Ogle Madness Week 1 Recap

The most talked about celebrity tournament in Oklahoma City history kicked off this week. There were winners, there were losers, and there was the OU women’s basketball team.

We’re here to recap the first half of the first round, right after after a word from our sponsors, AM Oklahoma.

Game of the Week: Tall Paul 159, Al Eschbach 156

The best game of the week was also the week’s biggest upset, with the animated character defeating the member of the OKC media most often mistaken for an animated character by a mere 3 votes.

In the post-game press conference, a defiant Eschbach declared that he would have won the game if he hadn’t been distracted by Artie Gigantino yelling out the names of different wines from the stands.

Biggest Blowout: Ashlynn Brooke 79%, Tyler Nelson 21%

Probably not a surprise, Ashlynn Brooke — backed by the powerful and influential porn industry — disposed of the helpless Nelson with ease. The man once supported by all of Hollywood has recently seen his biggest boosters abandon him, leaving only Brian Pitts — the artistic director of Ballet Oklahoma — in his corner.

Valiant Effort To Pull An Upset: Some guy from Bob Mills Furniture.

In the face of overwhelming odds, the good people of Bob Mills furniture did everything they could to drum up support for Mills’ sweater designer. Some of that work appeared to be somewhat successful, some much less so, but either way we admire the dedication! After another year of hopefully Cosbyesque sweater design, perhaps Bob Mills’ Sweater Designer will get a bit of an easier draw.

The Other Games

The rest of the action rounded out this way:

In the East Regional, Gary England tripled up Myron Patton’s Mustache, while Kevin Ogle had a surprisingly easy time with Wild 104.9 morning talkers Joey and Heather. Berry Tramel had relatively little problem sending Senator Inhofe to the sidelines, while Doug Sauter and his sweet, sweet facial hair had little chance to overcome Playmate Sunni Kate Golloway.

Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Brady Brus out of the tournament, and Jim Traber — I’m sure satisfyingly — defeated Jenni Carlson while Sam Bradford had no problem with Bryan Abrams.

Over in the Midwest Region, Rick and Brad dominated fellow morning DJ’s Jack and Ron while the Scrotal Assassin edged out a victory over Hinder. Maggie Carlo dispensed with Grace Hanadarko with relative ease, while Tyler Suiters and Mayor Mick defeated Charles Hill and Clark Matthews, respectively. There was one upset in the Midwest Region, with BBJ surprisingly edging out a win over Clay Bennett.

We hope you enjoyed the first round; come back Monday when the South Region kicks off. Your matchups will be as follows:

  • (1) Kelly Ogle vs. (16) 1-800-2SellHomes Lady
  • (8) Dave Morris vs (9) Patrick
  • (4) Toby Rowland vs. (13) Mr. Monday
  • (5)Dean Blevins vs. (12) Brent Skarky