Tulsa Tuesday: SuperQuikTrip is Open, but”¦

“¦they still call it QuikTrip.  I prefer to add the “Super.”

Tulsa’s top reason to not live in OKC got toppier.

QT has opened its newest prototype with nearly 6,000 square feet of sales floor space.

There are 24 fountain drinks, 16 flavors of tea, 12 flavors of frozen drinks and 5 flavors of lemonade.  Flavors include Red Berry, Pineapple Papaya, Blueberry Lemon and all sorts of others I’ll never try because I have a boring palette.

There’s also an ice cream and coffee bar.

All that’s missing is the Jagermiester draft kit.

In addition to the beverage utopia, they’ve also added new take-home-and-bake items such as lasagna and pizza.  This isn’t the crappy 50¢ Jeno’s pizza that Circle K or 7-Eleven would sell for $8, this pizza is in the Digiorno area.

When I become a multimillionaire, I plan to buy one and live in it.  I already consider it a restaurant that just happens to sell gasoline, why can’t I consider it my home that just happens to have thousands of strangers walk through the door?

The only thing that would make it more perfect, besides the draft kit, would be a horse range, masseuse, hot air balloon rides and a ten-story/500 gas pump facility.