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The weirdest stuff the Thunder did this Summer

Image courtesy of William Bennett Berry.

It’s been a long off-season, but we’re only a few weeks away from the regular season tip-off of Thunder basketball. But before we get into what our team will do on the court, let’s take a look back at what the players did over the Summer, using absolutely ridiculous social media posts and my personal anger as your guide.

So, here’s the Thunder’s off-season from my perspective. At the close of last season, the Thunder had three players under contract  (Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka) that should have played very major roles on international teams in the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. I was excited, because I’m the only person in the world that really loves international basketball. Thus, I applied for press credentials and booked travel to Spain, along with travel to follow Team USA’s exhibitions. Shortly after I did that, Russell Westbrook decided not to play for Team USA. Then, disaster struck when Under Armour offered KD a lot of money, and Paul George forced KD to face his own mortality.  Durant decided to quit Team USA in the middle of training camp. I was now stuck covering a team that had absolutely no relation to my Thunder-centric website. Serge Ibaka would be at the competition, but his team was staggered on the other side of the bracket, and thus at the other side of the country for the vast majority of the competition. As it would turn out, I’d never see Serge Ibaka play live.

So, how was Serge Ibaka’s 2014 FIBA competition? Well, I’d say it can be effectively summed up in this picture:

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The Chickasha High School cafeteria looks like a great place to eat…

chichasha lunch

The delicious meal pictured above was recently served to a 17-year-old student at the Chickasha High School cafeteria. It’s called a “munchable” and is apparently part of Janet Barresi’s new “Eating Worse Than a Prisoner” school lunch program.

Like high school girls tend to do, the student probably posted a pic of the meal on Instagram. It then got her dad’s attention so he called Channel 5 to complain. They then pounced on the story like it was an empty carton of chocolate milk.


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2014 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest: Finals

If our Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest ever has a soundtrack, I think it should be written and performed by the local band Chronik Kondition. Here they are performing at this year’s fair.

If they turn us down, we could always go with MC Shit Stainz. Remember him? He was a semi-finalist in this year’s contest. We were wrong, and I guess that was not a poo or chili or an Indian taco stain on his shorts. It apparently was a poo or chili or Indian taco pattern. Here’s a clip of his performance:

Enough with all that stuff. Today we have the final round of our final Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest. View the photos and vote for your favorite after the jump.

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TLO Restaurant Review: KD’s Southern Cuisine


One afternoon, coming out of a movie at Harkins, I was walking to my car parked in the lot clearly marked for Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill patrons only. I was pretty terrified that my vehicle would have a boot on its wheel—it’s the American way!—but that fear was temporarily waylaid as I noticed that next to the Moore country superstar’s eatery was a soon-to-be new food option under construction, a sign reading “KD’s Southern Cuisine– Coming Soon.”

Wow, I thought. Oklahoma City must really be growing as a progressive city on the world stage if Canadian alt-country singer k.d. lang is going to establish a downhome dining joint here. What a great way to provide an alternative for those of us who enjoy fine Southern eats in Bricktown, but without the hassle of supporting the dude who was actually inspired enough by the disposable receptacle that holds his beer to sit down to write a song about it.

When I tweeted out my excitement about this prospect, lang herself immediately replied back to say that she didn’t know anything about it but would “love to try it.” Mildly heartbroken, I was left with one question: who the Hell was K.D.? And what’s he got to do with Southern Cuisine?

After a little bit of research at my local public library (thanks, helpful Belle Isle staff!), I learned that it was Kevin Durant. You know…the star of Thunderstruck. Turns out that, in addition to acting, he’s also a much beloved local basketball star some of the time, slam dunkin’ and double dribblin’ and air-ballin’ up and down the Chesapeake Arena for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Born in the great Southern state of Washington D.C., it would only make perfect sense for him to open a Southern-style eatery, filled with such great District of Columbia home-cooked classics like Chicken Liver Dip and Jambalaya. Yes, KD’s Southern Cuisine does all the faves and TLO head honcho Patrick and I were there to try it out, both our first times.

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Bill Hader grew up in Tulsa like an idiot in some book…


I don’t know a lot about Bill Hader. That’s probably a good thing. I know he’s from Tulsa, was a cast member on SNL and has played the role of “Dumb Cop” in several movies, but that’s about it.

Anyway, Bill hosted SNL last week and gave a little dig to his hometown in the opening part of his monologue. Check it out:

In all honesty, that’s not so bad. It’s not like he performed a sketch where his employer transferred him to the Tulsa office.

Tulsa native, TLO turncoat and John Fulbright fan boy Matt Carney covered the item for He seemed kind of proud of the “self-deprecating” mention of Oklahoma’s second city:

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