Saturday Morning 1990′s Music Video (125)

When people talk about the deaths of 1990’s alternative music singers, they usually toss around names like Kurt Cobain, Bradley Nowell or Layne Staley.  Rarely, it seems, do you hear people mention Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon. He was the lead singer of the band and died of a drug overdose in October of 1995.  He was 28 years old.

I’m not sure why Hoon is left out of the list of dead rock icons.  He performed back up vocals on Use Your Allusion I & II.  Blind Melon’s first album went muli-platinum, and although it was based off the success of one song, it did go multi-platinum! The band’s second album didn’t sell too well, but it wasn’t that bad.  And the band released a tribute album in 1996 that contained some demos of songs that would have appeared on their third album.  Some songs, especially this one, show that a comeback may have been in order.

Anyway, with all that out of the way, Blind Melon’s most popular song comes in the 18th spot on my countdown.  Next week is our first song to feature a female singer.  I wonder who it’s going to be…