Tulsa Tuesday ““ Taking Our Country Backward Tour”¦

FOX attention whore Glenn Bleck (typo, but it stays) and anti-dinosaur enthusiast Sarah Palin spoke at the Tulsa Convention Center Saturday to launch the Taking Our Country Back Tour.

Country musicians John Rich and Gretchen Wilson sang sum songs after the speeches.

All four come from the magical Land of Simple Truth where nothing a liberal does can make sense.

Bleck and Palin called for a smaller government that adheres to the principles of our founding fathers.  I’m still not clear how far they want to go.  Are we talking bringing back slavery and abolishing women’s rights?  Or just the anti-immigrant, anti-gay and anti-health care reform?

I didn’t attend the presentation.  I probably would’ve spontaneously combusted if had I entered the convention center.  I chose to spend my $125 on anything that had nothing to do Bleck and Palin.  If I had attended, I would’ve asked them to explain the recent earthquakes in Oklahoma and how that’s Obama’s fault.  I’m sure they would’ve had something insightful to say, as all demagogues do.

Ooooooooh.  I used a big word. Say it with me, “Demagogue.”

Larry the Cable Guy will perform at Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino on April 17.  He might be the Hillbilly Demagogue.  I’m not sure if he is, but I expect to see the same crowd.


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