Tulsa Tuesday: City Council Deems Gays OK…

In a move that would cause Sally Kern’s head to wobble off her heavenly-sprayed hair, roll down the capitol’s steps, and get half-eaten by a raccoon while hit by a city vehicle, Tulsa passed a resolution protecting gay city workers.

In an oddly progressive stance, Tulsa City Council voted 6-to-3 to add sexual orientation to the city’s nondiscrimination policy.

Councilors John Eagleton, Jim Mautino and Rick Westcott voted against the measure.

Eagleton said he opposed the measure because it could provide grounds for lawsuits against the city.  If that is a serious concern, I would imagine the City of Tulsa has a strong anti-gay culture.  Therefore, he made a great statement as to why the measure is needed.

Westcott voted against the change because the courts don’t recognize sexual orientation as a protected class, which he probably believes is due to gays missing their recruitment goals for 2009.

Finally, Steve can openly bring homemade scones to the office.


(P.S.  Excessive Heat Warning Survival Tips.)