Tulsa Tuesday: North Tulsa Landfill on Fire

A North Tulsa landfill caught fire around 8 p.m. August 4, sending smoke and stench to the south side of town.

This wasn’t the usual West Tulsa sewer smell, this smelled as though someone turkey-basted a state park toilet and squirted it up your nose.

At first, I thought someone left the door open at Million Dollar Elm Casino or police forced Turley residents to bathe, but that didn’t explain why the usual group of snaggle-toothed television interviewees still appeared as though soap was extinct.

Officials believed lightening caused the fire, but an Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality spokesperson said the fire could have been smoldering underground for more than a month.

In June, a small fire was “put out” by pushing dirt over the flames, which is more effective when small fires are not lit by thousands of tons of garbage.

Breathing is not recommended if anyone has asthma, emphysema or a nose.

The DEQ and Environmental Protection Agency tested the air quality to ensure there were no toxins in the air.

They’ll release their results once everyone gets cancer. They said there were none.


(P.S.  Today’s Lesson: QuikTrip Door Etiquette.  Enjoy.)