Rick Mitchell Hates Lost

Last night was the two hour season five finale of Lost, a show with a fervent cult following.  I am a member of that cult.  So, I was sweating when I tuned into what, I assume, was supposed to be a clip show to lead into the big event and saw Rick Mitchell blabbering on about the potential for “ping pong sized hail”…for a whole hour.

Mrs. Matthews, who is possibly more obsessed than me, was not going to take this sitting down.  She was that person who actually calls the station to complain.  First, she tried to get in contact with the programming department and got nothing more than a recording telling her that all programs were showing as scheduled.  I guess my TiVo failed to download the update that showed the 7:00 hour as The Rick Mitchell Vanity Program.  Not one to give up, she called again and got through to the news room, and there the guy who answered the phone said the hope was the station would still air the finale as planned.

I tweeted this to my followers thinking it might satisfy them and save them from clogging a line reserved for, you know, new leads, not concerned viewers.  That upset Mrs. Matthews who tried to get me to tweet the Channel 5 number with instructions to choose option 2 on the switchboard.

Anway, that leads to the video above.  In it Mitchell explains that they are going to go back into regular programming.  Is it just me, or does he sound like a disappointed parent talking to their rebellious child?  He tells us the station is going to cut to Lost in a manner of my dad buying me a toy he didn’t want me to have as a kid.  And just like my dad, he reserved the right to take it away if I misused it.

So, for ninety glorious minutes we watched the best sci-fi/mystery/drama on television.  But just as they geared up for the “fork in the outlet” ending, Rick Mitchell reared his perfectly coiffed head.  This time, he wasn’t going to let us go again.  In a way, he had his own Lostesque story line.  Except, unlike Jack trying to get back to the island to rescue those that were left behind from a cosmic conspiracy, Rick just wanted to save a bunch of people from potentially damaging winds.

Seriously, that’s the only preempting makes sense.  Because, really, how many times do we need to see the radar loop?  Show it to me for thirty seconds, preferrably during the commercial break, and I have all the information I need.  I know where the storm is, I know what direction it is heading, and then if something actually develops, there’s have that scroll-y thing at the bottom of the screen that can tell me to go find my hidey-hole.

Instead, all the stations think they have to give you ninety minutes of recycled information.  Which reminds me:  is there some guy in Oklahoma who has only access to KOCO that was in the path of the storm?  I mean, this guy can’t flip the channel to watch Mike Morgan or Lord Gary so he ends up getting blown over by high winds and pelted to death with table tennis ball-sized ice while learning the secrets of the island in his livingroom?

Also, I guess we shouldn’t make note that this is sweeps month and because of the high volume of viewers tuned in to Lost, Channel 5 will probably be able to say their station was the most watched for storm coverage?