Ogle Nuggets: 08/30/11

KFOR just won the 2011 award for “Best Headline to Accompany a Story about a Flasher.” Seriously, whoever wrote that thing either needs to get a raise or come work for us. Unless, of course, it was Adam Mertz.

Steve Lackmeyer has temporarily abandoned his dangerous obsession of old decrepit buildings and is now using his blog to focus on last Friday’s Great 2011 Midtown Food Truck Travesty. Apparently, it’s controversial when local city and county agencies shut down food trucks that allegedly lacked proper licensure, refrigeration and electricity.

Here’s a headline from the Onion:“Cash-Strapped Oklahoma To Conduct Executions By Hammering Squad.” It would be funny if it wasn’t believable.

Ken Raymond wrote an interesting article at NewsOK.com that looks back at a 1971 National Geographic article about Oklahoma City. Man, I knew Oklahoma City was a crummy place to live in the 60s, 70s and 80s, but not so bad that National Geographic sent a writer to document it.

Somebody in Chicago is producing a musical about the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots. It’s working title is “Well this is going to be depressing.”

Governor Rick Perry visited Tulsa yesterday. He spent the entire trip repeating idealistic, clichéd and impracticable Republican talking points. He should win Oklahoma’s Republican primary easily.

James Andrew Day, the man who authorities believe is the “The Fake Beard Bandit,” has been arrested. He is allegedly behind a string of recent bank robberies in Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. Authorities grew suspicious of Day when the learned that he, much like James Harden, disappeared during games three and four of the Western Conference Finals.