From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You

*I google image searched “offseason” for the helluva it. Not. What. I. Expected.

Offseason sucks. Yeah, it’s better now with the Thunder in town. But let’s be honest – the NBA blows until the postseason, which thankfully starts in a few weeks and ridiculously ends in 3 months. Considering the abomination that was OU/OSU basketball this year, what else is there to do but spread all my knowledge to the dozens of Mensa members that read my column whenever I feel like writing one.

Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a shithead. And a racist. And a misogynist. And a terrible owner. And a horrible evaluator of talent.

And now he hates cancer patients.

The search for the next coach of the Oklahoma Men’s Basketball program is in full swing. Unless Joe C hires a coach who is coaching a team that is still playing, he has effed this thing up big time, despite what James Hale is certain to proclaim no matter who is the next basketball coach in Norman.

If you want a superior product on the court, one that has a chance to compete against the Thunder and Alcott Middle School for the almighty Norman entertainment dollar, you better pony up and get a guy who will get it done. No more half-assing the hire of the only other program in the athletic department with a snowball’s chance in hell of being profitable. Not a women’s coach. Not a coach you will make the lowest paid coach in the league. Not a guy who can’t get his team into the NCAA tournament. Not a guy who hasn’t coached in Division I. A guy who can and will win. A guy who will get asses in seats and teams in the postseason.

Blake Griffin dunked on that big ugly Eastern Bloc center again. This time, though, the mental midget with the whistle called a foul on Mr. Griffin, presumably for excessive tea bagging of a dirty euro.

Oklahoma State lost to Washington State. Pac-10 power Washington State that is. Yet somehow, Travis Ford is going to keep his job. Not that he has been a particularly bad coach in his tenure in Stillwater. But the guy is the 4th highest paid coach in the league and he can’t seem to get past the 2nd round of any post season tournament.

My fantasy baseball drafts start this week. Yes, I said drafts. Real fantasy sports geeks play fantasy baseball because it requires daily roster changes, hours of draft research, knowledge of minor league prospects, and absolutely no chance to have sex with a real, live woman. 3 out of 4 doesn’t make me the perfect fantasy owner, but frankly I just don’t care about minor league baseball.

Dez Bryant did something stupid.  Clark Matthews has a post scheduled later today that will defend him.

Toby Rowland was tabbed the new play-by-play voice for Oklahoma football and men’s basketball. As Patrick documented recently, Regular Jim Traber was appalled that someone with no experience was given such a hig profile position. Kind of like handing an analyst gig with a World Series contender to an uneducated idiot without any experience. But, of course, Jim doesn’t care. Something he will mention over and over and over and over and …