From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You

The Oklahoma City Thunder have taken a 2 games to none lead against the Nuggets in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Contributions by the role players, most notably Serge Ibaka, and the bench, most notably James Harden, lead the Thunder to a 106-89 win last night, allowing the Thunder to hold serve against the whining and bitching squad from Denver.

Though the Thunder looked much better last night than they did in Game 1, I still have concerns about this team’s shot selection. They take way too many jump shots, especially from Westbrook. Maybe it’s just taking what the defense will give you, but this team will not end this series in Denver by shooting as many jumpers as they did in Game 2.

And to think my alpha male friends called my shih tzu a pussy dog. Don’t tell that to unattractive Home Depot greeter lady. This lady is a mongrel idiot for several reasons (e.g. Home Depot employee, Canadian), not least of which is putting your face a few inches from the mouth of an animal. Was she thinking this underrated killer canine would simply respond with a Coke and a smile? It’s a dog, lady. It was being a dog when it bit your ugly mug and left with part of your nose.

So let this be a lesson to you kids – don’t mess with the shih tzu. Despite their rather playful and docile appearances, they will eat your face.

What is it with the Aggies of the Big XII conference their insistence that somehow they actually won the Big XII South last year? In yet another in the long line of Texas A&M embarassments, the Aggies from College Station followed suit with their Aggie brethren from north Perry and proudly displyed their Big XII South Championship rings last week. Despite the very important fact that they didn’t win the Big XII South.

Did the Texas Aggies not learn from the shame brought upon Oklahoma State for not only embracing the idiotic notion that is this ring, but celebrating it? Texas A&M likes to pretend they have a long and storied college football tradition. The truth is they have a single national championship, which was won prior to WW2. They have a single Heisman trophy winner. They have a single conference championship since 1994. They have been summarily owned by Texas and Oklahoma since the 40’s. And this ring adds more fuel to the argument that the Aggies are a 2nd class football program not worthy of discussion with the Oklahomas and Texases and USCs and, hell, even the Georgia Techs.

Speaking of universities from Texas … straight from the “Oh for the love of God” file …

These kids have failed at college. Move out of parents house? Check. Get boldly trashed on a Wednesday? Check. Have intimate times with someone other than your right hand? Check. Play quidditch? Che- … lol wut?

This is a sport in which the Classen School for Really Smart Awkward Kids would shine. Perhaps an All-Oklahoma City Quidditch tournament between scores of lonely adolescents could revitalize the once thriving Taft Stadium.

Pity the poor live-at-home 30-year-old. The federal government has declared all out war against online gambling sites, most notably poker sites such as Full Tilt Poker and some other site frequented by basement dwelling anti-socialites.

Some have argued poker is a game of skill and as such isn’t gambling. Yeah, OK. So is black jack. Or sports betting. Or video poker. Or that weird game on the Asians play.

Besides, if you are any good at poker, you play in person. Not anonymously over the ‘net. Get together your 3 imaginary friends, buy some beer, and play a Friday night cash game. That’s how you learn to gamble play this game of skill.