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Hot Girl Friday: Gina D’Agostini (Brennan Clay’s Wife)

A former OU football player’s bitterness continues to entertain.

As we told you on Monday, former OU running back Brennan Clay discovered last weekend that his wife, Gina D’Agostini, was having an affair with much much much better former OU running back DeMarco Murray.

As a response, and to the delight of sports blogs across the world, Brennan took to Twitter to out the couple:

Apparently that was not the end of Brennan’s sad, weird and somewhat pathetic attempt to humiliate the adulterous lovebirds.

Last night, while DeMarco was running over the hapless Chicago Bears during Thursday Night Football, Brennan posted an illicit text message between his former teammate and wife, and in the process, gave DeMarco Murray a new nickname.

Check it out:

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Being bribed seems kind of cool…


Bribery is alive and well in Oklahoma…

Well, at least it is according to this Nolan Clay article on Apparently, executives from a local company called Aerochem Inc. bribed some employees at Tinker.


There were trips to strip clubs, meals and drinks at Hooters, a $7,500 bass boat, cruise tickets, money for a wedding ring and routine payments of cash.

Those are among the bribes identified by a federal grand jury during an investigation of an Oklahoma City-based defense contractor, Aerochem Inc.

The founder and president of Aerochem has been indicted by the grand jury as a result of the investigation.

Christopher Houston Hensley, 56, of Yukon, is facing three counts of paying a bribe to a public official, one count of conspiring to pay a bribe to a public official and two counts of making false statements to the government about a product.

First of all, of course Nolan Clay is covering this for The Oklahoman. He’s about as obsessed with strip clubs as Steve Lackmeyer is with old buildings and model makers from Russia. Once Nolan heard there were strip clubs involved, he probably ran to his editor’s office like he was celebrating his birthday and about to go on stage for showtime.

Second, giving and accepting bribes looks like a lot of fun! Why’s it illegal? Just check out all the perks:

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Friday Night in the Big Town: Disposable Cameras, Trashy Art & Epic Christmas Music

I’m going to let everyone know here at the beginning. At this moment, I hate everything. Why? For a stupid reason, but you would hate everything as well.

This little blog uses WordPress. There is absolutely nothing wrong with WordPress. What is causing my big fuss is that I do not have access to my computer, so I’m typing this with my iPad.

Apparently, WordPress and Apple don’t see eye-to-eye, and they decided to take it out on us. Actually, it’s probably me and my moronic self.

“Hey WordPress, let’s bold that word.”

“Adam, you and your iPad shall burn in Hell. Instead of boldface, how about erasing two lines and replacing them with wing-dings.”

Its like pulling teeth…through your nose. Anyways, please excuse any weird italics or lack thereof.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

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So, the meteor that exploded over Edmond was a fake…

Back in November, we posted this video of a meteor apparently exploding in the sky over Edmond:

Sometimes when I write things for this site, I open up Notepad and jot down some bullet points that I want to mention. For example, say I’m writing about Al Eschbach. The notes may be:

– Bathing suit gym shorts
– No sports knowledge of anything post 1995
– Thailand Strip Club

For this video, I very specifically remember writing down “Probably Fake,” and even began a paragraph with “If this is real…” Unfortunately, during my warped editing / writing process, that paragraph was deleted, the note forgotten, and now I feel kind of stupid and have to write a retraction because it turns out that video was fake.

We know this thanks to the crack investigative reporting team at News 9. They reported that the videos were part of a hoax publicity plan made by some local company called Digital Tutors.

Via News 9:

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It’s official! According to Nate Silver, Oklahoma City has some of the craziest, most unpredictable weather in the country

winter weather forecast morgan

As you may recall, the Digital Desk released some clickbait a few weeks ago titled “5 Things Only Oklahomans Will Understand.” The first item the list was “Oklahoma Weather.” Here’s What Richard ViralNovaBuzzfeedHall to say:

Oklahoma Weather

All of you native Oklahomans are nodding your head right about now, aren’t you?

In one day, Oklahoma can experience blistering heat, bitter colds and blinding storms. We live in a state where seasons don’t mean a dang thing, but we’re OK with that.

When we threw together our own list of 5 Things Only Oklahomans Will Not Understand, I made fun of Richard ViralNovaBuzzfeedHall’s observation by including Vermont weather. Yes, Oklahoma weather suffers from a chronic case of ADHD and changes its mind about as often as an indecisive fat man at Cheesecake Factory, but just about every person in every midwestern or northeastern state thinks they have wild, unpredictable weather. Why would only Oklahomans understand it? Like most clickbait, it didn’t make any sense.

Although I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, it looks like Richard ViralNovaBuzzfeedHall (that’s his new nickname, in case you didn’t notice) was onto something. Earlier today, hipster stat god Nate Silver released a study today that analyzes “Which City Has The Most Unpredictable Weather?”

Via Five Thirty Eight:

Most every American has some basis to complain about unpredictable weather. As a mid-latitude country with shining seas and majestic mountain ranges and fruited, wind-swept plains, we’re subject to pretty much every type of weather meteorologists have thought to identify. So perhaps you’ve heard the line: “If you don’t like the weather in Chicago, wait five minutes.” Or you’ve heard it applied to a city nearer to you: Denver or San Francisco or Atlanta or Boston.

But where in the country is the weather truly the most unpredictable?

We’re going to answer this question in a specific way, by comparing daily weather patterns against long-term averages. We’ll define the weather as being more unpredictable when it deviates more from these long-term trends.

Look at that! Nate Silver agrees with me! There’s a 94% chance that’s kind of cool.

At that point, Nate Silver did the long, boring, statistical “how we calculated this crap” preamble that drags down just about every Five Thirty Eight post. Let’s just cut to it. Here’s the Top 10 major cities in the US with the most unpredictable weather:

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