Tulsa Tuesday: Dear Trogs Who Left Their Dogs in the Car

Today’s forecasted high is 105° F.  Tomorrow’s is 106° F. With a heat index of 320° F, most of Oklahoma has been under a heat advisory for nearly a week.

During my weekly trip to Petsmart Sunday, I saw not one, but two cars with dogs left inside.  Both drivers parked under a tree.

I assumed that people who shop at Petsmart are animal lovers.  They take care of their pets, buy them quality chew toys and avoid Walmart’s “˜Ol Roy brand of dog food.

I assumed wrong.  To those two shoppers:

I’m sorry that having a pet cuts into your sit-around-and-do-nothing time.  That whole 5 minutes it takes each day to fill their food bowl must be strenuous, nearly as strenuous as cracking the car window to allow for some air flow.

On a 100-degree day, parking under a tree does little good.  Just because you no longer feel the heat since your veins have collapsed from the large amounts of heroin you’ve shot into your body, doesn’t mean your dog can’t feel it.

Your pet’s come this far, who not complete the journey and take him indoors?  You took the time to put your dog in the car; it shouldn’t be too difficult to remove him from the car.  Actually, they do most of the work.  Today’s breeds are capable of self-movement.  They can roll as easy as your home.

Why the rush?  Just ran in “real quick” to pick up a prescription?

Pedigree sale?


Maybe I’m being overly sensitive.  Maybe I came off like a prick when I walked up to you and said, “by the way, your dog’s dying.”  It could be my fault.  If I was more considerate, I would’ve offered to sit in your car and fan Fido.  Is it me?

No, it’s not me.  You’re an uncaring self-centered trog whore.

If police don’t start flogging these people who leave their dogs in cars on summer days … I will.


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