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Some topless shoplifter got in a fight with a mall cop…

heather lynn hall

The lady pictured above is Heather Lynn Hall.

She provided some free entertainment to Penn Square Mall shoppers – and made a mall cop’s ultimate fantasy come true – after she was caught shoplifting from The Buckle on Saturday.

Here’s what happened. Heather shoplifted. Heather was caught. Heather, going off instincts, removed her top and wrestled with a very panicked mall cop until authorities arrived. It’s the most interesting thing to happen inside Penn Square Mall cop since the Build-A-Bear riots of 2008.

Joleen Chaney has all the details about the incident, including some video.

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Joe Exotic has made some new music videos…

tiger king joe exotic

Back in October, we profiled eccentric animal sanctuary owner Joe Exotic. We took a look at his photos, country music videos, and ever-expanding line of Tiger King condoms and moisturizer.

Here’s what we wrote at the time:

And that’s the guy who owns all the tigers in Wynnewood that occasionally try to eat people. Nothing weird or strange or concerning about that…right?

Okay, so maybe it’s a little concerning, but who are we to judge. Just because the guy’s self-absorbed and likes to unzip his pants and pose for PG-rated erotica doesn’t mean he’s not capable of running an animal sanctuary filled with deadly predators. Okay, maybe it does. I don’t know. I think I’m going to take a bath now.

Since we took our baths, Joe Exotic has released several new music videos. One of them – ”Do You Ever Wonder What Love Could Do?” – speaks out against government regulations and animal rights groups. Like Joe Exotic’s other work, it’s cringe-inducingly funny.

Check it out:

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The Liz Dueweke to Seattle experiment had mixed results…

A few weeks ago, we received a tip via the Ogle Mole Network claiming that our old friend Liz “Mean” Dueweke was out as the morning show host at KOMO in Seattle. Shocking, huh?

I really didn’t dig too deep into the rumor because:

a) Liz is in Seattle. Although the Emerald City has grown into Oklahoma City’s biggest rival, I don’t have the resources to cover their media happenings. Hell, I barely have time to do it for Oklahoma City. Did you know that Nick Bender left Channel 9, Naveen Dhaliwal ditched KOCO for New York, and Bree Steffen is out at KFOR??? Who the hell are those people? Exactly.

B) I didn’t want to piss of Liz Dueweke’s strong local fan base. These people still exist, and boy, did they get angry when I’d go (English Major alert) all Holden Caulfield and call out Liz for her being a goddam hot phony like Jane Gallagher. Did you know Liz would also never move her checkers pieces from the back row? At least that’s what Ferris O’Brien told me.

Anyway, it looks like the Ogle Mole Network was correct (again). Liz is out at KOMO, but she’s not leaving Seattle.


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Westboro Baptist Church assholes were run out of Moore! (videos)

moore marquee westboro

The attention whores from Westboro Baptist Church finally stopped by Moore yesterday to protest the hysterical Moore Liquor marquee that celebrated founder Fred Phelps’ death.

The protest went about as well as you could imagine.

Well, it almost did. Although the Westboro idiots didn’t get punched or struck by a big gay rainbow bolt of lightning, the church’s protest was cut short thanks to a counter-protest by a mob of angry Moore residents, tornado victims and the cast from Sons of Anarchy.

It was a pretty cool scene, and the classic battle of bad first amendment rights versus good first amendment rights. You had the church protesters silently holding up their “HEY LOOK AT US” (a.k.a. God Hates Fags) signs and banners, while across the street, divided by a loosely organized wall of police officers and a parade of obnoxious motorcycles and loud diesel trucks, there were counter-protesters screaming, hissing, and tossing inappropriate sign language Westboro’s way. Eventually, some brave counter-protesters who look like they’ve probably been in a bar fight or two tried to cross the road to face the Westboro idiots. Since the Moore police didn’t seem all that interested in stopping them, the Westboro folks scattered into their vans and fled the scene like they got diarrhea from Pickle’s.

As I said, it went about as well as you could imagine.

Channel 5 has a pretty good recap and video, but the third-place news channel in OKC doesn’t allow video embedding on other websites, so screw them and all the pageviews we would have sent their way.

Here are some YouTube clips of all the action instead:

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Ogle Madness VII Championship Game: (1) Emily Sutton vs. (6) Lacey Swope

The hook echo of Ogle Madness matches is before us.

(1) Emily Sutton vs. (6) Lacey Swope

In one corner we have Emily Sutton. She’s a two-time Ogle Madness champion, an irresistible severe weather diva that combines sneaky good looks with the bubbly adorable charm of a girl next door. In the other corner we have Lacey Swope – the hot, small town tomboy. She can shoot a gun better than you, ride a 4-wheeler better than you, and make the weather map look a whole lot better than you.

So who will it be? After hiding in Emily’s shadow for the last two years, is Lacey ready to take over the crown of severe weather babe? Or will Emily Sutton show us why she’s Emily Sutton, cast her potent charm spell, and reign supreme for the third year in a row.

Cast your vote and let us know. Polls close tomorrow at 11:59pm.

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