Tulsa Tuesday ““ Re-Election Not

Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor has decided not to run for re-election, after she launched her re-election bid in February.  She’s airing a commercial to remind everyone that she is not running.  In a sense, she’s running a campaign to let us know that she’s not running a campaign.

Taylor says she needs to focus on running the city instead.  Interesting concept.  I hope this sticks with future mayors.  Taylor’s non-campaign campaign is either a brilliant re-election tactic or a true bow-out.

If she is legitimately not running, I have a few theories as to why.

First, to prove she can save money, Taylor is not running a campaign.  At the last minute she will toss her name on the ballot, just to see what happens, and hope to win by popular vote.  No money is spent on her re-election, proving that only she can balance the city’s budget.

Second, she’s Princess Zenu from the planet TaTu.  The overlord’s hired Taylor to observe humans in their natural habitat.  They want to make first contact.  In her most recent report Taylor writes that we’re all a bunch of a**holes and the galactic committee calls her back to the planet.  No contact with aliens now.  Good going Tulsa.

Third, which is the most likely reason, Taylor looked around her office, thought about all the hours she puts into the job, thought about how she doesn’t take a salary, thought about the millions she is worth and had one final thought “¦ f*** this.

With her middle finger in the air, she’ll walk out of her office and say, “Re-elect this.”

(P.S.  With my middle finger in the air, today I revisit a traumatic high school experience – How to Not Catch an Egg.  Enjoy.)