Tulsa Tuesday: Maybe it’s Rabies”¦

A soon-to-be former elementary assistant principal has been accused of touching boys in their no-spots.

Police arrested and charged Robert Yerton, Jr. with three counts of sex offenses involving more than one child, which includes one relative.

Whether he’s guilty, it’s easy to become angry at the thought of a school administrator acting as if students are an all-you-can-touch buffet.  It’s much easier to be angry when you discover the complaints started 8 months ago.

The first complaint of inappropriate touching, which we know about, happened in October.  This is May.  I know that government agencies have no sense of urgency, but after a school counselor reportedly said she “witnessed the defendant touch the victim’s genital area,” did it not occur to the other administrators to report the statement?  This isn’t NAMBLA.

Instead of reporting the incident to DHS, the area superintendent investigated the statement.  He gave Yerton a verbal warning.  Probably along the line of “nothing below the belt.”

Several teachers at Disney Elementary School, where Yerton previously taught, also reported inappropriate behavior.  Allegedly, when one teacher complained, the principle responded with “Kids learn better in a relaxed atmosphere and Robert’s just using relaxation techniques.”

You know what else is relaxing?  Not raping.

Yerton said he is “stunned” by the allegations and is innocent.  He just wants to get to the bottom of things.


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