Lost Ogle Mailbag


The Lost Ogle Mailbag is an under-utilized feature where we respond to real, kind of real and totally fabricated emails that we receive.  If you have a question or comment that you would like us to address, email us at The Lost Ogle at gmail.com.  The subject line should read “You guys are awesome.”

Here we go:

Apparently, Rick Mitchell got food poisoning when Channel 5 stopped in Paul’s Valley.  Who do you think is behind this?
Mike M., Edmond

That’s easy: Clark Matthews.  I think the better question is why would Clark Matthews try to poison Rick Mitchell?

Did you hear the rumor that Griffin Communications has purchased 918moms.com?  Is this good news or bad news for the Oklahoma blogosphere?
Matt T., Edmond

I’m not really sure.  If the rumor is true, I do think it’s cool that a local media conglomerate decided to purchase an independent Oklahoma website.  But…I think it kind of sucks that the site purchased was 918moms.com.

First of all, 918moms is a mommy blog/forum/coupons type of website.  We love moms, especially our own, but mommy websites are about as cool as multilevel marketing and PT cruisers.

Secondly, 918moms.com is a site that’s known more for the media coverage it receives than the actual content and traffic it generates.  If you need proof, just look at how the site was over-covered by the local media.  For a new website with their traffic numbers to get that type of coverage is kind of fishy.  I’m sure it had nothing to do with the site’s former owners being former PR/media hacks (sarcasm).

All that being said, I guess we should congratulate 918moms.com for capitalizing on their trite, over-hyped web venture.  We should also go ahead and tell the people at Griffin that for the right price (and a handful or Gary England autographed photographs) we can be bought, too.


Why is everyone making a fuss over the Angelina Jolie breast feeding statue?
Bob R., Norman

Well, she’s naked, it’s Angelina Jolie, and it’ll be on a park bench in Oklahoma.  That’s not normal.  But painted buffalo statues on every street corner?  Those are okay.

Seriously, though, instead of bringing in some national artist to show nude weird nude statues of A-list celebrities, we need to commission local artists to make weird statues of Oklahoma celebrities.  I personally think a big bronze statue of the Mathis Brothers inside a hamster ball would be cool.  Or better yet, maybe a nude statue of Amy McRee and her friends at the lake.  But you know, make it tastefully done or something.

Can you believe that OU hired a guy named Toby to be the sideline reporter?  Oklahoma State and Texas fans will have fun with this.
M. Rodgers, Oklahoma City

We like Toby Rowland, and think it’s cool that he got the OU gig, but what is his fascination with being a sideline reporter?  He originally wanted the Thunder job, and now he’s landed this one.  Who knows, maybe he likes being close to cheerleaders.  We know Mark Matthew ( I think that’s his name), OU’s sideline guy from 1990s, sure did.

Also, I’m not too sure this is a good career move.  The OU sideline reporter gig has the same level of job security as the drummer of Pearl Jam did back when Pearl Jam was cool.  Plus you have to try and decipher what Bob Barry Sr. is saying.  Did you know that the US government once considered using Bob Barry Sr. as a windtalker?  True story.

I’ve just uploaded some pictures of Blythe and her friends playing bikini Twister in my garden.  I can’t tell you how I found these pictures, but will this help my Alexa ranking?
J. McCollum, Oklahoma City

 Pictures of girls playing bikini twister always helps your Alexa ranking.  Just ask Blythe.

Congratulations on “The Lost Ogle” day.  You guys deserve it, but I would like to let you know that you haven’t officially made it until Oklahoma City names a Bricktown Alley after you guys.
S. Smith, Oklahoma City


We’ll probably have to wait awhile for that.  First of all, Oklahoma City is apparently only naming alleys in Bricktown after rock bands.  Alleys in South OKC will probably be reserved for blogs.

What ever happened to your ranking of the most annoying Oklahomans to follow on Twitter?   Was it to difficult to narrow it down to 10 people?
J. Ramirez, Edmond

We are still working on it.  It’s been kind of difficult to get the top of the list sorted out.

In any other city, we’d say that Patrick Allmond would be a shoe-in for the top spot.  This is because he went out and got TWITTER as a personalized license plate. However, we live in a city that’s home to MKOKC (aka Mr. Monday). This guy is the Michael Jordan/Tiger Woods of annoying people to follow on Twitter.  It’s almost unfair that he’s on the list.

Anyway, we’ll deliberate more and try to get a list out soon.

James Hale has moved back to KREF.   Hooray!
T. Hanadarko, Edmond

Yeah, I guess James Hale went into exile when he tried to bring sports talk to 1520 KOMA.  It will be good to have him back on a relevant AM station, that way we can dust off all the old “Hames Jail Burger King” jokes that have been hiding in the garage.

The Oklahoma Tax Free weekend is coming up.  How come only clothes and shoes under $100 are tax free?  That’s boring. I think the Republican Legislators who are so against high taxes and government interference in our lives should push for a tax free liquor weekend.
J. Pettit, Oklahoma City

Although you may want to stay off the roads, that may be the most fun weekend ever.  Also, it would have a residual boost on the economy, as sales of pain relievers, condoms and late night Taco Bell runs would go through the roof.  Someone should totally make this happen