Ogle Nuggets: 08/22/2011

• Brittany Baldy — the 16th hottest woman in the Oklahoma City news media — is moving from Freedom 43 to Channel 25. We know this because Jack Elliot — her dad — decided to tell everyone on Facebook.

• Here’s more proof that we are still in the middle of difficult financial times. The Executive Director of the Oklahoma Zoo, Dwight Scott, recently received $6,500 raise. The increase of 5% pushes his annual salary to only $136,500. Thankfully, the poor guy was also awarded a bonus of $25,000 for the fiscal year that ended June 30th. That means his family won’t go hungry. In other news, a single adult ticket to the zoo cost $8 and it’s perfectly fine to rob zookeepers.

The New York times wrote about Wayne Coyne’s compound near the plaza district. The story is kind of interesting because a) his wife isn’t naked in any photos and b) Wayne states that the biggest misconception about him is that “People assume we are just gobbling handfuls of acid all the time.” Yeah, I have no clue why people would think Wayne Coyne gobbles handfuls of acid. That’s a crazy as people thinking a body builder takes steroids or a fat man eats too much cake.

• It’s official. The Oklahoma City Chamber wants to see wine in grocery stores. This is kind of cool, because it also means the Oklahoman now wants to see wine in grocery stores. Expect plenty of articles that tout the positives of this campaign — like lower wine prices for consumers, free market competition, and less government intrusion — and plenty of article that attack the flimsy counter-argument proposed by the liquor store lobby.

Some guy is selling an old Tulsa sky bridge on the Internet. I bet Wayne Coyne buys it and turns it into another space ship.

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