Gentle Readers: Holiday Weight Gain, Our Real Jobs and Nail Biting

Greetings, gentle readers!  I’m back with the knowledge that keeps you asking all these important questions.  So, here they are!

Jill from Norman asks:

What’s the best way to keep from gaining weight during the holiday season?

Great question, gentle Jill.  However, I’m pretty sure I’m not the person to answer it.  In fact, anyone who gets their jollies from writing things and posting them on the internet is probably not in peak physical condition.  Of course, we Lost Ogle writers are the exceptions.  We’re very tight and sexy.  In fact, when we aren’t busy blogging, we’re modeling.  You’ve probably seen us on the covers of many local publications but didn’t know it was us.  The only reason I say I’m not the person to answer this is because you’re supposed to consult a physician before you begin any sort of diet.

Anyway, there is literally nothing worse in the world than being on a diet while everyone else is eating sugar cookies and candy.  Seriously.  Trust me on this.  I know.  I say enjoy yourself this season, and then when New Years rolls around, you can resolve to take a yoga class and not eat carbs.  Until then, just rock some sweat pants.  They’re comfy.  And you can make them cool by rolling up one pant leg, like LL Cool J did.

Wayne writes:

So, what is it that you guys do for a living?  I know that you probably don’t make that much blogging so what do you do in real life?

Great question, gentle Wayne.  Well, as I mentioned before, we’re all models in addition to bloggers.  We’ve all been asked to become full time models because were so damn good looking, but ultimately we wanted to have time to write for TLO so we turned down the offer.  Other than that, all our income comes from our sponsors.  We have the advertisements that you’ve seen on the site, but just you wait until our commercials come out!  We’ve been asked to do some pretty cool product and service endorsements.  Look for my cameo on the new 1-800-2-SellHomes commercial!

Amanda asks:

My 3-year old daughter has been biting her nails a lot lately.  I don’t know where she picked it up but how do I make her stop?

Great question, gentle Amanda.  Here’s the deal.  Nail biters are awesome.  If your kid were a thumb sucker, I’d say there was a problem.  But since she’s biting her nails (a habit I have possessed since I’ve had teeth) she’s golden.  Also, what you non-nail biters fail to realize is that it’s really not a big deal.  Most people grow out of it by age ten, and only a small percentage of the population does it after the age of 18.  I think the only reason I’ve held on so long is because my parents yelled at me so much to stop.  I do so love to spite my parents.  Just leave her be and she’ll probably stop.

Also, some food for thought:  The last time I tried to quit biting my nails I was 19.  But to fill the void, I actually started smoking.  Luckily, I was able to break that habit really fast.  But I still bite my nails.  You don’t want your 3-year old to smoke, do you?

That’s it for this week, gentle readers.  Hit me up with your burning, hot, lukewarm or mild questions.  I’m on the Twitter @GentleMarisa or you can email me at