Tulsa Tuesday: Karma Alive and Well in Tulsa

A criminal non-mastermind piece-of-crap scum-bucket white-trash phlegm-wad, who allegedly stole an SUV, was hit by another car as he bailed from the vehicle.

In a moment of ohnotheydint’, the owners of the stolen car followed the genius, westbound on I-244.  The local media reports that they followed the suspect in “another car” for people too stupid to realize people generally can’t run on the highway at 65 mph.

Then, shortly before noon on Sunday, the suspect wrecked the car, jumped out, ran up an embankment onto the eastbound entrance ramp and”¦


Knocked nearly 40 feet.  Landed on his head.

It’s good to see karma alive and well in Oklahoma.  I haven’t seen this since I found my childhood bully in prison for armed robbery.

I wonder if the driver that hit the man got a ticket, now that state law allows police officers to ticket Oklahomans for Inattentive Driving.

The alleged crook is listed in serious condition.

No big loss.


(P.S.  I angered a Bieber fan.  Here’s her angry Letter to the Editor.)