Tulsa Tuesday: Chicken Hut Patrons Shot Up Again”¦

In February, a man was shot and killed at Chicken Hut in North Tulsa.  Restaurant patrons stepped over the dead body to pick up their orders.  There were at least 100 witnesses.  Only one talked to police.

At the time, I vowed to sample their food.   If the food is so incredible that no one notices a homicide, I figured that’s a restaurant I want to try.  Especially with reviews such as:

“This is really good chicken and fish dive. Sorry for the unfortunate incident that happened. This has put a bad rep. on a business that is very good and the food is the bomb!! please call in if you have the time.”


“The best chickens eva. People always dyin’ and shi to get sum. Be packin for the bodys be stackin, yo.”

I’m not sure what “packin for the bodys be stackin” means, but I assume it has to do with the meat.  If it’s about packing meat, I’ll fit right in.  I once worked at Wendy’s.

Sunday around 3:30 a.m., three men were shot outside the same restaurant.  Once again, no witnesses.

Ok Chicken Hut patrons, I’m sorry that cooperating with police cuts into your drive-by-and-shooting time.  I know it’s incredibly rude that the police would have the audacity to ask what you saw, but enough of the Code of Silence.  If a police officer was the gunman, I doubt you’d be quiet.

Use an ounce of civic duty and rat out your peers.  It’s not about loyalty, it’s about peace”¦

“¦ok, it’s not about peace.  It’s about chicken and I really want to try it without dodging bullets.

It looks so trigger licking good.


(P.S.  Shooting people isn’t acceptable, but one time these items were: Acceptable Child Abuse from the Past.)