Gentle Readers: Of Career Advising and Romantic Queries

You know, gentle readers, I had a thought the other day.  It occurred to me that I am overly willing to give advice while intoxicated even though I sometimes struggle with the questions you send in for fear of leading you astray.  And then an even better thought struck me.  Why don’t I just get drunk before I write my advice?  Brilliant, right?  So, I apologize in advance for any typos, but Mr. Jameson and I have some knowledge to lay down.

Hate My Job in Harrah writes:

Dear Marisa,

I really hate my job but can’t find any immediate openings at better places to work.  I don’t mind a long job hunt if it leads me to a good career, but how do I tolerate my job in the meantime?

Good question, Hate My Job.  While I definitely can’t tell you how to find a career because I’ve never done that before, I can tell you how to make your current job more tolerable.

You see, at every place I’ve ever worked, after about 8 months, I became burnt out.  To ameliorate this, I would start job hunting again.  However, I had to stay at the current job until I knew that I would have another source of income.  So, I would basically start slacking off.  Eventually, your manager should put you on some sort of probation, provided that you haven’t slacked so much that they fire you.

This probation is supposed to be a time where you prove yourself to the company and show them you deserve the responsibility.  Often times, the probation comes in the form of a lateral move or even a demotion.  Basically, it’s supposed to be a punishment.  Only, it’s not if you hate your job because then you don’t have to do what you were doing.  And more often than not, you end up doing less.  This should bide your time until you find yourself a good job.

Miss Lonely Hearts asks:

Hey Marisa-

Where are all the good guys?  Hows a girl supposed to get a date in this place?

Oh, gentle Miss Lonely Hearts, if only it were easy.  As they say, you have to kiss a lot of frogs.  Sometimes you do more than just kiss these so-called frogs (remind me to tell you about the collection of frogs that I refer to as “Bad Decision Fest 2010″ sometime).

I’m one of those hopeless saps that believes there is at least one person out there for everyone, if not more.  So, just keep believing that Mr. Right is out there.  Until then, you can have one of my little tried and true tricks for free:  Date divorced guys in their early thirties.

This is probably the best demographic of guys to date out there.  Why?  Well, divorced guys are generally burnt out on love anyway, so if you just act like a decent, fun-loving person, they fall in love with you for it.  Also, guys in their early thirties want to party as much as guys in their twenties, only they generally do it more responsibly.  And they can afford beer that isn’t Natty Light.

Inter-office Lover Boy writes:

Hi Marisa.

I think I may be in love with one of my coworkers who has a cubicle across from mine.  Should I ask her out?

Well, Lover Boy, this is kind of a tough one.  As long as your company doesn’t have a strict no fraternizing policy, I would say hit it.  But know that things can get awkward when you get with your coworkers (see “Bad Decision Fest 2010″).

That having been said, I wish you the best of luck.  The longest relationship I’ve ever been in was a product of working together (and Lionshead from the Vista, may that bar rest in peace).  And if she turns you down, allow me to introduce you to Miss Lonely Hearts”¦

There you have it, gentle readers.  If you have a burning question that can’t be answered by going on the Maury Show, hit me up.  You can catch me on Twitter as @GentleMarisa or on the new snail mail at