Tulsa Tuesday: Witness List Leaked in Corruption Probe

All 15 Tulsans willing to speak to police as confidential drug informants have been outed.

A federal grand jury investigation into alleged Tulsa Police corruption indicated several officers fabricated testimony, stole money and falsified search warrant affidavits.

Five current and former police officers were indicted on charges of perjury, witness tampering, distribution of drugs and other crimes.

In the wake of the investigation, 11 people have been released from prison, to which all 15 confidential informants said, “Oh F***!”

The list of informants was leaked through a text message and circulated around Tulsa.

As part of the investigation, the FBI and Department of Justice set up a sting operation by placing an agent who posed as a drug dealer with $13,000 in a hotel room.  Four of the indicted officers went to the hotel.  Only $8,000 was turned in.

The FBI taped one of the officers putting money in his pocket.

All but one officer has pleaded not guilty.  Many of the indicted officers have been placed on paid leave.

Paid leave?  Where can I get that gig?  Seems like a pretty sweet vacation.

When the city is laying-off officers and looking at ways to cut back, how about suspended without pay?  In high school, I don’t remember being suspended with A’s. How about no paycheck?  If they’re found innocent: retroactive salaries.

Oklahoma is an at-will state.  What does it take to get fired from a government job?  If an officer walked pantless into the police station, back flipped down the hall and onto the sergeant’s desk, all while singing Rainbow Connection and snorting a line of coke, he would be suspended with pay.  Of course, he’d enter a not guilty plea, even if security cameras taped the incident.

In response, TPD set a no-tolerance policy for police officers found lying on police reports, but only for future lies.

Past falsified reports are still fine.

(P.S.  It’s not Farmville, It’s Douchville.)