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Meet Harold Hamm’s secret weapon…


If you’re an Oklahoma City energy executive, the worst thing you can hear to start your morning is either:

A) “Hey, Carl Icahn is on the phone. He wants to buy some stock!” or

B) “Hey, Reuters is on the phone. They want to ask you some questions!”

As you know, Option B seems to happen all the time, especially if you work for Continental Resources.

In what perfectly defines the state of our news media, Reuters, a freakin’ British-based news agency, has essentially been the only outfit in town to provide in-depth coverage of the closed-to-the-public Harold and Sue Ann Hamm divorce trial. You know, the one that may see billions of dollars in wealth – and control of one of Oklahoma’s largest companies – change hands.

In fact, Reuters has even filed a lawsuit to open up the divorce proceedings to the public, and last week, took an extensive look at one person who was allowed to attend the divorce trial: Continental Resources executive honcho Eric Eissenstat.

Via Reuters:

During the divorce trial of oil baron Harold Hamm and wife Sue Ann, an unusual relationship took shape in the Oklahoma courtroom as the marriage was being dismantled.

From the bench, Special Judge Howard Haralson playfully tossed red and white peppermints to a lawyer sitting alone in the jury box who didn’t represent either of the Hamms in the case.

The man, Eric Eissenstat, serves as general counsel, senior vice president, secretary and chief risk officer for Continental Resources, the publicly traded oil company founded and run by Harold. And during a trial that could result in one of the largest divorce judgments in U.S. history, Eissenstat emerged as one of the most important people in the courtroom….

To at least one witness, Eissenstat, a tall, slim career litigator, was an imposing presence. “Eric positioned himself in a very tactical way in the room, in the jury box, basically right on the witness’s shoulder,” said a former associate of Harold’s who testified in the case. “When the judge looks at the witness, he’s also looking at Eric. It just seems intimidating.”

This trial not being open to the public is a crock, and our local media’s complacency with that has been a bigger joke, but come one Reuters. We’re Oklahomans. We’re hard working folks who wear boots and eat lamb testicles as appetizers. How intimidating can a lawyer named Eric Eissenstat guy really be?

Let’s take a look at him:

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College Football Musings from the Train: Dumpster Fire Edition


The above pic is obligatory, and does not accurately reflect my mood as I delve into this week’s round of awfulness.

Now to the column I was forced to write…

10) Oklahoma and Baylor


There was Kansas State in 2003. USC in 2004. Texas in 2005. West Virginia in 2007. Oklahoma State 2011. Baylor 2013. All blow out losses. All to pretty damn good teams.

This one was different. It was in Norman. Against Baylor.




Where does one begin? Sam Adams Winter Lager was released this past week. So there is that. Which is awesome.

Then there was Saturday afternoon. Not so awesome.

The final numbers:

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Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning, and happy Monday to the local Twitterati. It’s another Monday where I’m bringing you some tweets so you don’t have to scroll through your feed to find the highlights. A lot of things happened this past week, like an election, some Thunder sadness and Kevin Ogle went to Denny’s. I mean, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover at this moment. So, instead of giving you an intro where I talk about my hangover, or how much I hate my day job because they don’t think Twitter is important, I’ll just get right to the meat of it all and direct you to the jump, after which you shall find the tweets.


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Hot Girl Friday: Hipster Boo Boo

As I mentioned yesterday, one fallout from Governor Fallin’s re-election is that Hipster Boo Boo will finally be unshackled from her cage in the Governor’s Mansion basement and released back into the wild (a.k.a. Plaza District, Classen Curve, Probably this place).

I think this is actually a good thing. We could use a little Hipster Boo Boo to cheer us all up and distract us from all the backwards, apathetic, draconian policies that her mom and the legislature will unleash on the state over the next four years. Heck, maybe Hipster Boo Boo will even throw us a bone and tie the knot with her boyfriend in a traditional Native American wedding ceremony or something. I bet they could even get New Wayne Coyne to officiate it.

Because of all that, let’s take a trip down memory lane and reacquaint ourselves with the one and only Christina Fallin, or as we all like to call her, Hipster Boo Boo. She’s our Hot Girl Friday:

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Who’s better? 2014 “Injured” Thunder or the 2008 “Bad” Thunder?


Image courtesy of William Bennett Berry.

It’s almost scary to think that it was six years ago….

Back in 2008, the Thunder were the biggest joke of the NBA. They had a roster packed with overpaid journeymen and long-forgotten prospects, mixed with a few diamonds of young talent. Oklahoma City was certainly excited to have a team to call their own, but everybody knew that the roster was far worse than what the Hornets had to offer. Pretty much everything about the Thunder, including the logo, seemed thrown together at the last minute. I mean, the in-arena entertainment re-played “Everybody Clap Your Hands” six times every game, games airing on TV were rife with technical errors, and the team was run by a coach whose most notable NBA accomplishment was getting choked by Latrell Sprewell.

Things improved quickly, though. Even in that first 23 win, 59 loss season, there were moments of glory. KD got into scoring battles with Melo, and we managed to steal a couple of games from playoff teams. By the time the winter of 2009 rolled around, the Thunder were winning regularly and OKC had fully embraced them.

For a long time, I thought the image of the Oklahoma City Thunder as a bad team would never return. That is…..until this year’s team was hit with the injury plague of the century.

As it stands, the Thunder are 1-4 over their first five games, and will likely field their weakest lineup of the year on tonight against the Grizzlies. Perry Jones was the one shining ray of hope during the first five games, as he’d picked up a few of KD’s old offensive sets and proven himself able to score. Unfortunately, PJIII hurt his knee in Tuesday’s game, effectively destroying the Thunder’s lineup for the time being.  I’m expecting the Thunder to get at least another player back from injury by the time Sunday’s game rolls around. Thus, Friday night will likely be your last opportunity to tune in and watch one of the worst Oklahoma City Thunder teams you’ll ever see.

One important question remains. Are tonight’s injury plagued Thunder better than the opening night 2008 Thunder? Which team is the worst Thunder team of all-time? Let’s break it down.

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