Tulsa Tuesday: Unwanted Children Rejoice, Leave Basement”¦

Trek Expo, Tulsa’s science fiction convention, prompted thousands of Tulsa males to leave the comforts of their parents’ basement last weekend.

None were missed by their relatives, Facebook friends or Chat Roulette “buddies.”

The 21st annual event featured William Shatner as the main speaker, along with several science fiction extras that most of us don’t know exist.

Several event goers used their rent money to purchase specially fitted Federation-approved uniforms and ridged Klingon forehead appliqués.

Although the male-to-female ratio was 100-to-1, some believed they would finally find a girlfriend who shared their interest in the only plausible science fiction universe.

Many planned to get laid at the event, but failed.


(P.S.  Why North Tulsans Won’t Speak.)