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Mary Fallin isn’t so popular…

mary fallin sesame street

Earlier this week, The Tulsa World reported that Governor Mary Fallin’s approval rating hit an all time low of 52%. To put that in perspective, The Phantom Menace has a 57% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes. So basically, people approve of shitty movies more than our bad governor.

From The Tulsa World:

The past year has taken a bite out of Gov. Mary Fallin’s approval rating, polling over the past four years indicates.

Fallin’s favorability with Oklahoma voters dipped to 52 percent in early June, according to an Oklahoma Poll conducted for the Tulsa World by

That represents a new low for Fallin in Tulsa World polling, and a 19-point drop from her high of 73 percent in September.

Falling’s rating stood at 71 percent a year ago.

Bill Shapard of said some difficult political situations have likely cooled the enthusiasm of both conservatives and moderates. He specifically mentioned Fallin’s continued resistance to the Affordable Care Act’s expanded Medicaid program, and a revolt against important elements of the governor’s education agenda.

Yeah, this isn’t too big of a surprise. As Bill Shapard mentioned, there are several good reasons for people not to like Mary Fallin. He did miss some obvious ones, though.

First of all, she’s a woman. That definitely can’t help her cause. Whether we’re putting them in prison or simply telling them what they can or can’t do with their body, Oklahoma has a long, storied history of doing everything possible to make life miserable for women. The fact that we even have a female Governor is kind of a surprise.

Second, there’s that whole open records thing. How could you approve a Governor who wants to keep open records secret? If you’re going to turn down federal dollars that provide healthcare coverage for poor Oklahomans in order to advance your own political career, at least let us see the emails that helped you decide.

Third, she’s the George W. Bush of governors. Whenever she gives a speech, you can tell that she literally doesn’t comprehend a word of what she’s saying. Thank God a state can’t declare war, otherwise we’d be occupying Alberta, Canada to protect the interests of Continental Resources. I can’t wait to see her paintings once she retires.

Anyway, these new polling numbers have to be good news for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Smokin’ Joe Dorman, right? According to The World, maybe not.

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This famous Oklahoma State Trooper likes to share dirty photos…

dan martin ohp

The law enforcement official pictured above is Oklahoma State Trooper Daniel Martin.

In 2009, he we was suspended for five days without pay after he pulled over and assaulted a paramedic that was transporting a patient to the hospital. Later on that year, he was placed on administrative leave for allegedly beating a Holdenville man with a nightstick.

Knowing Martin’s violent history, the OHP did what any logical organization would do. They sent him to work with high school students at the Cadet Lawman Academy. What could go wrong with that?

From NewsOK:

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8 ways to improve Street Outlaws…

Street Outlaws Racing

Union City isn’t the only Podunk Oklahoma town catering to the street closing demands of Street Outlaws. It turns out, Tulsa does it, too:


Police have shut down a Tulsa street as reality show “Street Outlaws” sets up to shoot an episode called “Illegal Street Racing” in the Tulsa area.

Police say spectators are not welcome, and if anyone tries to stop and watch or take photos, they will be told to move along. Generally, you want to avoid driving between Sheridan and Mingo.

Westbound lanes will be closed when the races are going on. Ten police officers, a fire truck and paramedic are all on standby during the filming of the episode.

“Street Outlaws” is a Discovery Channel show in its third season. The City Council voted Thursday night to allow the show’s producers to close the road for the street races.

Port Road is expected to reopen at 5 a.m. Sunday. The special Events permit shows the production crew is responsible for trash cleanup.

Well, at least the show’s crew will have to clean up the trash afterward. But it would be better if they didn’t lay that trash on Oklahoma in the first place. Cleaning up the trash is probably the most real thing that will happen during filming. And nothing says, “Illegal Street Racing,” like getting the city council to vote on it, and having emergency services on stand-by. I always thought if you were doing something illegal, you wouldn’t want the police there.

As Patrick mentioned last week, we get a lot of traffic from people looking for information about this show. That means the more popular Street Outlaws becomes, the more traffic we get. Since that’s the case, here are some ways to make Street Outlaws even better:



1. Hire attractive people

One reason we all watch television is because it usually shows attractive people. This sure isn’t the case with Street Outlaws. The people on the show look like they should be contestants on Survivor: Talladega. The fact that this show is successful and it only films ugly people is miraculous.



2. Get The Hamm’s involved

Reality Shows need soap style drama controversy and drama, and nothing is more salacious in OKC than the Hamm’s divorce battle. We’re assuming this because a judge has sealed their divorce proceedings, and as we learned from Ed Shadid, that must mean it’s juicy. It also means we don’t know if, or how often, they visit Oklahoma City’s swinger clubs.


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Is Gary England mad at David Payne?

gary england tv

The 28th Annual Heartland Emmy Awards were held in Oklahoma City this past weekend. The prestigious event honors excellence in local TV broadcasting, which may just be the greatest oxymoron ever written.

Seriously, they actually give awards to the local news media. That’s rich. This year’s categories must have included “Best Use of Fear and Alarm to Drive Ratings,” “Best Investigative Report Into A Tree Trimmer Who Defrauded An Elderly Couple Out Of $1,500,” and “Outstanding Achievement In Measuring Snow With A Wooden Ruler While Standing At An Intersection.”

The big winners of the night were Ali Meyer’s viking hat and David Payne and the News 9 Weather Team. David celebrated the event by issuing the following tweet:

Yeah, that’s kind of cool. News 9 did probably provide the best coverage of the May 2013 tornado outbreak but… didn’t Lord England lead that coverage? If so, shouldn’t Mr. Severe Weather Holiness have been on stage receiving the award and tweeting pics of his team instead of David Payne?

Based on this now deleted tweet by the Almighty, I think we know the answer:

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Sometimes, you just need to have sex on a sidewalk in front of church


Love is blind. It apparently can’t smell very well, either.

The big story in OKC last week had to do with Riginald Haney and Page Pals. They took a break from hunting hobbits and were busted having sex have on a sidewalk in front of church in South Oklahoma City.


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