on live television while apologizing for being a racist.

Here in a few weeks, Senator Pittman is having a “Grown Folks All White Party Fundraiser” for her campaign. The cost is $30 to attend, and is totally worth it if they hand out limited-edition screen prints of the following event poster:

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have split…


It’s a sad day for people who like awful, unoriginal, over-commercialized songs about blue jeans, pickup trucks and old dirt roads.

It’s being reported that Oklahoma’s Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, who apparently are “The First Couple Of Country Music,” are divorcing after four years of a marriage. It’s probably for the best. Blake will no longer have to worry about his adulterous lifestyle being printed in the tabloids, and Miranda will have plenty of material for her next album.

Via a likely distraught KFOR Social Media Bandit:

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Mary Fallin only spent $1,096,776.76 on her inauguration…

mary fallin statue

Remember that gold bust that accurately depicts the blank stare Mary Fallin makes when asked to answer a policy question? It was unveiled during last January’s inauguration ceremonies, which apparently cost over $1-million to produce.


Inaugurations can be expensive — even the second time around.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin spent more than $1 million on the events last January marking the start of her second term, a newly filed report shows.

The Oklahoma Ethics Commission changed its rules, giving committees formed for special events up to six months to report contributions and expenditures. The committee behind Fallin’s 2015 inauguration filed its report July 10.

The committee reported spending a total of $1,096,776.76 — all from donated funds and event ticket sales.

“We worked hard to make the inauguration a celebration of Oklahoma history and culture,” said the governor’s spokesman, Alex Weintz. “We were able to make it a memorable and fun series of events, thanks to a lot of generous supporters.”

Hey, it’s easy to criticize a governor who doesn’t distance her home state from Confederate Flag rallies or gets confused when recalling elementary civics lessons, but I don’t have a problem with this. To the victor goes the spoils! It’s just part of politics. If Joe Dorman had been elected Governor, I’m sure he would have spent a similar amount on his inauguration festivities. Hell, he probably would have dropped half a million just to get Jimmy Buffet to hop out of giant watermelon singing “Cheeseburger In Paradise.” Granted, The Oklahoman would have then published a much harsher, critical report on the cost of the event as opposed to this softball piece on Fallin, but what else would you expect from “The State’s Most Trusted News?”

Anyway, how exactly did Mary spend all this money? Let’s see:

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So… how about them Dodgers?


Beat the drum and hold the phone, here comes your Los Angeles Oklahoma City Dodgers!

Sure, at first we all had a good laugh at Oklahoma City becoming a branding statistic, but it turns out they’re actually doing pretty darn good, with 59 wins and 33 losses, leading the Pacific Coast League American Northern region. And as if that weren’t enough, the Metro has caught Dodger Fever (also known as LaSorda’s Revenge) as well, with fans packing the stands at last Saturday’s game, according to

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