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TLO Restaurant Review: Del Rancho


One of the most frequent requests I get from TLO sycophants and husky-pants alike is to cave in and review the legendary local chain that is Del Rancho. And who can really blame them? In Oklahoma, this long-established fast food joint is the undisputed king of the chicken fried steak sandwich, something that is actually meant to be worn with a badge of pride in this part of the country where the meat hangs over the bun and the gut over the pants. Present company included.

Sadly, as with most things, time and change has taken its toll on this once mighty giant, with many franchises either closed or in various stages of disrepair and neglect. In fact, the only one I can even think where I had the pleasure to eat their food on a clean table has been that fancy, refurbished restaurant in Moore. And I was uncomfortable the whole time, and not just because there was a handful of Moore’s finest fresh from a shift at the Warren the next booth over.

The Moore location just didn’t feel like a Del Rancho to me. Del Ranchos are supposed to be dirty. The windows cracked, the wood-paneled walls warped and at least half the phones that you order food with broken and covered in some sort of strange substance that ain’t a condiment. Those are the Del Ranchos most of us grew up with, ignoring the filth that surrounds us as we devour that comically large steak sandwich supreme, letting the fear of Hep-C wash away like a chicken-fried Silkwood-shower.

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TLO Trivia Night Recap: Final Week

The following clip is from the “hit” CBS show “Two Broke Girls.” If you want to know what our TLO Trivia Nights are like, watch the video and then imagine something totally opposite:

Before we get to this week’s league standings and trivia questions, let’s go over a few things:

• Sam Scovill has joined the TLO Trivia Host team. He’ll be part of an experienced and talented trivia host roster that includes Spencer “Shotgun” Hicks, Josh “Layaway” Lathe, Louis “Foreplay” Fowler, Ryan “Basic” Drake and Patrick “Refer to Himself in Third Person” Riley. We’re trying to figure out a nickname for Sam. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

• We’re still in the process of adding an additional host or two. If you’re interested, read this and let us know.

• This is the final week of qualifying for our “League of Champions 2.0.” If you have no clue what that means, ask about it the next time you play at trivia.

Here are some random Robin Williams trivia questions we asked at TLO Trivia Night last week. Answers are after the jump.

1. Which Robin Williams film was an adaptation of a popular 1981 children’s book?

2. Which cartoon character was once cursed with the ability to turn everything he touches into Robin Williams?

3. In what movie did Robin Williams say the following line “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world?”

4. Who was a guest alongside Robin Williams on Johnny Carson’s famous second-to-last episode of “The Tonight Show”?

5. In memory of Robin Williams, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tweeted a touching scene from what movie? 

6. In what movie did Robin Williams play the role of unemployed voice actor Daniel Hilliard?

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Mary Fallin does not support medical marijuana…

Mary Fallin Wayne Coyne

After my post last Tuesday about the next steps in our open records lawsuit against Governor Mary Fallin, I mentioned this on Facebook:

We promise. This is the final Mary Fallin related post for the week.

Well, unless she says or does something stupid before Friday. Since that’s a near certainty, I guess disregard my earlier statement and expect a post about Mary Fallin later this week.

Thanks to our Governor, I nearly had to break my promise. Always down for a good challenge, she announced the following day that she’s for the legalization of medicinal marijuana while not being for the legalization of medical marijuana.


Gov. Mary Fallin is supporting legalization of a nonintoxicating component of marijuana on a limited, trial basis for use in treating young people with rare conditions that cause seizures and strokes.

The ingredient is cannabidiol oil (CBD), and an interim legislative study is planned.

Wait a second. That’s not stupid. That’s great! I hope the study leads to new moderns laws that give Oklahomans the freedom and power to treat deadly, life altering seizures without being considered criminals.

I wonder what Mary thinks about the people who suffer from other medical conditions? You know, things ranging from pain, insomnia, muscle tension, anxiety, nausea or loss of appetite to potentially fatal diseases like cancer or AIDs? What type of medical marijuana will they be able to get?

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Monday Morning Tweets: Emily Sutton watched “Into The Storm”

We had quite a week last week, didn’t we? (I want you to imagine me in a Mister Rogers sweater, sympathetically looking at you as you read this.) We lost Robin Williams to suicide. An officer shot a man in Ferguson, Missouri, which was followed by protests and very oppressive police action. Everyone and their brother took the damn ice bucket challenge. It was a very busy week on social media. And in times like that, I think it’s important to laugh. So, I won’t focus on the bad things that happened and the tweets they inspired. Instead, let’s look at the funny stuff. (Now, imagine me morphing back into a non-Mr. Rogers sort of person that you generally imagine me to be.)

Besides, you guys, Emily Sutton live tweeted Into the Storm and two food truck apps got into a Twitter spat. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover!

As always, the tweets are after the jump!

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Hot Girl Friday: St. Vincent

St. Vincent (Annie Clark)

To balance out last week’s Hot Girl Friday, let’s play some actually good music for a change.

Right now, the best musician from Oklahoma is probably Tulsa’s St. Vincent (Annie Clark). She’s talented, driven, creative, sharp and not washed up. Basically, she’s the opposite of Wayne Coyne.


Seriously, though, check out some of St. Vincent’s stuff. It’s weird and hipster and avant-garde, but I love it. Plus, St. Vincent has that quirky, art school style hotness thing going on, and better yet, will never have a tattoo of Justin Bieber’s dead dog inked on her stomach.

She is our Hot Girl Friday. Enjoy.

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