Saturday Morning 1990’s Music Video (40)

If you noticed The Lost Ogle seemed a lot better this week, it’s because I was on a mini-vacation visiting the wonderful city of Atlanta.  In honor of this fun (yet rained out) trip, I figured I’d post a video from a group based out of this very very big city.

My choices for this selection were kind of limited.  The hip hop culture in Atlanta didn’t really rise until the 2000’s, and because I have some taste in music and don’t want you to mumbling “Yeah” all morning, I decided to go against anything from Collective Soul. That kind of left with me with three choices: The Indigo Girls, TLC or Arrested Development.  Since Arrested Development is Clark Matthews favorite TV show and “I challenge you to a game of horseshoes” is part of his church league basketball trash talk repertoire, we went with the Spike Lee style rap group.