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Murder Nova and Big Chief’s car shop was shot up…

street outlaws window bullets

I guess being a street outlaw is a little more dangerous than we thought…

Yesterday, TMZ reported that someone fired shots into Midwest Street cars located near SW 74th and Council. It’s the home shop of “Murder Nova” and “Big Chief,” two of the central cast members from Street Outlaws.

Fortunately, the shop was empty at the time so no one was hurt or injured. Here are the details via TMZ:

The stars of “Street Outlaws” are dealing with a real criminal situation … after their store was left riddled with bullets.

Oklahoma City PD tells TMZ they are still on scene investigating a shooting at Midwest Street Cars — where “8 or 9″ bullet holes were left in the building.

We’re told the shooting happened Monday night — and since nobody was working — there were no injuries.

Sources with the Discovery show tell us armed men also showed up at the home of one of the stars — Murder Nova — but were scared off when he went outside.  We’re told there is security footage.

Cops say they don’t have suspects or a motive yet.

First of all, is Murder Nova a Terminator or something? How does he scare away a group of armed men by simply walking outside? Maybe they were terrified of that pube-looking thing that’s growing on his chin:

murder nova

That’s from Murder Nova’s Instagram. On his account, I think I learned of a possible motive for the shooting:

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Chesapeake CEO Doug Lawler’s home is now worth $4.15-million…

doug lawler

As you probably heard, Chesapeake Energy laid off 562 employees from its Oklahoma City campus yesterday. That accounts for nearly 20% of the Oklahoma City workforce.

In an exclusive interview with The Oklahoman’s PR division, CEO Doug Lawler explained the difficult decision:

“The workforce reduction is very painful to me personally and to the leadership team of the entire company, but we have to take the necessary steps to remain a competitive, profitable company,” CEO Doug Lawler said Tuesday in an exclusive interview with The Oklahoman. “We will take the necessary actions to protect our company, to protect our shareholders and all stakeholders, including the businesses in the community.”

Before Tuesday’s cuts, Chesapeake recently laid off another 60 people, Lawler said.

As a guy who got riffed from the corporate world in 2011, my thoughts go out to all the Chesapeake employees who were affected by this layoff. I also feel bad for their friends who will no longer get to tag along to Thunder games for free. Keep your heads up. We wish you the best of luck finding a new job or becoming a full-time blogger.

This is the second big layoff Doug Lawler has overseen at Chesapeake since he took control of the company in 2013. That year, Chesapeake let go of 640 employees at the Oklahoma City campus. Here’s what Lawler told The Oklahoman’s PR division in yet another “exclusive interview” after that rif:

“It has been a very difficult day. This has affected a significant number of Chesapeake employees,” Chesapeake CEO Doug Lawler told The Oklahoman. “It’s been very difficult for us and for all those involved. It also is an essential step in making Chesapeake a competitive, productive, strong and vibrant company for decades to come.”

Poor guy. It must be tough on him having to lay off all those employees. Fortunately, as we first told you in 2013, Lawler has a big, nice lavish home in Oak Tree to keep him busy and insulate him from the pain ex-Chesapeake employees have to endure. He’s able to afford this home in part to the $14.6-million he earned in 2014.

Here are some photos:

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bee covered car

I’m not sure why, but I have a natural tendency to create lists and outlines. It’s a hobby, and a great way to rank things that are a part of my life. From listing my favorite berries in order (1. raspberry, 2. blackberry, 3. snozzberry, 4. strawberry) to creating entire spreadsheets of people I know (organized by name, vocal ticks, drink of preference, and how I met them), I’m an A-1 sociopath. I’m okay with this. Sure, it’s weird, but even my list/outline/spreadsheet making tendencies aren’t as scary as mile marker 72 on southbound I-35.


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Fake Wayne Coyne podcast dupes music bloggers…

wayne coyne

Last night, Gawker revealed there’s a fake Wayne Coyne podcast making the rounds. It’s called The Fearless Freakcast. From the moment the host says “Hello-Hello, my fearless freaks and freakettes. This is Wayne Coyne,” it’s obviously fake. The impersonator sounds more like a producer from The Sports Animal than the Flaming Lips frontman.

Check it out:

See what I mean? There’s no possible way that’s real. Not only does the guy sound nothing like Wayne, but do you really think Wayne Coyne would play some classic Flaming Lips tracks that people actually like to start a podcast? No way. He’d probably mix up some dreamy psychedelic trance of Miley Cyrus and her f’weinds humming or having an orgasm or whatever.

In the middle of the podcast, “Wayne” also brings out everyone’s favorite slowcore indie band “Beach House.” After interviewing them about drinking Dr. Pepper with coffee, the band “performs” a previously “unreleased” track. It kind of sounds like the work of Pink Pony.

Although it has its moments, the podcast itself isn’t all that funny. Once again, the host’s impersonation is awful. But what is funny is how the music blog scene fell for the prank hook, line and sinker. Check out some of these headlines from the world’s most popular music sites:

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Pigeon protector thinks Jim Inhofe is corrupt…

Jim Inhofe is still doing his best to help control the pigeon population.

Last year, the national animal rights group Shark released video of the annual Jim Inhofe Dove Hunt fundraiser. The video showed the event was less of a dove hunt and more of a sick needless slaughter of animals.

Here’s the video:

A few weeks ago, Senator Senile once again held his 2015 “hunt” in Boondocks, Oklahoma. As we told you, SHARK attempted to record the carnage by flying a drone over the hunt. That seemed like a clever, novel idea, until someone shot it down.

SHARK tried to report the incident and destruction of their property to authorities, and of course received no response. Last week, they released the following video – SHARK Exposes Corrupt US Senator Jim Inhofe – that documented everything. The SHARK guys reaction is kind of over the top and funny.

Check it out:

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