Tulsa Tuesday: Richard Roberts Breaks His Silence, but Only After God’s Approval”¦

More than two-years after Richard Roberts resigned as president of ORU, God said it was ok to speak to the media.

In 2007, three former professors filed a lawsuit against Roberts.  They alleged Roberts misused university assets, used university funds to pay for a trip to the Bahamas, remolded his house 11 times in 14 years, and his wife Lindsay Roberts stayed overnight with an underage male in an ORU guest home.

Richard spoke to Tulsa World to discuss the allegations against his wife.  Code for:  my wife won’t quit nagging that I never defended her.

At the time, the Lord “¦ by which he probably means lawyer “¦ told him not to fight it publicly.  He could’ve gone to trial, but God didn’t want the university dragged through the mud.

God also told him that if he resigned, someone else would pay off the college’s debt.

I had no idea God was a Soprano.

Of course, Richard denies any wrongdoing.  He follows the Prosperity Doctrine, which means wealth is a confirmation you’re doing God’s work.  Evangelists who follow that doctrine prey upon followers to accrue personal wealth.  Richard is the religious equivalent to Hannah Montana.

If you’d like to help Richard Roberts make money, visit his Web site. Once there, you can donate money to plant a seed.  If you plan to stay at ORU’s guest home, you can still plant…


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