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Boomer Sooner is bad now…

boomer sooner

Earlier this week, something called The OU Undergraduate Student Congress – an organization that apparently prepares ambitious students for the bureaucracy, inefficiency, and general absurdity of the US political process – voted on a pointless resolution that would have given an official “Boomer Sooner” to all the athletic teams for a job well done.

Unfortunately, the well-intentioned resolution failed because “Boomer Sooner” is bad now.

Via the OU Daily:

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They didn’t call him the Brisket Bandit for nothing…

Brisket Bandit Muskogee

Sometimes I like to have impure thoughts about food. That is to say, I spend the majority of my day fantasizing about going to a restaurant and eating a goodly portion of their menu. For instance, I love going to Greek House on Campus Corner, and trying to order an entire spinning cone of meat. They won’t sell it to you though, so you have to settle for the sandwich.

However, as many Normanites lament, Greek House doesn’t have the most accommodating hours. So, it shouldn’t shock you that on a Sunday when they were closed, I contemplated breaking in. I didn’t have to though, because I found out my local Sprouts grocery store sells gyro meat in the deli. So, I can just buy that and make a sandwich at home and be a fatty fat whenever I want to be.

And I think that’s why this dude from Muskogee stole some brisket. According to

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OKCPS Boss helps score Amanda Taylor a free trip to San Diego…

Rob Neu

The guy pictured above is Rob Neu. At the moment, he is the Superintendent of OKC Public Schools (a.k.a. the second worst job in America). Like virtually all OKC Public Schools Superintendents before him, he’s done a pathetic job handling the impossible task of properly managing our state’s largest school district.

Well, at least that’s what the Moles are telling me. I guess I believe them. The guy’s so bad at his job that he can’t even quit, resign or get fired without some confusion.

Via an April 11 story on News 9:

OKC Public Schools Superintendent Rob Neu To Resign

Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Rob Neu is planning to step down, according to an Oklahoma City Public Schools board member. 

Neu is in his second year as superintendent.  A special board meeting is scheduled for this Thursday to discuss his employment.

News 9 apparently relied on Dean Blevins’ sources to report the resignation, because the news channel ran this correction the following day:

OKCPS Superintendent Rob Neu Says He Has Not Resigned

Rob Neu, Superintendent for the Oklahoma City Public Schools, released a statement on Tuesday, saying he has not resigned. 

Neu released the following statement,

“I have not resigned. I am very disappointed that this was reported in the news media. I have no further comment at this time.”

On Monday, an OKCPS board member confirmed with News 9 that Neu is planning to step down. He is in his second year as superintendent. A special board meeting is scheduled for this Thursday to discuss his employment.

Wow. Do you like how News 9 threw that board member under the school bus? I bet that’s the last time that person feeds them unreliable information.

The OKC School Board had their special meeting. This happened:

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Scott Pruitt won’t leave Colorado alone…

scott pruitt bong

Before we begin, I’d first like to wish a happy 4/20 to all the Ogle Moles out there. If you’re reading this while stoned in your cubicle, I have some good news and bad news:

Good News: It’s lunch time! Head to Taco Bueno and get a Mexi Dips and Chips, beef Muchaco and a whole bunch of salsa. You deserve it for living in such a backwards, oppressive state.

Bad News: Everyone knows you’re stoned. Also, that mole on your back is probably cancer.

On the topic of bad news, our nutjob Attorney General Scott Pruitt won’t leave Colorado alone. A few weeks after the US Supreme Court turned him away like a pot smoking kid selling magazine subscriptions, he’s still trying to sue Colorado because they’re making it easier to get high-quality weed in Oklahoma.


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Your 2016 Norman Music Fest Survival Guide


For the ninth straight year, the Norman Music Fest is setting up in downtown Norman. Hundreds of local bands and a few national and regional acts will be performing from Thursday to Saturday. Past headliners have included luminaries of rock such as Peelander Z, Diarrhea Planet, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.

Whether you’re a music fan or just a Norman townie who needs something to do in the football off-season, there’s a lot of fun to be had over the next few days. But it can be a grueling experience trying to make it through a whole day if you’re not prepared. As someone who has both attended and performed at many past NMF’s, I thought it would be helpful to provide you with some survival tips to make the most out of this year’s event:

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