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What it’s like to get kicked out of a Trump rally in Tulsa…

Austin Ray 1

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Brown.

Back when Presidential candidate Donald Trump came to town, I wasn’t allowed to cover it with the rest of the Action Ogle News Team, mostly because TLO editor Patrick didn’t want to have to bail me out of jail. For treason. Again.

I have been able to live my dreams of heckling Trump vicariously, however, through the brave souls throughout this country that are taking a stand when no one else will, including last week when 20-year-old Tulsa student Austin Ray was thrown out of Trump’s latest stump for having the audacity to call the billionaire out on his smears about Bernie Sanders.

I was able to catch up with Ray this weekend and here is a portion of his Socialist-ensconced mantras against freedom designed to take away your guns and Academy Awards. Or not.

Louis: Donald Trump is trying to make America great again. Why do you hate America?

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Hot Girl Friday: OSU Pom Squad

In case you didn’t know, the OSU Pom Squad recently concluded their Colorado ski trip. It’s the annual excursion where they have tickle fights, play “Truth or Dare” and prance around mountain slopes wearing bikini tops and snow pants.

We know about this thanks to Al Eschbach’s favorite website – YoungThaiIceCr… wait… wrong website. Let’s start over. We know about this thanks to Al Eschbach’s second favorite website, College Cheerleader Heaven (via Busted Coverage). Earlier this week, they posted some pics of the cowgirls hitting the slopes:


As I mentioned, this is apparently an annual tradition for the OSU Pom Squad. They did the same thing last year, too:


And they year before that one..

osu ski trip

I’m kind of ashamed to admit this, but I’ve never skied in my life. I could blame this on being poor and living in Oklahoma, but it’s just never appealed to me. That being said, I’m willing to give it a shot if I can be the OSU Pom Squad charter bus driver or massage therapist. Maybe I can work it into another Dream Job post, which reminds me I should probably write my Dream Job experience as a Night Trips DJ. I’m still finding glitter in my ear.

Here are more pics from the 2015 or 2016 OSU Pom Squad ski trip. These nice ladies are our Hot Girl Friday…

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Big Dumb Buildings, Rent and Space4Lease

Today is a day to celebrate Norman. Why? Because all of the following events takes place in Sooner city. Don’t get all high and mighty Norman, it was an accident. The events happen to all be musical as well.

First, we have a tribute concert and art show to one of the great bands in Oklahoma music history…..or are they? Second, we have two R&B vocalists teaming together to show you what love sounds like while making your boyfriend/husband jealous. Thirdly, a local band storms The Deli to prove their moniker is not a newspaper classified ad.

Ok Norman, the spotlight is on you.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town….

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Oklahoma lawmaker introduces bill requiring all adults to subscribe to a newspaper…


It looks like Oklahoma Republicans aren’t the only ones who can introduce crazy legislation.

On Tuesday, State Rep. Ben Sherrer, a Democrat from Chouteau and the Minority FLOOR Leader in the Oklahoma House, introduced “The Paper-Informed Public Act.” If passed and signed into law, it will require Oklahoma citizens of voting age to subscribe to a newspaper. Yeah, a newspaper – those folded-up piles of paper your grandparents still have delivered to their home so they can see which of their friends died each morning.

Not surprisingly, the proposed legislation was lauded by the Oklahoma Press Association:

“House Bill 2389, otherwise known as The Paper-Informed Public Act, will make sure that citizens from all corners of Oklahoma will stay informed of local news, issues, and the hottest deals at car dealerships and grocery stores,” said Dayva Spitzer, Vice President of the Oklahoma Press Association and publisher of the Sayre Record & Beckham County Democrat. “For information on how to place a classified ad or other advertising solutions for your business, contact your local newspaper publisher.”

The Oklahoman’s Jenni Carlson supported the bill with an open letter to her parents in this morning’s sports page:

Dear Mom and Dad, 

How are things?

I have exciting news from the Second’homa. 

My one sentence paragraphs are about to get loud.

Real loud.

Yesterday, State Rep. Ben Sherrer…

Okay, so I totally made up that stuff from the OPA and Jenni, but not the proposed legislation. It’s 100% real. This isn’t “News You May Have Missed” or “Bold Predictions.” Some lawmaker really wants all Oklahoma adults, a majority of which have 4th grade reading levels and can’t even pay child support payments, to subscribe to a newspaper. That’s just insane. What’s next? Requiring everyone to get a home phone line and keep a typewriter handy?

The full text of the bill is after the jump:

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A scandalous theory about Lee and Gentry from Hahn Appliance Warehouse that totally cannot be proven

Lee and Gentry Hahn Appliance Warehouse

Between the hours of 5:45 AM and 7 AM, I prepare for the day by drinking coffee, making to do lists, journaling (I’m one of those gross assholes), cuddling my dog, and watching Emily Sutton give me the weather forecast. It’s a very calm and relaxing time wherein I gird my loins for the day ahead. It’s also the time of day when I ingest pretty much all the advertising I will see for the day. Too bad TV doesn’t come with ad blockers. But if it did, I wouldn’t be able to bring you this theory.

For a while, I thought Mike Rowe on the Mr. Sparky commercial would be the highlight of my ad experience in the mornings. But then I started thinking way too much about Lee and Gentry from Hahn Appliance Warehouse.

Let me begin by stating that this post is in no way meant to throw shade at Hahn Appliance Warehouse. I’ve actually never purchased appliances. Sure, I’m an adult, but I’m also the sort of adult who doesn’t mind duct taping things together, or just pretending that I don’t notice how much water is leaking out of the fridge. However, I have known people who have made purchases from Hahn Appliance Warehouse, and they seem pretty happy about it. And, it should be mentioned, these people don’t have leaky fridges.

One could assume that Lee and Gentry are just local spokespeople. That’s quite possible. A cursory glance of the Hahn Appliance Warehouse website doesn’t give any information about them. (I looked for approximately 45 seconds. If you have the fortitude to look longer, you are a better person than I am.) So you could, conceivably, live out your days in relative happiness never thinking about Lee and Gentry again. I mean, they sell washers on TV. What else is there to think about?

Well, there’s this.

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