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Friday Night in the Big Town: Craft Beer Fest, They Might Be Giants and an Indie Trunk Show

Earlier this week Patrick, with assistance from Marisa, published a pile of nonsense titled “The 10 worst 7-Elevens in the OKC Metro.” I have multiple issues with this post. Here’s my first problem.

Via Pile of Nonsense:

2. NW 10th and Anywhere, Oklahoma City

Unless you’re about to hit up Midtown, grab a burger at the Red Dog, or join a gang, if you’re on 10th street you’re probably in the wrong part of town. The same goes for any 7-Eleven on 10th street. Stay away from them. And if you do have to stop, make sure you wear gloves. – Patrick

The paragraph was accompanied by a picture of the lovely 7-Eleven on 10th and May Ave. I live within 8-10 realistic stone throws on this establishment. I have a pretty good arm.

Patrick does not know what he is talking about. The only thing harder than the grime underneath the Big Gulp machine is the work effort of the employees. I mean that. They always have a decent to great attitude and treat you right.

My second problem with the post:

Last week I polled the TLO team to determine our official list of the 10 worst / weirdest 7-Elevens in the Oklahoma City Metro.

Raise your hand if you write for this blog and was not asked. I’m raising my hand.

To be fair, recently TLO implemented policies restricting communication and sharing information with me due to “safety concerns.” Ruin one TLO Trivia Night by commandeering the mic and causing someone’s mom to cry because you drank too many caffeinated Dr. Peppers, and you’re exiled.

Whatever. If I wasn’t here, Fridays wouldn’t exist. Someone has to “give” them to you, right?

Here’s your Friday in the Big Town….

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Aaron Tuttle doesn’t want people to be so sensitive…

aaron tuttle chains

I wish that headline was satirical, but it’s not. Diabolical Facebook Weatherman Aaron Tuttle really wants everyone to chill out and stop wasting their time getting all outraged and offended by the stupid things idiots say and do in life.

Seriously, we’re not making this shit up. Aaron Tuttle, the emotional weatherman who whines and complains and takes jokes and criticism about as well as Russell Westbrook, wants everyone just to chill out and stop being so sensitive.

We know this thanks to the following post he shared with 88,000 Facebook followers…

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Shia LaDouche is filming a movie in Oklahoma…

Actor Shia LaBeouf attends a hearing at the Manhattan Criminal Court in New York

It’s Wednesday night. I’m sitting in bed, drinking a Fuze and reading CosmoGirl! while the American Idol finale plays in the background, and then my phone buzzes with the news that Shia Labeouf is currently less than 50 miles from where I’m live:


After immediately hopping up and doing a spazzy little happy dance, I charge around the house in my velour tracksuit and Sketchers in search of my finest denim skirt and platform flip-flops. If Louis Stevens is spending time in Green Country, I better look my fliest around the clock.

This would be a sweet little story if it happened in 2005. Sadly, it took place last night.

Via the Tulsa World:

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Oklahoma Legislature nearly condemns world’s dead Christians


I don’t care if you worship the Christian God or Lord England, you probably shouldn’t be killed or persecuted for your faith. Well, unless you’re faith involves knocking on my door early on a Saturday morning. You probably shouldn’t be killed or persecuted for that either, but you do deserve a flat tire or Braum’s to screw up your order. It seems fair.

Anyway, I bring this up because Sally Kern and her pals in the Oklahoma legislature passed a very important resolution yesterday calling on President Obama to condemn the deaths of Christians around the world.


The Oklahoma House has passed a resolution calling on President Barack Obama and Congress to reaffirm the nation’s commitments to protecting religious freedom and condemning the deaths of Christians around the world.

The measure’s author, Republican Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma City, said Tuesday that the Christian faith is restricted and even banned in some places around the world and a growing number of Christians are being persecuted and killed for practicing the faith.

The resolution says the World Watch List compiled by human rights organization Open Doors USA estimates that each month, on average, 322 Christians are killed for their faith.

Kern says the resolution does not establish an official government policy on religion and does not promote the use of military force.

That’s nice. You can’t really argue with that.

Plus, it’s good to see our legislature waste its time on symbolic gestures that don’t really mean anything. What would you rather them do? Pass more laws? That never works out well. Hell, they nearly even screwed this thing up. Check out the original language of the resolution:

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Someone finally peed on the Bricktown Sonic…


I think all the women who read this blog will agree with me that peeing outside isn’t a treat. In fact, it’s a chore. And, even if you manage to find a comfortable position in which to relieve yourself, there’s always the chance that you’re going to wind up with some wet shoes when all is said and done. Let it be known that I do not advocate for peeing outside. Dudes, however, seem to feel it is their birth right.

Anytime I’m at a party or a tailgate or something where there are a bunch of people outside drinking beer, it never fails that a guy will go around the corner for a second to use the bathroom. It’s not right, but it’s what happens. I defy anyone here to stop a grown man from peeing outside when he’s been drinking beer. It can’t be done! Just ask the cops in Bricktown. They’ll probably tell you the stories. Maybe even this one from

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