Saturday Morning Music Video (36)

My son has a fetish.

If something is the color yellow, he wants it.  Be it a yellow ball in the vending machine at Golden Corral, the yellow crayon they bring him with his kid’s meal at Poblano Grill, or the lemon flavored candy in his bag of Sour Patch Kids, if it is yellow, he is going to demand it until he gets it (or we let him have a crying fit).

Anyway, I was reading a Parent Magazine while sitting in the waiting room of my optometrist (who I highly recommend) and came across an article outlining fun things you can do to make your child enjoy bath time more.  As the parent who generally administers bath time, this caught my attention.  One of the suggestions was simply to add food color to the bath water.  They promised the kids would not be dyed themselves and that the change in visual would make the kid more excited to be getting clean.

A couple of days later, I picked up some food color at the grocery store and because the ClarkPupp does have a favorite color that happens to be one of the primary colors that comes with the set, I obviously started with that.  This was a bad idea.  It looked like my son was swimming in a urinal.

(edit:  After this was written, Patrick pointed out that the video above did not come out in the 1990’s.  Due to a faulty memory of what I was doing when I first heard the song, I thought it was released in 1999.  After research, though, it turns out that Parachutes was released by Coldplay in November of 2000 making it unlikely that this song from that album was relased a year earlier.)