Tulsa Tuesday: I Guess that Sums It Up”¦

Someone from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation wants you to know that Tulsa’s streets, which are normally sh*t, have been upgraded to f*cked.

Tulsa’s entire Inner Dispersal Loop is being replaced. If you enter Tulsa through Sand Springs on 412, you’ll find someone covered a few detour signs in the right places.  Honest mistake or passive aggressive?

I’ll go with passive aggressive.

I give props to the person who did this.  This sign captures my feelings when I drive on Tulsa roads.  I can’t reach any destination without being stopped by road construction.

If you plan a trip to Tulsa, expect delays and leave 96 hours early.

The IDL replacement combined with the Fix Our Streets program averages Tulsa’s roads to a level of scr*wed.


(P.S.  During my trip to take the picture for this post, a driver flipped me off and called me an “a**hole.”  I got a shot of her car and posted it.  Click here for Dear Cooter in the White Intrigue.)