Tulsa Tuesday: Goodbye, For Real This Time”¦

Both of the readers that enjoy my regular contributions may have noticed my lack of posts.  Recently, my personal life has become busy and I’m not able to write much anymore.  I’ve resigned my weekly posts with The Lost Ogle.

For those of your who guessed it, you guessed right “¦ I got married.

Marriage felt nice in theory, but I didn’t realize the struggle my wife Carol and I would face trying to merge our two families.

Marsha, Jan, Cindy, Greg and Peter-Bobby are adjusting well, but I need to focus on family.

We used to have a housekeeper who helped around the house.  She left after she met a nice woman, got married that one day gay marriage was legal in California, and enrolled in Roadmasters Driving School.

For those who supported me these past couple of years, thank you.  I appreciated the positive comments and emails.  To everyone else that despised me the entire time, I guess you can return to your basement, play Second Life, stain your fingers with Cheetos and celebrate with an Anime marathon.