The Lost Ogle Mailbag

Last night Patrick and I went out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at a local drinking establishment. Because we are super-cool people, we told everyone that we saw that we are bloggers, and that they should totally read our awesome blog. Most people rolled their eyes, threw glasses of beer in our face, or just started throwing punches, but one person did seem somewhat interested.

The conversation went like this:

Her: “So what are you writing about tomorrow?”
Us: “…”

We didn’t have anything. Not having things to write about is generally not a good way to build up an audience. It is also not a good way to impress girls. Fortunately, we had a few old e-mails that we hadn’t been able to respond to yet, so today we’re emptying the old Ogle Mailbag.

Have you noticed that Bob Mills has stopped wearing his sweaters and is wearing suits now? What’s the story behind this? Did his Sweater Designer get fired for losing in Ogle Madness?
L. Evans, OKC

We have noticed this, much to our deep, deep disappointment. Unfortunately, Bob Mills seems to be attempting to out-Mathis-ize the Mathis Brothers. If he ends up with kids and pets on his lap, our hearts will be completely broken.

I was watching the news and I I heard them say that Roger Clemens had an affair with Amy McRee. Can you confirm if this awful news is true?
Clark M., The Village

Thanks for the question, Clark, but I actually think you misheard. Roger Clemens apparently had an affair with MINDY MCREADY. She is a country music singer best known for her run-ins with the law. AMY MCREE is a local news anchor best known for her run-ins with Patrick’s dreams.

Guys, the re-design looks completely fabulous! One question, though. How do we scroll back to see older posts? I can’t find the button at the bottom of the screen.

Yeah, we know. Our computer skillz are lacking. Our team of highly-trained circus monkeys are working on the problem. Until it gets fixed, you can go see our previous pages by clicking the link that says “Older” right up top the screen.

What is the deal with The Fat Jack?
Confused in Choctaw, Choctaw

Yeah, we don’t have any explanation for that. We think maybe he is Rusty Olson on speed or something.

Hey boys. Big fan. Just curious what you think of a little publication called the Oklahoma Gazette?
Rod L., OKC

Truth be told, we are not big fans. Tony likes it because he can find dates in the back, but as far as journalism goes, we don’t love it. We tend to enjoy the Frosty Troy/Mark Shannon style of journalism more, and would highly encourage all Lost Ogle readers to boycott the sort of things the Gazette writes about.

I am the world’s biggest fan of KOKH anchor Andrew Speno. I just think he is soooooo amazing. I’m trying to learn everything about him that I can. Can you tell me maybe where the most likely place he might be hanging out? What about least likely?
Kelli, Bethany

Good question, Kelli. Truth be told, Andrew Speno is probably the least well-known of all the nightly anchors in the OKC market. We actually didn’t even know for sure if he really existed and thought maybe he was just a CGI creation or something. Anyway, not being experts, we don’t know where Andrew Speno likes to hang out. Maybe he likes to go to the gym? As far as the spot you’re least likely to find him? Perhaps Bobo’s Chicken on a Friday night? That’s got to be it. We would be willing to bet a crisp $10 bill that Andrew Speno has never been to Bobo’s Chicken on a Friday night.