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Oklahoma Legislature nearly condemns world’s dead Christians


I don’t care if you worship the Christian God or Lord England, you probably shouldn’t be killed or persecuted for your faith. Well, unless you’re faith involves knocking on my door early on a Saturday morning. You probably shouldn’t be killed or persecuted for that either, but you do deserve a flat tire or Braum’s to screw up your order. It seems fair.

Anyway, I bring this up because Sally Kern and her pals in the Oklahoma legislature passed a very important resolution yesterday calling on President Obama to condemn the deaths of Christians around the world.


The Oklahoma House has passed a resolution calling on President Barack Obama and Congress to reaffirm the nation’s commitments to protecting religious freedom and condemning the deaths of Christians around the world.

The measure’s author, Republican Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma City, said Tuesday that the Christian faith is restricted and even banned in some places around the world and a growing number of Christians are being persecuted and killed for practicing the faith.

The resolution says the World Watch List compiled by human rights organization Open Doors USA estimates that each month, on average, 322 Christians are killed for their faith.

Kern says the resolution does not establish an official government policy on religion and does not promote the use of military force.

That’s nice. You can’t really argue with that.

Plus, it’s good to see our legislature waste its time on symbolic gestures that don’t really mean anything. What would you rather them do? Pass more laws? That never works out well. Hell, they nearly even screwed this thing up. Check out the original language of the resolution:

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Someone finally peed on the Bricktown Sonic…


I think all the women who read this blog will agree with me that peeing outside isn’t a treat. In fact, it’s a chore. And, even if you manage to find a comfortable position in which to relieve yourself, there’s always the chance that you’re going to wind up with some wet shoes when all is said and done. Let it be known that I do not advocate for peeing outside. Dudes, however, seem to feel it is their birth right.

Anytime I’m at a party or a tailgate or something where there are a bunch of people outside drinking beer, it never fails that a guy will go around the corner for a second to use the bathroom. It’s not right, but it’s what happens. I defy anyone here to stop a grown man from peeing outside when he’s been drinking beer. It can’t be done! Just ask the cops in Bricktown. They’ll probably tell you the stories. Maybe even this one from

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PETA is not fond of Oklahoma City’s Dead Cat Theatre Curriculum…

The Internet is now complete. Nothing more can be added. It’s done.

Yesterday, PETA released a video showing a group of Oklahoma High School students performing a festive, choreographed dance routine with a bunch of dead cats that were about to be dissected. The students attend Harding Charter School.

If you’re not bothered by dead animals having a good time, check it out.

That’s nice. It’s refreshing to see a YouTube video of Oklahoma students singing and it not involve a racist chant. When I was first alerted to the clip, I was worried the cats were going to sing about hanging dogs from trees and how they’ll never be dissectees. Way to stay classy, kids, and show the world that some of the people in Oklahoma are still creative, smart and civilized.

Actually, I think the video had the opposite effect. Check out this sensationalized, tabloid report from across the pond via the Daily Mail. They’re not too fond of this “macabre.”

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The 10 worst 7-Elevens in the OKC Metro

n air depot

Last week, we talked way too much about the 7-Eleven on 23rd and Penn. This was thanks to a colorful trio of newsmakers (social experimenter, crazy grabber, back alley masturbator) who brought attention to the store.

In the post about the back alley guy, I suggested we should come up with a list of the 10 worst 7-Elevens in the Oklahoma City metro and asked for readers to leave their suggestions in the comments. Surprisingly, people actually did just that. You all really take me seriously on all this shit don’t you? That’s almost as terrifying as having to go Number 2 in a 7-Eleven bathroom.

Anyway, last week I polled the TLO team to determine our official list of the 10 worst / weirdest 7-Elevens in the Oklahoma City Metro. It’s very scientific. Check it out:

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What the F is up with that median at NW 41st and Western?

Median 1

No, seriously: what the F is up with that median at NW 41st and Western?

The other night, on the way to hosting TLO Trivia Night, co-host Sam Scovill and I nearly crashed head-on into the camouflaged concrete intrusion that, like an unwanted pimple, seems to have popped up out of nowhere, in the most inopportune of places, to wreak havoc on even the brightest of days, and all for what? What is your endgame, City of OKC?

I even called the appropriate Oklahoma City roadwork office and, politely, asked “What the F is up with the median at NW 4st and Western?” and, natch, I was dutifully ignored.

Median 2

Roughly about four-feet long and one-foot wide, within one day of appearing, it’s white, freshly dried concrete finish quickly became tarnished with one black rubber burn after another, with a nice collection of hubcaps gathering on both sides of the street. As I was taking the pictures for this piece, a small sporty car skidded right into it, popping of a hubcap with prestidigitatious timing.

Please tell me, road crew, did you mean to do this? Was it a mistake? A joke? An act of vengeance against a community that somehow wronged you?

Denizens of the area might remember the length of time—roughly two months—that the side of the road was cordoned off, with police dutifully ticketing anyone who went around it instead of taking the time-consuming detour. And, in all that time and all that construction, this is what they accomplished:

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