Saturday Morning 1990’s Music Video (78)

This song was requested last night via Twitter by this guy.  He’s the official Cavs blogger for ESPN.  Why is a Cavs blogger following The Lost Ogle on Twitter?  Because the internet is weird!  Who knows, maybe next week our old blogging pal Ron Hitley Niall Doherty over at Hornets247 will request a song.  It will probably be Lil Troy or something.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite songs from the 1990s.  I remember driving around in my dad’s maroon Dodge Shadow with this song playing as loudly as possible from the car’s tiny little blown speakers.  Maybe that explains why I don’t hear very well.

Also, you have to like how the lesbian bass player is wearing an old school Ft. Worth Fire jersey.  That makes the old Blazers program seller in me smile.