Tulsa Tuesday – Where Will You Wimgo? Crack Den?

The Wimgo Project is a campaign of painful, brightly lit background, minimalist videos that explain why people love Oklahoma.

After 100 years, “Oklahoma is OK,” hasn’t caught on.

It is hard to explain why you love your state when the tag line inspires, “We’re just ok.”

The videos feature captivating topics, such as: “How I Learned Tulsa Streets,” “Where I Like to Eat,” and “Why I Love Prison Rodeos.” Topics that make Oklahoma seem, well, ok.

If they want to show the true Oklahoma, the videos should focus on Oklahomans that make the state exciting. Randy Terrill, Mathis Brothers or any random meth head, for example.

Here’s how I imagine the spontaneity would play out:

(To get the true concept of the following possible transcripts, you must feel the Wimgo Project for yourself. Click here before reading further.)

Randy Terrill:

My favorite thing about Oklahoma is the legal citizens. I especially like the ones that speak English. I really like the ones that support my English only bill. I also love the passion that Oklahomans have and the angry energy of protesters at the HB1804 rallies. Their passion makes my twig and berries riper than the red dirt clay in Western Oklahoma. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds Okie. I love people that speak English. English, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Mathis Brothers, Bill and Larry:

Bill: The greatest thing about Oklahoma is that there are endless supplies of children and dogs to sit on our laps.
Larry: Just walk into any park and you can have your choice of color.
Bill: Like these Ashley rockers.
Larry: On sale for $139.
Bill: Or this chair side set that normally retails for $600,000.
Larry: Now, only $19.95 at Mathis Brothers.
Bill: I forgot why I was here.
Larry: Me too.
Bill: Wimgo.
Larry: That’s right Wimgo.

Random Methhead:

My favorite thing about Oklahoma is the dollar stores. Do you have any money? You can get more bang for your buck. Man, am I crashing. I can buy cold medicine and coolant for a couple of bucks. Is that a dwarf? The profit margin from the ingredients you buy at the dollar is huge. I need a toothbrush, that tile is dirty. Does this look like cancer? My heart hurts. Why is it so bright in here? Am I in Heaven? You can spare a few bucks. Can I crash at your place?

In the closing shots, Terrill will rub his nipples, Bill will drop the dog, which the methhead will sell for crack.


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