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Hot Girl Friday: Oklahoma State Cheerleaders

orange pride

Remember back in 2013 when Sports Illustrated published that not-so-shocking Thayer Evans account of the dark, inner workings of the OSU Football program?

One of the allegations made in the piece was that a few members of Orange Pride, a school-supported organization of young nubile coeds who “donate their time and efforts to assist with Recruiting for Oklahoma State and the Football Program,” were taking their jobs a bit too seriously and sleeping with the players they were recruiting. Hard to believe, huh? Athletes and pretty girls actually hook up with each other. I thought that was a myth and stereotype perpetuated by movies, music, television, the media and real life.

Well, earlier today the NCAA announced they have put Oklahoma State on a year of probation as a result of an investigation that followed the SI hit piece. Most of the penalties basically equate to a slap on the wrist, and will do far less damage to the football program than what signing a basketball coach to a 10-year contract following one trip the NCAA tournament did to the basketball program, but the university will have to suspend Orange Pride for four years.

Via Jake Trotter w/ ESPN:

The NCAA has placed Oklahoma State on probation for one year after finding the school did not follow its drug testing policy and allowed its all-female Orange Pride student group to engage in impermissible hosting activities during football prospects’ official and unofficial visits.

Penalties include one year of probation, $8,500 in fines, suspension of the Orange Pride program and university-imposed recruiting restrictions…

The NCAA also found the school committed recruiting violations through the Orange Pride program.

NCAA rules prevent a school from the use of student hosts in a way that is inconsistent with a university’s policies on providing campus tours or visits to all prospective students. Oklahoma State will not be allowed to use the Orange Pride program for four years.

That’s a shame. I guess OSU recruits will have to meet hot college girls the good old-fashioned way, like at a frat party, bar or while pretending to enjoy the atmosphere at Eskimo Joe’s.

Anyway, when I read about all this stuff earlier this morning, I thought “Hey, let’s make the ladies of Orange Pride our Hot Girl Friday,” but there’s really not a lot of photos of them around the Internet. The only one I could find was the pic above from the soon-to-be-taken-down Orange Pride page on

I then thought “Hey, maybe I can post hot pics of OSU cheerleaders instead. That’s topical!” After several hours of searching Busted Coverage (and our photo archive), I found some suitable photos for publication. Here they are. These random OSU Cheerleaders who have probably all graduated by now are our Hot Girl Friday…

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Don’t expect the earthquakes to let up anytime soon…

daily show oklahoma earthquake

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma Geological Survey finally acknowledged what anyone not employed by the Oklahoma Geological Survey has known all along: that pumping millions upon millions of gallons of toxic wastewater deep into our earth’s crust is the cause of the earthquake boom that’s damaging our homes and raising our anxiety levels.

So, how did our Oklahoma legislature respond to this news? Are they going to put a moratorium on wastewater injection until we figure out a way to do it without causing earthquakes?

Nope. They let us know whose side they are really on by advancing Senate Bill 809 – The Earthquakes Forever Act – through the House. The law will prohibit local officials and municipalities from taking action and instituting their own bans on fracking and oil drilling. The measure simply awaits a “Yes” vote by our Republican-controlled Senate and a signature by our ditzy Governor to become law. It’s going to happen.

The mind-fuckingly awful irony and absurdity of the situation was noticed by just about everyone. Even the The Daily Show got in on the action. Check out the video:

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Pinball, Festival of the Arts and the Marathon

Conspiracy theories are afoot my friends! The subject, however, is not one to be expected. It is not about the earthquakes that shake us every few minutes, a “Smudgenado” or Patrick’s recent visitation to Denver, CO, whose airport is the Western Hemisphere home base of the New World Order. I covered Patrick’s dealings with the Illuminati and Denver exactly 364 days ago. Suspiciously odd.

No, this time the theories concern Tulsa’s recent Wal-Mart closing. Not quite as cool as the Illuminati, but it will do. Recently a Wal-Mart Supercenter closed suddenly, basically laying off all the employees. The official word out of Bentonville is the closing is due to plumbing and will take six months to fix.

I’m a native Arkansan, which means I have less diversity of genes than your average human and I have Wal-Mart in my blood. As a matter of fact, I worked at Wal-Mart #0005 in Conway, AR many moons ago. I was once named a 5-Star Cashier and later became a supervisor on the front end, or as you may call it, the cash registers.

I was really interested to learn of these conspiracy theories, but since I don’t have a Tulsa World account, I was left with only a tease. Well, I will tell you my thoughts and what I know of the inner workings. First, Sam Walton is not dead. He is very old, but doesn’t age past 62. He’s been known by many names including Ramsses II, Hannibal of Carthage, and Constantine the Great.

He morphs using a large cocoon, hatching after six months of shape shifting, about the same amount of time it takes to “fix plumbing.” Sometimes he returns as a great leader, other times he’s just “that guy.”

I could go on for pages and pages, but I’ll leave you with this true story. Once, during my time at Wal-Mart, a bird nose-dived into a boiling grease vat in the deli thinking it was water. The end.

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If praying for rain doesn’t work, turn to mad science…


After four years of unanswered prayers to God, the City of Lawton has announced a new plan to bring rain to Oklahoma’s armpit. They’re turning to the mad science of cloud seeding.


City officials hope to begin seeding clouds across southwest Oklahoma on Wednesday. The program is the first weather modification effort in the state in more than a decade.

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board approved Lawton’s application for a weather modification permit Tuesday during a meeting at the board’s Oklahoma City office. In a separate request last month, the board granted a weather modification license to Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research, or SOAR, a cloud seeding contractor based in Wichita Falls, Texas.

First of all, I’d like to apologize to all the chemtrail conspiracy theorists out there. I still don’t believe that our incompetent federal government is trying to brainwash us by dumping toxins in the sky, but I don’t blame you for being paranoid. If the government was trying to poison all of us, Lawton would be a great place to start.

Here’s how the cloud seeding works:

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Pictorial: Scott Brooks’ 10 Greatest Moments with the OKC Thunder…

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat

It’s been a little less than 24-hours since we discovered Scott Brooks was fired as the head coach of the Thunder and I’m still hearing Handel’s music in my ears.

It really is that glorious.

Once again, Brooks isn’t a bad NBA coach. He was a great with most players, was a solid company man and had high character. He was just no longer the right fit for the franchise. Some guy named Sam Presti confirmed this in a press conference:

“Change in organizations are necessary at times. As much as continuity is required for lasting success, change and transition are the engine for progress and evolution. And so we’re embracing that change and looking toward the next stage of our development of our organization in Oklahoma City.”

It must be nice to be Sam Presti. If the whole NBA general manager thing doesn’t work out, he can always turn to a career in politics or writing fortune cookies.

Even though I see why OKC is making this change, it’s still sad to see Scott Brooks go. For one, he is a really good guy. Three or four years ago, I saw him at the Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt on N. May. Somehow I ended up behind him in the toppings bar. After putting on a few blueberries, he was sprinkling some chopped nuts over his FroYo when he turned to me, giggled and said:

“What do you call nuts on your chin?”

Surprised and very flustered, I blurted out “What?”

“A dick in your mouth,” he then paused for a few seconds, let out a smile and said “Haha! Just kidding, buddy. Scale up! Your frozen yogurt is on me.”

It was a strange moment indeed, but the fact that Scott Brooks bought my frozen yogurt shows what a good guy he is. He was really nice. I can see how he relates to his players so well and why they admire and respect him.

Anyway, to pay tribute to Scott, I thought it would be nice to take a look back at some pics that represent Scott’s finest moments as a coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder:

scott brooks

1.  The day Sam Presti finally got him a new Etch-A-Sketch to draw up plays…

Before this advancement, he used watercolors and parchment to draw up those last-second desperation threes.


2. When he showed off his karate skills during a halftime show…

I think this happened during the first season on a Tuesday night game against the Timberwolves.


3. That time he killed the terrorists who took his daughter hostage…

He is a badass.

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