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Reed Timmer is engaged…

reed timmer 6

Congratulations to Reed Timmer. He’s as happy as a maxi-wedge grinder. He has a little more hook to his echo.

After likely being repeatedly rejected by Emily Sutton (and probably Bree Steffen on Tinder), Mike Morgan’s bionic stormchaser is now engaged to Fox News Weatherbabe Maria Molina. We first told you the couple was dating back in August.

Here are the details via Fox News:

Some good news this morning on “Fox and Friends” as meteorologist Maria Molina shared the details of her engagement.

Maria and storm chaser Reed Timmer got engaged last week as he popped the question while they were – fittingly – storm chasing.

Maria explained that he had a big plan to propose with a tornado in the background and Timmer’s friend was going to photograph it, but the tornado never showed up.

He was going to propose in front of a tornado? Uhm, I would say that popping the question in front a deadly and destructive force of nature is kind of tacky, but then again, this is a guy that rolls down May Ave. in a car from the set of a demolition derby movie and is somehow able to still take himself seriously.

Here’s a pic of the ring along with a weird video from Fox News:

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About the grandma panhandler who drives a Fiat…

old lady fiat

“Will work for Fiat.”

That’s a new panhandling sign you’re likely to spot on a street corner near you.

By now, you’ve surely seen or heard about the viral video of some angry Oklahoma City man scolding and threatening a grandma panhandler who is probably named Blanche after he learned the woman drove a new Fiat. Yep, a Fiat. I guess her Gio broke down or something.

Since last week, the video has received nearly 3,000,000 views on Facebook. It was filmed and posted by someone named Brandi Newman. Apparently, Brandi gave some money to Blanche earlier in the week in northwest Oklahoma City. When Brandi noticed Blanche getting into a Fiat at a nearby gas station a few days later, she decided to film it because nothing is more satisfying than showing your ignorance to the panhandling con. Then, in what can only be considered a weird coincidence and not a carefully planned and calculated Nathan Fielder stunt, some angry dude who was also duped confronted Blanche in the gas station parking lot.

Here’s the video:

First of all, I don’t blame the guy – his name is Daniel Ayala – for being upset. I’d be angry too if I learned a panhandler lied about needing food, and then used the money I handed to them on a street corner to buy a Fiat instead. That’s far worse than spending it on cigarettes, crack and cheap whiskey like most other panhandlers, right?

That being said, why was Daniel giving his lunch and gas money to a panhandler? Does he also buy magazines from the 27-year-old “student” looking to pay for his “class trip to Europe.” I assumed it was common knowledge that most panhandlers out there are not homeless. In fact, I’ve heard that most have homes and are simply lazy, out-of-work Berry Tramel impersonators.

Because they like to get to the bottom of the important stories, Channel 9 actually hunted down and taunted the 78-year-old lady, who – friendly reminder – stands at street corners begging for money. What could go wrong with that…

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College Football Musings from the Train: Week 6


10) The Season That Wasn’t

There is going to come a point in time when I stop doing this to myself. When I stop telling myself and anyone who will listen that this is a new season, a different team. That this is a team built to win the national championship.

If that day didn’t manifest Saturday evening, God help us when it arrives.

The Sooners were thoroughly out coached and out played, especially at the most important position on the field in Fort Worth Saturday afternoon, losing to an inferior Horned Frogs squad 37-33. The Sooners, despite winning the time of possession and turnover battle, had little success stopping the TCU offense, and no success establishing or executing an effective offensive gameplan. Tied 24-24 at half, Oklahoma manged a paltry 9 points the final thirty minutes, none of which came on offense the last 25 minutes.

It was an ugly, turnover and penalty filled shitshow. The vaunted Oklahoma defense looked pedestrian for most of the night, particularly the first two drives of the game in which they surrendered 14 points and gave that mongrel idiot offensive coordinator an excuse to throw the ball on every play. But the defense wasn’t just a first half problem – they also proved to suck hairy ballsack the second half, even with TCU inexplicably moving away from the Zach Sanchez side of the field. The OU defense could muster no pressure against an average TCU offensive line. Bring five guys, bring one guy. Didn’t matter. TCU quarterback Trevon Boykin had all day and a few evening hours to throw the ball. I don’t care who you are. When you have all damned day to complete a pas, you are going to do it if you are on an FBS scholarship…unless your name is Trevor.

And that doesn’t even cover the offense.

I should have known better. Great teams have great quarterbacks. They have great defenses. Oklahoma has neither. I will now proceed to drink all the bourbon in Oklahoma City and sober up in time for next weekend’s pillow fight.



9) Heupel and Knight

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Monday Morning Tweets

Happy Monday, everyone. As always, we’re here to bring you the tweets of the week before to start your week off on the right foot. So sit back, settle in, and chill out. It’s not like you had anything better to do anyway. Work? Nah. Eff that. Your job doesn’t care about the tweets of last week. Why should you care about your job? And if your boss gets mad because you’ve been reading The Lost Ogle all morning, you can tell them that Marisa says to go to hell. That’ll show them.

Yes. Wait until noon. But with that, I guess we should get to the tweets. As always, they are after the jump.

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Spencer’s recap of last night’s Gubernatorial Debate…


While most of you were watching Thursday Night Football or Scandal last night, I took in a gubernatorial debate that featured Mary Fallin bumbling through stock answers with a shiny diamond cross around her neck and Joe Dorman trying to recall facts and figures with a shiny bald head on his head.

As a loyal service to our TLO readers, I thought I’d spend a couple of minutes to provide a recap of the questions, answers and share other random thoughts. Check it out. Despite my preference for Dorman, and the fact that I served as the personal assistant for Governor Henry, I have been completely fair and balanced in my summary of their responses.

Here we go!

Question 1: How do we fix the teacher crisis and education system?

Joe Dorman: We shouldn’t give 3rd graders tests and we should give more money to education.

Mary Fallin: I have never met Janet Barresi, and I have given more money to education this year. Remember when the economy collapsed? Yeah, now that it’s all better I will give more money to schools. But I’m going to keep the A-F school grading systems. Again, I don’t know Janet Barressi. And also the economic recovery had nothing to do with Obama.

p.s. – The audio and video was kind of screwy… OSU A/V club needs to get their shit together or let the OU kids have a crack at it. Also, the moderator seemed more nervous than the candidates. I would crap my pants too if I was in the same room as these two political powerhouses.

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