Tulsa Tuesday: Don’t Travel with Your Vibrator”¦

Tulsa International Airport security officials shut down a checkpoint Wednesday after they found a possible explosive device, which turned out to be “novelty item.”

No one from the Transportation Security Administration has explained what the “novelty item” was, but I’m guessing vibrator.

Whoopee cushions, chattering teeth, invisible ink pens and other back-of-the-comic-book-letdowns aren’t usually equipped with wires, rounded objects or dangerous vibrations (I’m still guessing.)

TSA moved the waiting passengers about 300 feet away from the “novelty item,” probably to prevent anything from spreading. (Yes, still guessing.)

If it’s what most people who were born with heads suspect, then how awkward was it for the passenger and staff? What rigorous tests did security do to make sure the device wasn’t explosive?





The stopped passenger should’ve done their research. The TSA has a list of items not allowed on flights, which include tools greater than 7 inches in length and meat cleavers.